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    Deep Change with Author Dr. Susan P. Plummer The Only Way Out Is In

    in Self Help

    Dr. Susan Plummer, Author & Ph.D

    Susan has a unique approach to the feeling of ‘meaninglessness’ that besets so many people today. Her approach is both compassionate and intelligent.

    Most of us are being called into Deep Change, a call that is felt in the midst of our everyday lives. It is both a collective and an individual calling. We long for a greater connection to life, to feel more alive and meaningfully engaged. 

    This book explores the Seven Shifts of Deep Change, taking us beyond merely rearranging the design of our lives, to change the way we experience our self and our world. The mystery of Deep Change is calling us into greater freedom, 

    compassion, connection and belonging.   

    “… Susan teaches us how to be still, to listen, to be patient and to trust ourselves as we discover a path out of the tundra rather than rushing for a drink, a psychiatrist, or the medicine cabinet.” Call 505 983 2649. 

    Susan’s website is http://www.susanpplummer.com.

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    The Roxi Rose Show "Bullying"

    in Parents

    Tonight's show is about bullying and the social problems it causes in America and around the world especially with the today's youth. Bullying is a problem, has been a problem, and will continue to be a problem until everyone takes a stand, parents included. Just think about how many kids are pushed around, teased, and tormented every day that they have to leave out; especially when they go to school.

    Bullying doesn't only happen in young kids. Teens get picked on as well and it's not to be overlooked just because they're older than the children. Sometimes teen bullying can be the worst as pride, confidence, and a sense of meaningfulness can be crucial in a teen's self-esteem and outlook on themselves and the world.

    Roxi Rose & Shay are on the job tonight to speak on this topic and the importance for everyone (yes that's right), EVERYONE to stand against it for the sake of today's youth! Parents, let's come together and stand for the cause so the youth can all grow feeling good about themselves, and see that justice will be served against those who break the rules and mistreat people, regardless of age.

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    Power Tools to Create Health, Wealth, Meaningfulness, Succes

    in Self Help

    Psychologist Dr. Carol Francis interviews 17 dynamic authors today who offer practical and inspirational tools to increase your wealth, improve health, create opportunities and develop your ability to take advantage of all the improvements which will change your life significantly and efficiently.
    This amazing collection of best selling authors are professional publishers, lawyers, medical doctors, psychologists, successful business owners, financial advisors, fitness trainers, scientists, philosophers, and people full of vigor, inspirational experiences and amazing stories of over-coming traumas and disasters and becoming successful and fulfilled in life.  For a comprehensive list of authors, go to this link on Facebook:  CLICK HERE. You can read more about the authors and their books and topics at RelationshipSatisfactionNow.com.
    Authors include Patrick O'Donnell, Marilyn Gordon, Edie Summers, Yolanda Baker, Kimberly Willis, Jonathan Chase, Kimberly Willis, Chris Darroch Biggs, Dr. Rober Pennington, Dr. Mitchell Kershner, Marc Carlin, Norm Robillard, Swan Nicole Montague, Fred Hahn, Wendy Lamont, Lori St. John. 
    Contact Dr. Carol Francis 310-543-1824 or drcarolfrancis.com 

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    Inspire-Me - The secrets behind Employee Engagement

    in Management

    Do people only bring experience and knowledge to the workplace? Or do they infuse and contribute various degrees of their selves, physically, cognitively, and emotionally, in the work they perform and the way their relate to others?.
    Research done by Industrial and Behavior Psychologists have shown that the more people draw on their selves to perform their roles the more stirring their performances.
    What effect can simultaneous employment and expression of a person 's total self have in their presence,  their behavior, their decisions, in the way they relate to others, in the way they perform their tasks, in the way they contribute to the overall wellbeing and success of the work and market place?
    What is the relation between the level of self awareness and the level of engagement of people?

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    Confronting difficult boss; mom & 18 yr old virgin; tragedy

    in Self Help

    Dr. Julie Helmrich, "Shrink N Drink" psychologist in Milwaukee takes 3 questions: 1) how to confront a difficult boss 2) how should a mother approach 18 yr old virgin dau who says "I'm ready for sex now" 3) why are people so clear about the lack of value of STUFF during misfortunes like Superstorm Sandy but forget quickly and get depressed about not having stuff later?

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    Living With a Higher Purpose

    in Caregiving

    When void of a connection to purpose, are we sentenced to a life of feeling inherently empty, unsupported, and acting out fear based reactivity?  When faced with the suffering, joy, excitement, and the mundane of our own life do we know how to connect with the intangible higher purpose that brings the supporting wave of meaningfulness to whatever it is that we’re facing inside or outside of ourselves?  Are there ways to reach beyond our egoic created beliefs of “mistakes” that envelop our life experiences so that we can commune with the synchronicity of our higher purpose?
    Please join JP Sears and Karen Solt as they gaze into a realm wider than the five senses to explore practical ways we can connect with our own higher purpose.  They’ll share strategies on how to integrate the ego’s judgments and interpretations of “accidents” and “purposes” for the intention of becoming undefended to the inner fulfillment of a higher purpose.  They’ll also offer experiences on how connecting to a higher purpose makes our suffering matter and therefore becomes an illuminating healer of pain.

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    Finding the Wisdom in Dreams

    in Caregiving

    How do we begin to drink from the well of our own enlightenment embedded in our dreams rather than dismissing them as outrageous collages of randomness?  Dreams represent an open window into our unconscious that resides beyond the domain and control of our egos.  If we can find our way through the literal appearance of our dreams we interface with a guiding source of wisdom that can gracefully direct us in our healing, growth, and life journey.
    Join JP Sears and Karen Solt as they share strategies and experiences to help you begin assimilating some of the multi-dimensional meaningfulness that your dreams offer you.  If becoming more intimate and curious with your dreams means you have found your North Star, would you be willing to accept its guiding light?

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    Cosmic Particles welcomes Kirby Surprise

    in Spirituality

    The experience of meaningful coincidences is universal. They are reported by people of every culture, every belief system, and time period. Traditionally these synchronistic events are made acceptable by ascribing them to outside supernatural forces such as divinities, or more modernly, impersonal archetypal influences.
    Synchronicity examines the actual empirical evidence for the human influence on the meaningfulness of events and the way the computational model of the mind predicts how we perceive meaning. It demonstrates to the reader that these events, based on the activity of the mind, are caused by the person who perceives them, and reflect many levels of their consciousness.
    Kirby’s book, Synchronicity shows the reader that these events are mirrors of their mind, actually manifesting in the events around them, often reflecting unconscious processes. It explains in concrete terms how what we believe and the way we look for patterns in the world generates synchronistic events that mirror our own assumptions.
    About Kirby
    Yes, Surprise is his real given name. Dr. Kirby Surprise received his Doctorate in Counseling Psychology in 2007 from the Institute for Integral Studies in San Francisco and his Masters in advanced psychodynamic and transpersonal studies from John F. Kennedy University. He is a professional communicator, having given workshops and lectures on his subject, and conducts psycho educational groups on a wide variety of subjects for the state of California. His interest in Synchronicity stemmed from experiencing frequent and surprising SE, and needing a working understanding of the phenomena. The model of SE he teaches was a response by SE themselves to his asking “How does synchronicity work?”

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    Optimism: Good Pill To Swallow

    in Self Help

    Optimists live  happier lifes.  They see the possibility, the solution and the meaningfulness in a tough situation better than the pessimist or depressed or the highly stressed.  Can optimists be living in denial?  Do optimists adopt a fantasy that will get them into trouble?  Most pessimists say optimism is fallacious, delusional and unsafe.  But, what does the research reveal about the impact of optimism upon neurology, immunology, coping skills, academic success, marital contentment, coping with stressful medical conditions or tough circumstances?  Research supports that optimists can be more realistic, more trusting, happier, more problem-solving oriented, more functional, more forgiving, more humored, and a lot more pleasant to socialize with.  We will cover the easy ways to increase your optimism cooefficient too. Join us for the debate.  You can see the outline for the program on RelationshipSuccessNow.Com.  Also check out DrCarolFrancis.com or EvolvingWomensConsciousness.com.

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    Cordell Schulten: Find and Follow the Path for Your Life

    in Women

    As humans, we all have a deep desire to live meaningful lives. Finding and following the path for our life is essential to realizing meaningfulness. But, every person must seek out their own path. There are no formulas that a person can “plug-in” like an iPhone app and obtain a GPS guidance plan for their life. Instead, each person must seek out and discover how God has designed and equipped them to serve others and then seek God’s daily grace to live in service to others according to that design and equipping.
    Cordell Schulten is a professor of American law at Handong Global University in Pohang, Korea. He also holds an appointment as a Senior Lecturer in ethics, law, and religion at Fontbonne University in St. Louis, Missouri. Previous to his current posts, he taught at Missouri Baptist University. Before teaching, he practiced law for ten years specializing in commercial litigation and death penalty cases.  He earned his M.A. in Theological Studies from Covenant Theological Seminary in 2004 and his J.D. from Saint Louis University School of Law in 1986. Cordell and his wife Sandy have been married for 32 years. They have four grown children and four beautiful grand children.

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    The Mind Of A Bronx Teacher

    in Education

    On Tuesday, March 8 @ 9PM EST we welcome Brian Backstrom of the Foundation for Education Reform and Accountability; http://www.nyfera.org/

    Call in # is 917 932 8721

    Brian Backstrom is Vice President of the Foundation for Education Reform & Accountability. Mr. Backstrom researches and writes on a variety of topics, including: charter schools, vouchers, education tax credits, and other school choice reforms; replication of “best-practices” curricular models, the implementation of creative school designs, and other innovative educational practices; and, the use and meaningfulness of standardized testing, comparisons of student performance, and other issues surrounding educational accountability.

    Mr. Backstrom previously served as the Vice President for the Empire Foundation for Policy Research, a public policy think tank based in Albany, New York, that focused on state economic issues. Mr. Backstrom also has served as the Manager of Regulatory Policy & Operations in the Governor’s Office of Regulatory Reform, as the Director of Research for the New York State Legislative Commission on Public-Private Cooperation, and as an analyst in the governor’s Division of the Budget. Mr. Backstrom also has served as the Chief Executive Officer of the A Brighter Choice Scholarships program in the Capital District.

    Mr. Backstrom, a Minnesota native, graduated cum laude from the University of Rochester in Rochester, New York, with a B.A. in Political Science and a M.S. in Public Policy Analysis.

    Brian also sits on the board of the Albany Preparatory Charter School.