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    The MDW Group Interview

    in Marketing

    I sit down with Marvin Woodland of the MDW Group and get the inside scoop on his extremely successful business start-up.

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    THE RA CONNECTION w/ Khepra Ptah & Ptah Seeker Ausares

    in Lifestyle

    This week on The Ra Connection we will be speaking with Opulence Ra Ntr and she will speak on her foundation of my re entry ramemberence of Khemet in this embodiment and the connections of my unique path. We will also talk to Mfundishi JhutyMs about the re-resurgence of Mdw Ntr and keeping the holy temple in order of Ma'at via martial arts.

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    Dr. Mario Beatty - Understanding The Mdw Ntr

    in Culture

    Listen to The African History Network Show, Thursday, Nov. 29th, 8pm-11pm EST. Our guests will be Dr. Mario Beatty and Ronald McCoy who will talk about this weekends Mid-Atlantic Region ASCAC (Association For The Study Of Classical African Civilizations) Conference taking place in Philadelphia.
    Michael Imhotep host of the The African History Network Show will talk about his upcoming lecture in Detroit, "Slavery's Back In Effect: The Hidden Relationship Between The Prison Industrial Complex, The New Voter ID Laws & Black Population Control" & "Should African-Americans Celebrate European Holidays? The History Of Christmas". Watch a promo clip of the lecture here: http://youtu.be/_9fV7LHuRmY

    Dr. Mario Beatty will discuss the Mdw Netcher (Hieroglyphics). He will do a 3 hour interactive workshop at the conference. Dr. Beatty is an Associate Professor in the Department of Afro-American Studies at Howard University. He has also served as Chairperson of the Department of African-American Studies at Chicago State University from 2007 to 2010.

    His research interests include the Ancient Egyptian language, history, wisdom literature, astronomy in Ancient Egyptian religious texts, comparative analyses of African cultures, the image and use of ancient Africa in the African-American historical imagination, the theory and practice of African-American Studies, and Pan-Africanism.


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    Join Iya Adjua, The Culture Rebel and Brother Kwame Piankhi, scholar activist and Afrikan connector! Brother Piankhi is a trained engineer who has volunteered in Chicago as a tutor at the Center for Inner City Studies after-school program and in Detroit's Public School’s Malcolm X academy. He was also member of Nsoroma Institute's "Babas’ Club." Nsoroma Institute was an African-centered charter school and the "Babas’ Club" conducted the Rites of Passage program for young boys transitioning into puberty. In the Rites of Passage program Bro Piankhi taught the boys on the principles of Ma’at in addition to introducing them to the concepts of solar energy, where they made solar cookers. He has also helped to set up a Saturday academy primarily intended for Black students in the public school system where his children currently attend. Kwame Piankhi has been one of the panelists on LIB radio’s “The Falcon Forum” since 2008. He is currently a member of ASCAC and also studies Mdw Ntr having been trained by Bonotchi Montgomery and Rkhty Amen. 

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    Da'mon and Mdw Mornin show

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    who knows>

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    80 Generations Presents

    in Entertainment

    Cross talks about mdw mergers and the up and coming cartoon.

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    MyDroidWorldPodcast Episode 3

    in Technology

    LIVE with Dhacker and Darkestspawn

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    MyDroidWorldPodcast Episode 2

    in Technology

    @BKJolly and @CassDroid 
    Ask questions or chat with us on http://www.mydroidworld.com/chat/.
    If you would like to call in please talk to us in chat or email/gtalk us prior to or during the show at mydroidworldpodcast@gmail.com.
    Winners of the Andru USB Charger Giveaway announced 
    dhacker29 joins us again.. I think he is becoming a regular (lol). Other guests include droidth3ory ; DarkestSpawn and Brian.
    The chat room was Jumping with questions and friendly antagonistic banter.
    Topics include Roms on the Sensation, Rzr and Gnex as well as whats new and coming with Dhacker and Droidth3ory.

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    MyDroidWorldPodcast Episode 1

    in Technology

    @BKJolly and @CassDroid 
    Ask questions or chat with us on http://www.mydroidworld.com/chat/.
    If you would like to call in please talk to us in chat or email/gtalk us prior to or during the show at mydroidworldpodcast@gmail.com.

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    Who Enters Your Sacred House?

    in Spirituality

    Queen Mother Imakhu's sermon asks, "Who enters your sacred house?"  Your world is your realm. Who enters it? Why are they in your space? Today, Queen Mother examines the Kemetic word "Het," breaks down the Mdw Ntr (Word of God -  "hieroglyphs"), and tells why it's important to think about who you allow to cross your threshold, whether family, friend, co-worker, Facebook friend. She also explains the significance of the discipline of Neb-t Het, and the spiritual growth of Het Hru. Take responsibility for your world. Visit AKERU Nu Afrakan Ministries at www.akeruministries.com. 

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    Episode 12- Return of the Kings-MDW Tales

    in Comedy

    The guys of PWO RADIO are back LIVE, this SUNDAY JUNE 6, 2010 6pm EST/3pm PCT. Memorial Day Weekend tales of tom foolery will most certainly be the main topic for discussion this week. Also be prepared for our first Status Update Battle.
    Join us in regressing.

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