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    Bon-Ton Rising Radio !!!

    in Culture

    The Web That I Am About To Weave, Began So Long Ago That I'm Going To Have To Start In The Middle To Make It Relevant.It All Started Because Of A Real Quiet Small Part Of The Community Called Bon- Ton .

    That's A Major Part Of The Problem, We Didn't Speak French And........More To Come On The Next Ask

    Uncle Billy Show, Under The New Banner Of Bon-Ton Rising Radio, With Talk To The Doctor On Sunday's

     And Coach McDade On Jr. High And High School Sports,A Live Evening Of Fun, Call In With Your Thoughts And Opinions At 1 (323) 870-3963, Thanks,Uncle Billy


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    Dan McDade on Intrepid Radio!

    in Business

    Dan McDade, author of The Truth About Leads, joins me on Intrepid Radio!

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    Pasadena Police Chief discusses the Kendrick McDade shooting

    in Politics

    In an exclusive interview Pasadena police chief joins the Hutchinson Report to discuss the fatal shooting of African-American youth Kendrick Mcdade by the Pasadena police. Chief Sanchez discusses policy review, his reqest for an independant review of the incident and the involvment of the FBI.

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    Life Without Parole-Kevin Upkins Story

    in Entertainment

    Ripped out of the headlines Jury Finds Suspect Guilty Of Armed Robbery.

    Douglas County District Attorney David McDade announced today that his office successfully prosecuted Kevin Upkins, a 29 year old Fulton County man, after a jury found him guilty of armed robbery this week.  The charges stemmed from a May 2, 2008 incident at Security Finance on Fairburn Road.

    According to evidence presented at trial by Assistant District Attorney Jeff Gore, Upkins robbed Security Finance of approximately $3,000 after ordering a female employee to the floor at gunpoint.  When Upkins grabbed the cash out of a drawer in the business, he also picked up several checks that had been placed on top of the larger bills.

    Within minutes of the robbery, Sergeant Todd Garner of the Douglasville Police Department responded to the scene and recovered three checks that Upkins had dropped on the floor of the business.  Upkins was later identified through his fingerprints located on two of these checks.  His fingerprints were on file from previous felony arrests in Atlanta, But is that what really happen? Exclusive on Brian The Hammer jackson Show Our guest Bishop Ashlock (NAN NATIONAL ACTION NETWORK) Al Sharpton's Network is about to lay a bomb on you on todays show. Kevin Upkins man behind the bars will try to come on live,he picked this show exclusive to tell his story. Don't miss this show.

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    Peach State Politics by Ponytail Patriot

    in Politics

    Did the Georgia General Assembly lose their collective minds this year? If you're following HB 170, the Transportation Bill, you probably think they have. Having studied the original bill and now the "Senate Substitute", I am absolutely convinced their is something in the water under the Gold Dome, OR someone needs to open the windows to clear out all the carbon monoxide in the chamber, legislative offices, and committee rooms! HB 1, the Medical Cannabis bill, cleared another hurdle in the Senate on Thursday, now it goes to the full Senate for a vote. Some changes were made to the bill and we'll discuss that. And how can an elected official (or government employee) resign from office under questionable circumstances only to be awarded a "consulting contract" or be hired in another part of the state? What was Griffin Judicial Circuit District Attorney Scott Ballard thinking when he hired former Douglas County DA, David McDade for the Fayette County office? We'll also be giving the latest updates and possible movement regarding any investigations into the background checks conducted by former Paulding County Administrator, Mike Jones. Make sure to tune in as we discuss all of this a more. As usual, we'll have some awesome music by Liberty Minded artists to keep us upbeat and motivated. You won't want to miss a minute.

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    From Ferguson to Capital Hill

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    Someone said to me today the protest needs to go from Ferguson to Capital Hill, because  that is the only way we can get justice for Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Phillip Pannell, Charal "Rah Rah" Thomas, Jermaine Darden, Michael Bell, Amadou Diallo, Oscar Grant, Jon Ferrell, Alan Blueford, Chavis Carter, Sean Bell, Tim Stansbury, Ezell Ford, Ramarley Graham, Dane Scott, Patrick Dorismond, Wendell Allen, Victor Steen, Kendrec McDade, Kimane Gray, Armand Bennett, Derrick Williams, Ousmane Zongo, John Crawford, Jonny Gammage, Gus Rugley and the countless others that did not make it into the headlines. The reason we see officer after officer being "no billed" for these murders is because our lawmakers have not drafted a bill that addresses police brutality in a way that makes police accountable for killing innocent suspects. 

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    How To Use & Syndicate High Impact PR

    in Marketing

    In this episode Dan Kaplan, CoFounder of periscopeUP discusses increasing lead quality with Michael Eager, CEO Founder of Sprint Marketing. Influenced by the thinking of Dan McDade, author of The Truth About Leads, Michael makes the case for spending your resources improving the quality of your websites leads, rather than increasing the volume of leads.

    The conversation covers a new paradigm for quantifying leads, how to bring together the marketing and sales departments with a weekly discussion of the quality of leads, understanding what is producing the most leads, and getting prospects to pre-qualify themselves with automation software like Hubspot, Pardot, and Marketo.

    The former COO of Orange Soda, Michael Eagar is a serial entrepreneur. His latest venture is Sprint Marketing, where he provides low-cost, quick-turnaround, data-intensive infographics.

    View the full video interview at www.periscopeUP.com/blog/podcast-michael-eagar

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    Peach State Politics

    in Politics Conservative

    Will a special grand jury be convened in the Douglas County D.A. David McDade case? I'll explain why I think it's a good idea. Last week was a short week under the Gold Dome because of weather. What can we look forward to this week? James Bell will be with un tonight to give us his unique perspective of what's going on around Georgia. And Dominique Huff of Home Rule News is joining me to discuss some South Fulton politics. Make sure to tune in for all of this and more. And don't forget, we'll have some awesome music by Liberty minded artists to keep us upbeat and motivated. See y'all there!

    After years of political activism on a national level, the Ponytail Patriot has turned her attention to issues facing Georgians on the local and state levels.  With her two TEA Party canines, Shasta and Patton, she's decided it's time to clean up her own backyard and she has a list.

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    Bonding Thru Books - Blogger, Book Club and Reviewer Showcase

    in Books

    Bonding Thru Books Festival - Each night 8-10pm EST,  life coaches, community leaders, published authors and industry insiders will talk about their motivation for supporting our literary legacy, how they became modern day griots, how authorship has affected their place in society, and how social media has expanded their voice and reach.


    Shelia M. Goss
    Entertainment Blogger, screenwriter and author

    Terri J. Haynes
    Amazon Vine Clean Fiction Book Reviewer

    Karyn Davis
    Girl Fridayz Book Club

    Shalonda McGhee
    Lift a Sistah Up Book Club

    SiStar Tea
    ARC Book Club Inc.

    Toni Bonita Robinson
    Prominent Women of Color (PWOC)

    Antionette Gates
    Founder of the Mississippi Magnolias Book Club

    Kim Knight
    President Reading Between the Lines Bookclub

    Jeanette W. Hill
    Founder and executive director of  JWHill Productions

    Tina Mcdade
    Divas & Diamonds Book Club

    Anamaria Akins
    Creator of Urban Divaz Reviewz

    La Sheera  Lee
    Read You Later Radio Host
    Founder of The Round Table Readers Literary Book Club

    L. D. Wells and Dr. Francene Breakfield
    Co-Editors:  An Anthology of Sisterhood  

    Parker J. Cole
    Host of The Write Stuff Radio Show

    M.J. Kane
    Founder of the blog This Writer’s Life… 

    Lisa Borders Muhammad
    Founder of African American Book Expo, Norfolk, Virginia

    Joey Pinkney
    Blogger and Reviewer for JoeyPinkney.com

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    Peach State Politics

    in Politics Conservative

    Douglas County D.A., David McDade, sure does seem to be able to get away with a lot of "questionable activities"...why?  Is Richmond County Sheriff truly violating the law he's sworn to uphold?  The GA DOL has apparently overpayed $58.7 million in benfits due to a ineffiecient administration.  And last but not least...what are the two mainstream parties up to these days?  You won't believe it!  Join me tonight for some great conversation about Georgia politics and awesome music.  See y'all there!
    After years of political activism on a national level, the Ponytail Patriot has turned her attention to issues facing Georgians on the local and state levels.  With her two TEA Party canines, Shasta and Patton, she's decided it's time to clean up her own backyard and she has a list.

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