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    Freddie McCray joins the show!

    in Fitness

    Ifbb Pro Freddie McCray joins the show! 

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    Taboo Talk Guest Starring Rev. Dr. Walter Arthur McCray

    in Spirituality

    Taboo Talk, a Christian talk show featuring Lady Charmaine Day (Pastor, Publisher, Author and Radio Host www.ladycharmaineday.com). Taboo Talk helps individuals transform their mind, body, and spirit utilizing the principles of Jesus Christ! Guest Starring Rev. Dr. Walter Arthur McCray. Rev. Dr. Walter Arthur McCray is a Gospelizer, a holistic “Good News messenger” of the resurrected LORD, Jesus Christ. He serves the Church, and is a biblical teacher, writer, and speaker. Since 1999, McCray has devoted himself as President of the National Black Evangelical Association. He and his wife reside in Chicago.  McCray has authored and published Black Christian literature for over three decades. His most notable writings are the best-selling series on The Black Presence in the Bible, and The Black Presence in the Bible and the Table of Nations (both 1990). McCray’s books and lectures have enlightened countless believers on topics related to the study of ancient black and African peoples. As an ordained Baptist minister of four decades, McCray has pastored churches, assisted Christian organizations, and served in different denominational settings—wherever the Spirit of Christ leads him in God’s kingdom. He is multi-gifted, and has experience in community service and marketplace ministry for Christ.  McCray has undergraduate degrees in Biblical Studies and Christian Education from Trinity College (Trinity International University, 1974). The Chicago Baptist Institute conferred on him an honorary Doctor of Divinity (1997) for his research, scholarship, and propagation of knowledge about blacks in the Bible. McCray continues to express the fruit of his informal and independent studies through insightful seminars, writings, and other media. McCray’s latest book is: Pro-Black, Pro-Christ, Pro-Cross: African-Descended Evangelical Identity. For more information on Rev. Dr. McCray: www.blacklightfellowship.com, 773-826-7790

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    Sevyn McCray Atlanta, Georgia native raised on the Westside of Atlanta, attended both elementary and high school. Always having a love for reading anything that she could get her hands on, she starting writing short stories and poems. Sevyn was urged to enter an essay contest by her fifth grade teacher that was sponsored by the city's Department of Public Safety. After winning her first contest, she continued to enter them and win them every month until she finished elementary school.
    Writing became second nature and soon she was tutoring peers and assisting her teachers with grading English papers. Sevyn McCray joined the journalism club and had her own advice column as well as writing articles weekly. By the time she finished high school she knew that writing is what she wanted to do. Majoring in English education and criminal justice, Sevyn continued using her writing skills as a peer tutor all throughout her education. Using her writing, proofreading and editing skills, she tackled corporate america. She now resides south of Atlanta with her two children. Hard at work finishing her Masters in Creative Writing and in the lab, juggling between working at her newly formed publishing company Peach Dollhouse Publications co-owned with fellow author Chanel Smith (which is an imprint of SBR publications) and writing.
    Her most recent novel "The Real Block Wives of Atlanta" made it to the number #1 spot in African American fiction and stayed there for three weeks straight. It was published by SBR publications and it is currently available for download as well as in paperback along with her debut novel "What Da Lick Read? The Triple Cross" l. Look forward to collaborations that she is currently working on with fellow authors at SBR (The Bankroll Squad) and the upcoming sequels to her first two novel. Check her out and stay abreast of everything Sevyn at www.sevynmccray.com or www.peachdollhouse.com

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    An interview with University of Arizona basketball legend Ernie McCray

    in Sports

    Ernie McCray discusses Arizona hoops with host Javier Morales. Topics will include McCray's single-game scoring record and evolution of the game from the time he played in the late 1950s and early 1960s to now.

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    My Sister My Friend - Mother McCray You and Your Health

    in Women

    My Sister My Friend is an internet show here to provide resources, information and encouragement to all women. We want to provide a Godly arena for women to express their opinions, comments and concerns.We want to keep them informed of community events purposed for women and give other sister ministries voices and exposure.

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    Cory McCray for House of Delegates, 45th District, MD

    in News

    Cory McCray discusses his campaign for Maryland House of Delegates in the 45th District in East Baltimore. He will discuss the "sign wars" and other campaign developments.

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    Tonight 05/07/2014 at 10:30pm Est. We here on Delicious Talk welcome our very special guest, the legendary, graffiti writer of Philadelphia Darryl “Cornbread” McCray. We will discuss how he got the name cornbread, how he became to be a legend, why he tagged an elephant in the zoo, and the repercussions that followed. We will also discuss how he tagged the Jackson 5’s Airplane, and why it caused Hollywood to come running, but left crushing Cornbread’s dreams. We are going to get into the soul of the legendary graffiti writer. Sit back relax, you defiantly don’t want to miss this show. I encourage audience participation, feel free to log in create an account to chat in the chat room. Call in with your questions and comments at 646-652-2877.   

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    "Praisin' God with Indie Gospel Recording Artist Detroy Hairston"!

    in Indie Music

    Join us this Sunday, October 4, 2015 @ 6:30 p.m. as we bring you another fabulous episode of "Glorious Gospel Vibes"!  Your hosts Evg. Globee Pope and Min. Derrick Tuggle always brings independent gospel artist from around the globe to uplift your day.  This week they have joining them Indie Gospel Recording Artist "Detroy Hairston", introducing his new project "Its Amazing".  Also in 'da house is the 'Inspiration Crew', Bishop Herbert and Arkes McCray uplifting your day and Sista Vangelist Peppercorn will certainly be on your case with laughter galore!  So don't miss this exciting broadcast, filled with talents that will glorify Our God!  See you in 'da house!


    For Comments and Questions during the Show call:  (347) 677-0645

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    "The Perfect Melody - Living Righteously"!

    in Indie Music

    Join the inspirational team of "Glorious Gospel Vibes" as they bring you another exciting episode of Love, Joy, Laughter, Inspiration and Christian Education this Sunday, September 27, 2015 at 6:30 p.m..  Evg. Globee Pope and Min. Derrick Tuggle are going to speak on how living right can cause you to do right and how gospel music, in this era plays a part.  Also in 'da house will be Bishop Herbert & Arkes McCray, The 'Inspiration Corner' Crew, along with Dr. Philip Dukes who will be bringing you his opinion on the subject.  Kicking down doors ( pray  4 her) will be Sista Vangelist Peppercorn, who at this time is still possessing her "E" and for some who don't know why, tune in and find out!

    INDEPENDENT GOSPEL ARTIST, don't forget to send in your songs, a bio and picture so that you will be able to get your song out there for the people to hear.  It's very important to have someone out here that is willing to help you go to the next level.  And we are willing!


    To call in with questions and comments during "live" broadcast: (347) 677-0645



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    The Ties I Have For My Soul

    in Religion

    And it came to pass, when he had made an end of speaking unto Saul, that the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David. andJonathan loved him as his own soul

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    Stop Lying!!!

    in Religion

    Luke 14:15-20New King James Version (NKJV)

    The Parable of the Great Supper

    15 Now when one of those who sat at the table with Him heard these things, he said to Him, “Blessed is he who shall eat bread[a] in the kingdom of God!”

    16 Then He said to him, “A certain man gave a great supper and invited many,17 and sent his servant at supper time to say to those who were invited, ‘Come, for all things are now ready.’ 18 But they all with one accord began to make excuses. The first said to him, ‘I have bought a piece of ground, and I must go and see it. I ask you to have me excused.’ 19 And another said, ‘I have bought five yoke of oxen, and I am going to test them. I ask you to have me excused.’20 Still another said, ‘I have married a wife, and therefore I cannot come.’