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    Prodigy Presents : MCA

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    Short introduction to MCA and the goal that we as Prodigy Group can help you achieve.

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    The Beastie Boys Show 1: Tribute to Adam Yauch

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    MCA The Double UP

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    When I started this business people didn't believe in the double up. This company will pay you double what the person signs up for. They sign up for any of the following prices the company doubles that and pays you : $10 the company pay you $20, $20 company pays you  $40, $40 the company pays you $80. They sign up the money hits your bank Friday!!!! 

    It's a service that pays as long as whomever has the service pays the monthly fee. You get a portion monthly off of what they pay monthly, after the double up.

    $9.95 gets you started with  Roadside Assistance,, Arrest Bonds, Bail Bonds, and Travel Assistance just to name a few. 

    Sign up for the service and join my team as we add protection to people we care about.



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    MCA Atlanta Recruiter

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    MCA is in Atlanta and we are recruiting Independent Agents! Make $400- $1,000 weekly. Get more info here
    MCA Motor Club of America is a competitor of AAA. We offer unlimited benefits and services to the motoering public. Memberships are as low as $9.95 per month. Get covered and protect your family today here

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    MCA is A Scam [Behind The Story]

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    New Episode Of The Realist Spoken 102 By Your Host Anthony J. Telling You The Real Story About MCA aka Motor Club Of America!!!!! That Everybody Doing On Youtube, Cragslist, Anywhere On & Off The Net. 
    Share This On Your Twitter & Facebook Pages!!!!! 

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    How To Make Money With MCA!

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    My name is Joede and I'm a Regional Director with MCA, the Motor Club of America.
    MCA is a superior motor club with unlimited road side assistance, hospitalization benefits, help with tickets and attorneys fees and much more!
    But the great part about MCA is the opportunity to make money! In this debut show we will go over the benefits of MCA and HOW you can make money with MCA from home in your spare time.
    If you have been on the fence about joining MCA, now is the time to join and make money for 2013!
    Find out more at www.mcanorthamerica.com

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    MCA Total Security Platinum
    Emergency Road Service*

    Travel Assistance Reimbursement**

    Trip Planning and Travel Reservations

    Arrest Bond***

    Bail Bonds***

    Attorneys Fees****

    Attorney Discounted Hourly Rates

    Attorney Services

    Legal Services Deeply Discounted Fixed Fee Schedule

    Stolen Vehicle Reward

    Credit Card Protection

    Discounts on Prescriptions, Vision Care, and Dental

    Discounts on Auto Related Services

    Emergency Reimbursement Benefits

    Daily Hospital Benefit

    Accidental Death Benefit

    Travel Assistance Program


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    MCA Total Security Platinum
    Emergency Road Service*

    Travel Assistance Reimbursement**

    Trip Planning and Travel Reservations

    Arrest Bond***

    Bail Bonds***

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    MCA and what it can do for you!

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    Benefits of MCA!
    Transformation! Recharge! Recast! Revive! Renew! Review! Remake! Restory!
    What is you story? Are you ready to restory your life?
    Is it about "Money?" Is it about "Personal?" Is it about "Small Business?" Is it about "Taxes?" Is it about "You?" Is it about "Greed?" Is it about "Envy?" Is it about "Success?" Is it about "Sex?" Is it about "Love?" Is it about "Abuse?" Is it about "Life?" Is it about "Coaching?" Is it about "Bullying?" Is it about "Success?"
    What is your invention? Are you ready to be reInvented?

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    Bob Fletcher on Threats We Face

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    The story of Bob Fletcher is indeed an interesting one. Once a promotion manager for MCA Records out of Miami, Florida, Bob mixed with music stars and was living the American dream. From his success with MCA Records, he branched out on his own, creating his own record company and two publishing companies. When the record industry began to suffer from technological advances, Mr. Fletcher saw the writing on the wall. He started a small novelty toy company that became a rapid success. The toy, in his words, was developed from an old magicians bag of tricks, which was essentially a spring loaded fur toy animal - a small animated hand puppet.

    Sales were robust, and Bob Fletcher moved his operation from his home to 6,000 square-foot custom designed manufacturing plant where he turned out the little furry toys by the thousands! He was truly living the American dream of being an entrepreneur in a nation where anything was possible. What happened next, however, would change his life forever.

    In the interest of expansion of his manufacturing and sales company, Bob Fletcher partnered with a businessman, and they merged companies. Unbeknownst to Fletcher, however, there was more to his new partner than he was led to believe. According to Bob, this merger was intended and successfully accomplished to create a new front company for a CIA black operations project of international arms running and mercenary operations.

    There is so much more to this story - read it here.

    Meanwhile, Bob Fletcher will discuss what he knows about threats to not just our nation, but to the population as a whole.

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    Interview with James House

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    Songwriter and Recording Artist JAMES HOUSE co-wrote Grammy Nominated Country Song of the Year “Ain’t That Lonely Yet” (recorded by Dwight Yoakam) and CMA Nominated Song of the Year “A Broken Wing” (recorded by Martina McBride) along with another smash hit "In A Week Or Two” (recorded by Diamond Rio).

    Other artists to record his songs include Tina Turner, Olivia Newton-John, Rod Stewart, The Mavericks and Sara Evans - to name just several.

    Born & raised in Sacramento, California, James pursued music in L.A. before making the move to Nashville in the late 1980s. Not long after the move, he was signed to MCA Records, where he began a string of chart hits like “Don’t Quit Me Now” and “Hard Times For An Honest Man.” 

    A switch to Epic Nashville produced the critically-acclaimed Days Gone By album and yielded the top 5 hit “This Is Me Missing You,” and top 20 singles “Real Good Way To Wind Up Lonesome” and “Little By Little.”

    His latest album is entitled Songwriters Serenade. It features 10 songs co-written with James by some of the most successful songwriters in country music. One of the most talked about tracks has James singing the duet "Over Getting Over You" with newcomer Natalie Noone (daughter of famed founder/member of the Herman's Hermits, Peter Noone).