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    Visions of the Past - The Mayans: Gods, Astronomy and Ritual

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    In this episode, we visit one of the most advanced ancient polytheistic civilizations in astronomy, mathematics and time keeping. We are discussing the Mayans. 

    Visions of the Past is designed to discuss the world of archaeology, anthropology and other such fields and how it relates to modern Paganism. It helps educate people on the real history, beliefs and practices of our ancestors and mankind's view of the divine.

    Spiritual Unity Radio Network is dedicated to the concept that “All Manifestations of the Divine are equally valid.”  We are committed to bringing you quality programming each week.  Our vision is to provide nightly shows covering a wide range of spiritual topics spanning multiple Expressions of Faith. We wish to see programming developed to fill a niche of broadcast for all people who understand that all Manifestations of the Divine are sacred.

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    OPHIUCHUS THE 13TH ZODIAC; Serpens Caput (the Head) and Serpens Cauda (the Tail)

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    Ophiuchus is the omitted 13th zodialogical sign.  The Mayans placed a great interest in the cosmic serpent, so it seems very peculiar that these two signs are connected, yet never spoken about.

    Your sign beyond the zodiac is Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer, seen by many as the zodiac's thirteenth sign. He is Aesculapius, 'the unceasingly gentle', the Greek god of healing who holds the serpent of medicine and rebirth, and who offered cures and diagnoses to the sick in dreams.

    Serpens, or the Serpent, is held by the Serpent Holder, Ophiuchus, and is the only constellation to consist of two separate parts - Serpens Caput (the Head) and Serpens Cauda (the Tail).

    Ophiuchus is named by his relationship to the archetypal being called the Serpent. This is the same Serpent that appears in the Garden of Eden story in the bible and also the same Serpent as Quetzalcoatl and Kukulcan, as he is called in Middle America by the Aztecs and the Mayans. Our culture has tended to negate the archetypal energies of the Serpent and associate it with "evil." The Mayan, Hindu and other indigenous cultures have honored the Serpent and its energy. 

    The Greek mythological version of Ophiucus tells the story a mortal "lord in waiting" named Aesclepius, the son of the overlord Apollo, and a mortal mother named Coronis who dies in childbirth, who finds the secret of immortality after observing snakes or serpents sharing herbs. 



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    The Mayan Calendar & The New Paradigm - Carl Calleman & Lorane Gordon

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    Listen to my guest, respected scientist and author Carl Calleman   tell you what the Mayans really meant with their predictions. Listen to this learned teacher tell you about the changes in our mentality as a species and how our reality, perception and lives were predicted and why he believes that has changed over the years. 

    Watch Carl Calleman talk about his book The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization   or see more on You Tube 

    Deepak Chopra says: "Lorane Gordon is a teacher of infinite possibilites." 

    Win a hard copy of Carl's book for FREE   Go here to enter and receive my other guests FREE Gifts 

    Get Lorane's FREE gifts here    You'll get Visualization, Your Key to Happiness and a meditation for Peace & Clarity. 

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    A moment with the Mayans

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    In  December I had an opportunity to journey into the world of the Mayan culture. I took that time to explore and connect with a seemingly extinct people. I received energy and messages there that I would gladly share with you. This is a 2 part show so you don't want to miss it!

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    THE BRYCKKHOUSE: Is This the End? Are we now entering the final days on Earth?

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    The world is in a state of distress... Diseases are running rampant, violence is increasing and becoming more brutal and there seem to be more and more natural disasters every day. Many have prophecized and predicted that the end of the world is near. Question is... is this fiction or fact?

    Join Bryckk and LaKrush as we explore the unknown and ask ourselves the question, "IS THIS THE END: Are we entering into the final days of the Earth's existance and if so, how will it happen? We will explore the Bible, Illuminati and the Mayan calendar and discuss what seems true and what appears false. Tune in Sunday, November 2nd @ 7:00pm EST. Call in to comment and listen at 805-830-8320 or listen to our live stream at www.phonefantasyradio.com. Click on the LIVE link to enter and comment in our chatroom. See you there!

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    The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization: A Novel Theory of our Origins

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    The exact nature and location of the mind has long been a mystery. Where does it come from? What makes it so powerful?

    To find out, we look back to the dawn of human civilization, and at the pivotal mental shift that created early civilizations. Dr. Calleman describes what inspired the ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, Jews and Mayans, outlining a new theory about the historical, psychological, geophysical, and neurological roots of the human mind.

    We may finally understand why monuments such as the pyramids and Stonehenge were built at the same time. This theory goes on to explain how a global mind, rather than the individual, has had the power to make empires rise and fall.

    A gateway of understanding has opened up to help us comprehend not only collective consciousness and psi phenomena, but also mental disorders. This first volume of The Paradigm Shift Trilogy provides the basis for how humans may craft the global mind of the future—and recreate our world.

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    The Mayans and their origins

    in Spirituality

    This program will focus on the Mayan civilization and their origins.  We will be discussing the upcoming Live Inspired Cruise 2012 and our plans during it.  Callers are invited to reach us in the chat room or call for a free psychic reading.

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    Part II of ~Who is CMRF and, "why Transforming Gifts?"

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    Join me Thursday, October 23rd @ 11AM, EST for Part II of Who is Cristina Maria RojasFernandez and, "why, Transforming Gifts?"

    Having just learned that 45 minutes is hardly enough time to share a 1/4 of a life story~and I still have lots to live ;-)~ next week, we'll journey through the latter part of my walk through la MadreTierra.  I'll share about how I decided to change my life, forever, by leaving the states to reconnect with my raices (Cuba),  to meet the Mayans (Guatemala), and connect further with an ancient part of my wisdom through Abuelita, la Madresita (Peru).  

    This authentic, emotion filled story through Latino America and the states, will further answer that question, "why, Transforming Gifts?".  And, at the same time, you'll continue to journey deeply into your own heart, learning and receiving the knowing on how to live in tu VerdadDivina...your DivineTruth~always.

    Aho~Blessed be~Mantiox~
    So much Love, Peace, and Harmony, siempre~
    <3 <3 <3 

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    Mayan Calendar Expert Mark Borcherding a.k.a. "Badger"

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    First a special recorded message from Bennie Blue Thunder LeBeau of Earth Wisdom Foundation. A Shoshone Tribal member from the Wind River Indian Reservation near Ft. Washakie, Wyoming, BlueThunder has been conducting healing ceremonies since 2003 with notable results.


    Mark Borcherding a.k.a. "Badger" got in trouble in school and all thru life digging up stuff. Probably like many of you listening to this show. Mark has done birth readings for Mayan elder Don Alejandro, Hopi elders like Grandfather Martin, Algonquin elder William Commanda, Lakota elders, White Buffalos,
    and others.

    Mark's diggings in recent years includes White Buffalo Calf Woman, Mayans, Hopi, zero point, quantum physics, holographic universe, Coral Castle, magnetic reversals, Guadalupe Tilma, crop circles,
    and the Lord of the Wind and Water.

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    Native Wisdom on These Current Times

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    Native Wisdom on These Current Times will be the topic of our discussion with Pa’Ris’Ha, who has been acknowledged as a Tibetan reincarnation of TARA, a Bodhisattva Buddha. As a holy woman, with close ties to the Hopi, the Mayans and other indigenous groups she brings an ancient perspective to current times. She wholly believes in each of us living in abundance and will talk about some of the steps she teaches. Listening to Pa’Ris’Ha opens your heart.

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    The Mayans and their Alpahbet

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    This program will discuss the Mayan culture. Today we are talking about the Mayan alphabet and the idea of ascension.  We are taking your calls and offering readings at the end of the program.

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