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    Four progressive minimum wage myths debunked

    in Politics

    Bernie Sanders blames losses on poor people not voting----but poor people weren't voting for him anyway

    The fourth amendment and the fruit of the poisonous tree

    Disgusting:police union tells Tamir Rice family to use settlement money on gun education

    Oklahoma court: oral sex is not rape if victim is unconscious from drinking

    Students outraged at University of Washington over cheerleader tryout tips

    Four progressive minimum wage myths debunked

    Kentucky taxpayers forced to fork over 18 million for creationists 'Ark Encounter' theme park


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    Think Realty: Gain Maximum Results Through Leveraging Your Investment Property.

    in Real Estate

    On this episode of Think Realty, host Chrissey Breault talks with Abhi Golhar, Managing Partner at Summit and Crowne Partners. Golhar actively educates and works with seasoned debt and equity investors to implement market-driven investment strategies that yield success. Abhi and Chrissey will discuss the power of leverage in residential real estate to achieve maximum growth.

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    The Indie Music Show with Dj Simple

    in Hip Hop Music

    The Indie Music Show is designed in order to play music created by indie artists. The goal is to provide a platform for indie labels and independent artist to showcase their talents. We play all genre of musics ranging from rap, hip hop, pop, reggae, and gospel. Our mission is to provide maximum exposure for the indie artist, which should generate a strong fan based that can be converted into sales and streaming.  Here at the Indie Music Show we understand that it is very competitive for the small labels and independent artist to get radio airplay. So this internet radio station exist in order help the indie artist to get the radio play needed. If you are a indenpendent label or artist looking to sponsor one of our show please email our program director @ jnoel1300@gmail.com

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    in Prayer

    The most life-changing decision we can make is when we decide to take up our cross and come after HIM. 

    When we accept that challenge, carrying our cross becomes a practical, daily reality. Each of us

    who desires to personally know and serve the LORD must make that decision. Once this is done our present

    relationship to the LORD, as well as our eternal position in the ages to come, will be greatly affected. Many do

    not realize or take seriously the awesome value of all that our LORD will make available to us as a result of the

    "willing" submission of our lives to HIS LORDSHIP. Join us forn live prayer at 6:00 AM, Mon,-Fri. Dial 714.459.3963.  

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    Can We Fix Our Politics? — New Business Paradigms

    in Business

    At the top of the show we discuss the positive outlook for the US economy, including rising wages, potential infrastructure funding, and economic anxiety caused by politics. We also discuss the turbulence in Europe caused by a potential Brexit, the disintegrating European Union, and the ongoing refugee crisis.

    As our mainstream media spends hours speculating, focusing on the presidential horserace, we look at the long view in national politics and discuss where there is possibility for progress. Can we actually find pathways to political progress, or is gridlock and dysfunction here to stay? We speak to World Business Academy Fellow Mark Gerzon, who is President and Founder of the Mediators Foundation and author of The Reunited States of America: How We Can Bridge the Partisan Divide.

    In our final segment we give a fossil fuel industry outlook and show how these companies are attempting to influence decision makers, the media, and citizens, as they fight to maintain their power over the global economy. 


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    Freedom Law School Conference Call 4/28/2016

    in Education

    Freedom and law questions answered by the President of Freedom Law School Peymon Mottahedeh

    "There is no law requiring the average American to file or pay the federal income tax."

    Get Our FREE Freedom Eductation Package! http://LiveFreeNow.org Or Call (813) 444-4800!

    FREE Weekly Conference Call Every Thursday @ 7 P.M. Eastern!

    To join us with questions, call (657) 383-1755 or join the chat by clicking the link below!


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    in Prayer

    We must guard our spirit concerning attitudes and things that can hinder the "quality" of our spiritual life.

    When we neglect to value and maintain HIS presence in our daily life experience, we will gradually lose our 

    interest in daily communing with the LORD. Our understanding of spiritual principles will become clouded

    and deteriorate, and we will be robbed of HIS best for us. I find that negative thoughts or things, if not dealth with,

    will gradually eat away the progress that we have made toward our becoming spiritually mature. Our spiritual

    sensitivities become dull and we begin to feel that the LORD is far away and no longer interested in us. Join us for

    live prayer at 6:00 AM, Mon.-Fri. Dial 714.459.3963.     

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    L.A. Steel Show / Union Issues and latest politics and economic news

    in News

    Tonight we discuss the results of the 5 state primaries, and how they effect Union issues. Connecticut union issues cutbacks. Also we discuss latest economic news, strikes for contracts, and $15.00 an hour Minimum Wage. 

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    sharper then a two edged sword

    in Christianity

    Who is waring on your behalf? Do you know what it  means to fight the good fight of faith? What do you do when things in your life is not right or feal the weightiness do you hit your kness or run for the door? 

    join your host Curits and Hailey for a nother  teaching on how to wage war on the enemy 



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    Right From The Left Coast

    in Politics Conservative

    Hey Patriots! Join me today at 7 PM Eastern for a great show. Topics will include Agenda 21, Minimum wage, Transgender insanity, The Neo-Statist and much much more. Join us in chat, Call in too..and listen live!

    Hope to see you all here!

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    in Prayer

    "When you pray, rather let thy hearty be without words than tthy words be without heart" (John Bunyon). We come with our soul 

    lifted upward and inwardly we're bowed low in awe before the presence of the KING who sits upon the THRONE OF GRACE.

    We can then pour out our concerns before HIM, since HE cares for us (Phil.4:6-7). Since prayer is the expression of the heart,

    it is vital to understand that it means far more than reciting certain "religious"words. GOD is not interested in empty prayers any

    more than HE desires heartless sacrifice. Some of our prayers are conscious words spoken to GOD, whereas others are unconscious

    expressions of inner heart attitudes. Therefore, be careful how you think! It is sobering to realize that our thoughts are essentially prayers

    being offered up to GOD. Join us for live prayer at 6:00 AM, Mon.-Fri. Dial714459.3963.