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    347-857-1742 Call into Blog Talk to Listen Live or Ask A Question of Our Panel.... Your Host, as always, is Marlene Prinzing, M.A. CEO & Inventor of The Prinzing Method, aka TPM.  TPM is An Intuitively-Guided-Individualized Form of Somatic-Processing. Marlene is The/Your Gifted Whisperer. Buy The Gift of A Gifted Whisperer Intuitive Reading for THE HOLIDAYS !  Go to: www.GiftedWhisperer.com to purchase A Gift Certificate. Or Contact My Guest and Soul-Sister at:  www.TheSoulSearchingCentre.com  My Guest Today is: Amanda Hart, Recent Author of This Faboulous Book : " The Guys Upstairs "  Amanada and Marlene both have been teaching, writing, and helping others for the past 20 years!  We know what-the-hell we are talking about. Wippee  In addition, both Amanda and Marlene have come from very similar backgrounds; growing up, and we have learned THE HARD WAY how to help you THE BEST !!!  Amanda's approach is grounded, radical, and wonderfully effective. Marlene's approach is Straight-Forward and Inspirational. Get Your Big Girl Pants on if YOU want us To Help YOU !  Marlene and Amanda are also both INTUITIVE.  Listen in on Wednesday December 16th from 4 - 4:30 pm (MST) Colorado Time. Call in or Contact us For Help.  347-857-1742 ? If you want to donate To The Cause : Marlene is CrowdFunding / Fundraising at : www.GoFundMe.com/STOPRADICALIZATION   (with education)    Also contact Amanda's PR Agent at: www.katbyles.com   Her Publisher at: www.austinmacauley.com  Her Management: www.markmanotw.com

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    THE SOWER and the SEED series is a powerful teaching revealing what Jesus said disciples would produce in their life from the Word they heard and applied. We thank God for you coming to hear the Word of God and pray the blessing of the Lord upon your life in every area. May every need be met and you be richly blessed by the inspiring word you hear! We are here to share bible-based concepts on how to live according to God's will, and especially in difficult times. When you receive the revelation of God’s will, it will strengthen you in your daily walk with Jesus. We will prove to you through Scripture precepts and example that Father is faithful. Get your bible, pen and paper and get ready to hear what the LORD is saying. Our message is delivered by the prophet Mary E. Washington, Pastor of Feed My Sheep World Evangelism located in Irving, Texas. Pastor Washington is delighted to serve under the newly formed COGIC Texas Northeast Metropolitan Jurisdiction! Please support our World Evangelism Internet Ministry by giving your gift of $7.00 or more to help us in spreading the Good News.  Thank you in advance and may God bless you in a most special way.

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    Devotional Push..... Maximizing Your Potential!

    in Christianity

    Today on The Push: Maximizing Your Potential

    Join Allyssa Narvaez for your devotional push. What does it take for you to maximize the greatness ordained for your life. It takes a little push! Visit AllyssaNarvaez.com to learn more about how God is using her to Push out the Greatness in you!

    Christ Prophecy Church Angels Dream Interpretation Christian Christianity God Truth Gospel Music heaven inspirtation inspirational joy revival bible bible study bible teaching bible prophecy Jesus Christ Prophecy Church Angels Dream Interpretation Christian Christianity God Truth Gospel Music heaven inspirtation inspirational joy revival bible bible study bible teaching bible prophecy Jesus Christ Prophecy Church Angels Dream Interpretation Christian Christianity God Truth Gospel Music heaven inspirtation inspirational joy revival bible bible study bible teaching bible prophecy Jesus Christ Prophecy Church Angels Dream Interpretation Christian Christianity God Truth Gospel Music heaven inspirtation inspirational joy revival bible bible study bible teaching bible prophecy

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    Children: Potential Future Leaders

    in Lifestyle

    The host of Let's Talk Truth and her guest will expound on the maturity of today's children that is standing in line to be the potential leaders of the future of this world. Can we sleep at night being confident in the ability of our young children to lead us prosperously. If we should take a good look at the behavior of our today's youth, can we see the potential growth or failure of the world. How frightened are we and is that fear enough for us to do something about it. Are we destined to live the balance of our promised life at the mercy of children, our potential future leaders. Join us today, Tuesday, February 2, 2016 at 7:30pm (cst) by dialing 347-843-4945 and share with others how you feel. Understand, our potential future leaders are being groomed for life, but by whom?


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    Is Fear Cramping Your Potential? Pt2

    in Entertainment

    Join the host NLTH's Michael Piccard & Whodini Blak along with the Vigilantes Circle (Poegossi, Dan Karlin, Sub & Banditti) as we discuss topics, news, music, games, conspiracies and other random things in our own opinions as we sip brewskies! We really don't know much but we like to believe that we do. Tune in!

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    Cleverness and Common Sense-Your True Potential: Human Gifts and Talents!

    in Spirituality

    On this Cleverness and Common Sense-The Spiritual Network Community Forum, Host Marie D. McCohnell (A.K.A. SisterFriend Marie), her co-host and call-in guests will discuss important issues and questions concerning spirituality and daily holistic living. Call 714-888-7516 and press "1" to get into the queue to share your thoughts.

    The Focus of Today's Forum: On this Cleverness and Common Sense Spiritual Community Discussion Forum we will present research and discuss the full spectrum our gifts and amazing talents as human beings.  We will also about the ways in which we each can support and enhance our truly beautiful gifts and talents, and those of our children and youth.  , in this world that so desperately needs them manifested. 

    The Questions We Seek To Ponder, Discuss and Answer In This Forum: 

    Is there a difference between a gift and a talent? 
    The List: What are some on the gifts/types of gifts and talents recognized by education researchers today? 
    Who are your favorite examples of human beings with impressive gifts and amazing talents?
    What are some of the road blocks to our realizing our natural potential; gifts and talents?
    How do we realize, protect and support those talents and gifts in ourselves and our children?

      Your host is Marie D. McCohnell, M.S. (A.K.A. SisterFriend Marie) and co-hosts Lynda Fletcher, B.S. (Certified Nutritional Counselor), Ann Kaugh-Hill (Organizational Specialist), Margaret Bryant Bangor, ME. (Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Psychic), and other wonderful surprise guest from our spiritual community.

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    Maximizing the Magic in your life. Replay

    in Spirituality

    Special Guest Alert**

      Author, Founder of Psychic Housewives and a former Emmy-award winning television reporter, Lorraine Roe.


     Have you had unusual experiences that you write off as coincidence?  Do you minimize the magical things that happen in your life?  

    Are you Psychic?  Lorraines latest book is about surviving psychic experiences.  " Psychic happens to the best of us, and more often than we care to admit.  If you have had prescient dreams, seen or heard ghosts, or believe you have talked to a loved one who's gone to the other side, this is the book for you!  I was a regular person walking around minding my own business, when dead people started to see me.  As a former reporter, I can assure you I was skeptical.  However hard I tried, ultimately I couldn't deny what was happening. "

    We are going to chat about maximizing the magic in your life.   Check out her book at this link  http://www.psychichousewives.com/the-psychic-survival-manual-what-to-do-when-dead-people-see-you.html


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    Realizing Your True Potential

    in Romance

    In today's interview with Troy Helming we're we'll talk about what it takes to realize our true potential and fulfill our life's purpose. 

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    "Barbershop Talk: The Importance of Recognizing a Man's Potential"

    in Radio


    "Barbershop Talk: The Importance of Recognizing a Man's Potential"

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    Workshop Wednesdays Radio with Host Tony Gambone and Special Guest Carolyn Maul:

    Carolyn Maul is about to celebrate her 10 year anniversary as an Entrepreneur and Holistic Wellness Coach. She started her first business in 2006 doing in-home coaching for fitness and nutrition. She opened her own boutique fitness studio Synergy Total Fitness in Flagstaff AZ in 2008 where they specialized in Personal Training, Yoga, and Spinning classes.
    That very next year she won the 2009 Best of Flagstaff, AZ award for Personal Training services and was nominated for the prestigious Athena award for Women in Business through the Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce.
    Carolyn has written 2 books and she has been published in the Huffington Post, Organic Living Magazine, the Nashua Telegraph, Mountain Living Magazine, and Oxygen Magazine. The huge accomplishments her clients have had, like losing 100 pounds or winning Figure Competitions are just as thrilling to her as the less outwardly visible results of the healing of personal relationships and learning how to communicate in ways that allow your needs to be heard and respected.

    Carolyn helps clients develop higher levels of self-mastery in many areas of their personal lives so that they are able to live an amazing life that is authentic, energetic, and in alignment with their core values.

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    Potential Winter Storm January 22-23 2016

    in Science

    Our team of meteorologists will take an hour (or possibly more) to discuss the upcoming winter storm potential on Friday and Saturday, January 22nd and 23rd, 2016. We'll analyze the incoming forecast models live, while perusing the new data and giving opinions on the forecast evolution. For those who are wondering what time the new model data comes out: The NAM model runs around 9:00, the GFS runs around 10:30, and the Canadian runs around 11:00pm. 

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