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    Running a Reptile Rescue with Christina Obrecht

    in Pets

    What happens when animals are abandoned or let loose? What happens when someone can no longer care for that $75.00 baby alligator that is now 100 pounds? Many wind up with Christina Obrect at her Reptile and Animal sanctuary that she runs from her home in Pennsylvania. I have seen it for myself and it is quite impressive. She has maximized the space that she has to care for as many needy creatures that she can. Her front porch has a gator pond built into it! Join us as we discuss what it takes to run a sanctuary such as hers. The trials and tribulations, the good and the bad. She has seen it all. She is also a trainer and handler of Alligators in addition to being a Lieutenant in her fire company. We will also open the phone lines to take your calls in the second half of the show. Be sure to join us in the chatroom while the broadcast is going on. the chatroom works best with Google and Firefox browsers. 

    Check out her site at www.christinaspets.com

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    Titus 2 Tuesday with Keva Renee & Dr. Lorelle Strong Rich

    in Spirituality

    Life Tools Series Continues with…

    Titus 2 Tuesday with Dr. Lorelle Strong Rich

    Best known as a respected prophet, pastor, teacher, author, life coach, and a voice to push the Kingdom forward,  Dr. Rich is known for her fiery, tenacious delivery that brings forth supernatural breakthrough in the atmosphere.

    As an innovative leader, she founded LSR Enterprises to bring Kingdom empowerment to individuals and cause them to tap into the potential that lies within them.  Dr. Rich believes this type of prophetic reformation in the lives of God’s people holistically will impact their Destiny and cause Kingdom advancement.  

    Dr. Rich is the founder of LSR Empowerment International Institute which has weekly webinar/teleconference training classes to enhance individuals spiritually, mentally and financially. Dr. Rich has also developed a marketplace mentorship & Women in Business Institute which serves as a tool to bring greater steps of definition and guidance to those in need of new Kingdom strategy in the marketplace. Dr. Rich is the author of A Maximized Woman: Armed and Dangerous, Destiny is Calling You Enhancement Workbook, and Tapping in to Supernatural Increase. 

    Dr. Lorelle and her husband, Apostle Michael Rich, currently serve as the Senior Pastors and founders of Royal Life International Church in Houston, Tx. In addition, they oversee five churches in Ghana, Africa. They have two children, Majesty, and Michael, Jr.

    Get to know Dr. Rich before the broadcast on social media:

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    Amoros Interviews Dr Charles Majors & Dr Dennis Ciccone: 5 Essentials of Health

    in Health


    Dr. Charles Majors has devoted over 15 years studying health and healing to prevent and reverse diseases through natural methods. He is the co-author of 2 books - Maximized Living Makeover and Cruise Ship or Nursing Home. He graduated from University of Illinois with a bachelors of Science and went on to receive his doctorate degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic.  In less than 10 years he has opened 5 chiropractic clinics.  He is a highly sought after speaker and Dr. Majors has given hundreds of live lecture events in the past 10 years. In September 2010 he was diagnosed with an incurable bone marrow cancer that metastasized to his brain, with only weeks to live, he left conventional medicine and applied the same principles he has been teaching for years to reverse his own cancer and not only survive but thrive! He has now co-authored his 3rd book, The Cancer Killers -The Cause is the Cure! He lives in Plainfield, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, with his beautiful wife Andrea and their 4 children. http://www.maximizedlivingdrmajors.com/

    Dr. Dennis Ciccone (October 13, 1979) owns and operates Ciccone Family Chiropractic in Lancaster, Massachusetts. He is a Maximized Living doctor.  Dr. Ciccone focuses not only on getting and keeping his patients and their families well, but also on educating them so they have a better grasp of what health truly is and where it comes from. The focus in the office is on the 5 Essentials of health:  How we think, Our nervous system, Exercise, Nutrition, and Decreasing the toxins which enter our body.  Dr. Ciccone is married to his wife Joanne and they have two children Natalie and Dominic.  For more information or to find a Maximized Living office near you go to www.cicconechiro.com, Http://www.Maximizedliving.com

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    Nolan Bushnell Unlocks Genius with BrainRush

    in Current Events

    Can games help us unlock our inner genius? If so, that could lead to increased self-reliance in a variety of ways. Our guest is Nolan Bushnell.

    Nolan Bushnell - BrainRush

    Video game pioneer Nolan Bushnell is best known as the creator of Atari and Chuck E. Cheese. As the founder of BrainRush adaptive learning games, he is fueling their mission to unlock the genius in each of us through smarter learning. He believes that adaptive games make learning faster, more fun, and more fulfilling.

    Each game engages your brain in rapid-fire practice that adapts to your exact needs, so learning is maximized during every second of play. This is geared to help passionate teachers help students become more creative. BrainRushes automatically differentiate so every student can thrive. Their games are customizable, and teachers can pull from the vast library or create their own, complementary to lessons, and Common Core aligned.

    Everything from vocabulary to multiplication to dissecting a frog comes in the form of a BrainRush. And the library is growing all the time because anyone can create and share BrainRushes.

    Nolan's latest book is Finding the Next Steve Jobs: How to Find, Hire, Keep and Nurture Creative Talent.

    Please share this episode of Billions Rising’s Self-Reliance Radio with your friends.

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    The Queen Esther Radio Show with Jessica Taylor

    in Books

    Join Host Jessica Taylor for the premier of the Queen Esther Radio Show. Jessica will be bringing you interviews with authors and book clubs from around the world. 

    As an Author and The CEO of The Queen Esther Enterprises, Jessica will be the voice for Authors who represents spirituality, motivational empowerment, community awareness, business tools & more. Special Guest Cheryl Wood and Roosevelt Ethridge.

    Cheryl Wood  is an award-winning speaker, corporate consultant, author and business strategist who specializes in equipping audiences to stretch their thinking, expand their expectations, and play a bigger game.  She compels men and women to embrace their personal power to visualize and achieve their career, business, or life goals.  Her enthusiasm and passion are contagious and spark a flame among audiences to boldly step outside of their comfort zone, take calculated risks, and remove self-limiting beliefs to reach their greatest potential.

    Roosevelt Ethridge is a Father, Entreprenuer, Pastor, Social Activist, Author, Social Activist. This man walks in courage, stands in wisdom and trust the truth of God to bring all men and women into a place of solidarity. He believes that life can be conquered, dominated and maximized in God.

    Sponsors: Slantress Magazine  Chere Cofield International  Coach Caprice Smith  National Motor Club

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    Matters of the Heart: What's Holding You Back?

    in Christianity

    Bobbie has invited two wonderful guest on the call to empower you in your daily and prophetic destiny thought process. Many times individuals don't understand why they are unable to move forward in life, business, and ministry. Some of these reasons will be explored on the show by Monica Harrison, Intercessor and Life Counselor. But that's not all, Bobbie will have a very special guest for a cameo appearance to promote an upcoming show that will air at the end of April with her good friend, Prophet Cynthia Thompson. Prophet Cynthia (25 years prophetic ministry experience) will share a few nuggets about the need for mentorship and what types of individuals are maximized in the prophetic gifting by being mentored.

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    Gluten Free Kingwood - My Family's Gluten Free Story

    in Health

    Host Jenny Johnson shares how her family used diet & nutrition to overcome her son's asthma issues & ulitimately finding out that celiac disease was the culprit.

    Books referenced in the episode:

    Jenny McCarthy - Louder than Words

    Dr. Kenneth Bock - Healing the New Childhood Epidemics: Autism, ADHD, Asthma, & Allergies

    Maximized Living

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    Spring in to Health!

    in Spirituality

    The Spring Solstice is upon us, offering a portal into healing and regeneration.  It's time for planting seeds for future ventures, and preparing to shine with the full force of the sun!  There are so many ways to do this natuarlly in alignment with Mother Nature. 

    Spring cleaning is not just an external event.  We benefit from both internal and spiritual cleansing, as well.

    Our guest, Dr. Jockers, will talk to us about the optimal things to do to spring clean our health habits including: foods to eat, natural cleansers, and physiological alignment. 

    Dr. Jockers is a maximized living doctor who invites us to 'super charge our brain.'   He also specializes in chiropractic care, promoting both mental and physical well being in a myridad of ways.  To find out more about Dr. Jockers, visit his drjockers.com.

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    Passing the Sceptre Creating Legacy with Torre Stocker

    in Spirituality

    "We are under a mandate to leave a legacy for future generatons." That was part of a decree I imparted to those who were a part of Rehoboth International Ministries, Rock Hill.  I remember when God gave that to me.  He showed me, through scripture, that we have a responsibility to leave a legacy.  

    Proverbs 13:22 A man leaves an inheritance to his children's children. Ezekiel, Ezra, Chronicles all speak about our responsibility to leave a legacy.  Join me as I talk about passing the Sceptre with Torre Stocker of the Sceptre Group.  The Sceptre Group is an all-encompassing resource to educate, empower, and engage individuals and businesses to pursue vision with maximized momentum. Sceptre seeks to create a culture of positive, forward thinkers utilizing cutting edge technology and various methods of communication to convey its message of life fulfillment and legacy.

    Torre is a graduate with Honors from Benedict College with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Management. Torre holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix and he is currently pursuing his Doctorate in Business Administration from Walden University.

    He is the husband of one wife and they are expecting their first child together.

    For information about the Sceptre Group click here

    For information about the Prophetic Workshop click here

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    Celebrate & Sparkle - Heart of Healers

    in Women

    Dr. Maryella Loman has a passion for empowering women to live a healthy & happy life! She shares why your message can be the inspiration another woman needs to hear!

    So excited to have her as a speaker at Celebrate & Sparkle!

  • 00:23

    Mentoring in the Aerospace Industry

    in Business

    January is National Mentoring Month.  To celebrate the importance of mentorship WIA-Canada is collaborating with Ryerson University to bring together students pursuing careers in aerospace with women already in the field.  This is a time for Mentors and Mentees to come together and share resources. While it’s a women 217;s organization, men are always welcome.


    Mentoring can be challenging for a number of reasons – time commitment, compatibility between mentee and mentor, poorly defined expectations, lack of or too much structure, suitable location, etc.  Speed mentoring (similar to speed dating) allows for maximized exposure to several individuals in an informal but guided session that is conducive to asking questions, soliciting advice and exploring opportunities – no strings attached!


    The success of this program will depend heavily on mentor volunteers.  If you are interested in coming, to meet future generations of women in aerospace, to share your personal experiences and to help guide a student please register today.

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