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  • Klarque Garrison of "Survive 365"

    in Books

    Mr. 365, D. Klarque Garrison, host of the blog, Survive 365, and the blog talk radio show, Survive 365: The Conversation of Survive 365 discusses his book, How to Survive the Next 365 | Your Lifeline to a Better Life.

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    Maximize Your Media Relations Success

    in Business

    On October 28 my guest will be Janet Falk.  Janet is a communications professional with more than 20 years experience in-house. at public relations agencies and as a consultant. She manages pro-active media outreach and has secured placement of executives and companies in local, national and international print and broadcast media. Janet is a versatile writer who prepares newsletters, speeches, presentations and website copy, as well as marketing literature. She will help put your company on the map to attract new clients and move ahead to achieve your business goals.

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    Todd Falcone on How to Maximize Your Productivity in Network Marketing

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    Todd Falcone teaches on How to Maximize Your Productivity in Network Marketing with a Lesson on Accountability, Tracking and Skill Development.
    For Over 25-Years, Todd Falcone Has Worked to Move People into Massive Action, Help Them Sponsor More, Obliterate Pesky Fears, and Break Through Roadblocks that Slow Business Down.

    Todd did a special training call for IsaTeam Global on how to move your business to the NEXT LEVEL, putting you into a consistent
    growth curve, as well as help you to improve your skills and get way better results with the time you’re putting into your business.

    You can have Todd coach you to succeed with A-Team  http://melaniemilletics.com/ateam

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    Learn Easy Tips To Maximize Your Intake Of Phytonutrients

    in Women

    Would you like to learn some easy tips on how to shop, cook and eat to maximize your intake of protective phytonutrients? You may be already doing some really good things to eating a healthful diet. What if I could help you tweak your habits and double the amount of nutrients you get from the foods you're already eating. Join me this Wednesday at 10:00am CST on Fashion and Food Warrior Wednesdays on blogtalkradio. This show, with just a few good tips could be the help you're looking for to start eating a more healthful diet which can help keep your cancer cells turned off with or without a cancer diagnosis.

  • How to Maximize your workout with minimal effort with Dr Mike

    in Health

    Imagine if you could reap amazing benefits from your exercise routine and spend very little time!

    Maintaining your muscle mas is vital for protecting against metabolic and hormonal decline, obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease!!

    High intensity interval training can shed the body of excess fat, as well as massively boost human growth hormone, enabling the body to heal, grow, and repair the way it was designed to!!

    Tune into next episode and learn how to apply this amazing exercise into your daily life!!

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    Maximize Your Networking Approachability

    in Business

    When your at a networking function or social event, are people naturally drawn to you or do you unknowingly push then away?? Have you ever told a story about a successful business encounter that ended like this: "I am sorry I do not have a business card with me!!!!!!" You need to hear this weeks episode of The Networking Diva Hour on Maximizing Your Networking.  Hear these top 10 tips right out of the book " The Power of Approachability". with a twist of course..

    Also starting this week is the summer series on know your Community and how it effects you!!


    My guest this week is Morgan Mote, Assistant Executive Director with C/S Teen Court.

    C/S Teen Court is a unique and highly successful approach to juvenile crime. This independent non-profit program provides an alternative to the regular Municipal Court sentencing for first-time misdemeanor offenses committed by young people between 10 and 18 years of age. The purpose of Teen Court is to hold youth offenders accountable for their actions and to assist them in making better life choices through relevant sentencing options.

    Check them out @www.springsteencourt.org

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    How to maximize your Cashflow and profitabilty

    in Entrepreneur

    Get more focus, determination and a positive mindset to help you realize your full potential. Join international business coach and inspirational speaker, Ash Ali for a boost of knowledge to get your day started and rock your online business!

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    New Seasons - Live Abundantly! - "Maximize Your Life"

    in Self Help

    Are you living or just existing? Has the mundane become the norm? Has your picture become so full of what's been normal to you? Well, I'm not having it anymore!!  It's time to live life abundantly! I'm inviting you to join me in beginning a new season!! Don't you feel it?  It's in the air!  There are too many things to do, so many places to explore, so many great people to meet!  It's time to live outside the normal everyday route that we have come so used to!  Let's explore together!

    Join in for the conclusion of our conversation on "Simple things that will Maximize Your Life!"  I'd like to hear from you, dial in and add your suggestions on ways to maximize your life!  Call in # 213-325-3434  code 646-716-7079,

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    How to Maximize Your Life On Your Current Income

    in Finance

    This episode is Part 4 in the 4 part Lifestyle Series.
    This recession has forced many people to scale back on the lifestyle they are accustomed to.  Indeed, the statistics of the number of Americans on Food Stamps (SNAP) are at a crazy, record high.  Somehow, survival is possible on less - but that does not mean we like it.
    It IS possible to maximize your quality of life on your CURRENT income and we will talk about those strategies in this show.  However, I can't think of one person who would argue, that access to more money expands the opportunity for fun and quality of life experiences.  Consequently, we will also throw out there, some reasons and strategies for expanding your income so as to maximize your life.  Join me!  If you are listening to this after the live recording, still contribute by adding your comments to the facebook box below this show summary.
    Catch the episodes you missed:
    Part 1:  Go from Enduring to Enjoying Life.  The Secret to Living the Best Life Possible in Every Circumstance.  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/debtfreewealthradio/2013/08/02/lifestyle-series-go-from-enduring-to-enjoying-life   Part 2: DEBT FREE VACATIONS!   Why Vacations Matter. How to Afford them; How To Enjoy them Often, and How to Plan & Pack http://www.blogtalkradio.com/debtfreewealthradio/2013/08/09/debt-free-vacations-vacations-matter-and-how-to-afford-them-1   Part 3: Why Vacations Matter and how to afford many more.  This episode is hidden and available on request only.

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    Finding (And Hitting) The “Sweet Spot In Your Business

    in Entrepreneur

    Athletes are constantly seeking the “sweet spot” of the ball, whether it be a batter swinging at a baseball, a tennis player crushing her return volley, a kicker booting a football or a golfer teeing off on a drive. The sweet spot is that perfect place on the ball where contact is compounded and the physics of the stroke are maximized for the longest, straightest shot.

    Entrepreneurs seek a similar sweet spot in business and life.

    There are 4 specific areas that, once combined and brought into some semblance of balance, will make the difference in your business to maximize your efforts and bring more of your greatness to the marketplace.

    Join JT for a power conversation on what those 4 areas are and how YOU can hit the sweet spot in your business now.

    Fly High. Fly Fast. Fly Far!

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    In The Mix With Doctor A.T.

    in Music

    Host & CEO: PoeEtiq Co Host/ Music Director: Raw Dawg Co Host: John Lowe Co Host: Butter DeeJay: Doctor A.T. Magazine Editor & Chief : Myra MO To call: 213-559-2995 We now air 7 DAYS a week at 8pm Est| 7pm Cst| 6pm Mst| 5pm Pst 24/7 access www.blogtalkradio.com/hiphopnationalradio Sunday: Ministry Of Motivation with John Lowe Mon.| Wed.| Fri. Conference Call (Industry Focused) Raw Dawg & PoeEtiq Tue.| Thurs.| Sat. In The Mix With Doctor A.T. As a token of appreciation, for you tuning in, you or anyone you are connected with that does music we are offering FREE Airplay Yes, Get free Airplay today! It is as simple as 123 upload your radio ready MP3 @ www.hiphopnationalradio.com maximize your exposure now. Help us lift up & build up the unsigned music community by having 100 your fans request your music on twitter @hiphopnational or #hiphopnational "Taking Music From the Studio To the Bank!" Hip Hop National is Marketing and Management firm that is assisting Music Artist with preseting a professional presentation and portfolio to the Industry Inside Circle Of The Music Business We aim to educate will you help? Contact; 954.461.3398 for Booking and Details Read more: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/hiphopnationalradio/2014/08/20/experience-vs-trial-and-error#ixzz3BRMSpa2T