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    Producer/Director Bill Humphreys and Writer/Producer David Mauriello

    in Film

    Bill has worked from coast to coast as an actor, producer and director in radio, television, film and live theatre for the past 35 years. A look at the producing side of his career shows a range of projects from documentary (To Kill In California; In Focus: The Hollywood Lens of Murray Garrett) to music (Loggins and Messina Live; RockBack - The Iron Butterfly). From dramatic (A Scrapbook of Late Beginnings; Pale In Your Shadow; The Terrible Meek) to cultural (The Works of Robert Frost; Filmmaker-Ken Burns; In Conversation…) And the “How-To” genre serving as Executive Producer for the PBS series Ciao Italia.Bill has been recognized by the IFTFNY, The AFI, Telly Awards, American Women in Radio and Television, The Ohio State Awards, The AP, The NAB and the Aurora Awards among others. Bill boasts 10 Emmy nominations and three wins as Producer, Executive Producer and Director. Bill is a member of the Screen Actors Guild nominating committee for Primetime Television performances.

    Awarded a fellowship by the Artists Foundation of Massachusetts for his screenplay Fireflies and winner of the Jane Chambers Memorial Gay Play Contest for But Mostly Because It’s Raining. David Mauriello is an accomplished and seasoned writer. His Plays Ten Minutes and Just Say Love were both nominees in the best original script category by the Spotlight on the Arts Awards, Portsmouth, NH. His ten minute play One Great Big Light has been a finalist in new play festivals and is included in the Eileen Heckert Senior Drama Archives at the Lawrence and Lee Theatre Research Institute at Columbus State University. The First Love Letter was awarded third price in a Montreal competition. His plays have been produced in New England, California and New York City. He is also the author of the book Reminders of Home, a collection of inspirational writing. His play Body is referenced in the new book The Immortal Marilyn by John DeVito and Frank Tropea.

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    Real Estate Prophets- Social Networking and Real Estate

    in Real Estate

    Today real estate experts Eric and Jim Butz will be joined by guest experts Richard Mauriello from Century 21 Rielly & Associates and Donna Godfrey from Remax. They will discuss how social media is used by agents to sell homes as well as buyers to find them. . Learn what you need to know before you get started so you're prepared and understand exactly what the process is! Any questions contact Eric at 888-908-5591 ext. 102 or email eric@semperhomeloans.com

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    Guest Barry Fischel & Eric Mauriello Of Fischels Beast

    in Music

    Former Sentinel Beast Guitarist Barry Fischel Has Risen Again, With Fischels Beast.Barry Fischel And Eric Mauriello Are My Guest On This Episode. www.myspace.com/fischelsbeast

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    Legal 101 on Managing Mompreneur Mayhem with Cena Block

    in Business

    Legal 101: Untangling the thorny forest where your mompreneur business meets the law – with Mark Mauriello

    Tune in to understand your legal obligations and rights as a business owner! Cena picks Mark Mauriello's brain to find out everything legal you need to know to launch and run your busienss. From structure, to contracts, to taxes - Cena and Mark roll up their sleeves and share their information freely with you!

    As Mompreneurs, trying to find the balance between raising a family and growing your business is always a challenge. Every other Tuesday on Managing Mompreneur Mayhem Cena Block offers great advice for moms in business for themselves. Find her at Sane Spaces.com

    Want more great information from Cena? Grab this link to download her free training to help you reclaim your time, space and sanity - and overcome burnout! http://bit.ly/14Yq17L

    Join us here every Tuesday or download at any time and learn savvy ways to make your small business look BIG!

    Our show sponsors today are Safety First Bags and Financially Authentic. Visit our Word of Mom Radio website for more information on our MOMpreneur Approved Products and Services.

    Find us on Twitter or Facebook -  and email us at wordofmomradio@gmail.com with questions and guest ideas.

    Word of Mom Radio ~ sharing the wisdom of women.

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    Sports Counseling with the Doc and Slim

    in Sports

    In a special Sunday episode of Sports Counseling, your co-hosts Michael Clifford (@SlimCliffy) and Tony Mauriello (@TheTonyM) are drafting their NFBC team live on the air!
    The guys have a 12-team NFBC snake draft that they are taking part in at 1 PM EDT. This is a great opportunity for listeners to get an inside look at draft approach for what is a common format for fantasy baseball. 
    Where do the big bats go? When are pitchers safe to take? Tune in to Sports Counseling to get the inside track you need to find success in fantasy baseball for the upcoming season. 

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    Sports Counseling with The Doc and Slim

    in Sports

    In the first of two episodes of Sports Counseling this weekend, your co-hosts Tony Mauriello a.k.a. The Doc a.k.a. @TheTonyM and Michael Clifford a.k.a. Slim a.k.a. @SlimCliffy cover both fantasy hockey and fantasy baseball.
    In the first segment, the guys welcome Davis Mattek (@DavisMattek), founder of Sports Wunderkind, to talk fantasy hockey. Who are some pick-ups to look at to replace your injuries? Who are good buy-low and sell-high options? The guys will cover these needs. Also, there will be a good talk on who the first-half fantasy hockey MVP is right now. Not to mention, who's a huge bust so far? There will be good discussions on all things fantasy puck.
    In the next segment, your hosts will continue their "Three Bears" fantasy baseball preview. To finish off the infield, there will be a talk (probably argument) over who is valued too high at Catcher, who is valued too low at Catcher and who is valued just right.
    For the last half of the podcast, Tony and Mike will be talking fantasy baseball strategy. Namely, the guys have a 12-team NFBC snake draft on Sunday and they will talk about their approach. Who are they gunning for and who are they avoiding like lepers? There will be a lengthy discussion on fantasy baseball strategy just in time for your drafts.
    So be sure to tune in and get all your fantasy Sports Counseling!

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    Sports Counseling with the Doc and Slim

    in Sports

    Tonight's episode of Sports Counseling with your co-hosts The Doc a.k.a Tony Mauriello (@TheTonyM) and Slim a.k.a. Mike Clifford (@SlimCliffy) is a jam-packed episode.
    The first half of the podcast will have your co-hosts talking lots of fantasy baseball as we continue our 2013 preview. We move on to Third Base in our "Three Bears" segment, talking overvalued/undervalued and correctly-valued players. Who can you get cheap that will produce, who is a big risk and who is going where they should? Tune in to find out.
    We will continue the fantasy baseball discussion by talking strategy. Pitchers, catchers, closers; what to do? 
    The second half of the episode will cover fantasy hockey. With injuries running rampant, who should you be looking at to plug holes in your team? We'll have a huge list of waiver wire adds to look at to replace players you've lost. 
    Also, Slim had a fantasy hockey guide. Where did he go wrong with a few players in his rankings? Tune in to listen to The Doc bring Slim to tears as we talk about what's gone wrong so far with a few players in this year's fantasy hockey season.
    So whether it's the baseball diamond or hockey rink, there's something for everyone. Listen to the podcast and get the fantasy Sports Counseling you need!

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    The Sports Chronicles Radio Show w/ Kyle Nick & Drew

    in Football

    What happens when you put the eloquent and smart "Student of The Game" Kyle Nash, the "Mad Scientist" of Sports Talk in Nick Ficorelli, and "The O.T." Andrew Gluchov - you get 2 hours of action-packed, fun-filled, and sometimes, intense Sports Talk Radio. Join Kyle Nick and Drew as they breakdown all the upcoming NFL matchups, review the NCAA football results, interview all sorts of guests, and more. The Sports Chronicles Radio Show - ARE YOU READY!!!!
    This week, we will have FantasyTrade411.com's Nick Radecanu and Tony Mauriello live talking anything and everything in the fantasy sports realm. We will also tackle the NCAA "Travashamockery" with the University of Miami, NFL Combine talk, MLB, et al.

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    Sports Counseling with the Doc and Slim

    in Sports

    Tonight's episode of Sports Counseling with your co-hosts Michael Clifford (@SlimCliffy) and Tony Mauriello (@TheTonyM) features two recurring themes for the last month:
    First, we will talk fantasy hockey with our guest Chris Wassel of The Hockey Writers. There are lots of injuries and buy-low opportunities that can alter the course of your season, so we will be diving headfirst into those topics.
    Secondly, Tony and Mike will continue their 2013 fantasy baseball preview with their "Three Bears" segment, this time covering the shortstop position. Who is overvalued? Who is undervalued? Who is valued just right? Tune in to find out!
    We love callers and questions, so call in with a question and satisfy both of these!
    So tune in for the fantasy hockey and baseball knowledge you need and get your Sports Counseling!

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    Sports Counseling with The Doc and Slim

    in Sports

    On tonight's episode of Sports Counseling, your co-hosts Michael Clifford (@SlimCliffy) and Tony Mauriello (@TheTonyM) welcome in guest Neil Parker (@naparker77) from The Fake Hockey and The Fake Baseball.
    Your hosts and Neil will discuss both fantasy baseball and fantasy hockey. 
    The Sports Counseling fantasy baseball preview continues with its Three Bears segment, discussing the second base position. Who is over-valued, who is under-valued and who is valued just right?
    Sticking with fantasy baseball, there will be a discussion on draft strategy. Does it change from roto to head-to-head? What about draft position? 
    The fantasy hockey discussion will cover buy-lows, sell-highs and replacements for some of the guys you may have lost through injury in the last week.
    So tune in for Sports Counseling as the ramping up of fantasy baseball continues and we hopefully answer your fantasy hockey questions!

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    Sports Counseling with the Doc and Slim

    in Sports

    Tonight's Blizzpocalypse episode of Sports Counseling is going to be absolutely jam packed from start to finish with as much fantasy knowledge as we can fit into an hour.
    The podcast will start off with a look ahead to the 2013 fantasy football season. Yes folks, we are already looking ahead to football. Your hosts Tony Mauriello and Michael Clifford will be joined by Todd McDannell a.k.a. the Fantasy Football Counselor (@FFCounselor). We will look ahead to the top-12 picks of the 2013 season and some of the names may surprise you.
    After that, your hosts continue their preview of the fantasy baseball season. Who is overrated? Who is underrated? Whose auction values are too high and who's are too low and who's are just right? We do our best Goldilocks impression and look ahead to the right-around-the-corner 2013 season.
    We will finish the podcast with a little bit of hockey talk. Who are good sell highs and buy lows? How do you assess your team and address the weaknesses? It's reaching the quarter-mark of the season and it's time to get your team on the right track.
    So tune in tonight at Midnight EST so we can give you as much Sports Counseling as you can handle in 60 minutes. 

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