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    Fix My Life! with International Psychic Mediums Sharon Pugh and Matthew Brandau

    in Spirituality

    Life on this Earth can be very challenging. And instead of the same old educational radio shows that don't help you're specific need, 911 Psychic Talk Radio is all about helping YOU. Southern Style Medium Sharon Pugh is known for her Southern tell it like it is style. She's funny, warm hearted but straight to the point with her Psychic Medium readings. Medium Matthew Brandau is witty and spot on with his messages. They make an amazing radio pair. Listen and call in every Thursday!

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    Matthew Chapter 4

    in The Bible

    Come and study Gods Word with us,so you can walk close to Jesus.

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    IHS Together Radio (never ending) ECA International with your host Elmon Krupnik

    in Christianity

    A Christian potpourri inspirational program with your host Elmon Krupnik (www.ecainternational.org), featuring prayer, reading of Scripture, sermons, lyrics from hymns and Christian contemporary music from artists Randy and Marli Brown (www.randyandmarli.com), Huntley Brown (www.huntleybrown.org), Kay Werho (www.chungkyungjoo.net) with songs in English and Korean and Lynn Krupnik (http://krupniklaw.com/). Also my sermons, broadcasts and artwork can be viewed at this link (http://new.holyfaithart.com/)
    It is my hope and prayer that you enjoy this time of worship and praise. Thank you for listening!

    MATTHEW 26:52-56

     “Put your sword back in its place,” Jesus said to him, “for all who draw the sword will die by the sword. 53 Do you think I cannot call on my Father, and he will at once put at my disposal more than twelve legions of angels? 54 But how then would the Scriptures be fulfilled that say it must happen in this way?”

    55 In that hour Jesus said to the crowd, “Am I leading a rebellion, that you have come out with swords and clubs to capture me? Every day I sat in the temple courts teaching, and you did not arrest me. 56 But this has all taken place that the writings of the prophets might be fulfilled.” Then all the disciples deserted him and fled.

    Sponsored By: Krupnik and Speas, PLLC, Attorneys you can Trust

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    The Interpersonal Connection ~ HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY ~

    in Spirituality

    Inspirational and Encouraging Words of Wisdom, Spirit and Life To You! Mothers hold their child’s hand for a moment and their heart for a Lifetime. Mother's Day Quotes “Who ran to help me when I fell, and would some pretty story tell, or kiss the place to make it well? My Mother.” -Ann Taylor “Youth fades; love droops, the leaves of friendship fall; A mother's secret hope outlives them all.” -Oliver Wendell Holmes  “Mama exhorted her children at every opportunity to 'jump at de sun.' We might not land on the sun, but at least we would get off the ground.” -Zora Neale Hurston  “Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother.” -Lin Yutang  “The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.” -Author Unknown “Making the decision to have a child-it’s momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” -Elizabeth Stone  “Is my mother my friend? I would have to say, first of all she is my Mother, with a capital “M” she’s something sacred to me. I love her dearly...yes, she is also a good friend, someone I can talk openly with if I want to.” -Sophia Loren  “My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. “Nobody knows of the work it makes to keep the home together. Nobody knows of the steps it takes, Nobody knows-but Mother.” -Anonymous  “I remember My Mother’s Prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life.” -Abraham Lincoln 

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    The rest of the soul \ O descanso da alma

    in Spirituality

    ?ναπα?σω is the greek word translated as rest. But what really means? Lets talk about it.

    "Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.
    Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.
    For My yoke is easy and My burden is light. "
    Matthew 11: 28-30

    ?ναπα?σω é a palavra grega traduzida como descanso. Mas o que realmente significa? Vamos conversar a respeito disso.

    "Vinde a Mim, todos os que estais cansados e sobrecarregados, e eu vos aliviarei.
    Tome meu jugo sobre vós e aprendei de mim, porque sou manso e humilde de coração; e achareis descanso para as vossas almas.
    Porque o meu jugo é suave eo meu fardo é leve. "
    Mateus 11: 28-30

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    Harmless but NOT STUPID

    in Self Help

    Automaker Henry Ford asked electrical genius Charlie Steinmetz to build the generators for his factory. One day the generators ground to a halt, and the repairmen couldn't find the problem.  So Ford called Steinmetz, who tinkered with the machines for a few hours and then threw the switch. The generators whirred to life--but Ford got a bill for $10,000 from Steinmetz.  Flabbergasted, the rather tightfisted car maker inquired why the bill was so high.

    Steinmetz's reply: For tinkering with the  generators, $10. For knowing where to tinker, $9,990. Ford paid the bill.  Today in the Word, MBI, April 1990, p. 27.

    There are times when being the LOUDEST is not the way to impact people in your life.

    I believe the majority of people meander through life with no direction and no clue how to handle many of life’s struggles.

    If you leverage those struggles they can teach you HOW to respond to most things in life.

    There are times when the temptation to respond in the wrong way can be overwhelming.

    Matthew 10:16 – 

    The Message paraphrase puts it this way:

    16 “Stay alert. This is hazardous work I’m assigning you. You’re going to be like sheep running through a wolf pack, so don’t call attention to yourselves. Be as cunning as a snake, inoffensive as a dove.

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    Benefitting Your Morning: Episode 33

    in The Bible

    This is the continuation of the program Benefitting Your Morning, and I am your host Brother Ben; a Pastor in training. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, prayer requests, praises, or even a salvation testimony please email me at ?beneficialministries@gmail.com?. You are also welcome to check out the social media pages of Facebook.com/beneficialministries or Twitter.com/benjaminumnus. For this edition of the show we'll be studying from our bible study plan we had originally picked up from ligonier minstries' website, which they got from ?http://www.bible-reading.com/bible-plan.pdf.? We'll be reading as much of Matthew 8-10 as we are able to before the half hour runs out! Be sure to share this with your friends and family

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    The 'End times'what does this really mean to us, hear the word of the Lord

    in The Bible

    Woe be unto the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture! saith the LORD [Jeremiah 23:1]

    Hi I am Joycelin Linton, welcome to show.  I shall continue to refer to Jeremiah, the Prophet of the Old Testament, chapter 23, in reference to the early morning’s biblical reading the attention is towards Jeremiah speaking of prophets who run speaking a word and yet the Lord does not give them the assignment to do so, and worst still the prophets go on to say they carry a burden.  Jeremiah continues to speak a message to the Lords chosen people, the chosen people who are in disobedience to His word, commandments and laws, because they follow the heathen ways.  Jeremiah speaks the word of God giving the people a warning of themselves that they are counterfeit prophets and that they are not in their truth whilst in the way of the heathen.  The saying that man cannot serve two master [Matthew 6:24] for either he will hate the one or love the other.  Therefore the Lord chosen people, the people who the Lord betroth, and now they do not compliment him the Lord shall send his word down like a fire and a hammer that breaks the rocks in pieces [Jeremiah 23:29].  However in this instance the attention concerns the word that the prophet speaks that they carry a burden of the Lord [Jeremiah 23:34], the Lord speaks that He shall punish that man and his house.  The Author wishes to translate the word of the Lord to gain a message in due season as to the happenings of the heavens in respect to the ‘End Times’.

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    in Christianity

    The message of holiness is very dear to God’s heart. This is because the bible makes it very clear in Hebrews 12:14 that …without holiness no one will see the Lord. Again the Lord Jesus emphasized this truth in Matthew 5:8 when He said,Blessed are the pure in heart, For they shall see God.

    So if you want to end your life’s journey in heaven; and spend eternity with God; you must make purity your top priority!

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    Election 2016, Spirituality, Politics, Evolution of the Collective Consciousness

    in Elections

    Election 2016: Spirituality, Politics, Evolution of the Collective Consciousness: Trump, Hillary, Sanders, Cruz, Kasich

    What in the world is going on with the 2016 Election?! Energetically, how did some of these candidates develop their platforms? Whether you love them or hate them, political super powers always represent aspects of the (evolving) collective conscisouness. So how exactly do Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz and John Kasich reflect aspects of your consciousness (whether or not you support them)? How do they illustrate signs of the times - including fear, shadow, unrest and need for change. What do their astrological charts say about their respective roles in society? Where are we headed from an evolutionary stand point? Rather than posting on social media (yet another) critique of the candidates you love or hate, be sure to tune in to Intuitive Transformation Radio as Intuitive-Channel, Psychic and Astrologer Matthew Engel discusses the meaning of this craziness and ways that you can transform unrest into hope and peace!

    Matthew Engel is a Psychic-Channel, Astrologer, Past Life Regressionist, Hypnotherapist and Executive Abundance Coach. He has supported individuals and groups in activating their inner light for 20 years. He is a well regarded writer, spiritual teacher, empowerment coach for businesses and individuals and the host of Intuitive Transformation Radio.Sign up for Matthew's newsletter and follow him on Social Media. www.matthewengel.com

    Angel Intuitive, Psychic-Medium, Reiki Master and Sage, Joy Barker, will also be on the line. She is the host of Angel Talk Cafe on Blogtalk. www.angeltalkcafe.com



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    Kingdom Work for Christ with Courage and Boldness through New Beginnings Part 2

    in Christianity

    Host Emma Boa-Durgammah is humbled to interview Sandra Wyatt in part 2 of a two-part interview! Sandra will share how God helped her navigate familial, health-related and vocational new beginnings among others with Christ-Centered courage and boldness. She is a walking miracle, a fact acknowledged by even doctors at John Hopkins.

    Sandra is a Bold, Funny and Resilient Christ Representative as a mother to 5 grown children, Jason, Aprille, Heather, Brittaney and Tim, “Nana” to her 12 grandchildren, Entrepreneur, Artist and Executive Assistant. Sandra’s journey began when she accepted Christ at the age of 9 at a Presbyterian church in Birmingham.  In her 50+ years of being a Christian, she has walked through various stages of “brokenness” yet her faith, humor and love for God carried her through those difficult times. Sandra’s favorite Bible passage is Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths”. This has been foundational to living a life of courage and boldness in Jesus.

    Emma would love to hear from you through email after the show contact@kingdomworkforchrist.com. More on Emma can be found at www.kingdomworkforChrist.com or www.facebook.com/kingdomworkerforChrist. A very special thanks to Alyce Metallo for her arrangement of Blessed Assurance (My Story), our opening song! Check her out at www.alycemetallo.com.