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  • 'The Matt Duffin Show' - Coping & Hoping

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    Mindfulness.  Relating Assertively.  5 R's of Stress Management.  Recognizing Thoughts, Feelings.  Problem Solving.  


    And so many much needed skills to be a Human Being, to be a person.  Once the brain is scrambled by a TBI or any brain injury, COPING SKILLS indeed get scrambled too, as the brain is our make up.  Coping Skills, taught soon following my Severe TBI of 7-years ago, is what way of life I MUST try to live, to be able to live life on life's terms.  With out it, there is no Matt Duffin.  The shell left of myself would roll, crack and break on a constant basis.  With Coping Skills, we learn to make good of the bad, and make the bad go away.  


    Coping, with a TBI.  Its out of this world, sometimes a delayed flight life can be but we learn to standon solid ground.  Little League World Series ended today with Japan on top, but over 40,000 fans in person and most of the world on TV watched the game live.  Baseball is the one who won.  Also, 'When a Legend Changes Uniforms' and the NEW $10 bill prospects.  Also, at Midnight Eastern, or 6 A.M. South African time, our SA Correspondent Miss Gina Gee is give an update on life as a TBI Survivor not-so 'Out of Africa'...


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    The Matt Duffin Show - Late, Sore, Worn & Here...

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    Surgery took me out of the game, after my 11 innings.  I'm late, sore from surgery and worn out from Miracle League Baseball (yes, I went.  Even 'played' 2-inning) and the beloved Milton Days 2015!  But, kind sore for that too.  My buddy and his wife mowed my grass for me today, and another and his son came over, set up a yard sale and cooked on the grill.  It's been quite a while since my lips hit fresh bbq ribs.  Then, not walking well and doing more than I should have, I hit something else.  The ground.  Twice this week.  I'm late....And NO, Matt Duffin is NOT pregnant....

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    The Matt Duffin Show - Remember December

    in Social Sciences

    December is loaded with life atone births, and history way back past Nostradomus. How's Jesus Christ to start with, on the 25th.  Nostro's birthday is Dec 14th, predictable each year since 1503.  Army-Navy started playing a yearly football game in 1870.  And, get this November fans - Thanksgiving was first officially celebrated in America in 1619.  A true American hero - Woody Duffin, Sr. was born on Dec 5th, then two days following the young sailor's 20th birthday, his USS California was attacked at Pearl Harbor.  He survived, as well as 17 of 21 trapped shipmates in a room full of swelling oil due to his ability to escape to help.  That's what Bronze Stars are made of.


    I'll touch on some Coping Skills.  Brain Injury Coping Skills.  Life Skills.  What?  Dunno yet.  Let's see how the day goes and discuss our success or failures of Brain Injury Recovery.  All is good, but get started EARLY after your injury in total therapy.  Go slow, repeat if need be, practice the ''home work'' and learn how the frustrations can disappear - most the time, not always. Uh, its a BRAIN INJURY we are deal with hear.


    So, Class, class.  Be seated, please.  Class?  Class. SHUTUP!  Thank you.  Yep, Sister Mary Elephant was created by Cheech & Chong in December 1971.  Better yet, shut me up, call in (424)243-9540.  The 'Staff' has put together a historical music blend of Rock, Country Rock so we can roll.  TBI themed songs rock my world.  I bet there are some you wouldn't believe was written before you 'brain issues'.   And thank you Les Paul Morgan, for some banged head reason, I avoided music therapy for five years following my accident.  He pushed my YouTube buttons.    THAT"S how hard God hit me in the head....   

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    The Matt Duffin Show - Get to the Root of It

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    Matt and Brandon hit he road; Destination Colorado, to visit with the Root Family. The shock and awe of the Rockies has got them high! John Denver had nothing on these guys ...

    Join them for an open discussion and interview with Amy Sue Root.

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    'The Matt Duffin Show' - Wrestling With Dementia...

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    Ladies and Gentlemen.  Let's...get ready...too...RUUUUMMBLE!  We are coming full-grip from The  DownTown Milton Studio corner against abuse recieved as a minor, and ''not spoken of'''.  Concussions recieved, but ''was just sleeping hard'' kind of life.  And where it goes from there, the discovery's along the way and prosumed finish line..

    Hillbillly Jim,Smith of the Ozark Mountains of Missouri and wife Shelia join me tonight in an in-depth look into dementia, its struggles an fight.  They've educated themselves quite well in the disease that has a STRONG chance in replacing the health and life issues of a TBI.  Our future, if you will.  Mr. Smith jjoins us to discuss the trials and treatments of having over 100 major consussions during his times, and the probablle CTE that ahs evolved.  

    Mr Hillbilly, er, uh, Mr. Smith will share his story, his times, his discovery of head trauma long after the times, along with his studies an efforts concerning dementia.  .  And what, prey tell, is to be done about youth athletics now?  I say let the kids play, stop changing rules to discover what can't be resolved.  Like all youth sports, education, experience in life skills and committment is a huge bonus.  (424)  243-9540...

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    If There's a Will, There's a Way (Sam Way That Is) on Matt Duffin Show

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    I've been to Kallops, looking for a way .. And up in the Candadian Mountains, was that way .. Sam Way!


    Join Matt and former Co-Host Sam Way has fallen in love .. Hailey is her name. He asked her to marry him and she agreed! Join them and hear the details being considered, as well as just what else he's been up to!

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    The Matt Duffin Show - Next Year in Your View

    in Social Sciences

    Annual 'Year in Review Show' time of year again.  Again, I'll pass.  I don't like to look back, much was ugly, much was injured, and with amnesia, much is forgotten.  Short Term Memory 'skills' I have now?  I forget yesterday, unless we  play "Ground Hogs Day" for a couple of weeks.  I'll get it.  But, who has time?  Familiy, Caregivers, Therapist?  Who?  Uh, society does, if you make it so.

    It all begins with acceptance, and is driven by self-effort.  Baby Step effort works for me.  It should you too!  We have to think before we leap, and leaping some bounds may have to be accepted as a leaap unreachable.  But your brain is a HUGE playground, find another swing or teeter totter.  Wait, maybe not a teeter totter, or jungle gym, monkey bars.  But you can get around and swing.  Watch the others.  Learn your best.  As Pop would say "ya ought to be doing something, even if its wrong."  Why?  We do learn from our mistakes, and yes, again its a repetitive process.  But we learn.


    I think I'll go shoot some basketball with my separated shoulder.  One year, its just gotta work...  (424) 243-9540 an lets Talk, learn and oh, just listen.  I got us a world-wide traumatic brain injury support group we can hang out together at....And yes, put on some clothes...something!

    Enjoy a Happy Next Day, and may it reach 2016 (at least)..

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    The Matt Duffin Show - "Under the Hood" Emotional TuneUp

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    With my traumatic brain injury, life seems so much more understandable, comprehendable and I learn much about "the new me" by helping others in the same boat.  My 'shipmates.  


    We share, because we care.  One of the 'options' of today's world that comes easier to us to accomplish thoughts and ways.  The payment?  PRICELESS!


    Have trouble finding the right words?  Saying what you mean?  Talk long? REAL long?  Wanna learn about Hard, Soft andn Fear Based Emotions?  See things "differently" . or talk about dealing with Thought Traps?  Do you misread Body Language, or not understand the 'movemets" with the talk?  Get out your ToolBox, let's' do a wee bit of Brain Mechanics!  You as well are the repairman.  Certainly, you play Rock N Roll in your shop'; I do...

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    It's a Matt Duffin TBI Christmas Show...

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    Been in touch with our Summer friend in the Winter.  THE Cross Country TBI Survivor bicycle rider turned Political 'pest' Mr. Daniel Mallino, and he'll join in at the bottom of the first hour as we share some stories, Holiday Hope's and his deep work on Capitol Hill in D.C.   Try to play some Merry Rock again tonight, but prevent me!  Keep calling in, give me your oppion.  I learn and admit when wrong.  I mean, it is 6'o'clock p.m., surely I've been wrong at some point today.  We share, listen and understand another.  Wouldn't live be just grand if all folks could look at life as a BI Survivor does?  


    Santa does.  HO HO HO!  


    I'll discuss my FOUR visits to my Neurophycologist this past week, and what I've learned this time, to share.  But, I'm still thinking on it ALL.  And at 1pm on Monday, I'll be there again.  No one on MY idea of life teaches TBI life to me better than Dr. Samantha Backhaus.  If it wasn't so late Indy-Time, I bet she's call in.  Every one join in the begining of Christmas Week.  Hit it, Linus, Snoopy With a touch of a Life Survivor - '"We wish you a Merry Christmas, and a pleasant next day..."  

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    The Matt Duffin Show - 'Omega & Alpha'

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    The term Alpha and Omega comes from the phrase "I am the alpha and the omega" (Koiné Greek: "?γ? τ? Α κα? τ? Ω"), an appellation of Jesus.


    Alpha.  It's the Greek's first letter of the Alphabet, with Omega being the last.  Or, A and Z for you Englisher's.  Following my devastating accident, I was considered 'Omega - at the end of my life.'  


    In actuality, thru much work (and I contributed too) my Omega became my Alpha.  Life changed, yes. So did I.  We learn to adjust in life, and yes, our TBI's is a big one.  


    Word's you hate, but work - Baby Steps.  Create an Alpha.


    Which, BTW, let's Omega a very rough season of TMDS, and Alpha next week.  Until then - (424) 243-9540 tonight 10-1...

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    The Matt Duffin Show - "It Snowed Ice, I'm Sick, Let's Rock"

    in Health

    My daughter Mercadi is with me in The Downtown Miltion Studio, and we are going to attemp a nice, regularly scheduled TMDS.  However, I myself have little energy but a lot of flu bug.  Our scheduled guest may or not call in, our electricity may or not hold up and Mercadi is terrified of a Microphone.  Not a phone, good God no.  Just a Mic.  She speaks very softly, and is worried about her voice on the air.  Too bad, I suggested.  We shall see.


    (424) 243-9540 and talk with us, or her.  Krystal, Sam Way and who knows who of TBI Survivor World may call in for a spell, or maybe not.  More rock.  Do a bit of History and "small, short" momolog and wait for your calls, coach Saddi and play "what song you want to hear, besides Free Bird.  Sick or not, I'm still a feather-ruffler...

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