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    Filling In with a Smile...Kim J sitting in for Matt Duffin

    in Social Networking

    With regular host Matt Duffin out on sick leave for a spell .. We wish him a speedy recovery, and to regain his good health and humor.

    Thought you would be listening to a tape tonight, but just realizing one wasn't loaded .. You get open mic and music! Bring your troubles, come on get happy... Join us for a spur of the moment fling, hoping for an early spring. :)

    Kim Justus for Matt



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    'The Matt Duffin Show' - Guest Host Deborah Berry

    in Health

    'TMDS' tonight will be hosted by Professional Challenge Coach Deborah Berry.  This special BrainInjuryRadio telecast will also see Matt Duffin, sitting on the 'other' side of his desk, as Ms. Berry "interviews the interviewer" as the former BIRN host will straighten Matt's act up with her skillful approach in the often overlooked TBI thoughts of:

    "The Secrets Behind Closed Doors" - There is no Taboo...

    The secrets we keep locked up behind doors, which have NOT been discussed before on BIRN.   Deb digs deep into Matt's untold story and opens some hidden truths about his life, and indeed, Deborah's own life and survival.  

    Shhhhh!!  This is sacred.  Hush-hush subjects most people keep quiet, when, in fact, most TBI Survivors have alike situations and thoughts.   Want Deborah to answer a Taboo question you have?  E-mail her prior to Sunday at Deborah@SurvivorsPayItForward.com.  Ask her to share a taboo story you are dying to understand better, or would like to see Matt squirm - have her ask him!  You do not have to talk On Air, and you will remain anonymous.   

    TUNE IN AND HEAR THE LINE UP, as Matt will return to his desk in the later hours.  Traumatic Brain Injury = TBI.  TBI = To Be Informed.  www.deborahberry.com and www.survivorspayitforward.com.  Ah, vacation.  Reservations again this year at the Milton Hilton, close to the corn waves.  For the next few weeks (5-ish) TMDS will offer replays of "The Best of Duffin" (quit laughing).  Not going to do nothing, except recover at ease, ride my bike, mow, have a yard sale, play Miracle Baseball, Coach Miracle Baseball, join Racer's for TBI Awareness, go Back-to-BICS-Basics, write, & celebrate my 6th re-birthday!


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    'The Matt Duffin Show' - Trauma With A Thoughtful Smile

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    Kim will be interviewing Matt about the train wreck, his life has been his life this past year! We know the year has been challenging. What kicked it off, and how has the process progressed. His observations and feelings about meeting life on life's terms.


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    Matt Duffin - Reloaded Tora tora this (pre recorded)

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    Mr Matt is still recovering from a broken hip, please enjoy this preprogramed episode as he heals and gets ready to be live soon


    get well soon matt


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    'The Matt Duffin Show' - Because I should/want/can? No, Because I Need YOU

    in Social Networking

    I could use a tug, an uplift, encouragement and by all means thoughts on when we are LITERALLY and PHYISCALLY being wrecked.  I push hard the training and education I've been gratefully recieved, and recieving for recovery - especially the early years.  I'm in my sixth 'season' of Severe TBI Survival.  And done well, mentally.  Physically is what has brought me here today.


    Had morning 'coffee' with Craig, talked about a replay, finding a replacement host, or letting him know a couple hours before 10:00 pm EST what I wanted to do, he could help.  Well....."Help Me If You Can I'm Feeling Down."  With all the recent, semi-traumatic true-life drama goning on in and around my humble Milton abode, I again realized what Mr. Sicilia was getting across to me.  What do I want to do?  Share the good with the bad, the issue with the strategy, the rest with the play and the accomplishments  with the "still workin' on it".  TBI life, as is, as we can make it be.


    It's never comfortable, and misery can erase happiness before the pleasure of a moment.  I get my support, my grand plan, my uplift from not only helping others, but mainly by having those others help me.  "And I do appreciate you being  'round".  Can we talk.  Its not the Matt Duffin hour, its the sharing of TBI Survival life hour, and how we face it.  No HIPPA law here, use me and my situations as a running  board for thoughts and ideas.  "Help me get my feet back on the ground."  Let's use yours (again, no HIPPA threats please - we're media rights protected).


    424 243-9540 or Skype us.  Click the link, and you can even blink.  Take your time.  Wear what desired to TMDS support group, or nothing at all.  "Won't you please, please help me

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    "The Matt Duffin Show" - I Shouldn't? Well, "One Time; Because I Can!!!"

    in Education

    Hi, its Matt.  The lost one.  But guess what, I'll find me again.  How am I?  Not so good.  But, I've been worse.

    I've been directly advised by a team of Neuro folks, to take a month AWAY from it all.  Yet I didn't notice airline tickets in the mailbox towards Maui.  And as much as Dr Backhaus is my IDOL, I gotta do this, one night.  Ya see Doctor, I get my strength from fellow TBI Survivors and the outlooks on life, as is, now.  I become one of a social circle with my laughter, and we do laugh a lot.  Maybe all don't "get us", but I do.  And with all the education given, all the experiences, understandings and directions taught (that seem to work, usually), I have to share.  God allows me so.  He also gives me Grand Mall seizures (evidenty) when many aspects of my drained mind is split in several directions.  Not all are good,, some traumatic.

    I seemed to strut through it, respectful hobble at Dad's funeral.  Then, more physical attacks, and PTSD raised its ugly head during some traumatic issues to follow.  I was cornered, and I was attacked.  It hurt.  Lots other stuff I was trying to do from my nursing home 'suite', but the homefront felt much like a veitnam veteran coming home to 'glory' and ill thoughts.  Never, ever anticipated this action,  Personal Fire, was educated about it, but never exprienced the like.  So, time for the Grand Mal Parade.  WHOA, hold on here!

    Thus, the break.  A month or so, actually gotta get into a routine again.  For now, TMDS on Sunday's on BIRN is safe, Jenny will make it that way..  One time,. one show,. no preps. Please Dr.'B"?  I think I'm onto something here.  No Grand Pressure.  1-hour(ish) me and you, and Kim Justice will take us to the house.

    LIVE! From the Downtown Milon Stuidio..

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    "The Matt Duffin Show" - Band Together, Meet The Team

    in Education

    The invives have been 'loosly' sent out, thus no RSVP's.  As long as you are here, it just doesn't matter.  Because....


    I am LIVE! from the Downtown Milton Studio once again.  And jumping back into 'real' work with Lefy and the boys, this place could use a lilttle, uh, rosebud.  Regardless, its home.  I'v'e written something insiring, three times actually.  But BlogTalk keeps 'snatchinng' the words into the blue.  So, with out further ado....


    Expecting Ernie Francis Junior, his father Ernie, Breathless Performance Racing, Kevin Butterfield and Every1Wins Racing, Craig Sicilia and TBI Survivors Network, maybe some marketing directors and more.  I'm the bottle washer.  But I AM ON THE TEAM.  (Somebody had to put these folks together - so blame my networking 'skills'.)


    You are on our team too.  TBI Awareness for all.  Especially outside of our families - they are aware NOW.  Buy a band for $30 and be on the car with us.  Of course I bought my own, and on a SSDI alowance to boot!  For free, and I never ask for much, you can listen in, even join YOUR crew tonight.  We'll see who show's up.  I'll tell'em Scottie's cooking...

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    'The Matt Duffin Show' - Callenging Times - Our Deepest Condolences

    in Family

    Les will be filling in for Matt tonight, due to the passing of Matt's dad (Woody), late this afternoon. The hosts of Brain Injury Radio, are sending our thoughts and prayers to Matt at this difficult time. We know that Woody is resting with the Angels tonight.

    Matt and Woody have been reciprocal caregivers for one another these past years, and shared the trials, tribulations and triumps of recovery ...But always with the most love and rest.

    Tonight we honor Matt and Woody.



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    'The Matt Duffin Show' - Every1Wins Racing & Us 2015

    in Sports

    TMDS LIVE! from Rosebud Village was gonna be a replay, a blast from the past.  Well, I move forward (rarely straight) as a goal of each moment, and I'm about out of here, and TMDS Medical Director Dr. Kevin Butterfield wanted to do a short show.  We'll be talking Racing, with a TBI Halo.  Kevin and I have worked, and worked, and planned and plotted to get TBI's associated with Auto Racing.  World wide.  People race, and folks get brain injuries, across the globe.  Seemed to fit to me.


    It seemed to fit to 2014 TransAm Champion Ernie Francis Jr. as well.  It truely fits on former TransAm driver John Mills.  I'll see if they are too busy to call in or not Sunday.  Kevin has the mic, (mostly), I got the buttons (always).  Over the last half year of deeper prodding (my job, Kevin hates the TBI slow stuff - too bad!), and planning (obviously his job, I mean, come on - ME PLAN!) the table continues to grow.  Seats are filling up, and YOU can still sit right with us (especially if you buy - I like those guys).


    Kevin are myself are going to talk about our summer plans, what's 'clean enough' to over the air anyway, introduce in a baby step way his week on BIRN, and probably laugh quite a bit.  Unless he don't think I'm being serious about racing.  WATCH OUT!  TBI?  The Brain?  Smart Doc, loves to laugh.  Racing?  Grab your harness and strap yourself in for a serious time at the track.  We plan on showing you and involving you in professional racing like you never thought possible.

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    'The Matt Duffin Show' - With A Little Help From His Friends

    in Social Networking

    The condolences of all the hosts at Brain Injury Radio, as Matt buried his dad today. Holidays can be rough on everyone, and Matt's had more than his share of grief this particular holiday season. Between his leg surgery, then subsequent fall that broke his hip, extended (and current) stay in rehab, and now the death of his dad, Woody...If anyone has a right to feel down at this moment, it would be him. All that being said, I spoke with Matt and his attitude is amazingly stable for all the tugs at his heart. Remember he and his family in your prayers.

    Hosts Kim Justus, Les Paul Morgan, Shannon Marie Hilbert, with Matt's blessing, will open the doors tonight for a live show. We know the holidays can be challenging, so we all agreed not to run a tape. Join us...Live and in person. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.