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    'The Matt Duffin Show' - Trauma With A Thoughtful Smile

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    Kim will be interviewing Matt about the train wreck, his life has been his life this past year! We know the year has been challenging. What kicked it off, and how has the process progressed. His observations and feelings about meeting life on life's terms.


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    'The Matt Duffin Show' - Guest Host Deborah Berry

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    'TMDS' tonight will be hosted by Professional Challenge Coach Deborah Berry.  This special BrainInjuryRadio telecast will also see Matt Duffin, sitting on the 'other' side of his desk, as Ms. Berry "interviews the interviewer" as the former BIRN host will straighten Matt's act up with her skillful approach in the often overlooked TBI thoughts of:

    "The Secrets Behind Closed Doors" - There is no Taboo...

    The secrets we keep locked up behind doors, which have NOT been discussed before on BIRN.   Deb digs deep into Matt's untold story and opens some hidden truths about his life, and indeed, Deborah's own life and survival.  

    Shhhhh!!  This is sacred.  Hush-hush subjects most people keep quiet, when, in fact, most TBI Survivors have alike situations and thoughts.   Want Deborah to answer a Taboo question you have?  E-mail her prior to Sunday at Deborah@SurvivorsPayItForward.com.  Ask her to share a taboo story you are dying to understand better, or would like to see Matt squirm - have her ask him!  You do not have to talk On Air, and you will remain anonymous.   

    TUNE IN AND HEAR THE LINE UP, as Matt will return to his desk in the later hours.  Traumatic Brain Injury = TBI.  TBI = To Be Informed.  www.deborahberry.com and www.survivorspayitforward.com.  Ah, vacation.  Reservations again this year at the Milton Hilton, close to the corn waves.  For the next few weeks (5-ish) TMDS will offer replays of "The Best of Duffin" (quit laughing).  Not going to do nothing, except recover at ease, ride my bike, mow, have a yard sale, play Miracle Baseball, Coach Miracle Baseball, join Racer's for TBI Awareness, go Back-to-BICS-Basics, write, & celebrate my 6th re-birthday!


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    'The Matt Duffin Show' - Let's Sit Down with Darcy Keith

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    The interview, the voice, the spirit, the mom, the moment Brain Injury Radiio awaited for is Sundy, November 2nd at 10 pm est as the lovely DARCY KEITH sit down with Melissa and Matt.  Professional, inspiring, thoughtful and a over whelming survivor of TBI.  Darcy is a public speaker, where she has talked with the NFL Rookies, Indianapolis Colts, Baltimore Ravens during their championship recently, schools, and so much more.  So much.  She can talk about numerous things, except herself.  I'm a countryboy from Milton, and been interviewing folks for a couple of decades.  Got Meep by my side, the conversation will be enlightening, driven, personal and words you've always wanted to hear.  Thanks dear friend and dearest Melissa, it was my pleasure.  (next time remind me to get cookies, or bring some...)

    Ya changed the clocks back an hour last night, and put new batteries in alarms and smoke detectors.  Now, you shouldl vote on Tuesday.  Local electiions are the heart and soul of America, and not as media driven as Presidential Election years.  Who's on your school board?  The County Sheriff?  Vote.  It matters.  Jenny Johnson will join Meep Meep to inspire us early on, Sam Way as well.  After the 10:30-ish to 12:00-ish interview with Darcy, its off again into the wild skype wonders as we take the midnight train to Georgia, street in Western Capetown, South Africa and recieve and update from TMDS Coorespondent Gina Gee, now an Ice Skater.  We can slide around until Porky says goodbye discussing Public Speaking.  I wanna learn....

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    'The Matt Duffin Show' - Jonathan Winchester & Wounded Warriors

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    Sargent Jonathan Winchester is a friend of mine.  Jon became a professional photographer after 18 years of active duty in the Army; we worked many ballgames together during my sports writing years.  The career Army man didn't reach the 20-year retirement mark because of a TBI and PTSD.  Medically Retired.  We, in the Canal Town area are so proud of his duty and service - 2 tours in Iraq and 1 near deadly tour in Afganhastan (sp),  We'll talk more about the Veteran's Administration, and it's 'form' of recovery.  But Mr. Winchesters post service duty bars none.  Often a pall bearer for those who didn't survvive the wrath of war, Jon has seen Presidental Duty in motor cades, bike rides, memorial motor bike rides and even had his picture on a bike with Pres Obama taken (shut up!).  

    We'll run other PTSD interviews as time allows.  Also looking forward to an update from Sue Root (maybe), Dr. Kevin Butterfield, Gina around midnight and of course, Sam Way!  

    Between surgeries and having issues, bare with me.  But, I ALWAYS SHOW UP FOR WORK (now, what I do once there is another opion,)   

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    'The Matt Duffin Show' - Comedy Club (Uh, PG-13? R?) with TBI

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    Nope, not a Comedy Club where folks make fun of TBI, in fact let US TBI Survivors enjoy a night on the "town" (well, Connersville anyway)!  Draining, a bit, sure.  But smiled, laughed, observed, enjoyed, visited and certanly, was ready to go home.  But after the show, which was over by 'funtastic' 10 p.m.  Yes, in time for meds and beds.

    Can you go out on the town?  Make sure friends and trusted folks are around, if need be.  But only if need be.  Enjoy the moment, and most importantly - allow your 'date' or 'sidetripper' to enjoy the night too?  Well, it takes practice to be social.  So well discuss a few SOCIAL SKILLS tonight, which doesn't mean buying the next drink, or flirting beyond control.  

    I personally spent the evening with TMDS Medical Director Kevin Butterfild and crew on Saturday in his "comedian" role, which is every day, all day long.  A survivor of a TBI at a young age, Kevin enjoys the moments of the day, well, usually that is.  HA!!!  He, funny man (and he is!) Jimmy Roberson open the nights parade of humor, ADULT HUMOR, Closed by Headliner Comic Matt Holt.  Guess who recorded the show, for you to here.  So, send the kids to bed in about an hour, and we'll listen in for an hour or so.  Funny, with the normal comedy club routines of relationships, sex, gender, race if not creed.  AND of course make fun of themselves too!  Its a COMEDY SHOW.  No pure predjudices or direct offensive remarks intended directly towards any one.  

    So, as we laugh and try to "enjoy" our brain injuries on TMDS every Sunday, enjoy with a toungue in cheek.  Or what ever that is in your mouth....

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    'The Matt Duffin Show' - Communication Breakdown

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    Led Zepplin, and Roy  Orbison as well found Communication Breakdown so important to share - they played songs about it!  And, you listened!!  Now, what was the song about?  I thought you was listening!  Did you not understand the song?  Did you not understand what I just said?  Hey - Do you ever listen to me!

    Listen tonight, lets share a very frustrating situation between TBI and 'normal' society (yes, family counts too).  In fact, we all have communication breakdowns, be it social, relationship, work or 'just hanging around' with the fella's.  And though many of us Survivors are open ended, the closed mind of others occasionally break us down so, it's time to walk away or worse yet - argue.  Let me share some ideas from a recent "Help Me Help You" education conference I atttended.  Let you share some ideas of a recent communication breakdown, and let's work on it.  I got a world full of interested brain injury survivors and caregivers to offer a hand.  Let's talk.  (424) 243-9540.  

    Melissa Meeps will stop by, and introduce a new segment on TMDS called "Meep's Peeps" and co-host Sam Way will drift in to explain his new segent "Sam's Way".  Dr. Kevin Butterfield will drive in and out as well.  We're talking about 'whatever' and of course, racing (gonna like this info).  However, his agent didn't care for the name of his segment - "Butt's Nuts".  

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    'The Matt Duffin Show' - Fall Cleaning w/MEEP's

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    MEEP MEEP!!  ACME Cleaners, Inc...  

    Co-host Melissa Meeps joins me, and hopefully a lot of Peep's too, as we talk about cleaning out the house, literally and mentally.  Usually reserved for March or April and 'Sprinig Cleaning' season, uh, I'm a little slow, so Fall it is.  .  So, before the LONG winter ahead for all of us clipped-winged Snow BIrds, I best clean 'my house' to my approval, so I an live more comfortable in quiet.  And possibly, then come next year, I can LITERALLY make a LEAP in 2015 without solace.  Admittedly, I struggle with folks that have NO SOCIAL skills in place. .  Struggle hard.  Sure, it frustrates me greatly that most Survivors re-learned 'friendships' from their past involvements, learned to share solid words on their own, without guidance (don't get me started there).   The Big EYE, as in 'I' often overtakes recovery and puts us at our own level.  Eventually, its time to come back home.  Lot's of 'I's' in this world, a lot.  I just spent the week lilstennig to many of our  radio network's offerings.  The "I's"' have it maxed out.  Thanks listeners, for making TMDS about US....BTW:  glitches in the 'routine' this week set me back, but Meeps! and Sam will lead the Way!  If not, well, just another glitch WE have to overcome - with a smile!

    Next week, Jeff Gabbard of the Indiana State Fire Marshall will be in studiio (for real), offering tips on FIRE PREVENTION AND SAFETY WEEK.  2013 Canadian 'Courage' Awardee and 2014 'Beyond  Truama Super Hero' Michael Coss will call in from the great (soon to be) white north!  We've each won the same, rarely issued awards in the past few years.  Anticipate insperation from a pair of voices never before heard together (except by us).

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    'The Matt Duffin Show' - Christmas Party Time!

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    ReoccuringMerry Christmas from the staff of The Matt Duffin Show radio program (me).  OK, Happy Holiday's covers all concepts of Jesus' moment of birth please just enjoy, safely.   While we're at it, let's cover the wishes, thoughts and hopes for a jolly ol' time for my fellow BI Survivors and Caregivers (again, include me).   **brag** Since I GRADUATE from 'TBI Social Skills" class on Monday, I'll show ya how to begin.  Mingle, grab some punch and cookies.  Smile, eye to eye.  As you folks jog around with the spirited crowd, many of our special guests will be around for the night of holiday happiness.  Singer and writer of the opening song says hello,  Ms. Sharen Wendy Robertson; then a visit from super counselor John Hiatt to settle us in.  County singer Bobby Dee will say 'hi y'all" and Cindy Brooks will remind us what a miracle life can be.  We'll joke with Otto  Thecomic, Mr./Dr. Kevin Butterfield as they stop by and say wish all well.   In the Downtown Milton Studio is again Kelly Callahan and producer Doug Arthur - no bike, possibly on a reindeer  (depends on weather - forecast looks lcy).  Dawn and Baily give me inspriation, and a big howdy.  Dad can answer questions of how it felt 72 years ago, as he woke up at Pearl Harbor.   Lumnosity has give TMDS a bag of presents to give away, so either come sit on Santa's lap (me again) for sign up for a name on BlogTalk (easy, we can do it!) and join our chat room and communicate with us.  (staff members or their next wife of TMDS not eligable).  I may give a "couple-few" away phone,  let's see how it goes.  10 available.  However, join me LIVE!, and if you arrive to sit on Santa's lap, you can't lose!   We have candy & apples, oranges.   Now, tell me what YOU want for Christmas...

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    'The Matt Duffin Show' - Embedded W/Aged & Disabled Troops

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    I broke my hip.  Soon after, was enlisted into the Aged & Disabled Troops where was put right up on the Eastern Front - The Village.  Six week stay, then future 'away' rehab appears on the slate.  Can't walk anyway (AT ALL) and my now-skinny legs need to recover.  The 'mind game' of TBI Recovery as overtaken me, and my health is reported to be failing because of lack of Physical Training, er, Therapy.

    First shared a small room with a Dementia patient - a former County Sheriff, with a side-kick sharing our bathroom.  No shower.  CNA's job.  Kinda like that part.  Then moved into a 'private' room area.  Less hustle, bustle, OWN shower/bathroom, social and activity's offered daily, the quiet of the neighborhood's overall 'issues' is enlightening is somewhat 'drab'.  Or, is it just me?  Being of around 30-years minus the average age of the 40-some-ish (no count yet) 'troopers' of various mental capacities, I've looked not only at the overall programs, work and ways of the facility (while trying to mend myself) but into the  eyes; perhaps the eyes of the future.

    TBI Survivors and the dreaded 'isolation' that frustratingly follows, meet aged Survivors of life, where the hope of time is certainly limited.  Awareness, as a society we often overlook the factual concept of 'limited isolation'...

    I'll do what I can from Rosebud Village tonight, hate to awaken the troops.  Brought my laptop, but need a 'techie' to stop by.  PLEASE.  Thanks to the night staff, I often use the closed rec hall's cpu at late night.  Yes, there is a routine!

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    'The Matt Duffin Show' - Fire Prevention & Neighborhood Watch

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    Joining Melissa and myself, is of course Sam Way, and latter on Deborah Berry.  God, don't let me burn this night up!  It get's better.  Jeff Gabbard stops by LIVE! from the Downtown Milton Studio.  Jeff is the Fire Chief of the Cambridge City Fire Department by 24/7, and Indiana Deputy Fire Marshall by 7 days a week.  Oh, EMS, Nurse, Master Firefighter, even a drag car racer.  Let's talk about Fire Safety and prevention.  Jeff and both his 'staffs' did just that this past week, going into the schools and addressing citizens about 'blazing hell' - which turns into trauma for someone.  We learned not to play with matches, and graduated to smoke alarms and personal fire extengushers.  But, MR and MRS TBI (or Miss), do you know when to use, HOW to use, or properly checked the fighting apperatice?  

    Need help?  Take notes.  This is a fantastic opportunity to discus fire, EMT and first-respoce questions.  Have any?  Ever been on the other side, where you was the FIRST needing response, but was, uh, knocked out or something?

    More first responce of the lawful side is expected.  Milton Police Chief Josh Russell may stop by, time permitting (busy schedule that EVER changes, he has) and discuss house and home safety, neighborhood watch programs and just what to do if that weird looking goblin' hangs around your house too long during Halloween.  Josh is also an emergency responder, thank you God - he's done it at my house a FEW times.  My version of C.O.P.S. - Concerned, Offering Police Service.  Talk to an officer, share and trade TBI concerns of living alone, confussion and efforts by both us, and them.  Register.

    Yep, Sting said I could, so I'm playing The Police during breaks tonight....  

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