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    Fe Verdadera, Es el Guardar de Los Mandamientos (Obras)

    in The Bible

    Fe verdadera incluye guardando la palabra de Dios y Sus mandamientos (del antiguo testamento).  Aun que no tenemos que sacrificar animales (holocaustos) ni ofrecer masa harina con aceite tampoco medidas de vino: Colosenses 2:16, tenemos que dar cuenta que no podemos quebrar ni a los mandamientos pequenos (Mateo 5:19), aun que las iglesias como la iglesia catolica y cristianidad dicen lo contrario: Mateo 7:21-23, Jeremias 17:5, Romanos 3:4, etc.:

    Romanos 3:31 ¿Luego deshacemos la ley por la fe? En ninguna manera; antes establecemos la ley.

    Santiago 2:14 Hermanos míos, ¿qué aprovechará si alguno dice que tiene fe, y no tiene obras? ¿Podrá la fe salvarle?
    :17 Así también la fe, si no tuviere obras, es muerta en sí misma.

    :18 Pero alguno dirá: Tú tienes fe, y yo tengo obras: muéstrame tu fe sin tus obras, y yo te mostraré mi fe por mis obras.

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    Damo Interviews Ms' D'z and Dy-Verse Productions

    in Music

    Introducing Ms D'z

    Ms.D'z aka Deezy was born on November 15, 1989 in Baltimore Maryland, where she started as an artist in her early teens. She first became a part of Charm City's rap scene in 2008 when she joined a local rap group called TRP (Trait Razor Productions) . The group quickly made a name for themselves by performing at many Baltimore hot spots like Sonar, Bourbon Street, The Belvedere, Fishhead Cantina - just to name a few, and opening up for stars like Tyga from YMCMB

    In 2013 Ms.D'z left the group to explore her music career as a solo artist. Now in 2014, Ms.D'z has completely reinvented her brand and image by publicly coming out in her music with her sexuality and standing out with her many tattoos and piercings. She has an appealing look to men with keeping it sexy but also grabs the females attention with her style and charm. Even though she makes her sexuality clear through her music, the men can't help but listen because they either agree with what she's saying or because they are fascinated by her whole demeanor. She has a one of a kind delivery and her bars stand out on any track that she spits on. Deezy brings back the essence of Hip-Hop by rapping over beats that have an old school hip-hop feel to it, but she also keeps up with the current trends in today's music

    Intro to Dy-Verse Productions

    Dy-verse Productions, A independent record label based in San Mateo County. Our Main focus is to gain exposure for underground Hip-Hop/Rap/R&B/Poetry/all music. Working with record labels from all around the Bay Area released several CD’s, Solo’s,LP’s,EP’s, and Digital Releases. Dy-verse Productions Presents Sweatpants N d-bo’s and The Levey Vol 2 is full of independent emcee’s rappers singers poets available worldwide. We host showcases, tour, do interviews, and a youtube Tv Show DY-TV  more to expand our names to a wider audience

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    Deepertruth: Eucharistic Miracle of Daroca, Spain, 1239 (7:00 Central)

    in Religion

    The Eucharistic miracle of Daroca was verified shortly before one of the numerous battles sustained by the Spanish against the Moors. The Christian commanders asked the priest in the field to celebrate Mass, but a few minutes after the consecration, an improvised enemy attack obliged the priest to suspend the Mass and hide the consecrated Hosts amid the sacred linens of the celebration. The Spanish left the battle victorious and the commanders asked the priest to communicate the Hosts previously consecrated.  However, they were found completely covered in Blood. Even today, it is possible to venerate the Blood-stained linens.

    In 1239, the Christian cities of Daroca, Teruel and Calatayud (in Aragon) allied themselves to reconquer the walls of the castle of Chio Luchente.  Before the first battle, the chaplain, Don Mateo Martínez of Daroca, celebrated the Holy Mass, during which he consecrated six Hosts designated for Communion for the six captains who led the troops: Don Jiménez Pérez, Don Fernando Sánchez, Don Pedro, Don Raimundo, Don Guillermo and Don Simone Carroz.

    An improvised attack of the enemy obliged the chaplain to immediately suspend the Mass, and coil the six consecrated Hosts in the corporal and to hide them under a rock. The enemy troops had been forced back and the commanders begged the priest to permit them to receive Holy Communion in thanksgiving for the obtained victory. Don Mateo brought them to the place where he had hidden the corporal and they found the Hosts drenched in Blood.

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    Civil Chat with Lee looks at the myopia of the Republican Party

    in Politics Progressive

    Civil Chat with Lee discusses what's trending:  Poncho Nevarez Texas State Representative gets harassed by Open Carry advocates,  Joni Ernst to give GOP rebuttal to 2015 State of The Union Speech, Charlie Hebdo founder says slain editor "dragged staff" to their deaths. The main segment will be a look back at Wall St. and their role in the recent great recession and their current repeated behavior. 

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    The BYGP Locker Room Show (Aaron Criswell)

    in Football

    Join us, for this very special BYGP Locker Room Show, with UNLV wide receiver, Aaron Criswell. Sometimes, dreams and life, don't always unfold the way we anticipate them to. Aaron has an amazing football testimony, that includes a lot of hard work, blood , sweat, tears, prayers and good old-fashioned belief!

    This will be a very inspiring show for any young player that has a dream of playing college football one day. Don't miss out!

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    One on One with Dominizuelan

    in News

    Tonight on Latino Rebels Radio we will be joined by one of Chi town's funniest duo! The tall Hispanic and the short Hispanic, Better known as Dominizuelan. Lorena Diaz and Wendy Mateo have been rocking the Chicago comedy scene for many years and they are definitely our favorite girls! So tune in tonight for some good times as we talk to the crew about their rise and future plans. Join the convo and call (347) 308.8633!

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    Over The Rainbow Show With Your Host Bob Brown

    in Lifestyle

    Welcome to my Show Called ( Over The Rainbow ) Today Wednesday 27 August 2014 3.00pm Eastern Time 12.00pm PST Time 8.00pm uk time I Will open the chat for anyone who would like to ask a Question  to the Quest Please Call in on 347-539-5367 and from the uk 001-347-539-5367 My Special Quest Today is Robert Henry Evens JR . Robert Join US Army in 1978 Worked on Several Types of Jobs San Mateo College for Reserve Police Officer in 1998-90.Ran for US Congress 12th Congressional District has Reblican in 1966-1998 Robert started Researching Nibiry and Anunnaki in 2006 He has been on Several youtube Videos Talking about the Nasa Satellite Camera Images around 2008 He as also been on Several Internet Radio Show around the world talking about them in 2013  Robert was a Speaker at the UFOCON 2013 in November of 2013 Robert has just been on a Radio show Talking about The Anunnaki with Dr Sasha Lessin and is Wife Janet Lessin early in 2014 Thank you for Joining us Today Bob-Robert

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    ¿Qué Señal Habrá de la Venida de Jesucristo y del Fin del Siglo? Parte 4

    in The Bible

    Cada semana vamos a examinar temas diferentes del arrepentimiento. Si quiere discutir o aprender acerca de un tema particular, mandenos un correo electronico. Hoy vamos a hablar acerca del fin del siglo y el regreso de Jesucristo. ¿Cómo parece el mundo cuando regresa Jesucristo? ¿Hay señales que vamos a reconocer? Escuche al programa porque la Biblia tiene las respuestas.

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    Move to Amend Reports w/Laura Bonham & Egberto Willies

    in Politics

    This week features political science professor and political analyst Peter Mathews to talk about the need for the We The People (28th) Amendment to remove corporate personhood and declare that money is not speech under the First Amendment, which he discusses in his new book, Dollar Democracy: With Liberty and Justice for Some; How to Reclaim the American Dream for All.

    Peter Mathews has spent 30 years as a College and University Professor educating people. Peter is a full professor of Political Science at Cypress College and adjunct professor of Sociology at Long Beach City College. He has taught at California State University, Fullerton, is currently a Political Analyst on KTLK AM 1150 Progressive Talk Radio on the David Cruz Show, and has served as a political analyst on KNBC-TV, KCBS-TV, KTLA-TV, CNN radio, KTLK radio, KPFA and KPFK radio, and as a commentator on KNX News Radio and other venues. Having lived, traveled, taught and conducted research in 27 countries such as Britain, France, Denmark, Germany, Canada, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, India and elsewhere, Mathews has first-hand knowledge of public policy issues such as healthcare, education, economic development, and international relations, and environmental sustainability in these and other societies. Peter Mathews was the Democratic Party Nominee for the U.S. Congress in 1998 and ran a close race in the Long Beach based district. He was elected to the North Fair Oaks Council (Planning Commission) in San Mateo County, California, before moving to Los Angeles County in 1979.

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    Versatile Radio THE DAY OF THE DJ POST SHOW MIXES Powerhouse Bomshells

    in Podcasting

    POWERHOUSE BOMBSHELS'S MARCELA OLIVAR AT VERSATILE RADIO WITH THE DAY OF THE DJ POST SHOW IN DA MIXXX WITH DJ THE SHADOW FROM NYC AND DJ PUMPINPETE AS MARI FISHER STANDS BY FOR YOUR CALSS AND QUESTIONS. LETZ GO! Hello everyone I am known as Dj PUMP'N PETE, I started djing at about the year of 1989, I've been in several radio station mix-shows, likes of 107.5 FM (Club Vida) the radio station that was at Juarez Mexico and also 98.3 FM (Global Radio) and then I dj and mix with Dj Luckyboy Lopez at Power 106 at Odessa Tx and Q 108 FM and then, I dj and mix at Mixmatters.com and I also dj and mix with Dj Luckyboy Lopez at B93 FM at Odessa Tx. The dates ranges from 1991-2008. And as guest dj with Dj Luckyboy Lopez for B93 FM was from 2009-2012 as till the new years eve 2013, freestyle4ever.com, I actually started with freestyle4ever on the middle of October of 2012, and now I have a LIVE Mix-Show, (10-21-2013) I am mixing at a I-Radio BPMSOUNDS.COM. Big Thanks to GOD and to everyone that allowed me to be as Dj PUMP'N PETE, and thanks to my friends that are supporting me, and thanks to Dj Tony Romeo @BPMSOUNDS.COM, Dj BADBOY F4E, DJ Bass-Shawn Davis, Dj Tiny Tim Flores, Dj Dangerous Danny, Dj Luckyboy Lopez, Dj Juan Wondrous Rojas, Dj Mixmaster Marc Hignojos, Dj Latin G., Dj Donnie Dejavoo, Dj SmoothOne-cincodoce,Dj Xtreme Mateo & Valentina.....

    m Looking Forward For 2014. Better In Health,& Income Wise.
    "The Shadow" AKA IVAN Puerto Rician, Equadorian, I Was Born In Williamsburg Brooklyn New York'
    Producer/DJ Ivan Hernandez -- Collectively Known As The Shadow got His Start As Movers And Shakers On The Budding Early-'80s New York City Club Scene, Hosting An Influential Continuous-Mix Show On Local Dance Radio.