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    The Locker Room: Is Masturbation a Sin?

    in Christianity

    Welcome to our new men's fellowship segment: The Locker Room! Sometimes when things go wrong on the court, you need to head back to the locker room to meet with your teammates and come up with a better game plan. The same can be said when navigating this world as a Christian man.

    Today, we're dealing with the issue of masturbation. Is it really a sin? What’s the big deal if I'm not out there fornicating? Is it even a big deal to God? We will discuss this and more!

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    Why is this subject so taboo? Join us, as we bring this masturbation to the forefront.
    All three hosts of The Beta Beat are unique in their own way. They are from three completely different walks of life and offer alternative aspects this subject.
     Join us...As we sound off and explore why this subject is so taboo.
    We also discuss the latest entertainment, global and local news stories. Let's talk!!!

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    Ouija Boards, Masturbation and The End Of The World

    in Comedy

    On this installment of Intellectual Coitus, Reverend Zesty talks about a game that scares the crap out of some folks, flogging the bishop and doomsday prophecies come and gone, in the sometimes funny, sometimes serious, sometimes stupid but ALWAYS Zesty way. I will also be taking to my friends at Secular Tv for a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT!

    Callers are certainly encouraged and you never know who will show up as a guest.

    Check out the blogs: Intellectual Coitus and Reverend Zesty AND The I F'n LOVE Reverend Zesty videos and BE SURE to check out my Facebook Fan Page

    Be a Rev Head and show your support


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    Masturbation Not Allowed

    in Entertainment

    follow up on big foot facebook and what about masterbation?

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    Masturbation for Couples

    in Women

    Our 2 hour long call in show featuring the Pepper's Parties Too! and SexySecretsRadio Crew!  This week's topic is masturbation.  Once again the SexySecretsRadio team brings you information, tips, and product recommendations on great sex.

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    Tantra for One - Mindful Masturbation and Self Pleasuring Ritual

    in Lifestyle

    For more information go www.tantrictherapy.us or contac Elaine at elainecaban@gmail.com


    This is part 5 of a series called Tantra For One

    There are endless benefits to conscious masturbation.  Some include:

    Developing a deeper appreciation for your body

    To develop a lastinglove affair with yourself - you give your  love to everyone else but yourself. No one is more deserving of your love and affection than you. 

    Discovering what your true sexual needs and desires are; experimenting and moving outside the comfort zone

    Provides you with an opportunity to safely break sexual patterns andprogramming 

    Awakens the sexual body to new levels of sexual freedom- no more co dependencies on others in order to feel pleasure

    For more information or to orrder the entire series, go to www.tantrictherapy.us or contact Elaine at elainecaban@gmail.com 

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    Ms.P And Doctor Sue Welcomes You To The Couch We're Discussing Masturbation

    in Romance

    Once again Ms. P and Dr. Sue tackle the subjects that others don't or won't. IT'S GIRLS WEEK this week on The Couch as we are discuss Female Orgasms and Masturbation.  The statistics on this are still shocking even in 2014:

    -75% of women can NOT achieve orgasm through intercourse alone
    -Over 80% of women admit to faking orgasms
    -Only 29% of women always have orgasms with their partner
    -Only 7.9 percent of women between the ages of 25 and 29 masturbate two to three times a week whereas 23.4 percent of men do

    Are you a woman who struggles to achieve an orgasm?
    Not sure about masturbation because your mom said 'ladies don't touch themselves there.'
    Are you a man who feels like a sexual failure because you can't get a woman to orgasm?

    Tune in Friday at 8pm ET and learn the why's and how's of the female orgasm and masturbation. 

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    #6 Implants, Genitals, and Masturbation

    in Lifestyle

    This episode we discuss some interesting news on waxing, stores opening thanksgiving day, what men think of implants, the taboo topic of masturbation, and more.

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    S2 E21 Marvelous World of Female Masturbation with @TheCaraSutra

    in Romance

    Cara Sutra discusses the delicious world of female masturbation and why women should take their pleasure into their own hands! Cara writes at her own sexuality magazine as well as acting as professional copywriter for many high-profile adult industry publications, both online and in print. Her magazine style website is a combination of her personal sex blog, sex, relationship and fetish advice articles, erotic fiction, sex industry news as well as a large number of adult product and sex toy reviews. In addition to working in the mainstream adult industry, Cara Sutra is a highly respected and established Domme in the BDSM scene. A Lifestyle Mistress, she enjoys attending fetish events as well as benefiting from her own live-in, long-term submissive. Cara is the Creative Director of The Cara Sutra Collection Ltd, which unveiled the exciting Fantasy by Cara Sutra bondage kit last month. In her personal life, Cara Sutra enjoys bisexual and kinky sex escapades, while her partner despairs at the mountain of sex toys, heels and corsets taking over the house.


    In this episode we’ll be talking about the Marvelous World of Female Masturbation.


    We look forward to having you join us…

    And be sure to bring protection!

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    Self acceptance through masturbation!

    in Radio

    Jsilver and LyaKLuck will talk about healthy self esteem/confidance in body image through the act of masturbation.
    Call in to join our conversation as one of the friends
    Guest number is (646) 716-8869.

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    Is Masturbation a Sin? (For Mature Audiences Only)

    in Prayer

    To be sure, it is clear from Scripture that illicit sexual fantasies are forbidden, and this is a significant issue with masturbation.

    Matt 5:28-29 (NIV) [Jesus:] "But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart. If your right eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell."

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