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    Strategic Business Planning Mindset

    in Entrepreneur

    In this daily call you will learn some of the basics of having a business plan and how to implement it. By having the right mindset this will help you be more organized and focused on your objectives.

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    Mindset Empowerment Hour w. John McQueen

    in Self Help

    It's the Mindset Empowerment Hour w. your host John McQueen....!

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    Orly Amor on Creating a Mindset of Mastery in Your Business

    in Entrepreneur

    Orly Amor is an avid learner of the human mind and the language of Self-Talk and Self-Advice. Orly is a Mindset Mastery and Relationship Expert.

    Orly is the new Dear Abby advice columnist. Her column is Called Oh Orly! She is featured in 17 publications in New York with a readership of 350,000 and growing. Orly is also, the Executive Producer of the Oh Orly TV Show Series – a Web Based TV Education and Advice TV Show for Entrepreneurs and Consumers to go Live in November 2013.

    Best Selling Author of The Twelve Powers We Hold Within –The Ultimate Paradigm Shift. Orly also teaches how our distorted views of ourselves can get in the way of our relationships and how it impacts our environment, our workplace, and every part of our personal lives.

    Orly is also the Founder of The Global Mentoring Center based in Brooklyn, New York and The Holistic Chamber of Commerce in Manhatten.

    As an International Keynote speaker, Orly’s extensive portfolio enables her to speak on a vast array of subjects. Orly is in high demand among professionals, entrepreneurs and companies seeking expert guidance on day to day challenges and our fast-changing environment.

    Her mission is to empower companies, organizations and individuals to better understand the power of their interpersonal culture and communications.

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    Having an Abundant Mindset

    in Motivation

    Join Jessica Leichtweisz and Dr. Aikyna Finch on the Sunday Night Changing Minds Online Show. We will discuss, "Having an Abundant Mindset." The world is your oyster. Learn how you can have it all by simply choosing to see the world from a place of abundance. Call in to (949) 203-4763 at 9pm EST/ 8pm CST on 4/20 to join the conversation. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/changingmindsonline/2015/04/20/having-an-abundant-mindset

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    EP 23 The Mastery Mindset:

    in Moms and Family

    Charlotte Mason (1842 - 1923) said,
    "Let them get at the books themselves, and do not let them be flooded with diluted talk from the lips of their teachers.
    "The less the parents 'talk in' and expound their rations of knowleddge and thought to the children they are educating, the better for the children.
    "Children must be allowed to ruminate, must be left alone tieh their own thoughts."
    Charlotte was a proponent of narration; however, there is a specific reason for that which DOES NOT APPLY to us as home educating parents!
    In this final episode on Mastery Mindset, Joanne will reveal why narration is an unnecessary burden on both parents and children, and what mastery looks like.
    Joanne also will share mastery tips for students who are in a classroom situation versus a home education setting.
    Give the gift of Mastery!

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    Conscious Wealth Mastery

    in Lifestyle

    Marguerita Vorobioff is passionate about helping others to master their wealth.

    On this show she talks to us about the key difference between the super wealthy and the everyday person, the 5 Essential Keys to Stratospheric Wealth and she leads us in an amazing meditation and sound healing exercise.

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    Mindset and Mastery

    in Lifestyle

    How do you take the reigns to direct your business? By taking the reigns to control your life. Today, hear some tips that guide you toward self mastery.

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    Daily Life Mastery with Entrepreneur & Author Christine Monaghan

    in Business

    Christine Monaghan is creator of Daily Life Mastery and the Daily Life-Mastery Card Kits; host of Entrepreneur Conversations Radio; and author of HeartBroke, An Entrepreneurs Journey from Near-Death to Possibilities. Christine’s background involves: raising millions in sponsorship/sales; co-production in 80,000+ attendee world-class events; and, conceptualizing and building her own self-discovery event property with 300+ international presenters. Daily Life-Mastery is about inspiring entrepreneurs to be the #1 curator of their life. Christine offerings can be found at dailylifemastery.com


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    From Broke Healer Mindset to Invincible 6-Figure Healer!!

    in Business

    There is a pattern with healers that causes overworking, over-giving, and under charging.

    You may have even heard the expression of being a ‘broke’ healer. In fact, so many healers are not making a great income, so they go back in the closet, get a job, and never get to live their life purpose.

    But you can change that so you can be fully expressed as a healer AND make a good living doing the work you love.

    In this call Therese Skelly will share the top 3 reasons you may be hitting that income plateau and how to change those patterns.

    Discover what you will explore on this pathway:

    Why you can’t charge what you want to

    How to step in and really own your healing gifts

    How money can be a mirror for hidden blocks

    Mindset and money tools to help you grow your practice

    Speaker Bio. Therese Skelly has the insider’s edge on how healers and heart centered business owners relate to their money and growing a business. She helps them own their value and charge more by helping clear hidden blocks and knows what it’s like to take a flat-lined business to a 6-figure one.

    As a former psychotherapist Therese knows how the unconscious can work against you, as well as how to flip that to be more successful.

    Be sure to catch Therese on the upcoming Invincible 6-Figure Healer Telesummit, starting June 2! Register here!

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    Author Speaker Michael Cavallaro discusses Human Mastery on #ConversationsLIVE

    in Self Help

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes author and speaker Michael Cavallaro to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss his new audio course on Human Mastery, and how mindfulness is not only something that he practices but shares with others.

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    Mindset Empowerment Hour w. John McQueen

    in Self Help

    The Mindset Empower Hour - is a fun, focused and fast paced empowering radio show hosted by JOHN MCQUEEN, (AKA, The MINDSET MENTOR) #1 Best Selling Author and Serial Entrepreneur.