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    SPEAKING PURPOSELY with Stacy Y Whyte host Tammy Washington

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    Tammy is a Success Strategist, Bestselling Author and Gifted Speaker. She authored the book "Nailed It! 3 Steps to Becoming the Person You Want to BE!", and strives to provide practical strategies to get you aligned financially to create the success your heart desires.



    Stacy Y Whyte is a Certified Business, Career & Life Coach, Speaker and Bestselling Author. Stacy is known as the Transformational Strategist that is speaking into purpose and creating masterpieces by transitioning pain into purpose and tragedy into triumph.

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    The Origin of the Word SINCERE

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    Stop Hiding Your Imperfections ... Sine cera is valuable in art.  It means without wax.  Being real, not false, being honest.  Truth. No pretense.  That is the virtue we need to strive for.

    However, did you know that there was a term called "waxing" used at that time by inferior artists  who were not the finest of sculptors. They would layer a clear wax over the sculpture which would smooth the marble and hide the cracks, imperfections and pits of the marble.  It would make the sculpture look perfect ~~~ free of imperfections causing the sculpture to take on a flawless surface.   This was a pretense.  To the eye it appeared smooth, but beneath the surface, it was false and inferior.

       The greatest of sculptors from that time was Michelangelo.  His "Pieta" or "David"  was not waxed over.  It was "Sine cera" which in Latin means without wax.  From that we derive the English word, sincerity.  Michaelangelo was a Master and he created masterpieces with sincerity. 

        As artists, we must value sincerity and do our art with truth. Sine cera - without wax.  Being sincere is expressing truth.  People can witness truth when an artist paints it.... or sculpts it.  They will see it in the work.  The artist wishes to tell a story and their desire is to be sincere and efficient in telling that story.  We want the power of the work to draw the attention of viewers.  When the work is done with sincerity, it is grounded and keeps the viewer's attention.  They recognize and appreciate the truth.  All the artist need do is reach inside their soul and bring it out. quote above via - http://sandyaskeyadams.com

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    The Becky Bookamiliar Book Club Talk Live Radio Show

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    Becky G., the Host of  Becky Bookamiliar Book Club, is at home on the microphone as she introduce the world to great authors and share from her vast selection of great books. Come and be a part of the Book Club by dialing (347) 205-9535 @ 11:00 pm on Monday through Friday. You are sure to hear and enjoy a great show. Great authors; awesome masterpieces very personable Host.

    Conclusion: For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thought of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.

    Weasel, one of the four Old Testament authentic prophetic ministry mentioned. Chastened, never destroyed. Disciplined, never forsaken. God still loves His people. Trusted by the King (Josiah). Prophetess whose word ignited a significant religious reform, Huldah's sorrow that God's people refused to Him with loving obedience, ignoring repeated warning at the consequences of their unfaithfulness. As a prophetess Huldah joy - privileged to be a messenger of God.

    Scriptures of Reference: 2 Kings 22:14-20, 2 Chronicles 34:22-33; Deuteronemy 28:15-68

    Get your Happy On

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    Master Pencil Man Clarence Pointer cla

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    Clarence was born in Hillsboro, a small town in Alabama. It was there he developed his God’s given talent with no formal training, with great family and friends support. Over time he had formed his on unique style of drawing. He
    always believed in creating realistic detailed masterpieces, it would best showcase his utmost abilities. Pointer welcomes challenging and seemingly difficult projects, it keeps him
    sharp. Success came after lots of practice, perseverance, self-discipline, patience and determination to be the best.

    While serving in the Air Force stationed at Okinawa, Japan a master Japanese artist who told him to devote even more time to each project. After those words of wisdom, Clarence began winning numerous art contests throughout
    Southern California and has gained international status.

    Hundreds of drawings to his credit, the master pencil artist has no signs of slowing down. Striving to always get better with each task is what drives him. People are sometimes blown away by the optimum level of detail and can't believe
    he has actually drawn the masterpieces as recently as December 5th, 2008. I guess seeing is not always believing...some people will remain in disbelief because most of the images actually look like real photography projects. That is how realistic his work has developed over the years;
    the challenging phase is nearly over. He can basically draw
    anything on the planet!


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    Da TruVision TakeOva Pt.3

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    DA LODD MANAFESS SHOW BRINGS TO YOU ONCE AGAIN... DA TRUVISION TAKEOVA PT.3.. #BOOM.!!!! This #Saturday we will be bringing you THE 411 on what is going on with the #BuildingAnEmpire #Movement and what is yet to come. Make sure you tune in and catch the Teams of TruVision Management and the Lodd Manafess Show put in work... 

    We will have M16 reiging out of South Carolina talking about his new single #WeReady and what he has going on to date.

    We will bring you the Man Who Say's He Can Fill You Up str8 out of Louisville Kentucky...

    We will also have THE KYNG out of Columbus Georgia who believes in Applying #DatPressure..


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    Speaking Purposely with Stacy Y Whyte host Sandra Chaney

    in Motivation

    Sandra Mizell Chaney, a Amazon Bestselling Author and Transformational Speaker,  is on a global assignment to help ignite women to be more than their businesses/ministries; to live and love beyond their titles; and to transform their lives to manifest the mission they were created to bring forth.  Know as a Transformation and Heart Specialist, her ability to uncover the root of a problem and help others discover their destiny and purpose in life is uncanny.


    Stacy Y Whyte is a Certified Career, Life and Relationship Coach, Speaker and Bestselling Author. Stacy is known as the Transformational Strategist that is speaking into purpose and creating masterpieces by transitioning pain into purpose and tragedy into triumph.

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    Sizzlin Saturdays

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    What you doing? Nothing.well guess what Im not doing nothing so we can do NOTHIN together yep I said it you aint doing shhhhh so why not chillout with Me MsMoBetta the Wonder Woman of Nighttime radio on my show The Wet Set Hosted by me,call in,recite one of your Poetic Masterpieces,sing a verse from your favorite song,thank me for being me there is so much we can do on this semi wet Sizzlin Saturday!!!!!

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    Obras Primas de óleo divino\Masterpieces of divine oil

    in Spirituality

    Toda a boa dádiva e todo o dom perfeito vem do alto, descendo do Pai das luzes, em quem não há mudança nem sombra de variação. Tiago 1:17
    Aquele que nem mesmo a seu próprio Filho poupou, antes o entregou por todos nós, como nos não dará também com ele todas as coisas? Romanos 8:32
    Aquele que não ama não conhece a Deus; porque Deus é amor. 1 João 4:8

    Se ainda acredita no amor, junte-se a nós nesta Quarta feira, 24, 23:30h em Portugal (19:30h Brasília)

    Toda buena dádiva y todo don perfecto desciende de lo alto, que desciende del Padre de las luces, en quien no hay cambio ni sombra de variación. Santiago 1:17 
    El que no escatimó ni a su propio Hijo, sino que lo entregó por todos nosotros, como en no con él también nos dará todas las cosas? Romanos 8:32 
    El que no ama no ha conocido a Dios; porque Dios es amor. 1 Juan 4: 8 

    Si usted todavía cree en el amor, se unan a nosotros este miércoles, 24 de septiembre -  00:30h Madrid

    Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning. James 1:17

    He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered him up for us all, as in not with him also give us all things? Romans 8:32

    He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love. 1 John 4: 8 

    If you still believe in love, join us this Wednesday, September 24th, 6:30pm EST\5:30pm CST\4:30pm MST\3:30pm PST - USA

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    Classic Hollywood: Cinema Epics

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    Some of the most exciting movies of all time were the cinematic masterpieces Hollywood coined as film Epics. Lavish sets, larger than life locations, colorful wardrobes, famous actresses and actors, legendary directors and producers; all coming together to create works of art that have stood the test of time. Epic films crafted out of the imaginations of the writers, and molded into vivid scenes by ever diligent architects, frame by glorious frame. Join us as we delve into three of Hollywood's famed Epic features: Citizen Kane, Ben Hur, and Spartacus.

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    DrV Presents.....MASTERPIECES

    in Self Help

    DrV Presents Artists who have created Masterpieces for the body, soul and spirit.  These artists will share with you strategies they used to MANIFEST their Dreams.  Tonight's interview is with NEO BLAQNESS, the Renaissance Man, author, publisher, musician, commentator, professor and technology guru to say the least.  NEO recently published, "I Dream of You" by TrubuPress.

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    A Moment with Jason Miles

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    Miles is a producer, arranger, composer, and keyboardist Jason Miles. He aslo has had groundbreaking synth programming on Miles Davis’ 80s masterpieces Tutu, Music From Siesta and Amandla to his current partnership with DJ Logic and Falu in the pioneering global fusion group Global Noize, the Grammy Award winning New York native—dubbed by one insightful veteran journalist as the “Quincy Jones of Contemporary Music”—has consistently brought the highest level of artistry to his multi-faceted recordings (as both producer and artist) and live performances.Miles has not only helped shape the landscape of contemporary jazz, but also brought his rich sonic textures as a keyboardist, arranger and producer to artists in a multitude of genres, from R&B/pop to Latin Jazz, Brazilian music and even children’s music and country (producing Suzy Boguss’ Sweet Danger).

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