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    Junior Master Chef Season 1 Review 1

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    Chef Alex is a huge Master Chef fan! Alex loves to watch Master chef on fox! When Master Chef Announced that Master chef will be making a new series called Junior Master Chef  Alex couldn't wait. Well, this past Friday Junior Master chef debuted. Junior Master Chef is a kids verison of Master Chef where the contestants are ages 8-13. On this show, Alex is going to review the first episode of Junior Master Chef.  I am also going to explain how you guys can watch Junior master chef. Find out what the contestants had to cook with, which kids made it into the contest, and so much more! Feel free to call in at 646-716-6458 with your thoughts on opinions.  Call in to predict who you think is going to win Jr Master chef,what you like about it, etc.

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    Master Chef Season 4 Review #7

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    On this show, for the first time ever I will be reviewing 3 episodes of Master chef! I am reviewing episodes 20, 21, and 22. I am reviewing the top 6, top 5 and top 5 contiuned episodes!!!! Find out what happened in the team challenge episode for the top 6, find out  what happened for the mystery box challenge in the top 5, and find out why the top 5 episode was made into a new episode. Find out what Paula Deen had in store for the top 5. Find out which 2 contestants were sent home and who faced the dread pressure test and more. Feel free to call in at 646-716-6458 with any questions on cooking, baking, or Master chef. Tell me your thoughts on the episodes from  the last 2 weeks, who should have gotten eliminated and more. Pick up those phones and dial in!
    Catch Master Chef on Fox tonight at 8:00 AND 9:00 pm est.

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    Master Chef Season 4 Review # 5

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    On this review, I will be reviewing the Top 7 episode of Master Chef and the epsidoe where  a previous eliminated Master Chef contestant will earn the right to come back to Master Chef. I will review the entire Top 7 episode and who got eliminated in the top 7 episode. I will review the entire episode of the eliminated contestant gets a second chance episode and tell you who comes back in Master chef. Find out who gets eliminated and who comes back to Master Chef. Find out what was in the top 7 Mystery Box challenge and the elimination challenge. I will get you ready for the top 6 episode of Master chef. Please feel free to call in at 646-716-6458 with your thoughts of the latest 2 Master Chefs. Call in and tell me who you think now is going to win, who you think should have been brought back, and more.
    Don't forget to catch Master Chef on Fox tonight starting at 8:00 PM EST. The eliminated contestant gets a second chance episode will repeat at 8:00 and then the all new Top 6 episode airs at 9:00 PM EST,
    646-716-6458 for any questions or to listen over phone

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    Master Chef Season 4 Review #6

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    On this show I will be doing my 6th review of Season 4 of Master Chef. That's right we have reached our half dozenth episode of Master Chef Season 4 review shows!!!!!!!!! On this show I will be reviewing episode number 19! Other wise known as Top 7 with Bri! Find out who gets eliminated in this episode. Find out what was in this week's mystery box challenge and this week's elimination challenge. Find out who the surprising elimination was! It took me by great surprise!  I will also be talking about ways you can catch Master Chef Season 4 if you miss it live and where you can watch it and some more about the newest Master Chef show set to come out this Fall! Feel free to call in at 646-716-6458 with any Master chef Questions, to tell me who you think should have been eliminated, who you want to win, who you want in the season finale, and your thought's on this episode.
    Don't Miss the ALL-NEW Master Chef tonight on Fox at 9:00 PM EST!!! The top 6 episode 20 plays at 9:00 PM EST and episode 19 replays at 8:00 PM EST
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    Master Chef Season 4 Review 3

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    On this show we will be doing our 3 review of Season 4 of Master Chef. On this show I am reviewing the top 11 and the top 10 episodes. Last week we leanred that Jonny and Becky were elimanted. Who got elimanted in this week's episodes? What happened in the top 11 and top 10 episodes? Tune into to this review of Master chef season 4 review to find out what happened.These were 2 awesome episoes. Find out what Eva Longeria and who won tickets to the MLB All Star game! I will also rate this week's episodes. Feel free to call in at 646-716-6458 with your thoughts on the past 2 episodes, what you think will happen in the next 2 episodes, and then finally who you thin will be elimanted and who should have been elimanted.
    FACEBOOK- Chef Cardinale's Cooking show and Chef Cardinale's cooking and recipe page
    BTR- www.blogtalkradio.com/chefalexcardinale

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    The Crossover Cafe Show - The Master Chef Edition

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    Join the Sport City Chefs for the Master Chef Edition of the Crossover Cafe.  Tell a friend to tell a friend about the dishes from around the NBA while we are now at the doorstep of the initial halfway point of the NBA Season.  Come to the kitchen while Tyrone Powell aka TP Tymeless as well as Chandler "Nostradamus" Knight along with Aaron "Serious" Simmons and Chad "C-Sizzle" Spriggs help round out the kitchen crew with a Royce King showing this can be a heck of a show.  On That Note Tell a friend to tell a friend that its the SPORT CITY CHEFS AGAIN!! IF they DONT KNOW..... NOW THEY KNOW!!!!

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     Author & Master Chef Scott Sayre has written the books Hip Hop Sushi: The Tao of Healing Cooking, Sugar Sensei, The Awakened Fable, The Mad Stalk, The Awakened Kitchen, The Distance Nearing, & Swings.

    Scott celebrates the acts of cooking and eating as both art and meditation. Scott's unique approach is a mixture of delicious recipes, menus, non-denominational prayers, affirmations, and meditations, He will help you to become a more conscious cook.  He discusses the healing properties of foods and the meditative practice of chewing.  Scott believes that vibrant health through great cooking is a key to living out our fullest dreams in a large and long life. Sayre has been teaching macrobiotic cooking in Southern California for the past fourteen years, at Whole Foods stores, the Healing Arts Center, and the Highland Park Café, among others. He served as the chef for the Occupy LA encampment, training homeless men and women to cook macrobiotic meals for over 500 people, cooking at local churches. He’s also known as the “Sugar Sensei” for his dedication to helping people break the sugar habit.  Scott has been cooking macrobiotically in the tradition of George Ohsawa and Michio and Aveline Kushi since 1988. You can reach Scott at his website www.theawakenedkitchen.com

    The views and opinions of our guests and callers are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Richard Rossi Live or BlogTalk Radio.

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    PAIRED: Halloween Treats with Becky Reams, Master Chef semi finalist

    in Food

    Happy Halloween! For Foodies fall's favorite holiday is just one more excuse to look at great foods - and this time on the sweet and savory side.  Master Chef semifinalist and host of the upcoming Foodie Next Door, Becky Reams joins Chef Mary and Duane to talk about foods and wines for the chilly nights.  Themed for the holiday will be Halloween chili, cornbread and a crisp garden green salad - perfect for adults dolling out the treats or for the kids  - before or after - their trick or treating!



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    The Crossover Cafe - The Master Chef Edition

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    The Month of March is amongst us and the Basketball dishes are HEATING UP!! Join The Chefs as we get that Food For Thought NBA style for the like minded basketball fans and consumers across the World Wide Web.  Royce "R-Keezey" King, James "Slim Jim" Fitzgerald IV, Chandler "Nostradamus" Knight, Aaron "Serious" Simmons and Tyrone "TP Tymeless" Powell are cooking up a storm here in the Kitchen of Sport City... Tell a friend to tell a friend that its the Sport City Chefs AGAIN.... And if they don't know.... NOW THEY KNOW!!!!

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    TONIGHT 01/08 08:00PM CDT - "An Evening of FOOD w/Donny Touchet master chef

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    TONIGHT 01/08 08:00PM CDT - "An Evening of FOOD w/Donny Touchet master chef in the culinary arts and Carol Ray. 

    This was our Christmas special but I screwed up.  Anyway, Donny will be with talking about some of his favorite meals a Cajun, Texas and maybe Mexican mix of various spices and sauces.  I can assure you, that we won't end the show without  being hungry.  Donny loves to experiment and he has served for some very famous people.

    Carol Ray will also be with us, she is probably the single most knowledgeable person I have met in all things dealing with Global Economics.  We have war gamed many theories and hypothesizes to understand this GAME of voluntary ENSLAVEMENT that is being played.  What can we do?  All of us have asked that same question and we are at a loss for the answer.  

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    Mantalk 7/21/14 Lorena Garcia, master chef

    in Entertainment

    Interview with Lorena Garcia, master chef and starring in Food Fighters premiering on 7/22/14 at 8pm on NBC