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    Post Mastectomy Provider Q&A

    in Women

    I've always heard that there are no such things as "silly questions"  Ha, but...Silly questions definitely make the day.
    Join us for 30 minutes dedicated to post mastectomy providers. Open to all questions about business, regulations or politics.
    Are you a breast cancer survivor with questions about your post mastectomy options?  Join us next week

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    Life Happened...

    in Health

    Today on Life Happened... with Tawana Cadien! October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and today we will be joined by Lillian Gentry, who will empower us with knowledge as she shares her story of being diagnosed with breast cancer two months after her mother was diagnosed. Please, check out the MyBCTeam for a network of support at your fingertips!

    More mother/daughter breast cancer stories and information: http://www.thepilot.com/news/features/mother-daughter-share-the-breast-cancer-journey/article_bba87ad0-71ca-11e5-9d91-47fdca76b226.html







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    Diabetes, Cancer & You!

    in Health

    Diabetes is increasingly common among cancer survivors and there’s evidence that living with diabetes may influence a cancer prognosis.

    Did you know that visiting your gynecologist every year for a well-woman exam is your first line of defense against gynecologic cancers? 

    Tonight Mr. Divabetic discusses ‘diabetes, cancer and the gynecologist’ on this one hour of wellness with a wow podcast. Guests: Dr. April Speed MD, Dr. Andrea Chisholm OBGYN, Amy, who is a four time cancer survivor living with type 1 diabetes and Jana, who is a breast cancer survivor living with type 2 diabetes. 

    Hot Topics discussion on the American Cancer Society new recommendation to cut back on screening for a large number of American women at "average risk" -- women who are not at higher risk due to known or suspected risk factors that would lead to recommending earlier initiation of screening, shorter intervals, or use of different imaging technology. The intent: to reduce the harms associated with false-positive test results, overdiagnosis, and overtreatment of U.S. women.  Additionally, we will be talking about the University College of London's research reporting that a woman's need for fertility treatments may point to a higher risk of ovarian cancer. Throughout we will be playing selected songs from Kelly Clarkson's 'Piece by Piece' album courtesy of SONY Music. 

    Find out how to get the most out of your visit, you have to know what questions to ask your gynecologist. 

    Callers welcomed: (347) 215 -8551. Visit www.divabetic.org for more 'wellness with a wow' programming. We believe in YOU!

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    Episode 34: Beautiful After Breast Cancer

    in Medicine

    How do you go from one day not having breast cancer, the next day you’re diagnosed with it, and then you feel beautiful? Hold on now! There’s a huge gap there! How does anyone go from diagnosis to beautiful? And does one EVER get there? 

    Yes. It is possible. I’m living proof. But you must have a strong foundation. And in today’s show, you’ll meet a huge portion of the strong foundation, two prominent surgeons who will share much more than their medical knowledge with you, although they do a good deal of that, too. Dr. Alison Laidley and Dr. John Antonetti of Medical City Hospital located in Dallas, Texas share the softer side of the scalpel…they show you their hearts as they speak very candidly about a delicate topic. 

    Let’s kick off October right! Join us as we embrace our beauty! 

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    Breast Cancer Awareness - Patrice Keeling WineMiller

    in Motivation

    Patrice says "In November 2009, after an 8 and a half years with the disease, my mother gained her wings and joined her oldest sister and her mom (both cancer victims) in heaven.  With one maternal aunt surviving cancer, I saw no choice but to find out all I could of this horrible disease and how to keep it from affecting me and my daughters.

    As my mother’s last gift to me at her final doctors visit, she donated to me her DNA, so that any testing needed could be done.  WHAT A WONDERFUL GIFT!   In January 2010, I started my first doctor visits.  I spoke with my mom’s Oncologist regarding how in depth the cancer was and what my chances were at the time of possibly getting cancer.  I spoke to specialist about testing for certain genes that my family might have .  I finally decided something more HAD to be done.  The doctor stated with my chances of getting cancer, that it would be best for me to have testing every six months or I could go ahead and have a double mastectomy and reconstruction.  That weighed heavily on me at first but with thoughts going back to all my mom and aunts had gone through, it became an easy decision….I was having surgery!  I spoke to mom’s Oncologist who recommended the perfect person to perform my Mastectomy and a great friend who had already been through the procedure introduced me to my plastic surgeon.  Together, we had the perfect team!   This was something I had to do not just for me but for my future – my kids.  I wanted to be around for them."  

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    Vent it with Debby Dee

    in Lifestyle

    Ok people Oct is my birth month and also the month I had a mastectomy and it just so happens to be breast cancer awareness month I ask everyone (men included) to get a mammogram...For the people that don't know I have stage 3 breast cancer and my mother has stage 4 if her and I would have got mammogram every year we wouldn't be dealing with this.. A lot of people tell me that they're afraid to go because they don't won't to be told that they have cancer but with cancer it is all about the timing, if you do have cancer and you put off going it gets worse. So I tell them you should be afraid of what you don't know so please get your mammogram men also get breast cancer.Take Care 

    Come on and join me on vent - it with me.... Let me know what really makes you mad or sad or Happy let it out why pay a psychologist I listen for free. Did you ever have a day that something wasn't going well at your job or home and you want to talk about it? or did you ever hear something on a talk show and you wish you could be there to speak your mind?? well this is the show to do just that. I talk about everything that is going on in the world or Celebrities Roll models. All you have to do is call you know you what to Vent.

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    Breast Cancer: Faith and Spiritual Encouragement

    in Family

    Its October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Let's talk about Faith and Spiritual Encouragement with Dr. Sharon Johnson.  

    Here are a number of Bible verses of promise and encouragement that one survivor copied into her own notebook before, during and after treatment for my own cancer. When she was struggling and needed help, these were what she held onto.  Taken from 


    General Web Resources for Women Fighting Breast Cancer

    American Cancer Society (ACS)

    A great resource providing information and patient support through multiple programs, including Cancer Survivors Network, Road to Recovery (rides to treatment), TLC (hair loss and mastectomy products), Reach to Recovery (one on one breast cancer support), and Look Good….Feel Better (help with appearance related side-effects of treatment), see below.



    Connect with Dr. Sharon Johnson http://www.comtivate.com



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    Shondia Sabari: Bold and Breastless

    in Motivation

    Shondia Sabari is married to Wali Sabari and they have two children. Shondia is the Executive Director of BOLDANDBREASTLESS, Inc. and the President of McFadden-Sabari, LLC. She's a native of South Carolina and was raised by her maternal grandparents. Shondia earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Child and Family Development from Benedict College in Columbia, South Carolina. She earned a Master’s degree in Human Resources Development, from Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri. A former elementary school teacher, Shondia was diagnosed with breast cancer December 23, 2010, and had a bilateral mastectomy February 11, 2011, without reconstructive surgery. She is very passionate about inspiring and uplifting children, women, and men that are affected by cancer. Shondia is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. She is the Georgia State Coordinator for the southern region of Delta Sigma Theta and The American Cancer Society partnership. Shondia loves cooking for her husband and children, volunteering at hospice facilities, spending time with senior citizens, attending networking events, and spending time with children that are affected by cancer. She also enjoys traveling and sharing her amazing testimony with others. Her motto is, “I scared the hell out of cancer, so it took my breasts and left!”

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    Mayo Clinic Radio: Breast Surgery/Nail Fungus/Mammogram Guidelines/Hair Loss

    in Health

    For most women, breast surgery means mastectomy. But there are other types of breast surgery, including breast reconstruction and breast augmentation. On the next Mayo Clinic Radio, surgeon Dr. Steven Jacobson discusses the different kinds of breast surgery. Also on the program, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force has released draft guidelines for breast cancer […]

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    Violet ReikiRadio -By Popular Demand-Dr. Sheldon Marc Feldman's interview

    in Health

    Dr. Sheldon Feldman is chief of breast surgery at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center and assistant professor of surgery at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons where he oversees the breast cancer surgery program at the Comprehensive Breast Center of the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia, and work in close collaboration with a multidisciplinary team of radiologists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, plastic surgeons and other breast cancer support staff.

    Dr. Feldman is helping to pioneer the use of the ductoscope, a tiny endoscope inserted through the patient's nipple used for diagnosis, surveillance and treatment of cancer patients. His research using the device may help lead to a simple test for early diagnosis that could eventually be the equivalent of a Pap smear for breast cancer. Dr. Feldman anticipates that the intraductal approach will ultimately be used to treat early breast cancer as well as ablating the milk ducts to prevent cancer development for high-risk women as an alternative to mastectomy.

    A leader in minimally invasive breast cancer surgery, Dr. Feldman was instrumental in developing the transmammary axillary lymph node evaluation (TANE) procedure, which requires only a single incision for lumpectomy and sentinel lymph node biopsy. He is also an expert in oncoplastic skin-sparing and nipple-preserving mastectomy.

    His research interests are focused on preventing the disease through a better understanding of environmental toxins linked to breast cancer, including chlorinated pesticides, PCBs and PBDEs, and he is helping to investigate new biopharmaceutical treatments, including green tea extract and vitamin D.

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    Erica Chats with Author, Breast Cancer Survivor, and Fellow Coach, Jenn McRobbie

    in Health

    Please join Health Educator & Life Coach, Erica Haray-Butcher, as she chats with Author, Breast Cancer Survivor, fellow Life Coach, and former attorney, Jenn McRobbie.

    Jenn and Erica will be talking about Jenn's journey through breast cancer, as well as her brand new book- Why is She Acting So Weird?  A Guide to Cultivating Closeness When a Friend is in Crisis.  

    Jenn was a very happily married mother of two beautiful young girls when she was diagnosed with stage 3A breast cancer that had already spread to her lymph nodes.  There was no history of breast cancer in her family, making this even more suprising.  She underwent multiple surgeries, chemo, and radiation, and through her health jouirney, she decided it was finally time to live, love, and be free.  

    In her book, Jenn shares her experience of how friendships change when a friend goes through a crisis, and offers tips to people who want to be supportive of a loved one, but aren't sure what to do or what to say.  

    To learn more about Jenn, please go to www.jennmcrobbie.com.  To learn more about Erica, please check out www.catchgoodhealth.com.  

    And don't forget- good health is contagious...pass it on!  

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