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    The Critical Mass Show. With Paul D Mamigonian. Love is The Answer

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    The Critical Mass Show With Paul Mamigonian

    Love is the Answer

    The Show of TRUE FREEDOM 


    Paul ,-)

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    The Critical Mass Show with Paul Giovanni and Max Igan

    One of my all time favourite guests Ever on www.criticalmassradio.co.uk tonight

    A Man who really needs no introduction

    Max and I will be having a good old chat as always.

    Please join us live from 9pm Gmt

    Thank You

    Paul ,-)

    Love is the Answer

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    Sorry Obama, Mass shootings happen in other countries too!

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    Sorry Obama, mass shootings happen in other countries too!





  • The Mass Debaters (The Final Episode)

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    Series Finale of The Mass Debaters (Episode 218): "The Mass Debaters" debuted on the #GHR Network June 20th, 2012 after 3 years and 15 succesful seasons, the shows bows out on top the same way they came in. Join us as we look back over the shows most memorable and favorite moments. Also special returns of your favorite past cast members, a few surprises and so much more. Call-in @ 323-693-3043 and press "1" to stream LIVE with the panel of hosts one final last time. Thank you all for your support. #RealityRadio http://www.grindhardradio.com

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    The Mass Debaters Ep. 217

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    The Mass Debaters Hosted by: Walt Phrasez, Carmen, Ron,Jit Chronicles, Julian, Dea, and Teia and Special Guests!!! Join us as we debate the latest and hottest topics in Entertainment, Sports, Love, Relationships, and more. Call-in @ 323-693-3043 and press "1" to stream LIVE with the panel of hosts. Presented by: GrindHard Radio #RealityRadio http://www.grindhardradio.com

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    “The Social Lab” TM Hyman Radio is a high-energy exchange of views, insight and entertainment executive produced and hosted by TM Hyman with co-host Madam Boston, Hot Chocolate, Sabe James, along with special correspondents DD Willingham & Toya Cooper. The one-hour weekly program offers a unique blend of fresh topics and practical conversations with over 100,000 listeners worldwide. The show has featured regular celebrity guest including Supa Producer Bing Dawg (Straight Outta Compton Soundtrack), Dru Hill, Cast of Money & Violence, Mack Wilds, Joe Smith, Dawn Richard (Dirty Money), High Five, 112, Dr. Gray Ray (FAMU) and so many others. Each Monday, Wednesday & Friday TM Hyman engages co-hosts and guests in substantive and provocative discussions on a wide range of topics including: politics, health, finance, sports, technology and pop culture. A humorous, but insightful navigation of the issues that matter from fresh, diverse points of view is the show's hallmark. REAL TALK. REAL PEOPLE. REAL TIMES.

    Log onto http://www.tmhymanradio.com to listen LIVE Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 9pm. Don't miss it!

    Produced by: HAC Media Group

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    Mass Shootings and Medications, A deeper look!

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    I am Liberty!
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    Live Listen and Chat go to:

    Mass shootings and psychoactive drugs.

    I hear many excuses and don’t get me wrong I would be foolish to believe that these drugs were the only culprits in these horrific events. What I would venture to say is, in my opinion they are the catalyst that is turning a bullied, troubled youth into a murderer of themselves or others or both.

    Violent video games, violent movies and of course evil guns have all been at the forefront of your daily news but I have not heard a peep about these drugs. Though they are quick to jump at the news of another mass shooting, I have not seen a professional come on the air of one of these major TV broadcasters and give their opinion about antidepressants and their roll in this epidemic.

     We are going to have Christian Sawyer on to speak his opinion on the matter. He is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who worked as a school counselor. He currently works with individuals ranging from children to mid-adulthood with various psychological and behavioral problems. Self admitted, he is not an expert on psych-meds but did have to study them.

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    Free Mass Transit

    in Politics Progressive

    The Duke, a.k.a. Michael Dukakis, and I have kicked around transit fares at public hearings, the Rail-volution conference and here on Left Ahead. I say subways, trolleys, buses and commuter rail should be free. The employees should attend to safety and cleanliness, not toll collection.

    The backstory is that charging high fees for fares, while spending hundreds of billions on yet more roads for polluting, cangerous, congesting, din-producing motor vehicles is asinine. Dukakis agrees in principle but thinks passengers ought to pay a nominal fee, like $1 per trip.

    I contend the concept is that mass transit should be so cheap and clean and safe and efficient and reliable that only the most egocentric will drive and inconvenience the rest of us. That would leave the streets and roads to delivery trucks, buses, and bicycles. (cheer here)

    This came to mind once again after this cursed winter. The Boston-area transit failed in every conceivable way. The new Gov. Charles D. Baker produced a puppet task force that started with a major fail. It never asked or responded what we expected from mass transit. Instead, Baker fell back into the same manure pile of doing the same old things, just cheaper.

    No. No. No.

    Let's ask the question of what we do and what we should and what we must expect from our mass transit. Have not fear or doubt. I have answers.

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    5 Ways The Media Lies About Police Shootings & Blames It On #BlackLivesMatter

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    Listen to The Michael Imhotep Show, Tues. Sept., 15th, 10pm-12midnight EST with host Michael Imhotep of The African History Network. We’ll discuss “5 Ways Mainstream Media Lies To You About Police Shootings & Tries To Blame It On #BlackLivesMatter”!!! CALL IN WITH Questions/Comments at 1-888-669-2281.  POST YOUR COMMENTS.  WE MAY READ THEM ON AIR.  Listen online at http://tunein.com/radio/Empowerment-Radio-Network-s199313/ or by downloading the "TuneIn Radio" app to your smartphone and search for "Empowerment Radio Network" or at www.AfricanHistoryNetwork.com.


    1) Roland Martin interviewed Dr. Ben Carson about his Presidential Bid.  Dr. Carson shows why White people like him so much.  2) Republican Presidential Candidate, Gov. Scott Walker Blames President Obama for the recent rash of Police Shootings.  3) Today is the anniversary of the 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing.  4) This date in African American History – Muhammad Ali defeats Leon Spinks and the founding of the Afro-American Council in 1898.

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    The Mass Debaters Ep. 214

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    The Mass Debaters Hosted by: Walt Phrasez, Carmen, Ron, Julian, Dea, and Teia. Join us as we debate the hottest topics in Sports, Entertainment, Love, Relationships, and more. Call-in @ 323-693-3043 and press "1" to stream LIVE with the panel of hosts. Presented by: GrindHard Radio #RealityRadio  http://www.grindhardradio.com

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    The Critical Mass Records SHOW, WITH GROV AND PAUL 19.05.2015

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    The Critcal Mass Show with Grov and Paul 

    The Hit Indie Show comes live from 7-9pm GMT

    Not to be Missed