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    1st episode, Mass Effect

    in Entertainment

    talking about the transformation of the mass effect series

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    Aliens in out galaxy and review of the Mass Effect Franchise

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    Welcome to Nanobyts, an environment that takes users ideas and discusses them in small easy to digest segments. Through this medium i hope to be able to bring you articles about the scientiffic, gaming and other nerdly areas of our lives and educate and cultivate new ideas over a span of 15-20 minutes a show. Get involved and join the conversation on facebook.com/Nanobyts or our twitter @Nanobyts about anything that comes to mind. Just be clean about it :) Again, Welcome and enjoy our show.
    Today we will be discussing possible life on other planets and the eventuality of meeting said life forms and my personal review of one of the greatest videogame franchises of all time, Mass Effect.

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    Mass Appeal - "FemShep" and Mass Effect Femslash

    in Video Games

    This week F4F Radio will boldly go where it hasn't before, to a galaxy far, far away.  That's right, for the first time we're going into space - to play video games.  The "Mass Effect" trilogy is one of the most successful console game series of the decade, and "Mass Effect 3" has certainly been the most prominent, most controversial game of 2012, thanks to an ending that has frustrated nearly everyone to beat the game.  Once you get past the hoopla, though, you get a vastly entertaining action-RPG game that allows the player to initiate romantic storylines between the male (or female) hero, and various male and female supporting characters.  Yes, that's right, since ME1 the female Commander Shepard could become involved with, among other people, the asari Liara T'Soni.  Which, coincidentally, is the main pairing we'll be discussing tonight.  Two of tonight's guests are best-known for their fanfics pairing "FemShep" with Liara - Rae D. Magdon, writer of the "Can Wait" series, and N.Q. Wilder, who wrote the "All Things Must Pass" trilogy.  Our third and final guest has also written FemShep/Liara, but Sisirongana has spent more time on stories like "Blood From a Stone" for an (unfortunately) noncanon pairing, FemShep/Miranda Lawson. 

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    The Wicked Domain on LiveParanormal.com with Mass Mysteria

    in Paranormal

    Join the Wicked Domain as Alex talks to the creators and speakers for the upcoming event, "Mass Mysteria". A true example of paranormal community, Mass Mysteria was created to help benefit John Mizzi, an EVP specialist based out of Canada, who has been fighting cancer and is on his second battle. Speakers include Brian D. Parsons of ParaNexus, and the "Ghost Excavator" John Sabol. You'll have to tune in to find out who else will be calling in! Mass Mysteria will take place on Saturday, June 13th, in King City, Ontario.

    TO CHAT & LISTEN TO THE SHOW, GO TO http://liveparanormal.com/m/chat/home/

    Email: wickeddomainradio@gmail.com

    Twitter: @wickeddomain

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thewickeddomain

    SUPPORT MASS MYSTERIA at http://www.gofundme.com/massmysteria

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    The Plus Effect of BPC

    in Poetry

    This is your official Black Poetry Cafe Internet Radio Platform! You have entered the into the hottest poetical open mic on Friday Nights! Come share your work on the platform or just enjoy the show and listen as to why friday nights are epic in poetry!

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    NWOTRMassMedia/WINN Impending Revelation Radio Show! With Guest Bobby Beesinger

    in Education

    Join Jmes Impending as he helps welcome World Integrity News Network to The Coalition.

    Mr. Bobby Beesinger will be my special guest tonight. Join me in helping the World Integrity News Network feel at home and join in on some of the greatest conversations to ever take place on radio. Right here and only on NWO TRUTH RADIO MASS MEDIA!


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    The Bully Effect

    in Family

    Today "Live" on "The Bully Effect"

    Sharon Hendricks!  Who has wrote an anti bully childrens book! 

    "I'm 42 years old and I have always loved writing. I graduated from the Institute of Children's Literature correspondence course for writing for children and teenagers and I love reading YA fiction and horror.


    I have many ideas for my Walk a Mile in Shoes Club series, along with other works in process. I am married and I live in Pennsylvania with 3 cats." 






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    The Bully Effect

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    Justin Preston began a small movement online after the suicide of Jamie Hubley, calling it Rise Against Bullying. A victim of bullying his entire life, he had seen the body count to continue to rise and decided to step forward and do something about it. What started as a small local campaign Fort Erie area has grown to a global community online, over 35,000 on facebook and thousands more on Twitter, and has posed some very personal videos on his Youtube channel. 




    Hosted By: Penny Jean 

    Be A Voice, heard around the world! 

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    Tonight on www.CriticalMassRadio.co.uk The Critical Mass Show with Paul Giovanni and Special Guest 'Alex Williams' - We are change Manchester, co-founder of Freedom North West. Host of the hard hitting Razor's Edge Show. A high degree of  Truther videos are filmed by Alex as he crosses the country bringing You footage as it happens. 

    Please join us live from 7-9pm
    Thank You 

    Paul ,-)

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    Fantasy Football: The Le'Veon Bell effect and other news and notes

    in Sports

    With Le'Veon Bell on the hook for 3 games and the consencus number 1 pick in most fantasy football ranking,How should you go about drafting him? Will you? if you do how will that effect the rest of your draft?  Join myself @Dennis77Farrell and Theo Gridiron Spight @GridironGoLions as we talk about that and other new and goings on in the word of fantasy football.

    This is a rare live show so the chatroom will be open and we will be taking your phone calls!! 

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    JONESTOWN-Will Savive

    in Entertainment

    November 18, 1978, was a tragically unprecedented day in U.S. history that will forever be woven into the fabric of this country. It is the day that leader of Peoples Temple (PT), James Warren Jones, ordered the assassination of U.S. Congressman Leo J. Ryan and others at the Port Kaituma airstrip in South America, then led his congregation on what Guyana's police chief, Skip Roberts, testified was a "mass suicide." Decades later, however, the depth of this story is still unknown, and many scholars and former members who have continued their exploration of the incidents have found that there is still plenty of evidence as well as plenty of sinister connections that contradict the official version of this story. Jonestown: "Don't Drink the Kool-Aid" is the chronological story of the rise and fall of Peoples Temple and its leader Jim Jones-from his early years in Indianapolis and California, to the tragic ending in the jungle of South America that claimed the lives of 918 Americans. Jonestown: "Don't Drink the Kool-Aid" comprehensively details the many links that Jones and his compound had with the CIA and their MKULTRA experiments. Through a comprehensive analysis of Jones' life, Peoples Temple, and the investigation and the aftermath of the mass murder/suicides; this book is designed to be the quintessential marking piece that will re-introduce this story to society and serve as a reminder of the infamous mantra that hung in the pavilion in Jonestown: "Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it." JONESTOWN: DON'T DRINK THE KOOLAID-The Complete Story Behind the Mysterious Jim Jones and His Exodus to Guyana-Will Savive