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    Tell all story about the "Free Masons" and their CULT connections

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    Candid tell all of how the religious organizations started and created the cult called commonly the Masonics and their connection with the Mormons and about the Geoglyphology study and proof of existance of Jesus and the UFO connections with Arthur Farham

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    Up Close and Bless with Min.Kevin Lemons on the G.T.A RADIO SHOW

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    Kevin S. Lemons, son of the late Wilbert and Ruth Lemons, was born into a great legacy of vocalists, musicians and directors. His grandmother, Mrs. Annie Ruth Lemons, is the founder of the legendary Atlanta Masonic Choir which was organized in 1942 and still exists today. Kevin’s father, Wilbert, was an accomplished director and his mother, Ruth, an accomplished lead vocalist. Needless to say, Kevin’s path would undoubtedly be one filled with music. A noted director, choral and instrumental arranger, gifted vocalist and skilled musician, Kevin S. Lemons exemplifies greatness by every measure of the word. With a strong conviction for biblical principles and righteous living, Kevin’s parents reared him in a God-fearing home and encouraged his involvement in church at a very young age. In church and on travels with the Atlanta Masonics young Kevin was afforded the opportunity to develop himself as a musician, singer and director. Asked how much he was impacted by his introduction to gospel performances at a young age he responds “those experiences made me who I am today. Watching my father direct and teach while witnessing my mother’s vocal ability are things I cherish”. Without doubt Mr. and Mrs. Lemons were very instrumental in identifying, developing and nurturing the gifts their son possessed. With the support and blessings of his parents Kevin responded to a great call to begin his own music ministry in 1996.Gathering a few singing friends and acquaintances in a small church is where it all began. Kevin Lemons, with God’s direction and purpose in his heart, organized Higher Calling. This ministry, collectively known as Kevin Lemons & Higher Calling, set out on a fast-trackto success by working diligently to create a sound and image unique to themselves.

    Live and Direct let's buckle up and get ready for the Holy Ghost Party with Min.Kevin Lemons and Higher Calling !!!!


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