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    The Creator is without form, beyond mind. I cannot describe what I cannot fully understanding.  The Creator must be without gender, without malice, forgiving judgment; hope when there is despair; a source of strength to overcome. To aid me connect and be a presence in my life the Creator takes on a clumsy form that my limited mind will understand. My language, my custom, my culture is that of the Creator; infallible perfection. A life from the Creator, lived for the Creator with the free will, I make choices, live, learn and leave this earthly plane. If the VSL holds great meaning, then is the lodge a spritual experience that has been culturally repressed?

    When we  once searched for Prester John,  we followed a path of discovery that apparantly has not stopped. It is not surprising that we have lost this perspective.  What is surprising is how readily we were to think it was lost forever. We have ritual followed to create a lodge. I think, the reason was not to conduct anything that is dispassionate business, superficial. It was to create a unique space where we can get into a pure state of mind; for a moment, a leaving behind of ritual that teaches little to enter a space where discovering the spirit of masonry is possible. We repeat this pilgrimage to follow Sirius, the star from the east.  So have we lost this? 

    It took either above average intelligence or luck but we stepped over the wreakage of religion and masonry espoused a life style of ethics.  This happened over hundreds of years. I'm thinking it came to those who were contemplative and gradually put form to a concept. We like to flatter ourselves that the Order 'has lost it's greatness'.  But there is no evidence to the contrary; no evidence.  It makes me wonder 'we' are the connection with the antients. If we are the antients are we masonry?

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    We came from an age of the classics.  Through music, science, architecture, philosophy we trace  events and experiences of plebiens and kings.  

    Those classics no longer priveleged, are public but children are given little if any guidance about there significance.  Masonry traces itself back to the origin of ideas and character development.   Through ritual classic true masonic lessons are being passed from generation to the next, to what seems a small cohort, a thread in history. Because of the political life of the Fraternity, some wear this quietly as a humble mantle. 

    We are right to feel perplexed that it is not shared more widely? In contrast to this classic nature, do we want to believe that as unique as freemasonry is, steeped in philosophy and ethics deserves a  roadside billboard to draw interest?  After this fails, as it will, what next? Do we not realize the damage this does is isolated to our own masonic locale?  It pollutes the natural landscape doesn't it?    We are not of the same culture as we were.  Social rank is not bred into us anymore. Nouveau riche enslaved to conspicuous consumption repeatedly colliding with authenticity doesn't stop the parade. Exchange wants to know if being pedestrian can a classic. Is it birthright, hubris, or anomie?  Or can we drill into the capacity to conduct oneself as a gentleman. Are people really that crass or is it the media selling salacious pictures?  We change as we evolve but we see what we want to see.   I'm off to find the edge of the earth- then I'm jumping off.

    Fraternal regards-  Masonic Exchange  

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    Grahams Masonic Home Companion

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    We are freemasons. We are Everyman. We are men who choose to live a life of dedication and humility to express values from a time long past. 
    We quietly listen and observe in order to know others better.  By knowing others and doing for others, we learn lessons about ourselves and live a more content life.  Doing for others is an essential act of selflessness. We are the men who open our minds to new ideas while be wise enough to learn the lessons of history. In the Order of Freemasonry gnorance is not bliss. It is a stain. 
    I like to think Masonic Home Companion reflects those ideas. I hope, when you join me you feel connections with all of the rapidly growing group of listeners who return each week.
    Kindest fraternal regards,

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    The return of Masonic Central and the “Masonic Baptism”!

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    After a long summer hiatus, Masonic Central is back and to recommit ourselves to our second year, this weeks show is highly appropriate.

    Coming on the program is Brother Cliff Porter to talk with us about his new book “Masonic Baptism – A Post Modern Ritual for an Ancient Craft“.

    For some background, Mackey says of the ritual that it is “… simply a lustration or purification by water, a ceremony which was common to all the ancient initiations”.

    In the present day, the ceremony and ritual are designed to be performed in lodges wishing to baptize children of Masonic families. The ceremony is not a religious function, nor does it compete with the baptisms of the different religions of the world. Rather it is a solemn act of fidelity and a pledge to the children of Freemasons to signify that they are now a part of a broader community and that they will never be alone. Br. Porter’s work has brought the ritual back into a modern parlance and reintroduces us to this past practice in a modern era.

    Reconnect with Dean and Greg, and travel with them through their summer adventures and this appropriate topic of the Masonic Baptism on this special hour and a half long program on Masonic Central this Sunday, August 16th starting at 6pm PDT/9pm EDT. For your questions and comments to the guest live on the air call: (347) 677-0936 during the program.

    Listen to the program live from our home at Masonic Central on Blog Talk Radio and join in with our live program chat, or from our player widget on our website at Freemason Information.

    Its good to be back!

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    Grahams Masonic Home Companion

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    The way we communicate has changed.  Masons are now visiting- making contact using the internet as a pathway to one another. Along the way, we are discovering novel ideas. Some of these treasures are shaking us out of our complacency. For a time, everything old here, will be new there. But that will quickly pass. What we need is focus. We need to search for valid information that adds constructively to the conversation between serious minded men of the Craft.
    How we react with this change will set the tone of masonry for decades to come. The value of freemasonry is proven in the open mindedness of the man. We want hand that learning on, to masons not yet born. Encouraging such continuity suggests we accept the obligation to speak knowledgeably and sincerely about the great ideas that formed masonic philosophy.  
    The best preparation for our future is a thorough grounding in the history and philosophy of the Order.  To do this, we must preserve our antient landmarks.
    Tune in and relax. Tell a friend and if you have a brother who can get around, tell him about us.  Many of you are doing just that. The audience just doubled so I need to thank you one and all for making Masonic Home Companion worthwhile.
    You can leave a message anytime-  masonichc@gmail.com
    Until next week- fraternal regards,

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    Grahams Masonic Home Companion

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    Hello my masonic Brother.  Join me so we can carry out our committment to continue the conversation that began when the first masons sat down to talk .  We each face our future alone- the great unknown.
    We remain connected to the ancients only when we adhere to the catechism, and practicing the Ancient Landmarks.   Know them. Be them. 
    Join me to share  ideas, some history, pieces of philosophy, answers to questions; things masonic in the comfort of your own surroundings.
    To validate our work, we take the values of freemasonry outside the lodge and apply them in our community, our family and within our conduct.  
    I hope you will commit random acts of kindness and be known to the world as a charitable man with a generous, thoughtful nature.
    Fraternal regards,

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    Grahams Masonic Home Companion

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    Meditative? Peripatetic?
    The inspiration of freemasonry is within you. It is not an aspect of character that is public or often surfaces.  Age and habits, rules of propriety, there are reasons why it is difficult to trust this process of learning to be a well rounded freemason.
    It is a risk to trust at this level. It requires a level of intelligence, of insight that distinguishes fools from kings. You and I are somewhere inbetween.
    Remember, we are of an Order and it is important to treat one another as such. When you are discouraged, realize you are never alone among us. We stand together to face the great unknown with dignity and honour.
    Come- join me.  Invite a friend...let's talk about things masonic.

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    Did we step out from under the rule of religion?  Did we dispose the despot?  Did we create the Republic? Did we fight for freedom?  Wars scar our souls yet we repeat it. Church stains our conscience but what alternative. Is the 21st Century mason being launched by access to information into a new, unforeseen level of insight?  Are the contemplative freemasons becoming as profits of old?

    Writers have offered so many opinion pieces, it is difficult to keep up with the flow. The fork in the road is whether we are satisfied by throwing support behind an opinion on symbols or past events or follow the one less traveled, hopeful we can know more and answer more.   One theme is clear.  There are sacred opinions that need to be studied.  How can we determine decline when we can't agree on success?  And if we step back from the noise and the fray and approach our work with common sense, we may have to admit- the goals are neither hidden nor obvious. They are a state of mind.

    Let's pull the rocking chair closer to the radio, next to a roaring fire with a cup of tea nearby. I'll bring the cribbage board for an evening about the revelations that answer our questions.  See you soon.  Graham

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    Aren't you the least bit curious?  Of course. It's a fraternity 300 years old and going. No frat party. No male testosterone and alcohol driven embarrassment to themselves.  But august; philanthropic. Authentic and dignified. Striving with piety answerable to common sense; endorsing equality and liberty of humanity; mystery; private and secret to protect it from populist verdicts; signs of greetings known to few; real.

    Even we wonder how and why, don't you? What is it that a man finds in masonry that he can't find anywhere else?  Not fame or fortune. Leadership becomes service to mankind but how does that endure?

    If you wonder what it is, the best I can  tell you is that it is a feeling.  The one we experience when truth finds us. Not being smarter; not hubris, not arrogant or smug. When a person  'sees' what others do not, in a world so frightened and mistrustful, those truths are a weighty responsibility. That is what we call humility. Our task is to find balance in life and live in that state and the universe unfolds.  

    When a person has matured enough to take herself or himself seriously, when he understands himself, masonry  opens the mind, the spirit, the heart. Every ending is the beginning of something next. 

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    Crown of Serpents on Masonic Central

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    Where does National Treasure meet The Lost Symbol? Wound together into a Crown of Serpents.

    Masonic fiction is an infrequent thing, especially when written by a brother. The Lost Symbol is a good example of the fraternity in a modern fiction, in the same way that National Treasure brought the fraternity to the cinema. This Sunday, we have the opportunity to talk about the latest edition of Masonic fiction from author Michael Karpovage, who has just released his new book Crown of Serpents.

    From the books website the Crown of Serpents is a mystery thriller set in the former heartland of the Iroquois Empire and takes its hero, Jake Tununda, on a fast-paced hunt to find and protect the elusive crown. In the story he teams up with Rae Hart, who is an alluring state police investigator, and together they snake their way across a politically turbulent landscape marked with murder, lies, and deceit, deciphering codes, digging up war loot, and fending off a ruthless casino magnate. Their survival skills are put to the test when the clues to the crown ultimately lead them deep within sacred Indian caves hidden under the abandoned Seneca Army Depot where the magnitude of the crown’s power is revealed.

    The Crown of Serpents is every bit as exciting as its synopsis suggests, and its weaving in of the fraternity of Freemasonry makes the mystery thriller all the more exciting.

    Join us as we talk to author Michael Karpovage about his book, Masonic fiction, and the real life history of Freemasonry that swirls around his new novel, in this hour long program on Masonic Central Sunday, October 18th starting at 6pm PDT / 9pm EST. We encourage your questions and comments to the show by calling (347) 677-0936 during the program. The show goes live promptly at the hour.

  • Masonic, Kabbala and the Church part one

    in Spirituality

    Almost every documented early church beginning in America has Freemasonry behind it. Members who started theses churches were themselves Freemasons. The denominations were all established by the Masonic order.  How can this be and what is going on? Does it come from the Kabbala? Is it under the Illuminati? What is the Zionist connection?