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    Transformed Traveler welcomes David Smith

    in Lifestyle

    David Smith hiked the 2200-mile Appalachian Trail as a chaplain for the Holston Conference of The United Methodist Church. He is a member of Cokesbury United Methodist Church in Knoxville, Tenn.


    Smith, who was 69 at the time, completed the hike through 14 states from Georgia to Maine over a six-month period. Each year, 2-3 million people hike the Appalachian Trail.


    For Smith, the woods can be a place for seeking God and finding spiritual rest. His trail nickname is “Shortstop.


    The AT Chaplaincy is set to enter its third year. Bert Emmerson, a member of First United Methodist Church of Maryville, Tenn., has been selected as the 2015 chaplain. He will begin in June, hiking the trail from Maine to Georgia. Josh Lindamood, from Lynchburg, Va., was the first AT Chaplain. He was 26 at the time.

    Find out...

    What type of training did you receive or what were the requirements for you to become the Appalachian Trail Chaplain?
    Why is there a need for a chaplain along the trail?
    What was the most difficult part of your experience as the Appalachian Trail Chaplain?
    What was the most rewarding part of your experience?
    As you travel around the U.S. talking about your experiences, what is your primary goal?
    Tell me how you acquired the nickname of “Shortstop.”
    The AT Chaplaincy program is in its 3rd year, with Bert Emmerson heading out in June. What advice to you have for him?
    Although you aren’t an official AT Chaplain any longer, do you still find yourself in that role from time to time?
    How did being the AT Chaplain change you?



    Updated 2.6.15


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    Inside Tennessee Sports™

    in Sports

    Join Matt and the Gang for this Weeks Episode of Inside Tennessee Sports™ Tune in and Join the Conversation!

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    Inside Tennessee Sports™

    in Sports

    Join Matt and the crew tonight LIVE from the Icon Utra Lounge High Above Downtown Knoxville Tennessee for Inside Tennessee Sports!

    Tune in and Join the Conversation!

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    Inside Tennessee Sports™

    in Sports

    Join Matt and the crew tonight LIVE for Inside Tennessee Sports!

    Tune in and Join the Conversation!

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    Guerrilla Radio with American Spring

    in Current Events


    ONE GOOD COP....

    The bravery shown by Sgt. Randy Henry during the investigation into the death of Brandon Ellingson has been inspiring.  We look at how the actions of one good cop have provided insight into the actions of Tony Piercy...


    For the second time in a year, a Special Prosecutor has found a reason not to file charges in two cases involving the 'good ol' boy' network in Missouri.  What began in Maryville has been revisited in Morgan County....


    The Laclede County DFS office appears to endorse a bully system.  Yesterday, a DFS employee, Amy Killion, watched while a former psych patient acts out at the end of a visit....


    Admissions during this DFS visit from the children, speak to a threat against their lives for telling the truth....

    And much, much more...

    Call in and join the conversation.



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    Inside Tennessee Sports™

    in Sports

    Join Matt and UT Hall of Fame coach Plilip Fulmer, VFL Chris Treece, Maryville College head Football coach Mike Rader, Loudon County head Football coach Jeff Hargin, MTSU Offensive Coordinator Buster Faulkner, and VFL UT and NFL Quarterback Erick Ainge.  LIVE from the Knoxville Tennessee Sunsphere 7 pm ET August 28, 2014

    Tune in and Join the Conversation!

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    Alive To Thrive with Brenda Fraser

    in Culture

    ALIVE TO THRIVE WITH BRENDA FRASER airs every Friday at 12 Noon Central time.  Join Brenda and her guests as they investigate trending topics and timely observations that hit the mark with what today's folks want to know!

    This week: AFRICAN CULTURE & EXPO coming soon to Maryville University Auditorium in St. Louis on Sept. 9, hosted by African Students Organizations and Kreative Pandemonium. Elizabeth Hammond is my guest. 

    Please visit/like: http://www.fb.com/AlivetoThrive

    Special Gift for Fans of Alive to Thrive: SAVE up to $25 on everyday essentials and luxury beauty products by shopping at http://www.stylishsafe.com

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    Overcoming Top Compensation Issues in Law Firms

    in Legal


    When it comes to compensation plans in law firms, one size does not fit all. How do you know if your organization is keeping up with current compensation trends to be competitive?  Is your compensation plan aligned with your business plan?  What if you have different geographic locations with vastly diverse market drivers? And does your compensation survey really provide you accurate data? Tune into this podcast with top compensation expert Edward Rataj and get actionable information for developing your compensation plan that will keep you competitive and profitable. 

    About Edward Rataj:


    Edward R. Rataj, CCP, CECP, Managing Director of the Compensation Consulting Division of CBIZ Human Capital Services, has 19 years of experience in the area of human resources, focusing on designing innovative compensation programs. His core areas of expertise includes designing market-based and job evaluation-based compensation programs, pay structures, and compensation surveys, as well as developing policies and procedures. Rataj has been recently quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Smart Money magazine and TheStreet.com as a nationally recognized compensation expert. 

    Contact: CBIZ Human Capital Services

    Compensation Consulting - Ed Rataj
    625 Maryville Center
    St. Louis, MO 63141

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    Edwin & Marsha Becker~Author of True Haunting/Radio Show Hosts

    in Paranormal

    Edwin and Marsha Becker are a very creative and active couple who became interested in the paranormal when they moved in to an extremely haunted house. Edwin Becker became a bestselling author with the release of his book True Haunting in 2011 about what happened to them as a young couple with a new baby in their own home. Marsha Becker, who co-hosts The Paranormal Angels radio show with author Geraldine Palmer Bouse. Marsha also creates beautiful rosaries and has made several for the Vatican. He has appeared on SYFY's Paranormal Witness in the record breaking season two finale, "The Tenants." He has acted as guest, host and co-host on numerous commercial and internet radio shows across the world. He was born in Chicago, Illinois, a Baby Boomer. Coming from an abusive broken home, he spent a number of elementary years in Maryville, a Catholic children's institution. There, he learned Latin and became an altar boy. He went on to become a professional musician and spent his later teen years traveling the states with an R&B Show band. During his travels, he met and married his wife of almost 50 years. In college Ed studied the emerging field of computers and became very successful. Later suffering a near fatal heart attack, he retired to the Ozarks where he opened a collectible store for a number of years. He has been writing original stories for over three decades for pure enjoyment. He has two daughters that have given him four granddaughters. They now reside in Missouri, where they enjoy the year around activity and entertainment with their children, grandchildren, tons of friends and several beloved pets. Visit www.TrueHaunting.com www.edwardbecker.com

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    Guerrilla Radio with American Spring

    in Current Events

    Call in and join the conversation. 718-664-6859


    The Dirtiest County in America: Shades of Maryville. 

    A politically connected former teacher has agreed to a plea deal in sexual misconduct case.

    PLUS:  Franken fumbles Camelot meeting?  26th awarded for violating their own rules in GAL appointments?  Calvino walks free and has unsupervised visits with children? 

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    in Entertainment

    The Malliard Report hosted by Jim Malliard has joined Take 2 Radio as a special host to talk about all things paranormal and more! Listen to his shows every Saturday at 7pm EST.

    My name is Josh Heard. I have been a paranormal investigator for about 16 years now. Some of my "bigger" investigations have taken place at locations such as the Villisca Axe Murder House in Villisca, IA, and Workman's Chapel in Maryville, MO which is what I wrote about in my first book. I really enjoy writing about all things paranormal and hope to do more in the near future.

    Josh is the author of "When Ghost Hunting Goes Wrong: A Brush with Evil" and "Haunting the Hunters" available on Amazon.