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    Planet Green Trees Episode 223- Get out the VOTE!

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    Tonight 8-10pm EST Listen LIVE! at www.planetgreentrees.com or call in 347-326-9626

    Hosted by attorney Michael Komorn from Komorn Law and Chad from Birmingham Compassion

    Contributions from Rick Thompson from The Compassion Chronicles and Jamie Lowell from The 3rd Coast Compassion Center-

    Tonight- Many local and statewide races and initiatives concerning cannabis reform, will be on ballots in Michigan and around the country for voters to consider Tuesday November 4, 2014.

    We will discuss and examine the various opportunities for citizens to be heard on this issue.

    Joining the Planet Green Trees crew, for this discussion, will be Terri Robnet.  Many people know Teri Robnett as the medical marijuana patient's rights advocate Rx MaryJane. Teri is the Founder and Director of Colorado-based Cannabis Patients Alliance, considered the most effective political voice for patients in the state.

    Additional Guests- Attorney Jeff Frazier of Komorn Law and Attorney David Rudoi of Rudoi Law

    Michael's rant, news, current events and more!

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    Making Maryjane legal...The National discussion

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    It is known by many names from hemp, pot, maryjane, reefers and so forth. It has many medicinal properties that now allow some to use daily. Should we legalize or not...We will hear from both sides of this issue in our new one hour show.

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    The Druth About...

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    This week Loki and I will be hosting a debate on the marijuana legalization issue between Law Enforcement Against Prohibition and Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana.  There will also be a special guest appearance by "MaryJane Doe" who will discuss her experiences using marijuana for medicinal purposes.  

    Marijuana legalization has already happened in Colorado and Washington State.  There are ballot measures across the country to legalize its recreational use.  Is this something that should be done?  This week's guests will discuss the merits and problems with legalizing this substance.  

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    Phuck It its Friday! Meeting in the Ladies Room Music Show

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    Join Kitty Elavase for another hot music show as she plays music from some of your favorite woman in the game! We doing it  ole school baby! Klymaxx, Sheila E, Teena Marie, Mary Jane Girls, Vanity6 and more! Show will air live September 12 at 12 PM Pst! Listen online http://www.blogtalkradio.com/elavase or via your phone 347-426- 3673. http://www.kittykattkloset.com http://www.youtube.com/kittykattkloset

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    MaryJane – Superman’s Kryptonite

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    What is really going on with these Shaquille O'Neal stalking allegations?

    This question and many more will finally be answered when MaryJane breaks the silence and is interviewed exclusively this Wednesday on Glam R Us Radio.

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    Are Side Chicks Winning?

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    In a relationship, the woman likes to be made a priority. She wants to feel important to you! There may be times where she expects you to put her needs before your own. The side chick is willing to accept being in second place. She is less likely to require priority treatment or excessive quality time. Author, Michael Baisden wrote, “Many women today are so desperate for a man they will accept that he’s married, living with another woman, or has several other women. As one woman told me, “A piece of a man is better than no man!” In addition to their willingness for second best, they may be freakiest in the bedroom as compared to the main chick. I have tons of married friends with limits in the bedroom; however I have tons of single friends who have no limits. I wouldn’t say that my single friends are willing to be side chicks, but I noticed that we are more willing to do things just to prove that they are wife material. Girlfriends or wives often “get too comfortable” which is a nicer way of saying they lose what got them their boyfriend or husband in the first place. When a woman gets comfortable she often gains weight or doesn’t make an effort to keep herself sexy. The side chick who hopes to one day take the spot as the main chick will always be at her best! It is because of their competitive nature that they are also willing to do for him what the girlfriend or wife will refuse to do. Another reason is the side chick may tolerate the lies and cheating that comes with a man who has side chicks. A wife or girlfriend is less likely to accept this which is why most side relationships are kept a secret.

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    @TheWriternme Welcomes Author @NicoleyDunlap and Her Book "Kill MaryJane Doe

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    Let's Talk Hosted By Ms.Shanell Special Guest Author Nicoley Dunlap. Tune tonight at 9:30pm Est by caling 323-693-3027 to listen & Talk with us.

    Follow our host @TheWriternme and Guest @Nicoleydunlap.

    Author Bio: I am the younger of two children. My older sister was just “all right” so they tried again and got lucky with me! I was born in Fontana, California to Clifford Glass and Rochelle Jones. My parents split while I was young. Hence, my life revolved around the scenic route of traveling back and forth from the Inland Empire to Long Beach, which was a cultural shock back in the day. While writing, I’ve painted a picture of myself, the people, and places that I’ve come across to create a story where readers can learn about the characters, root for them, hate them, love them, cry for them; and most of all, yearn to flip through the pages to the end of that character’s journey.

    Our mission is giving a voice to the voiceless by speaking with a purpose; inspiring to Listen, Think and Act. Mon-Sat 323-693-3027

                   YOU HAVE GREATNESS WITHIN U


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    legalize medical maryjane

    in Paranormal

    talking about the legalization of medical maryjane in the state of ar.

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    *Clink, Chat & Catch Up* w/ Maryjane & Caryn --> @Dumped411!

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    Today, we’ll be clinking and chatting with authors MaryJane Fahey & Caryn Beth Rosethal, authors of DUMPED: An Empowering Breakup Guide to Getting Over Your Ex in Record Time ! The opening: You would have dumped him and you know it. He just beat you to it. Don’t fret, we wrote this book for you...
    Don’t call your ex’s mother. Don’t stalk him on the internet. Don’t go back for break up sex and for f*ck sake, never ever EVER try to get back together with him… It’s over: REJOICE!
    Twitter: @Dumped411 @BubblyTalkRadio
    *CLINK HERE* for more!

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    Artist of the Month Interview: Whitney Peyton

    in Music

    Dont miss our first EVER interview with up and coming artist Whitney Peyton! Tune in as we catch up with Whitney about her New Album, her current tour with 3-6 Mafia and fresh flavor that she has coming to your soon! Interviewed by our own CG Model Marlie Quin, this is a show that you dont want to miss. Music Models and Maryjane


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    "The Woes of Being Mary Jane"

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    Many people choose to play a role that was never meant to be played, a role that ultimately plays the person. The role that these people play is a role that demotes them from being a special man/woman to a special man/woman. There are various reasons people choose to play these roles, never fully understanding how these roles ultimately play a negative part of their lives. People have justified these roles as being necessary for their survival and enjoyment. These roles, however; are deadly and frustrating to all parties involved. People have also justified cheating as a physical mating between to consensual adults.  The secrecy, newness and danger of an affair can be highly addictive. Cheating rarely begins as a physical relationship but more as an emotional relationship. In the end, more people want to be in the place of the main love interest of another.

    Married men sometimes cheat because they feel that having an affair will prevent them from breaking up their family unit, without hurting their wives because "what they don't know, won't hurt them." That way the man is able to have the stability of his marriage, along with the excitement of the affair. In other words, he is able to have his cake and eat it too. Some men feel like they have earned the right to have an affair, others rationalize it and still others don't seem to care about the consequences. Whatever the reason, none are acceptable ones when a partner is left in the dark and being deceived.

    According to an adultery poll of over 300 women, over 48% of women having affairs with committed men have asked them to leave their partner. Unfortunately, men rarely leave their wives for a mistress and even if they do, they are highly likely to cheat on their mistress repeating their adulterous patterns.

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