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    Calling Out The SuperCowards at Marvel Comics

    in Pop Culture

    Talking about the toxic mix of cowardice & ignorance that's led mainstream comics to sell out the West to Islam.

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    Jonesing for Jessica Episode 12 AKA Take a Bloody Number

    in Television

    Are you jonesing for Jessica Jones? We know we are! Jonesing for Jessica discusses the hit Marvel and Netflix show Jessica Jones episode by episode. Graphic Policy Radio hosts Brett and Elana are discussing the series and are joined each week by special guests. For this episode the team is joined by Kendra James and Darryl Ayo to discuss the twelfth episode "AKA Take a Bloody Number."

    The hunt for Kilgrave reunites Jessica with Luke. Trish receives some unexpected information about Simpson and Jessica.

    Double majoring in Cinema Studies and Anthropology, Kendra James graduated from Oberlin College in 2010 and immediately started working in talent management in NYC. When running a blog chronicling her horrible first "real job" experience got boring, she started searching for a writing outlet similar to the ones she'd had in college. That led to a position as the lead Television Correspondent with Racialicious.com (the foremost blog about the intersection of race and pop culture on the web) beginning in 2011. Her writing has been referenced by Gawker, Jezebel, Clutch Magazine, The Root, The Atlantic Wire, and The New York Times.

    Since 2002, New York cartoonist Darryl Ayo has self-published minicomics, webcomics, anthology stories and comics criticism. Ayo's most known work, Little Garden has evolved and grown into and through several permutations and can be seen in its current form at littlegardencomics.com

    Ayo, is also a commentator, blogging and on comic fandom.

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    Episode 4 - I'm sick

    in Movies

    4th Episode of Comic Nation Radio. Comics from 1/27 and 2/3 ,plus other nerdy fun dumb stuff

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    this week we are going talk about Deadpool. the famous marvel super hero plus we are going talk about the movie with Ryan Reynolds and the video game. plus on why it took them 12 years to make this film. that right 12 years I am not joking. the only thing I saw come close to a movie was the video game.  there talk about a part 2 already and also that Hugh Jackman might show up on the movie and spider man jokes. but call in and give us your thoughts on the movie come on I dare 

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    BtP Ep 14 – Eau De TARDIS

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    Ibbott, Charles, Paul, and the whole damn show, get out of order, as they contemplate the scent of a Doctor.  Charles and Paul have custody of Ibbott, this week and he seemingly “degenerates” into Doctor McFall.  Behold the NSFW of Brian telling everyone how “it pulses, and throbs, and kinda looks like it has a mind of its own.”  He’ll probably be in a time out, next week, but we’re glad he’s back on the mic.

    Your hosts lament the impending losses of Steven Moffat and Peter Capaldi.  They discuss their favorite Doctors while seemingly forgetting about Tom Baker.

    Marvel drops a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma that leaves everyone wondering, WHO will be “DEAD NO MORE.”

    No longer content with his Vegas act, the blue man ditches his group, zooms into Central City, and leaves everyone guessing at his true identity.  The hosts, themselves, are perplexed and in a crisis as infinite possibilities flash about.

    Last, but far from least, the hosts give their preliminary thoughts on the new X Files miniseries.  They reminisce about cases past and wonder what other truths are still out there waiting to be found.








    Hosts: Charles McFall, Paul Klotz, Brian Ibbott

    Producer: Mike Woodard

    Breaking the Panel is brought to you by the Giant Size Team Up Network

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    Shroom Tyme With Ryk & Jake

    in Entertainment


    This week the guys welcome one of the Space Coasts favorite Cosplayers & Judge - Casey Covel! Along with her sister Amy, Casey will be judging the upcoming Cosplay Event at The Infinite Mushroom Comic & Game Shop's Indie Comic Showcase, Saturday February 27th! Casey is a Christian writer, reviewer, and media critic, currently writing multiple novels for publication. When Casey is not actively writing, she can usually be found reading, costuming, digital designing, managing her blog: Meek-Geek. There may be some huge changes looming over the Cosplay scene which Ryk, Jake & Casey will discuss along with what’s going on with the Cosplay Community, and of course your phone calls!! Tune in this Wednesday, February 3rd, 9pm est. & as always...Keep Calm & Shroom On

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    Episode 3 - F is for Flower Monsters

    in Entertainment

    Comic Nation Radio Episode 3

    We are covering 

    Comics from 1/20/16

    new sucide squad trailer

    and more crazy nerd stuff

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    Kickstarter's BLACK Comix; Sleepy Hollow Moves to Fri; X-Files Pt2-Sat@6pmEST

    in Politics Conservative

    Oh Our Stars and Garters!  More snow and thankfully more, Blerdic podcast installments!  Don't forget to check out this Saturday's new episode of Afronerd Radio's Grindhouse airing promptly at 6pm EST.  Join your "Podcast X-Men" as they investigate the following pop, pulp and political issues: The Washington Post and Joseph Ilidge's Mission both weigh in on yet another successful minority themed Kickstarter comic book campaign entitled simply, BLACK; we finally wax about the stellar return of the X-Files back on at FOX; and speaking of FOX, why the move to Fridays for both Sleepy Hollow and Second Chance; more icons are passing, Earth, Wind & Fire, co-founder and frontman, Maurice White passes; discussing The RootTV's video montage entitled, "What It's Like Being Profiled for What You Wear"; bringing DMC (of Run-Dmc) to Marvel Comics; more discourse on how the CW-DCverse television IPs have been progressing thus far; while we are in the thralls of Black History Month, we not only cover the history of Blacks in Comics but also pontificating whether we are at the precipice of a Blerd/Black Comic renaissance.  And lastly, AtlantaBlackStar highlights an emerging African video gaming company, by way of Cameroon called Kiro'o.  Call the show live at 646-915-9620. 

    When the system is comfortable with corruption, what can one honest man do? Fight the system-David Zavimbe-Batwing

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    Marvel Film Talk Podcast Ep. 17 - What MATT thinks of Marvel Entertainment

    in Entertainment

    Marvel Film Talk Podcast Ep. 17 - What MATT thinks of Marvel Entertainment

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    Jonesing for Jessica Episode 6 AKA You're a Winner!

    in Television

    Are you jonesing for Jessica Jones? We know we are! Jonesing for Jessica discusses the hit Marvel and Netflix show Jessica Jones episode by episode. Graphic Policy Radio hosts Brett and Elana are discussing the series and are joined each week by special guests. For this week's episode the team is joined by Sarah McCarry and Elle Collins to discuss the sixth episode "AKA You're a Winner!"

    McCarry (The Rejectionist/@therejectionist) is the author of the novels All Our Pretty Songs, Dirty Wings, and About A Girl, and the editor and publisher of the chapbook series Guillotine. Her books have been nominated for the Norton Award and shortlisted for the Tiptree award, and she is the recipient of a fellowship from the MacDowell Colony. She has written for the New York Times Book Review, Glamour, Book Riot, Tor.com, and others.

    Sarah was a full-time advocate and case manager in domestic violence shelters for over a decade; she's currently the Media Co-Coordinator for The Doula Project, a volunteer-run New-York based organization that provides free compassionate care to people across the spectrum of pregnancy, including birth, miscarriage, and abortion.

    Elle is a writer and podcaster from the Appalachian region. Elle hosts Into It, a podcast about positivity and pop culture, as well as co-hosting the upcoming Hard Times Podcast, a queer feminist podcast about professional wrestling. Elle is a contributor at ComicsAlliance.com, as well as a staff member of Switchback Books, a feminist poetry press.