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  • Book Lights With Debra Parmley Presents: Lydia Michaels

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    Join us on Book Lights where we will be shining a light on Lydia Michaels and her newest work of women's fiction, La Vie en Rose (Life in Pink). The color pink is universally recognized as connected to the fight for the cure for cancer and this theme runs throughout La Vie en Rose as the heroine, Emma, discovers she has breast cancer. More love story than romance, in La Vie en Rose, Lydia Michaels does not shy away from the grim hard realities of the disease. Join us as we chat about life in pink, breast cancer, and a more writing realistic love story with a happy ending.   


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    Under the Mat Radio: Rock N Roll Baby!

    in Wrestling

    Next time on Under The Mat Radio: “Rock N Roll Baby!!" at date & time of April 26, 2016, at the time of 11 PM EST!

    We will have one half of one of the greatest tag teams in wrestling history Ricky Morton of the Rock N Roll Express. We’ll be discussing his roots in the business, why was the Rock N Roll Express so huge, the legendary rivalry with the Midnight Express and more.


    We’ll also talk about live on the road, locker room of the NWA, thoughts on Kevin Nash, Jim Cornette, tag team philosophy, the current product, his views on Shawn Michaels/Marty Jannetty and others,


    Our views on WWE Payback this coming Sunday will be mentioned as well.

    We all want to take your calls to discuss these topics! Call the show at 347-677-1862.

    Also, we will be discussing the latest news in wrestling, pop culture, and random shoutouts!

    Listen LIVE at http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/underthematradio


    (Available on your mobile device)


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    chillin show tonight

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    everyone tune in and call lets talk about what ever is on your mind.. what did you do this weekend? what do you have planned for this week?? lets talk....

  • PAID IN FULL Money Mindset: Master Planning for Monetizing Your Marketing

    in Entrepreneur

    This training segment of PAID In FULL Money Mindset will focus on master planning for monetizing your marketing. Cross Industries Pioneer, Alicia Nicole Waters! will share concepts from her publication I AM Thinking Of A Master Plan (A Money Making Mindset Mini Planner Guide For Getting Paid In Full).

    This segment also includes a rebroadcast from the Cross Niche Journalist Marketing Training Radio's segment Make Your Marketing Mark with special guest Money Mindset Expert, Aly Michaels. Aly shared about herself, her services and how she is helping individuals to make their mark through monetizing their marketing efforts.

    Learn more about Aly:



    Special Offer: 21 Day Money Mindset Challenge www.alymichaels.com/99

    Learn more about Alicia: www.aliciawaterscrossindustries.com

    Secrure a copy of I AM Thinking Of A Master Plan (A Money Making Mindset Mini Planner Guide For Getting Paid In Full)

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    Join Marty Graw and Big Ramp and lets TALK some GUMBO

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    Rock Manager Vicky Hamilton , Appetite For Dysfunction: A Cautionary Tale

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    At 22, Vicky Hamilton left her hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana, and arrived on the Sunset Strip as a wide-eyed blonde with an ear for rock & roll: “I was back home interviewing Tom Petty for Three Rivers Review,” says Hamilton, “He told me I was a ‘real California girl’, and that’s all it took.” It was 1981, and Hamilton arrived at the center of Hollywood, where the scene was erupting with spandex, sex, cocaine, Aqua Net hairspray and madcap visionaries. Hamilton discovered Guns N’ Roses and became their first manager and surrogate mother, living in her apartment as Axl Rose ducked a rape charge. “I was basically harboring a fugitive,” she says,  "Axl ended up crashing on my couch for six months.” Hamilton then negotiated GNR’s contract with Geffen Records. In 1986, she was let go and forced to sue the band to recoup the $25,000 she’d borrowed to bankroll them. Hamilton now shares her stories in a memoir about a woman who rode the crazy train with some of rock’s wildest frontmen, and matched their hard-partying ways. Sober for 15 years, Hamilton spent that last seven excavating her private collection of photos, flyers, contracts, letters, and interviews to create a revealing look into her fascinating life. Her book includes new details about her turbulent relationship with Axl Rose and Poison’s Bret Michaels, her experience as an A&R rep for Geffen, and above all, Appetite for Dysfunction: is the story of her rise and fall, and how she regained her life by becoming a Grammy Award winning executive that helped relaunch the career of June Carter Cash in 1999. Steven Adler (drummer, Guns N’ Roses): “Vicky was probably the best thing that happened to us in the early days. She dealt with us when nobody else would, and made everything happen for us. I’m grateful for that.

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    Marty Raybon from Shenandoah

    in Country Music

    Fueled by Marty Raybon’s distinctive vocals and the band’s skilled musicianship, Shenandoah became well known for delivering such hits as Two Dozen Roses, Church on Cumberland Road and Next To You, Next To Me as well as such achingly beautiful classics as I Want To Be Loved Like That and the Grammy-winning Somewhere In The Vicinity Of The Heart duet with Alison Krauss.
    Today that legacy continues as original members Raybon and Mike McGuire reunite to launch a new chapter in Shenandoah’s storied career. It all began when the guys got back together to perform a benefit concert for a friend  battling cancer. “We saw how folks reacted,” Marty says of the response to their reunion. “And then Jerry Phillips, son of legendary Sun Records producer Sam Phillips, said ‘You guys need to make a run at this. People still love what you do. You can tell by the reaction. There’s a lot of excitement in the air.’”

    “It’s kind of like riding a bicycle,” McGuire says of the band reigniting that chemistry on stage. “We had done so  many shows over the years together, even though we spent 17 years apart, we got back up on the stage and it was like we never stopped. We knew those songs inside out. They were still dear to our hearts. It was great to get  back up there and do them together again.”

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    Join TALK GUMBO and talk with MARTY GRAW and BIG RAMP.

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    How to Eliminate Work From Home Distractions

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    Join author, blogger and coach to entrepreneurial women Sharon Michaels as she shares tips and how-tos for eliminating work from home distractions. She'll also explore how we may be using those distractions to hide the fact we are really procrastinating. You'll want to listen with pen and paper handy to make notes and jot down a few "aha's." Sharon shows you how to do business successfully!

    Sharon has been a woman in business for over 25 years - she is a coach to entrepreneurial women, author of empowering books for women, radio host and executive producer of not only this radio show but also Women Enjoying Success radio. Sharon's mission is to empower women to greater personal and professional success.

    Here's a link to Sharon's Author page on Amazon.com where you can check out all her Paperback and Kindle books, Sharon's Author Page

    Here's a link to Sharon's blog Women Who Want To Successfully Work For Themselves.com

    Here's a link to subscribe to Sharon Newsletter Unlimited Success For Women: http://UnlimitedSuccessForWomen