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    Author Natalie Alder visits Reverie Radio

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    Tune into to Reverie Radio for a conversation with Host Lori Hays and Beau Coup author Natalie Alder about her book Crewel Work. 

    Author Natalie Alder writes stories about romance that center on learning about the characters backgrounds, personalities and life circumstances that mold them into who they are and how they love. She is a sassy 40-something year old who lives in a quiet farming town in New England. She and her husband of 15 years have three rescued cats. After college, she facilities improvement of the physical abilities of children and the elderly before taking the opportunity to enjoy her creative side. She loves to sew, knit, write as well as sing and drink martinis (not necessarily at the same time.


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    The Event Jeannie has Bombay Sapphire's Gary Hayward LIVE in C&G's office 10/10!

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    This week we will not only be infused with imagination, but also with alcohol! We will be continuing our Fall “Wet Your Whistle” series on Wednesday, December 10th at noon LIVE from our offices with Colin Asare-Appiah.  The Bacardi Portfolio Master Mixologist will be whipping us up some innovative new cocktails, perhaps even some of the final contenders of Bombay’s “The World’s Most Imaginative Bartender” competition.

    It should come as no surprise that the company whose namesake is a 182 carat sapphire entitled the Star of Bombay enjoys crowning the best bartenders in the world.  The real gem of the company, however, is their brand new distillery, Laverstoke.  Designed by multiple award winning designer, Thomas Heatherwick, the distillery boasts a BREEAM award for sustainability and two stunning, intertwining botanical glasshouses.  These glasshouses are meant to maintain two separate climates, one tropical and one temperate to foster the ten botanicals from around the world infused into every bottle of Bombay.  If we are lucky, maybe Gary will reveal if the rumor about these gin botanicals making people angry is true, or a complete hoax.

    So get your shakers ready.  If we can have martinis on a Wednesday afternoon then so can you!








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    Shannon McLay: Founder Of Next-Gen Financial

    in Finance

    Shannon McLay is a financial planner who left a “traditional” financial services firm to start her own company, NextGen Financial, to help clients in their 20s and 30s get financially fit.

    Through her blog, Financially Blonde, her book, Train Your Way to Financial Fitness and her partnership with Money Saving Pro, Shannon is committed to making financial fitness fun, easy and accessible for others. 

    She recently launched her podcast, "Martinis and Your Money," which made the New And Noteworthy list on iTunes. 

    Website: www.nextgen-financial.com

    Blog: www.finblonde.com

    Twitter: @theshannonmclay 

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    Isabel Pietri, Retired Labor Union Prez Now a Creative Author

    in Writing

    Isabel Pietri, a retired labor union president and a former resident of New York City, resides in Northeastern, Pennsylvania., with her husband, a retired forensic investigator; "Sheba, the Wonder Dog"; and two kitties, "Shadow" and "Missy". In retirement, Isabel have taken up her lifelong passion, the craft of creative writing.

    Her first published book, "Love in the Dark", available on Amazon.com, is the story of NYPD surveillance expert, Detective Millie Angeles. Millie has made a name for herself working in the elite TARU unit of the New York Police Department as the go-to girl for surveillance and tracking. However, when tragedy occurs, she finds herself casting about for a new chapter. That all falls into place when she lands a job at a private company, which dispatches her to the West Coast to work for Adrian Zaragosa, a blind, and strikingly handsome owner of a winery estate in the Napa Valley. As the plot thickens and their passion sparks, Millie finds herself in the throes of both extreme danger and overpowering desire.

    Isabel's second book in the trilogy, "The Black Calla Lily", will soon be on the market. Besides being a published author, Isabel keeps active scuba diving, fishing, golfing, target shooting, experiencing good wines, and reading a good book.


    A joint project with www.SexyBooksBlog.net
    Music, Song for My Father, courtesy of www.AnnaFisher.com

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    Mothers Driving Over the Deep End

    in Family

    Dr. Cathy Reimers, Ph.D., psychologist in New Jersey, and co-host Jennifer Russello, parent in New Jersey, discuss the alarming trend of Mothers who have reached their psychological limit and end up killing their children. This is a topic that has been recently splashed across the media and news showing Moms driving their cars, SUV’s and minivans into bodies of water in an attempt to kill themselves with their children. What causes such extreme behavior to commit such heinous acts? Can stress cause this? We will examine the startling statistics of Moms who kill their children, the underlying causes, and what can be done to help prevent American mothers from driving their families into the "Perfect Family Storm."

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    Featuring Chloe Puff, Dance/Choreographer & Della Martinis, Dancer/Choreographer

    in Entertainment

    Featured Guest

    Chloe Puff, is featured in Dance Track Magazine in their Summer 2013 issue (page 85) as the "Top 25 Under 25" article.
    Della Martinis, has performed at shows in Los Angeles and has worked with Tabitha & Napoleon, Marty Kudelka, Kevin Maher, Laura Edwards & more!.


    FRIDAY NIGHT HIP HOP In The Cut is "Your NW Hip Hop Dance Talk Show". FNHH - In the Cut promotes hip hop dance artists, studios, venues and more! "In the Cut" will feature interviews with Northwest and National talent as well as studios, events and more! It is broadcasts live from Seattle, Washington!

    "The Northwest Hip Hop Dance Talk Show"

    Visit our website at www.fridaynighthiphop.com

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    Zulmara Maria podcast guest: Berta Platas, author Lucky Chica

    in Business

    Berta Platas author of Lucky Chica, What Stays in Vegas, Cinderella Lopez, Friday Night Chicas and more

    Born in Havana, Cuba. Her paternal grandparents emigrated there from Galicia, in Spain.

    She has four kids, three-fourths of them boys. Her youngest is the only girl.
    Berta lived in Miami, Pittsburgh, New York, Charlotte and Atlanta, in that order. She currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

    In addition to writing she still works in marketing.

    Berta Platas loves martinis; Stolis, straight up, one olive.

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    "Lenin Lives Next Door" with author Jennifer Eremeeva

    in Books

    Jennifer Eremeeva is an American writer, photographer, Russian historian, blogger, and humor and cooking columnist based in Moscow Russia.

    In 2009, Jennifer created   the award-winning blog “Dividing My Time: Finding The Funnier Side of Life in Russia,” which highlights humorous aspects of her life in Russia, her cross-cultural marriage and offers up very digestible doses of Russian history, culture, politics, literature and her own wry observations of daily life in the world’s largest country.

    In 2011, Jennifer parlayed her passion for running great food to ground in Moscow in The Moscovore, an English-language site dedicated to gathering cooking resources, news, and recipes together in one place.  

    Jennifer is a regular contributor to The Voice of Russia, BBC Russia Service, and is the Cooking and Humor columnist for “Russia Beyond The Headlines:” a monthly color supplement to The Washington Post, The Daily Telegraph, The Times of India and others.

    Jennifer was born in Oklahoma City, and raised and educated in New England and the United Kingdom.  She received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Russian Area Studies from Columbia University in 1989.

    Jennifer’s professional life featured a decade and a half in the Travel & Tourism industry. She also served as Head of External Relations with United Financial Group (UFG) a major Russian investment bank from 2003 – 2006 through its strategic sale to Deutsche Bank.


    Her new book is Lenin Lives Next Door: Marriage, Martinis, and Mayhem in Moscow!

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    Wilbert Jones/ A Southern New Years Day Brunch

    in Radio

     Food Expert Wilbert Jones

    Please join cookbook author and food expert, Wilbert Jones on Monday, December 9th at 1 PM CST, as he discusses -  A Southern New Year's Day Brunch, Served Tapas Style. Jones will share how to put together an easy and effortless symbolic New Year's Day Menu:

    Kale Martinis

    Black Eye Pea Caviar

    Cabbage & Pork Rolls

    Bananas Foster 

    He will also talk about entertaining ideas!


    Wilbert Jones is the president of the Wilbert Jones Company, a Chicago based food product development and marketing company, founded in 1993.

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    The I AM Well Show

    in Spirituality

    The I AM WELL Show with Tania Thomas
    Tania Thomas is a Spiritual Psychic Medium in London Ontario Canada. Her passion lies in sharing the other side of life with those who are open to receiving guidance and messages. Tania firmly believes that the best way to open the door to the spirit side is through joy, laughter and music. Her reading style is very open and straightforward.  Tania believes that education is key when doing this work and loves to share her own knowledge with others in informal group settings.  Tania is the author of Spirit Speaks ~ A Journey to the Other Side of Life~ the story of how she came to be speaking to the dead.  Tania's second book Mediums and Martinis ~ A Spirited Journey~ shares the day to day life of the modern medium.  Tania's motto is that everyone should leave a reading feeling better than they did when they first walked through the door.  Email: innersightmediumlifecoach@gmail.com

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    Common Gore creates more rigor...and zombies....

    in Lifestyle

    What's all that shrieking and screaming about?? It's teachers, parents and students all across this country confronting the common gore....one of the most terrifying things out there this Halloween! Forget the fake blood and eyeballs glued to foreheads....the corporate reformers have found all kinds of ways !to terrorize us with their billions of dollars.  Join me Oct. 29th at 5p central time to talk about that and a whole lot more!!  From MLB to music, movies, and megalomaniacal reformers (got Gates??) we don't shy away from anything at the Sweet Spot.  So grab you some chocolate (martinis!) and join us for the best happy hour on blog talk radio!

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