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    Summer Encore Series: Classroom Casualties w/ Filmmaker Marta Cunningham

    in Culture


    Amy Beth revisits her Arts Wire “Top Pick” conversation with Marta Cunningham, director of the powerful documentary Valentine Road. Discover the stories behind a horrific murder of a young junior high school student struggling with gender identity issues, the controversial trial that followed and its startling aftermath. The film and our conversation address a wide range of timely issues: transgender idenity, racism and the justice system among them. 

    And meet country artist Pete Kennedy. He shares tales from the road and we sample a few of his fab tunes, too.

    Tweets & calls are closed.

    Original air date: 10/18/13. 


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    Friends of Clayton Transit Coalition: Votes Yes To MARTA

    in Elections

    This Week's Show: LouddMouth Radio Network Covers the MARTA Transit Vote in Clayton County, Georgia with organizational partners & leaders collaborating as the "Friends of Clayton Transit Coalition headquartered in Riverdale, Georgia. 

    Friends of Clayton Transit Coalition is only one day away from eye witnessing the return of jobs, return of transit and the entry of MARTA to Clayton County, Georgia. The Friends of Clayton Transit- newly coined "The Clayton Model" has become one of the most historic collaborative models of unlikely allies within multiple disciplines strategically working together for the common good of Clayton County. This comprised group of businesses, grass root organizations and community involvement have implemented grass root campaigns and has advocated multiple policies for 4 years united in a share space with a shared mission. Founder & President of Friends of Clayton Transit Coalition: Roberta Abdul Salaam, National AFL-CIO Executive Vice President Tefere Gebre, Katie Foster of AFL-CIO Georgia, Deborah Scott of Georgia STAND-UP, Fredrick Hicks of Friends of Clayton Transit Coalition, Reginald Davis of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 732, Brionte McCorkle of Georgia Sierra Club. 

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    Everyday Angels with Marie Elisa ( Detective Marta E. Bell, Survivor D.Violenc )

    in Spirituality

    Blogtalk LPS Radio Network - Everyday Angels with Marie Elisa, welcomes back retired Detective Marta E. Bell, a lifelong resident of Indianapolis, Indiana, a graduate of Indiana University with a double major in Criminal Justice and Public & Environmental Affairs.


    A twenty-nine year Law Enforcement Veteran, she spent the last 12 years of her career assigned to the Domestic Violence Branch.

    Ms. Bell is professionally trained in investigating domestic violence, intimate partner stalking, and human trafficking cases.


    She is an advocate for domestic violence victims. She has trained thousands of community members, law enforcement, students and medical professionals on domestic violence.

    Ms. Bell considers her career a blessing that allowed her to minister, teach, educate, and change minds about domestic abuse.  As a survivor of domestic abuse, she has helped others to heal, forgive, and be restored from the wounds it leaves.

    Ms. Bell authored, One Voice Many Faces, which features her personal journey thru domestic violence with a spiritual perspective. She is a contributing writer to: Women Warriors, Stories From The Thin Blue Line, by John M. Wills, and the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Empowerment Series For Young Women, by Sgt. LeEtta White. She is the proud mother of two daughters.Detective Marta Bell for speaking appearances and Domestic Violence workshops:


    Telephone: 1-484-8-VOICE-8

    Email: onevoicemanyfaces@yahoo.com

    Blogtalk radio call in number: 347-838-9862, to listen to the show.

    Press 1 to speak to the guest.

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    in Lifestyle

    WEDNESDAY, November 13th, 2013- TONIGHT we are UP CLOSE & PERSONAL with AUTHOR MARTA PEARSON. Ms. Pearson has published several books and will talk candidly about personal growth and not carrying baggage into your a new relationship. Speak with our special guest by calling LIVE to join the conversation. Dial 917.889.3926 to ask questions or comment LIVE. Real talk. Real People. Real Times. We are TM Hyman Radio!

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    50th Anniversary of The Sound of Music with star Debbie Turner, Marta Von Trapp

    in Lifestyle

    Join us in on this special 50th anniversary celebration of The Sound of Music with Debbie Turner who played Marta in this classic movie. Call into 646-727-2255 to ask Debbie questions about her experience in the movie.

    This show is presented by Gracefully-Yours greeting cards and journals featuring Church Kitchen Ladies. Visit www.shop.gracefully-yours.com. 

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    Communicating with Animals -Biologist and Animal Communicator, Marta Williams

    in Spirituality

    'When people learn to communicate intuitively it brings about a fundamental change in consciousness toward animals and nature. They see that all of nature is equivalent to humans in intelligence, feeling, and spirit. This then leads to a new dynamic, where people consider the needs of each individual and the viability of the whole rather than just being concerned about themselves. This is exactly the change we need to save our planet and ourselves.' - Marta Williams

    'If I could talk to the animals...' Remember that tune from Dr. Doolittle?

    Listen in to Soul Revolution Radio as I interview with Marta Williams - biologist and animal communicator.  We will be discussing her book 'Learn their Language' and get an idea of how animal communicators are able to 'speak' with animals and learn about their feelings and thoughts. 

    Marta has a BS in Resource Conservation from the University of California at Berkeley, and a MS in Biology and Systematic Ecology from San Francisco State University. She spent many years studying wildlife in the field, rehabilitating ill and injured animals, and working as an environmental scientist.

    Marta works full-time as an animal communicator, offering consultations for animals worldwide to help solve behavior problems, find lost animals, assist animals during illness and death, and bring people and animals and people and nature closer together. She is a proponent of natural training methods and holistic health care.

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    in Wrestling

    Today on The Boochcast, Elvis returns and explains his abscence, Booch talks about performing at Jerry Farber's Side Door, They each give their theories and opinions on why Seth Rollins has gotten the push that he has, and they recap NXT. 

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    The Cuban kitchen with Marta Darby & Sonia Martinez

    in Food


    Marta Darby, editor of "My big fat Cuban family" and

    Sonia Martinez, author of "Tropical Taste".

    Frank Burke, great friend of the show.

    Check out my book: 


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    "Feliz Navidad" and Cuban food with Sonia & Marta

    in Food

    Guests:   Marta Verde Darby, editor of 'My fat Cuban family"

                  PLUS Sonia Martinez, authorof "Tropical Taste".

    Check out our new sponsor:   AUDIBLE.COM  (www.audibletrial.com/cantotalk.)

    Looking for a good book?  Check out my book: 


  • Travel Show #2: Colombia: It Ain't Just Mountains!

    in Travel

    WEDNESDAY 9/23 at 9 PM EST!  Brad and I return for our second travel show.  I'm excited to discuss my recent findings, following my three-city voyage to the land of the mountains - Colombia.  It's a country that changes greatly by region, so we'll talk about the exciting big-city atmosphere of Bogota, the beach-oriented life in the up and coming Santa Marta, and the artsy loveliness of Ibague.  The country gets a bad rap to this day, so we'll discuss fact and fiction as well!

    I'm also looking forward to hearing about Brad Shilling's take on Panama and Costa Rica.  He visited both in a single trip during the summer.  We'll hear what he has to say, plus your calls at 646-721-9605.

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    Musician Marta Waterman & Special Appearance by Grammy Award Winner Larry Seyer

    in Spirituality

    The inspirational Marta Waterman will share uplifting music and insights for a special evening of reflection and joy.  Grammy Award winner Larry Seyer will stop by for a portion of the broadcast to talk about his musical collaborations with Marta. 

    Marta is the author of Dream, Believe, Create ~ How To Be a Life Magician, in which she shares ideas on how to create a more satisfying and peaceful life, based on her own experiences. We can all create magic in our lives by analyzing our dreams and beliefs, clearing away negative concepts and focusing on positive goals.  Along with the book is a deck of 32 cards, each with a helpful thought taken from the book.  Together, the book and cards can help you create the reality you desire.

    I'm Dreaming is Marta's beautiful, dreamy CD, with Marta singing and playing piano and synthesizer. Marta also has new music coming out soon in collaboration with Larry.

    Both Marta and Larry often accompany David Wilcock at Divine Cosmos Convergence Conferences. Marta happens to be the mother who brought David into this world, and she will talk about her experiences parenting both of her sons David and Michael.  Larry is the winner of 9 Grammy awards and collaborated with David Wilcock to create the transcendent "Wanderer Awakening" musical journey.

    Marta's web site: MartaWaterman.com

    Larry's web site:  LarrySeyer.com

    All music in this program, including The Frontier Beyond Fear theme song, is copyrighted by Marta Waterman and/or Larry Seyer, provided with their permission.