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    Mars,Men in Black, King Arthur, Current Events

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    I can explain the following: Through our information about a technical innovation that we had received from the Sonaens, the Sirian scientists were able to register the Men in Black’s start, flight and destination coordinates which had been encrypted to such a degree that they could not be decrypted for a very long time.

    After having obtained the destination coordinates, it was detected that they lead to the planet Mars in the SOL system.

    Consequently, in the year 2006, Sirian security forces were mobilized who are in possession of space technology that makes it possible to switch between space and time configurations.

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    BDSIR Network Presents: Invading Mars Live!

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    Join us every Tuesday for Invading Mars Live, Hosted by Admin 1.  This week we will be discussing News, Television and get the Deeds on Dating from our guest Annie White, Matchmaker at SOS Daters.  Make sure you tune in!

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    Should we even be thinking about going to Mars?

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    With all these Apocalyptic movies being made, After Earth, Mad Max, Resident Evil, World War Z, Terminator, Resident Evil, 28 Days Later and the list goes on and on. Now they say they have found water on Mars and we should be there by 2030. Are they trying to tell us something?

    With all the problems and injustices on this planet you would think they would want to fix this planet before we spend trillions trying to get to another one.

    Join Zaiyah and Uptown as they discuss this and other important topics on this weeks edition of Zaiyah's House.

  • TPB – EP 113 – Angel Masks and Mars Attacks Popeye!

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    In the 113th episode of The Pull Bag we are celebrating Halloween 2015! nicole Beatlesdiva Hailstorm joins TFG1Mike first to talk about IDW's Mars Attacks Popeye! After that Jeremy Fein joins Mike to cover IDW's one shot entitled Angel Masks! Join us as we chat about these Halloween and not so much Halloween themed comics! And always remember to MAKE YOUR GREAT ESCAPE into Comics!!!!


    Mike "TFG1" Blanchard

    Nicole "Beatlesdiva" Hale

    Jeremy Fein

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    Download TPB_EP113.mp3

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    AstroEnergy Astrology November 18, 2015 DIFFERENT TIME!- Mars in Libra

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    Mars moves into Libra, Shelley tells you what that means. Shelley takes questions about astrology and answers callers' questions about their lives. Listen in or call with your questions!

     Shelley takes calls. 347-994-3365

    Shelley Overton has been studying astrology for 30+ years, and a professional astrologer for 20. Shelley can help you find your birth triggers, the best times to initiate projects and when you will have an easier time relating, and finding love. Shelley helps you through the tough times, and encourages you through the bad. Her sincere, intuitive reading style will give you the tools to be prepared, while her insightful way of explaining astrology will help you to learn and understand difficult concepts.

    Contact Shelley at shelley@astrologerangel.co


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    What MARS and VENUS WANT from you-The Zoe Moon Astrology Show

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    What can you expect when Mars and Venus meet up together to kick off a new cycle? What's in the stars for your sign when it comes to true love, making money, women, beauty, passion, anger, and activity? Tune in to hear the breakdown for your sign plus a few other tidbits awaiting us all in the week ahead!

  • Dr. John Brandenburg: The Ruins of Mars, Evidence of a Nuclear Holocaust

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    With the stark revelation of ancient archaeology on the planet Mars, first captured by the Viking 1 satellite in the late 1976, the evidence of a thriving civilization has evolved from simple surface images to rovers traveling across great expansions on the surface of the planet. Recently, a weapons expert and space scientist, Dr. John Brandenburg, discovered startling evidence of multiple nuclear explosions in the Utopia region of Mars, and highlighted his findings in a detailed report which he presented at the 46th Annual Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.

    Brandenburg a plasma physicist, trained at the Lawrence Livermore National Labs in California, has revealed the terrifying evidence that two massive nuclear devices, each the size of a modern day skyscraper, were detonated in the atmosphere high above ground to have maximum effect on the surface population, in what he calculated was an event tens of millions of years ago.

    Who were these beings, and why was someone trying to wipe them off the planet???

    We now have substantial proof from military and the private sector that ancient archaeology is scattered in a number of locations on the surface of Mars. When will the United States Scientific community come clean and tell us what they no?

    The time has come for disclosure. This is the first step.

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    Brunch with Bobby Flay - and - Men are from Mars / Women are from Venus in NYC

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    Celebrity Chef Bobby Flay is getting ready to move in with his girlfriend Giada De Laurentis. She can help him keep track of his many books, restaurants and tv shows. Listen in as this celebrity chef talks about late night snacks and long jogs. Plus - he will reveal his secreet to staying thin!

    Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus is now a one man show Off Broadway at New World Stages in New York. Peter Story stars, and shares the lessons he's learned from the show.

    Gina Kloes suggest we ask a question to bring more LIFE to our lives - What is Your Magical Moment?

    This show airs Sunday, Ocotber 25 on 100.7 WHUD

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    Join us Tonight at 8pm for Invading Mars Live. I will be discussing how to start a blog and How Liking Pics on IG Can Ruin Your Relationship. Along with the Ratchet Roundup and Celebrity News. Make sure you tune in!

     Invading Mars, affectionately known as IVM, is a Relationship and Lifestyle blog Hosted by Admin 1. IVM started in 2011 as a means to somehow bridge the gap between men and women. Since we all know men are from Mars and women are from Venus, IVM sought to create a “locker room” styled environment for men that caters to their interests and tastes. However, this locker room simultaneously offers insight to the women on their favorite species.

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    The Merlot Show- Mars

    in Comedy

    So, how do ya'll feel about leaving here and living on Mars?  Well, that is exactly what they are planning to do.  Do you think you would like to be pioneers of Mars?  Leaving everything you know to start over somewhere else?

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    Experiencer's Network ~ 10/02/15 ~ Janet, John ~ Anunnaki, Mars, Spiritualty

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    Experiencer's Network ~ Friday, Oct 2, 2015 on www.blogtalkradio.com/aquarianradio on the Experiencer's Network with with hosts Janet Kira Lessin & co-host Rev. John Polk.

    On this episode John and Janet winged it for a while then set into a grove connecting dots, putting pieces together and we went around the block starting with the Mars anomaly information and circling round to the Anunnaki influence on Earth, Mars and the solar system.  John and I love talking about the Anunnaki as we are very connected to this species (along with others).  We had a great time getting to know each other better while exploring what we have learned through our research and contact with various extraterrestrial species.  Take a listen and hope you enjoy.  

    Anomaly hunting has become quite the past time when it comes to the planet MARS we talk to members of the Mars Anomaly Research Society about important findings this year and also the upcoming conference in Mobile AL, October 24th. The speaker at the conference will be Andrew Basiago, Lewis Michael Rhinehart and others TBA

    Lewis Michael Rhinehart -  Lewis retired in 2010 from a company he owned called Sound Hearing Solutions.  He was a hearing aid specialist and spent 18 years as a H.A.S., owning his company since 2004.  His D.O.B. is 5/22/51.  Since his mid-twenties, Lewis has been very interested in UFO’s and aliens, etc..  In essence, he became a Ufologist reading all he could on the subject.

    More at http://wp.me/p2OzDR-4cs