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    Yours, Mines, and Ours: How Do Married Couples Learn To Share?

    in Women

    One of the most challenging things for individuals to learn when they join together in marriage is how to share. What happens if you only have one car? Do you juggle schedules so that nobody has to take public transportation? If you only have one television, do you agree on what to watch? Do you close your personal bank account and operate from a joint bank account in paying household bills in order to cut down on monthly maintainence fees? How do you share space in one closet?  if you're considering marriage, how do you find out if your spouse-to-be is selfish with his or her possessions? How you fairly divide space in your home to insure mutual privacy? How do you feel about sharing things your car? Are you trusting enough to share your credit cards, bank accounts, and computer passwords, with your spouse?   If you believe your relationship is headed toward marriage, how do you merge your possessions from "yours" and "mines" to "ours"? Today we help couples with the challenge of sharing, particularly if these are not skills learned in the homes in which they were raised.

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    Keeping it Real with Beth & Darin - The Weekday Edition

    in Parents

    Start the day with us as we tackle the latest celebrity news, politics, relationship tips, pet drama and more! 

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    Christian Married Couples and the Roving Eye

    in Spirituality

    In this episode we will discuss the roving eye that exists with some Christian married men and women.  How are is too far?  Is a roving eye acceptable on any level? Does a roving eye constitute flirting? How does a Christian spouse handle the situation?

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    Where Are The Singles?Happily Married Couples?

    in Entertainment

    Where are the Single Friendly Cities & popular areas for Singles in America will be discussed plus let's talk bout when singles & married couples maintain their successful friendships. Also what cities boast the most happiest married couples asked....
    Also other subjects regarding to *MattersOfTheHeart* will be talked bout in relation to dating, divorce, marriage, love, sex,etc.
    Remember *MattersOfTheHeart* episodes consist of "Grown Talk" aka "Adult Conversations" with sometimes very adult language obviously.
    Attention: Recommended for those 18 yrs and older
    #ThankYou for your feedback & support

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    A Message of Hope w. Christina Lockett

    in Self Help

    Hope for relationships, marriages, and parenting. Attorney at Law, Dr. Bernadette Thomas will be one of my guests. Dr. Bern and her husband Michael have been married over 32 years. She is also the author of a parenting book, Terrorist in your home? Parent Empowerment. Pastor Conrell Lockett, Jr. will be featured on the Message of Hope along with Dr. Bern. Pastor Lockett and his wife Beatrice Lockett have been married for fifty years. Pastor Lockett will share some of the mistakes he made in his past as it relates to marriage and parenting. He has a special word of encouragement for fathers. Singles, married couples, and parents be sure to tune in. You can expect encouragement, hope, and inspiration to continue to move forward in a positive direction.

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    Cyber Affairs How They Are Breaking Up Relationships and Causing Divorce

    in Radio

    On this Episode of The Anthony & B.Fly Show we will be Discussing America's Latest #1 Reason for Divorce....Cyber Affairs!!! In this day and time majority of people are online in some way, rather its selling something, buying, socializing or looking for a mate. Everything people could want or desire are right at their fingertips. But Cyber Affairs have become the main reason why couples are breaking up and why married couples are getting divorce. What may seem like harmless, fun conversations with the opposite or the same sex in some cases turns into more than some could ever bargain for. So we are talking about how this happens, and what you can do to make sure you dont fall into the trap youself. So Join us for this spectaculor topic and if you have had a personal experience or know someone who has with Cyber Affairs.. Please Feel free to Call in and Join us!!

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    Married 2 Change with your Host Infini Blu

    in Spirituality

    Laugh with me.....The health benifits of laughter....

  • 01:29

    Seven things you should know before you get married.

    in Spirituality

    Join Prophet Kyle with special guest, licensed thereapist, Prophet Terry Samuels, as they discuss the seven things you should know from your fiance' before you get married. This show will save you a trip to divorce court. 

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    THEMANMINDSET.com The 10 reasons couples argue.

    in Relationships

    Our radio show is more than just making self-proclamations of being "real" men, it's a state of mind and a way of life. First and foremost, we do not hate ladies. But we cant stand the 98% of women out there who feel entitled for free drinks and dinners. Although we are brutally honest and unyielding in our views on soft males, single mothers, and mad black women, we do not promote hating or completely disrespecting women. However, we DO hate and disrespect is the never-ending BS that too many men have to go through on a daily basis when dealing with most women and society. In other words, we have no problem expressing absolute contempt towards any irrational, disrespectful, and/or unrealistic behavior or attitude that is normally portrayed by women. We are feverishly working to put an end to all of that.

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    I married Myself!

    in Relationships

    Recently a woman in Houston, Texas kept a promise that she made to herself. She promised herself that if she didn't find the right man by age 40 that she would marry herself. So she did so. It was a rather elaborate ceremony from what I could see. What are your thoughts? Chime in with my guest panelist #TeamAshbree

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    Pushing through the Pain, Restoration and Healing: 2 Powerful Women of God.

    in Spirituality

    Dr. Alice M. Millsap, owner of ASAP Counseling Services, Missouri City, Texas, obtained her Bachelor of Science in Biblical Counseling from College of Biblical Studies in Houston, Texas, graduating Summa Cum Laude. Alice is a licensed and ordained minister and an active Member of Word of Restoration International Church, Dr. Charles E. Perry, Jr., and Lady Charlette Perry are her Spiritual Leaders. Alice has been married for 36 years to her loving and supportive husband, Charles Millsap. S

    Dr. Alice M. Millsap shares bits and pieces of her life in this candid book as she embraces her journey to healing and restoration after living and being exposed to severe hardship in a dysfunctional family. After being disinherited by her father, what she thought was a journal to help her through the process, became “Disinherited! Daddy, How Could You?” So many daughters are living with baggage of rejection and carrying that baggage into other relationships.

    Vanessa A. Fleeton is a woman of purpose, first-time author, motivational speaker, radio personality and entrepreneur. As President of VAF Inspires, Vanessa motivates women of all ages and cultures to push through the obstacles of life and pursue their God-given purpose. 
    Her purpose manifested from the pain she experienced in early childhood. Born to a teenage mother and absentee father, she struggled with where she belonged. As a result of her being freed by God from her tumultuous childhood and young adult lifestyle, she now has a heart to serve those with low self-esteem, abandonment issues and the shame of past mistakes.

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