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    The First Step to Take when Saving Your Marriage

    in Relationships

    It can be completely overwhelming to know where to start when trying to save your marriage. Where do you start? 
    What is the most important thing you can do? 
    What should you do FIRST?

    Join Kimberly Holmes, the CEO of Marriage Helper, shares how she stopped her marriage from ending in crisis...and teaches you a step by step plan on how to do that in your own marriage.

    You will leave this podcast with real, implementable steps that you can use when moving forward on how to save your marriage.

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    Are You Controlling if You Stand for Your Marriage? - The Dr. Joe Beam Show

    in Relationships

    Your spouse wants out of the marriage...but you don't.

    In the process of trying to end the marriage, your spouse is trying to do things that you want no part of. Maybe s/he's spending time with the "lover" while still living at home. Perhaps s/he's demanding things from you that you don't want to give about finances, custody, selling your home, or more.

    Your friends / family want you to punish your spouse for such egregious behavior and such arrogantly selfish demands. Your attorney counsels going for everything you can get. Your own hurt and anger tempt you to make this divorce a most miserable experience for your spouse.

    BUT your spouse says you're selfish, that your standing strong is just another example of you trying to control him/her, and that everything you are doing is definitive proof that s/he can't live with you and that divorce is the best thing that can happen.

    You find yourself worrying whether you should give in to most of his/her demands. You wonder if your standing strong and fighting for your marriage is building such anger and resentment in your spouse that never will there ever be a chance for reconciliation. You even have doubts about your own motives and fear that s/he is right and that you are a mean, selfish person and that the way you're standing strong actually proves that to be true.

    Would you like to know? Truly know if you are doing the right thing...if you are controlling or mean? In this program Dr. Joe Beam discusses this in depth. You can also call in your questions or comments on this topic live at 646-378-0424 during the program. It airs Tuesday, April 26, beginning at 9 p.m. Central. 

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    How to Reconcile Marriage (It's Tougher Than You Think) - The Dr. Joe Beam Show

    in Relationships

    What do you do when you've had major problems in your marriage and now want to try to reconcile?

    It's tougher to accomplish than most people think.

    It's great when a couple decides to put a marriage back together. However, without a valid understanding of what caused the trouble (and that usually means MUCH more than the final issue that became the focus of the marriage problems), many couples who try to reconcile run headlong into a wall of pain and frustration.

    For example, if the marriage hit crisis because of an affair, ending the affair doesn't necessarily mean that the underlying issues have been healed. What led to the affair? What weaknesses exist in either spouse? What relationship dynamics helped create the vulnerability? (This isn't to justify something such as an affair; it's to point out that some people think things are now fine because the affair ended BUT THERE ARE STILL ISSUES that haven't been dealt with.)

    That same principle applies to much more than affairs...it applies to control and domination, selfishness, in-law problems, sexual problems, and much, much more.

    In this program, Dr. Joe Beam guides you through a process of discovering and dealing with the real issues and then following a proven plan to make reconciliation actually work so that the marriage becomes better after the problem than it was ever before. 

    Dr. Beam will also take calls with specific questions about reconciliation. The program airs beginning at 9 p.m. Tuesday, April 5. If you wish to Dr. Beam during the program call 646-378-0424.

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    Marriage Myths: 7 Common Beliefs That Lead to Major Marriage Problems

    in Relationships



    Everyone had an opinion about marriage. What you should do, what you should not do, and how you should do it.

    Unfortunately not everyone has the best advice when it comes to marriage. And even worse, some of the advice is actually more destructive to marriage than helpful.

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    When to Let Go of a Marriage - The Dr. Joe Beam Show

    in Relationships

    For many years we've been helping people salvage marriages that appeared absolutely hopeless...not only salvage their marriages but make them good again...most better than they were before.

    That is why Marriage Helper exists (www.MarriageHelper.com). Our purpose is to help couples in trouble find a new way, see each other in a different light, discover a path to love again. We call it the LovePath. Most of the couples who come to our intensive three-day workshops have one spouse who wishes to save the marriage and one who wants out. Nevertheless, we witness three out of four marriages turn around and not only stay together but learn to love each other again.

    However, that means that some marriages don't make it. It breaks our hearts for the spouse who wants to save the marriage...for the children who are affected...for the friends and family of both husband and wife.

    We believe that any marriage can be saved. We encourage people to stand strong when their spouses stray, or are angry, mean, indifferent, cold, or any other of the hosts of hurtful behaviors. But we know that there comes a time to yield to the inevitable, to stop standing and move on with one's life. 

    The question is: When? How do you know whether to let go or continue to fight for the marriage? 

    In this program we provide guidelines to consider for all those who think it may be time to stop standing for their marriages. No, there aren't hard and fast rules. However, there are principles and things to consider that can help you make that decision. 

    This program may give you the strength and motivation to keep on. It may give you the path to peace as you let go. We don't make that decision for you. We show you how to make it for yourself.

    Call in your comments or questions live during the program at 646-378-0424.

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    Hopeless Marriage Turned Around After 4 Years - The Joe Beam Show

    in Relationships

    Their marriage appeared hopeless. The trouble - a MAJOR problem - had been going on for four years. Only one person thought it could be saved....her name is Petra.

    She stood strong. She did the right things. It wasn't always easy. Sometimes it seemed it was time to give up. She didn't.

    Hear Petra and Richard tell their story. What went wrong? Why did it last so long? How did Petra continue to stand? Why did Richard come back? How did they heal their marriage?

    Host Joe Beam and Marriage Coach Terry Cheatham interview Petra and Richard, as well as adding insight throughout. They will also take your calls live during the program. To participate, call 646-378-0424.

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    How to Be a Safe Place in Your Marriage

    in Relationships

    You've heard it often...

    "Be a safe place for your spouse."

    But how can you be a safe place when your spouse is the one leaving? When your spouse is the one berating you? When your spouse is the one who is not a safe place?

    Why should you be a safe place?

    We'll talk about your questions, concerns, and frustrations tonight on Marriage Radio. Listen live at www.marriageradio.com at 9 pm CST. Missed it live? Find us on iTunes under "Marriage Radio".

    Everyone who reviews the Marriage Radio podcast on iTunes will be entered into a monthly drawing to receive 50% off the Marriage Helper 911 workshop. 

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    How Your Personalities Affect Your Relationship - The Dr. Joe Show

    in Relationships

    Ever wonder why your spouse is so weird? Whys/he doesn’t think like you, act like you, want the same things you want?

    Maybe one of you is spontaneous and the other is cautious. Maybe one is an introvert and the other an extrovert. You have different ideas, wants, or needs when it comes to how you handle money, discipline the kids, how to spend your time together. Maybe your differences are even evident in the bedroom.

    In this program, Dr. Joe Beam shares basic principles of how to understand your own style and the style of your spouse in ways that help you in all these ways:

    Social settings

    ….and much more.

    It begins at 9 p.m. Central. Call 646-378-0424 during the program to talk live with Dr. Beam about your relationship.

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    The State of the Union (Episode 2)

    in Politics Progressive

    This show is about the State of the Progressive Union. We will discuss one or more political issues, and take calls from the listening fellow berniecrats to get their takes, questions, comments, ideology, and ideas. Call in @ (914)205-5327 Press the # 1 to speak live on the air!!! or listen in on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/1691690724402852/ , Follw us on Twitter @RealBerniecratshttps://twitter.com/RealBerniecrats , Watch us on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpYXO9iDZZnWKf6vMeeikGw , Listen on GooglePlus https://plus.google.com/u/0/112880833589919716528/

    Call in via Skype @ (914)205-5327 & press the #1 to speak Live. 

    Host: Twan Smith https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=525823090

    Co-Host: John Summers https://www.facebook.com/john.summers.92?fref=ts

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    The Marriage Vow

    in Christianity

    Welcome to W.O.Prayer’s Bible Study Series!

    Module 3: Because You're Worth It!

    Lesson 12 – Marriage

    On this show our conversation surrounds the topic of marriage.  We take a look at what the bible says concerning the following situations: Unequally yoked, Divorce and remarriage, Polygamy in the bible, Sex before marriage, and Spiritual adultry.

    Please enjoy and share!