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    Recapping the Weekend in Lafayette

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    On this episode of Maroon and White Talk, I recap everything that took place in the regional at Louisiana-Lafayette. Justin welcomes his first guest to the show, Beast Man Steve. Beast Man Steve is the author and editor of the blog 3rdand57.com. We will discuss the regional some, and talk about the upcoming football season. Beast Man Steve will tell us where he thinks Mississippi State stands in the recruiting game. It could be a big year for the Bulldogs in terms of recruiting and he will tell us just how big of a splash Mississippi State can make.

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    Talking Football with Super Fan Houston Everett

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    Now that baseball is over, it is time to put all of our attention on football. We will talk to one of our most unique fans, Houston Everett. He's a True Maroon Bulldog and we will take some time to shine the spotlight on him.
    We are also going to take a look at SEC predictions, and how Mississippi State is being viewed in the upcoming season. Are we being hyped or are we being disrespected? We will break it down for you all on the show.

    Be sure to tune in at 3:00 to get your coverage of the 2014 SEC Football season started right!

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    Maroon & Revolts Audio Book Breaking The Chains Wm. L. Katz Chps 8 & 9

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    Chapter 8 and 9, Runaways and Maroons; Revolts in the Age of Revolution,

    Breaking The Chains by William L. Katz "will force many readers to reexamine their assumptions about American history… Young readers will be fascinated and better informed for having experienced this book,” wrote School Library Journal. Striking photographs highlight this unknown heritage.”
    — Black Child Magazine, February/March 1997

    The story of Maroon communities in the Americas is one of the most important and fascinating chapters in the history of New World societies. However, it is a story that is not well known. Scholarly research and forensic archaeology are increasingly uncovering the evidence of Maroon settlements that have been a part of the US from the 1600s until the 1900s, but were hidden in plain view. Not only is little known about Maroon encampments established throughout the southern US, but our history books include little trace of the agency of Africans, who were forcibly brought to the US and enslaved, but employed military and diplomatic strategies in international relations, represented Native nations in negotiations with the US government, launched cottage industries, and built lasting communities long before the end of the Civil War.

    Over Two hundred years ago, while the elite in New Orleans were making their usual preparations for Mardi Gras. Plantation owners were planning all-night parties, and the women of the house were looking forward to elaborate masquerades and balls.
    What they didn't know is while they were planning for their annual carnival festivities, their slaves were planning a little something of their own.
    On one fateful night, 500 armed slaves rose up from the plantations and set out to conquer the city.

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    Mississippi State Regional Preview and More

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    On today's podcast, Justin talks further about ticket issue Mississippi State fans are experiencing in the Regional. Plus, he gives his prediciton on how Mississippi State will fair during the weekend. Justin also gives a preview to what you can expect next week as well.

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    Women's Peloton Episode 11: Mary Maroon Interview

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    Brought to you by NorCal CyclingNews! SUPPORT US TODAY!
    Mary Maroon rides for Stevens Bikes team based in Sacramento.  This was a face to face pre-recorded interview two days before her win at the Santa Cruz Classics Criterium!  We talked about the race in the interview and what her strategies were going into the race.  
    Mary was very professional from the time she rode down the street to meet NorCal CyclingNews.  Her bling bling machine is a black beauty matching her kit, a Specialized bike.  Beautiful and intimidating bike!  Starting her 2013 season was a good top 30 finish at the Merco Classics without team mates and going against World Class women's stacked field.  On Stage 3 of Merco, there was a winning break away and she won the bunch sprint from the chase group finishing an awesome 7th place.  
    Catch her at the Hellyer Velodrome soon as she teams up with Emily Thurston for the madison race.  Two powerful riders most likely to&

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    Prepping for the Football Season

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    Another month has flipped on the calendar, and that means we are one step closer to college football. Mississippi State's fans are excited about the season, as are the fans of most teams, so we will start to dig in to the season previews that we are doing over at MaroonAndWhiteNation.com.

    I also want to talk about a story that Beast Man Steve posted on his website 3rdand57.com a week and a half ago. It talked about how Ole Miss Compliance had another victory that most of us had forgotten about. It was an odd matter to start with, but Ole Miss is setting the tone that Mississippi State's Compliance Department should be following.

    Last, we can't get ready for the 2014 season without talking about expectations. Expectations help guide the way we feel about our respective teams. If the team met or exceeded those expectations, we are normally pretty happy. If they didn't live up to them, then fans get upset. So what are realistic expectations, and what should we be hoping for from the 2014 Bulldogs? We will dive into that as well this afternoon, so I hope ypu can join me!

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    Mississippi State News and Notes

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    The days of summer are grinding on, and with only one team left from the SEC in the College World Series, the anticipation for the football season continues to mount.

    With that, we will start talking about the football season in depth. It's the 100th anniversary of Davis Wade Stadium at Scott Field. Croom Diaries has compiled his Top 10 moments of the stadium on both the Davis Wade era and the Scott Field era, so we will talk about those on the show.

    We will also talk about the numerous preseason predictions and preseason All SEC Teams that are coming out. Lots of people are saying good things about Mississippi State, but do they really think we can go above the 6 or 7 wins that many have come to expect from Mississippi State?

    It's a jam packed 30 minutes, so I hope you join me at 3:00 on Monday!

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    Aunkh Aakhu*Brilliance for Life w/Kemetic Yoga & Better Marketing Mastery*

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    *Welcome to Dimensions of Quantum!  We welcome a new family member on our upoming episode, Kemetic Yoga Master Aunkh Aakhu. What he is bringing us is thrice as nice because we are going to present 3 power-packed topics in one 2-hour program, so every minute counts.  First we are exploring Better Marketing Mastery as Aunkh connects ancient science with modern marketing techniques in a way that is uniquely practical, yet based on the esoteric principles of our Kemetic ancestors.

    Then we are staying in Kemet, but taking a journeying into the realm of Kemetic Yoga, an ancient, yet modern, form of connecting the various aspects of our beings: source or essence.  Brother Aunkh will connect us with the principles of healing and rejuvenation that exist within us as our birthright.

    And finally, certainly equally as exciting and inspiring is Brother Aunkh's upcoming Awaken the Maroon Within 13 day Activate your Natural Brilliance Kemetic Yoga Retreat and certification in Portland Jamaica.

    Join us to ask your question about any of these topics and join the family as we are inspired, energized by Brother Aunkh's powerful energy being.

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    Interview with Barrett Sallee of Bleacher Report

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    People who have strong opinions will often create a lot of discussion. The guest I have on today's show certanly has strong opinions. Barrett Sallee, the lead SEC reporter for The Bleacher Report, will come on today. We will get him to tell us his thoughts on what he expects from Mississippi State in the 2014 season.

    We will also ask him about Dan Mullen and what he has meant to Mississippi State. Mullen has accomplished quite a bit in his five years at Mississippi State, but what else does he need to do take this team to the next step?

    And we will also talk about his impressions of Dak Prescott. Prescott has impressed a lot of people, and we will see if Barrett is a believer as well.

    Should be a lot of fun, so make sure to tune in on Thursday at 3:00.

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    Rivalry Chat with Brad Logan

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    The Mississippi State-Ole Miss took an interesrting turn last night as the Rebels advanced to the College World Series for the first time since 1972. What does this mean for the rivalry? We will have Brad Logan from Ole Miss Rebel Nation Magazine to discuss what the other side of the rivalry thinks about the current events in the Magnolia State.

    Other things that we will be sure to discuss will be the upcoming football season. As both teams enter the season riding some positive preseason buzz, how will each team focus on the task at hand, and how much could the rivalry heat up if both teams enter Thanksgiving weekend with 8 or more wins?

    We will also try to touch on the Mike Bianchi article that generated a lot of discussion here in Mississippi this past weekend. We will ask Brad how Ole Miss fans viewed it, and if it resonated with them like it did with Mississippi State fans.

    As always, it should be fun, and I hope you enjoy it.

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    Recapping the Baseball Season and Peeking Ahead to Football

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    The baseball season came to an end last night as the Bulldogs lost to the Ragin' Cajuns 5-3. I will discuss whether or not I think the season was a disappointment. We will also talk about the positives and negatives, and what the future may hold for next year's team.

    With the end of a baseball season comes the mounting anticipation of the football season. We will begin the process of preparing for football. Less than 100 days until opening kickoff against Southern Miss on the SEC Network, so that will be discussed in detail.

    It should be a lot of fun, so be sure to join me at 11:00 today and listen in. If you can't listen live, make sure you download the archived version and check it out.

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