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    ANY past show you've missed can be found at: pdradio.site40.net

    Tonight on PD RADIO your hosts, Ms. PD and Black, bring you a night of great music, real talk and laughs! We shine our Creative Artist Spotlight on the beautifully talented singer and talk show host MARNI ALI! Marni is the sister of Chili from TLC but this firecracker has a style and gift all her own and she's ready to share with YOU! Stay locked for her amazing interview and call up to speak with her at 646-478-3599


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    Marni Ali Williams the come up

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    Hear her sing, listen to her story, see how God has answered her prayers Marni Ali the come up

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    One of the number one frustrating questions concerning prayer is "Why doesn't prayer seem to work?" To understand this question, we must first understand the source, principles, origin, and purpose of prayer. What is prayer? Why is prayer necessary? How should we pray? Why should we pray in the name of Jesus? Why is prayer not always answered the way we expect? When should we stop praying? What role does faith have in prayer process? If God is sovereign and can do whatever He wishes, then why pray? Does prayer affect or change destiny? Is God really listening to me? The questions go on and on, however, these questions only indicate the tremendous confusion and misconceptions surrounding prayer.  Join us for some awesome teaching on what can change your life...PRAYER! With Lady Marni Ali, Prophet/Pastor Antonio Schroeder & Pastor Cassandra Payne

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    MORE THAN ONE WIFE! Is it permissible? Can you really love two people equally?

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    Do you believe you can be in love with two/more people at the same time? Do you believe you can have more than one wife? Some debate that it states no where in the bible that you can't have more than one wife, in fact it's said that God was ok with it all through the old testament. Many cultures & religions permit you to have more than one wife but what does the Holy Scriptures have to say about this? Lets find out this coming Tues. with Lady Marni Ali, Pastor Antonio Schroeder & Michael Muhammad.  We will meet you there!  Kingdom Blessings


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    So many women / men, that sits in the congregation are attracted to their pastor.  It's just "something" about him/her.  Is the power in Leadership?  Is it the anointing? Do you feel "God" is saying that is your future husband / wife?  Is he/she married? How do you handle your attraction? How far will you go to get his/ her attention? Do you feel you can't help feeling the way you do? How do you fight the attaraction, or do you? We want to hear from you this THURSDAY @8pm EST (646)652-2912.  We will meet you there!  Kingdom Blessings

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    BEHIND THE DOORS OF THE POLICE FORCE- EX Cop tells his story! Wesley Hawkins Jr

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    A true life story of a native of Atlantic City, NJ, a former police officer of Atlantic City Police Department, member of Omega Pse Phi Fraternity, single father of three children and a believer of Jesus Christ, tells his remarkable story of his life behind the doors of the "Blue Suit."  Why did he quit the force? What REALLY happend behind those doors? His intention of writing this inspiring book is to show no matter how the cards of life are dealt to you, you must keep your faith, believe and hold on to Jesus!  He will always have your back if you trust Him!

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    FROM PIMPIN TO THE PULPIT with Rev Jaymes Browne

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    Saved from Horror to Heaven.  The talented Ex Pimp, now Pastor, Husband, Father, Author, Actor, Motivational Speaker & Addiction Counselor, Interviews with Church In The Raw and tells about His undeniable experience from the underworld of darkness to the pulpit of heaven! 

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  • Music and Moor with Latifah Ali and Phat Free

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    Music in Moor is a talk show and Music show that looks to chime with the Music in You! The show is designed to use the medium of music as a way of reaching our youths of perpetual freshness to see that all mediums are at their beck and call for good.  It uses music and artists to tell the stories of who we are, where we have been and where we hope to go!  Join Hosts Arafat aka "Phat Free," and Latifa Ali as they explore the world through Music and the legacy of the Bilallian Experience. Every Wednesday from 9-11 PM the urgent Hours. Where we answer the call!

    Latifa Ali is Wife to legendary Muscian: Wali Ali and Phat Free is son of late Roxbury Community Activist Jaqueline Muhammad. Phat runs LightSpeed Entertainment of Boston, a Hip Hop Promotions Company and Latifa Ali heads up Nurrudden Development, A social Entrepreneurial Venture Firm.  Please tune into Music And Moor! American Muslim 360 every Wed. Night from 9-11!



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    Islamism is our way of life !

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    Teaching our divine instructions in our every day life. At work, home,school ,in the streets.

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