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    WOMAN to WOMAN - With Lady Marni Ali

    in Christianity

    WOMAN TO WOMAN...Many times, we as women can be our worst source of negative criticism toward one another. Sisterhood is a powerful concept that we should all support in order to aid each other, our community, and our world. We as women, weave the social fabric of our respective communities and world, so we have much to share with each other that can be of great benefit. What you have mastered and overcome, can help another person to do the same, and vice versa. All that we do and achieve is not only for ourselves but the benefit of each other as well. God is no respect of person, so one person's blessing is not because of "who" they are, rather because of them having kept God's word, or simply due to his mercy, benevolence, and grace. As he has been gracious to us, we too must be loving and gracious to one another. So join us, as we sisters speak openly and candidly about our lives, on Church in th Raw, Monday, Aug 24, 2015, call in # - (646) 652-2912. If you have questions or comments to add during the show, just press #1 on your dial pad. ~Kingdom Blessings


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    The Four Phases of "THE END TIMES!" with Lady Marni Ali & Bishop Charles Connor

    in Christianity

    Don't forget to tune in to CHURCH IN THE RAW BIBLE STUDY teaching on "THE END TIMES" Part 3 with Lady Marni Ali & Bishop E. Charles Connor.He will be teaching on THE CHURCH, THE SATANIST & THE ANTICHRIST, Wednesday  8pm EST (646)652-2912... .... or you can listen from this link. Kingdom Blessings

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    THE END TIMES ~Count Down~ with Bishop Connor & Lady Marni Ali

    in Christianity

    TUNE IN TONIGHT!!! @8PM EST ... Q&A. Tonight Bishop will teach on the current events & and future events to come. The misconception of the Rapture and much more. Please tune in. ~Kingdom Blessings ~Lady Marni 

  • Blending Families - "THE PARENTS" with Lady Marni Ali & Pastor Nate Fowler

    in Christianity

    Obedience is better than sacrifice... God's Grace forgives our sins, but we must deal with the results of our actions. We find ourselves having to deal with the aftermath of our mistakes in our intimate relationships. By living outside of God's perfect Will for our lives, we have created a multitude of confusion from failed situations. Ex-wives, ex-husbands, "baby-daddies, baby-mommies", 'step'-parents, etc., are just some of the realities that we must find the wise course of action for blending our families. What are the guidelines? How are we to make sense of it all according to God's perfect Will? Do you show favortism to your child(ren) over your spouse?  All these questions and more will be addressed and answered for you to find peace. Join us Monday, Aug 10, 2015 for Church in the Raw, call in # - (646) 652-2912. If you have questions or comments to add during the show, just press #1 on your dial pad. ~Kingdom Blessings

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    ANY past show you've missed can be found at: pdradio.site40.net

    Tonight on PD RADIO your hosts, Ms. PD and Black, bring you a night of great music, real talk and laughs! We shine our Creative Artist Spotlight on the beautifully talented singer and talk show host MARNI ALI! Marni is the sister of Chili from TLC but this firecracker has a style and gift all her own and she's ready to share with YOU! Stay locked for her amazing interview and call up to speak with her at 646-478-3599


    Twitter:   @poeticdesigns    @blackdistrict



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    HOLY SPIRIT- Who Is this Man? with Lady Marni Ali & Bishop Charles Connor

    in Christianity

    Many people claim to know the Creator God the Father and the Messiah Jesus the Christ, the Champion and sacrificial gift to all of humanity, however lack understanding of who the Holy Spirit really is, His purpose in our lives and the importance of communing with Him. He is also part of the Godhead. Who exactly is the Holy Spirit? Who is this spirit-man? How does the Holy Spirit operate in the lives of believers? We submit to you that the Holy Spirit is absolutely critical in your walk with Christ as a believer and you must have a deep and in depth bond with the Holy Spirit, in order to "endure until the end"! Join us, as we delve into the entity, the identity, the purpose, the mission, and the manner in which the Holy Spirit operates, interacts with, and deals with our lives as believers in Christ. ~Kingdom Blessings

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    Marni Ali Williams the come up

    in Music

    Hear her sing, listen to her story, see how God has answered her prayers Marni Ali the come up

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    MY PURPOSE??? With Lady Marni Ali and Bishop Charles Connor

    in Christianity

    Do you know what your God purpose is?  Are you frustrated because you know you're suppose to be doing something but can't figure it out?  Do you wonder if God will still use you if you've sinned?  What qualifies you of being ready to step out on faith in your destiny? Are you meant to do it alone?  Well these are some of the questions that concern God's people. Join us in bible study to learn how to get these questions answered.  Don't forget to bring your pen,pad, tablet & bible. Kingdom Blessings <3

  • THE LIES BEHIND HURT- Taking your life back

    in Christianity

    Hurt is the very thing the enemy uses against us as a distraction to keep us from believing God and accomplishing the mission God has called us to.  Hurt focuses on US not God.  Find out the secrets behind hurt that the enemy does not want you to know. Hear how to be healed, how to take back the joy in your life and become whole again to fulfill your God ordained purpose. Join our discussion with Lady Marni Ali, Pastor Nate Fowler & Pastor Cassandra Payne, Monday 10/26/15 @8pm EST.  Kingdom Blessings

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    in Christianity

    GOD WHERE ARE YOU?! Is the question so many are asking! HURT, DEPRESSION, REJECTION, SUICIDE, ABANDONMENT, BETRAYAL, LONELINESS & FRUSTRATION are just "some" of the negative emotions many of His people are feeling in these last days.  It has caused a loss of hope in so many who are crying out for answers.  Many unanswered prayers & unfulfilled dreams has discouraged God's people to even pray and believe for results any more. God is STILL there!  He is very much aware and He is ready to answer the cries of His children. Join us live, Thursday night @8pm EST. with Lady Marni Ali, Pastor Cassandra Payne, Bishop Charles Connor, & Minister Nate Fowler.

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    MAN 2 MAN with LaQuay Laun'Juel, Mike Muhammad & Mukhtar Kojo Ali

    in Christianity

    We as men often proceed in life closed in and solitary with our thoughts and emotions. This directly reflects on our sense of comfort or competition with our environment and those within it. For this reason, we seek out like minds, like purpose, and like valued people to ourselves in which to build friendship, family, and community. How well we do this, is based on a number of interpersonal skills we acquire along the path of our growth. The path of Manhood! Let's discuss this journey, its many way stations, its pits and falls, and its peaks and heights. It's time to discuss it Man to Man, raw and uncut!!! Grrrr! Join our night's hosts Commander La'Quay Laun'Juel, Michael Muhammad and Mukhtar Kojo Ali on Man 2 Man, hosted by Church in the Raw this Monday, Sept 21, at 8:00 pm.