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    #169 - Marlene Bagnull

    in Books

    Listen to the Christian Authors on Tour (CAOT) Blog Talk Radio Show on Friday, March 1st at 2 p.m. (EST) for a LIVE interview with Marlene Bagnull, the Founder and Director of the Greater Philly Christian Writers Conference.
    The Greater Philly Christian Writers Conference is scheduled  July 31-August 3, 2013 at Cairn University (formerly Philadelphia Biblical University) in Langhorne, PA. 
    This year's conference will again feature a faculty of approximately 50 professional authors, editors, agents, and publicists. Attendees can choose from Wednesday earlybirds, 8 continuing sessions, plus 42 workshops or three hands-on clinics. Additionally, conference goers can take advantage of 4 one-on-one, 15-minute appointments with the faculty of your choice for those who attend the entire conference and a BONUS fifth appointment is available for the first 75 registrants.
    Call (858) 357-8408 to join co-hosts, Pastor Kevin Wayne Johnson and Lynn Pinder, in asking questions of Marlene Bagnull regarding the 2013 Greater Philly Christian Writers Conference.   
    Christian Authors on Tour (CAOT) Blog Talk Radio Show
    2013 Holy Spirit-Filled & Powerful Witnesses of Christ:  Christian Authors on Tour (CAOT)

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    Interview #150 - Marlene Bagnull, Litt.D

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    Tune into the Christian Authors on Tour (CAOT) Blog Talk RAdio Show on Friday, July 27th at 2 p.m. (ET) for a LIVE interview with Marlene Bagnull, the Director of Write His Answer Ministry and the host of the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference!   Also, receive updates from co-hosts Joy Turner and Lynn Pinder regarding the 2012 Serenity at Sea Cruise and the next stop on the 2012 Fellowship of Believers: Christian Authors on Tour (CAOT)!   Remember, this is a LIVE broadcast so call (858) 357-8408 to ask questions, share comments or to win FREE prizes via the CAOT 2012 Scavenger Hunt!
    Christian Authors on Tour (CAOT) Blog Talk Radio Show www.blogtalkradio.com/christianauthorsontour
    Christian Authors on Tour (CAOT) www.christianauthorsontour.com
    CAOT 2012 Scavenger Hunt http://caotscavengerhunt.blogspot.com

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    Sananda and AAMichael: Removing the "Dark Cell" and Cancelling Our Contract

    in Spirituality

    Tonight we will present the straightforward procedure for removing the "Sleeper Cell" which was a part of our Contract before we came here.  Our Higher Selves, since the beginning of our Great Plan to come to Earth as incarnated humans, agreed in our Council to experience life here in duality, as dark and light, separate from God and reaching to reconnect.

    We have recently been told through Sananda and AA Michael that part of our original contract was to come with a "dark cell" which would make us more attractive to the dark ones and would allow us to experience what they experience.  As such, we worked as "decoys" for the dark ones - a part of our service to God - and as champions for the Light at the same time.

    We must nullify the contract with Source and the Company of Heaven, and remove the cell ourselves in order to be free of this program, now that we are ready to move to highter dimensions.

    We will describe what the "sleeper cell" was for, what thoughts and feelings it engenders, and how it has affected us in our experience as human beings.  You will learn the history of our ancient Contract, do the removal of the dark cell, and together nullify the original contract, in fully conscious free will agreement.

    Join us for this life-changing event.   You will leave a different person than you came.

    With Love, Kathryn, Meg, Marlene, Mary, Ele, Christine and the rest of the team.





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    The Blood Promise, Fresh Start Church, Dr. Marquis Boone

    in Social Networking

    Hello and Welcome to Marlene’s Mannah, the Show for the People.  Listen … I had the chance to go to church today ya’ll and let me tell you my Pastor Dr. Marquis Boone was on fire.  That’s right…on fire!!!  He talked about the Blood of Jesus and boy did he teach us a few thangs!

    Blood is referenced throughout Scripture, but what does Christ's blood really mean?

    His blood redeems us. There was a price against us that we could not pay, but the blood of Jesus redeemed us. First Peter 1:18-19 says, "For you know that it was not with perishable things such as silver or gold that you were redeemed from the empty way of life handed down to you from your forefathers, but with the precious blood of Christ, a lamb without blemish or defect."

    His blood brings us into fellowship with God. According to Ephesians 2:13, "But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far away have been brought near through the blood of Christ."  We can’t do anything without the blood and covering of Jesus

    His blood makes peace with God. Man, by nature, is at war with God; and we can only come to God on His peace terms—the blood atonement. The Bible says in Colossians 1:20, "And, having made peace through the blood of His cross, by Him to reconcile all things unto Himself ..."

    His blood cleanses. Not only does it remove the punishment of sin, it removes the pollution. I don't care what sin you've committed; "the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin (1 John 1:7).  Stay tuned to this powerful segment!!!!!!!!

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    Sananda et al: Activation, Anchoring and Preparation for the New Atlantis

    in Spirituality

    Kathryn:  It was an astonishing, wonderful week.   I assure you it was necessary, and well, amazing.  I can’t wait to tell you all about why I was away from the show last week.  I do apologize for no notice, but you will understand.

    This week's show featured Ashtar, Raphael and Sananda.

    Here is a message from Sananda  about our trip to the Yucatan, completed Jan. 10, 2015.

    Beloved Ones,
    It is I, Sananda.  I have spent the past week, along with my brothers Ashtar and Raphael, accompanying our “boots on the ground” (Kathryn, Marlene and Mary) as they criss-crossed the entire Yucatan Peninsula.  Together, we activated the electromagnetic connections between and among the ancient pyramids, which operate as Galactic transmission centers, creating a network of powerful energies which will be of great assistance in the transmission of higher dimensional energies to all of Planet Earth.
    There was much more to the healing and activating work,which we will talk about on the show.

    I will also be sending you a written message through Kathryn to tell you of the extensive, and I might say, exhaustive work these three Divine Feminine Masters have accomplished on behalf of humanity. 

    We apologize for taking your dear Kathryn away at the last minute so that she could not be here for her Wednesday program last week.  We asked that the three women join us, and within a day they were on the airplane to the Yucatan.  We will include all of you in our news and discussion if you would like to join us on Wednesday.  We are joyfully celebrating the remarkable success of the Mission Accomplished.  It was effective beyond our greatest expectations, and we are very excited about sharing it with you.

    With all my love,
    Your Sananda


  • Dr. Marlene Chait - Health and Wellness of Women with Disabilities

    in Culture

    Join us for a conversation with Dr. Marlene Chait, Disability Studies Educator / Consultant / Grant Development / Researcher, on topics of particular interest to women with disabilities. We'll discuss women as sexual beings, the overwhelming amount of physical, emotional, mental and covert abuse, isolation and other struggles they face, and the urgent need to meet the inclusion of seniors. We'll also discuss Marlene's work with women who became disabled during military service, and the need for community based supports and further study.

    Marlene authored a dissertation entitled "An Exploratory Study About Women With Physical Disabilities: A Survey of Their Views on Personal Care Assistance Services (PAS), Sexuality Education, and Sexual Expression". She holds Doctorate in Education, Disability Studies/Transition Special Ed, from The George Washington University.

    PA Independent Living Radio Show is brought to you by The Arc of Luzerne County, Fridays at 12:00 PM EST/EDT. Please consider a donation in support of our work to help improve the quality of life for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and their families. For more news and events of interest to the PA disability community, visit PA Disability News.

    Thanks for listening!

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    Voice of Albion: Daz Lumb NF/NWI/CXF

    in Politics

    Daz Lumb has been a Nationalist Activist for 15 years in Yorkshire.

    He was a local Organiser for the British National Party (BNP), and stood for local election. He was also Regional Organiser for the BNP for a short time.

    Daz has been an active member of the National Front (NF) since 2012, and has delivered speeches at events and meetings around the UK.

    Daz also supports the North West Infidels (NWI) and the Combined Ex Forces (CXF) campaign group.

    West Yorkshire BNP anti Halal demo

    Protect the Poppy - 11/11/2011

    Rochdale's Paedophile Shame (NF, CXF, NWI, AZL Demo)

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    Interracial Adoptive Parenting: White Parents with Brown Kids

    in Parents

    Transracial adoption is becoming increasingly popular in the US. There are issues unique to parenting a child of a different race. Our guest is Dr. Marlene Fine. She is a Professor Emerita from Simmons College in Boston MA specializing in issues related to race, racial identity, and interracial communication, and the co-author with her spouse, Fern Johnson, of The Interracial Adoption Option: Creating a Family Across Race.  She is the white adoptive mother of two African American sons, both adopted as infants and now ages 24 and 25.  She is also a facilitator with the YW Boston Community Dialogues on Race and Ethnicity.

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    Marlene Green - Professional Certified Coach

    in Business

    Marlene Green is a Professional Certified Coach, trainer, and author who has provided team building, executive coaching expertise and talent development for senior executives in Fortune 500 corporations, non-profit organizations and academia. Additionally, she is a lecturer and resource on executive coaching for The Kellogg School of Management and is a Founding Member of the John Maxwell Team.

    With more than 25 years of experience, Marlene designed and presents on the Distinction of Leadership Presence, Seven Secrets of Attraction and The Art of Leadership Intelligence. She is known internationally as an expert in talent development and executive coaching, consistently providing successful results with groups and individuals within companies. Marlene trained with Newfield Coaching in Boulder, Colorado in its Coaching Excellence in Organizations program, which focuses on training specific to business organizations. She is credentialed by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), and is certified in Generative Leadership in Coaching Excellence in Organizations. She is certified to deliver sales training for the Sandler Sales Institute, where she is a leading resource on transforming professional image. Marlene also participates as a presenter on Leadership Presence in the Face of Overwhelm for the European Mentor and Coaching Council in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

    Prior to launching her own firm Marlene worked for Warner Brothers and the Jenny Jones Show where she was nominated twice for an Emmy. The Jenny Jones Show, and other properties of Warner Brothers (Jerry Springer, and Tele Pictures) utilized her expertise to develop on-air talent. Marlene has served as a contributing writer for Vogue and Glamour as well as numerous articles in the Chicago Sun Times, in her area of expertise, and has appeared on Fox News and NBC.

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    This Week's Guest is Holistic Practitioner Marlene Ivette

    in Health

    Holistic Practitioner Marlene Ivette joins us this week on The Best Years in Life Radio.  We will be discussing the effectiveness in addressing mental/emotional health using essential oils.  

    During the first hour of the show, Tony will go over additions to our website and his topic will be:  How to beat and avoid the flu naturally.  .

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    Re-telecast of former Jehovah's Witnesses Marlene and Ruben Mercado

    in Religion

    Saturday 11/29/14 12pm ET/11am CTRL/10am MTN/9am Pac Call in and listen to this rebroadcast of Marlene whom we coined 'the blood lady" because of her in depth knowledge of the Watchtower blood policy!

    As a Jehovah's Witness working in a municipal hospital Marlene learned much about how they used blood and blood transfusions. Today as a Christian she hopes to use this information to set them free. http://www.exjehovahswitnesses.com/doctrine/bloodvid.htm

    We ask our listeners to pray for Marlene whom has had several issues with her back and has gone through surgery! We are playing this re-telecast in honor of her and Ruben all the great work they have done to help others out of the cults!

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