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    The Literature Episode with Marlena Fitzpatrick of Editorial Trance

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    Tonight, we talk literature with Marlena Fitzpatrick of Editorial Trance, a digital publishing platform that seeks to broaden the literary margins of the Latino experience in both English and Spanish. Marlena will share more details about a new call for submissions for the Rebeldes anthology Latino Rebels is developing with Editorial Trance.

    Later in the show, we'll explore what our community is saying about our top stories of the week.

    Call in to (347) 308-8633 and join the convo!

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    Mock Interview with Liz Gavin

    in Books

    Test Attempt #2B

    Marlena Hand interview Liz Gavin

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    In The Zone Radio: Marlena Delacroix

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    Popular soap opera columnist Marlena Delacroix joins ITZ to talk about the soap industry, as well as honor the great Douglas Marland. A daily talk show dedicated to soaps, music, reality tv, primetime dramas and more!

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    Hope in the Midst of Brokeness

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    Author, Marlena Graves, will be our guest Monday, March 2nd at 3:30 pm, PST/6:30 pm, EST. She is an Op-ed writer for the popular Her.menetics blog and author of A Beautiful Disaster: Finding hope in the midst of brokeness.

    A prolific writer, Marlena has both lived and explored topics such as depression, loss and grief, brokeness, hope, faith, dignity, poverty, reconciliation, and a host of other topics; topics that should be embraced and examined for how they fit into a life lived well.  

    If you're sensing that something is missing in your life and that you may even be in the midst of your personal desert or wilderness, listen and learn that the dust and dryness can be watered and even flourish.

    Marlena's book examines a life rooted in crisis; a life that could be mine or yours. It is hers. Join us and hear how a life of faith made and can still make all the difference in whether or not we just live or learn to live well. 

    Guests can call in to join the conversation at: (646) 716-8344.


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    Famous cases4modern conspiracy: rabbit-/sinkhole? -Brian Jones, Hendrix,Wagner 7

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    Today we are venturing into the arts. There are two deaths in the UK (England) which have received some attention, from 1960s artists which we will cover. For direct context we will discuss the USA's Laurel Canyon and London's Indica Bookstore Swinging Sixties scenes.


    For tangential context about arts and manipulation, shared ideas and coverups, we will also discuss Wagner and Nietsche's relationship to one of Wagner's patrons, the Rothschilds, Nietsche's illness included. In passing, we will mention Delacroix and Goethe's relationship to the Rothschilds as friends and patrons, as well. We could reach anywhere in history, but people can get overwhelmed, so I am touching on only a few cases of interest.


    To listen without ads (I think) or to download, click download button (cloud with arrow).

    For other shows: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/reasoning-and-reorientation

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    The Author Chat Show with Lynda D. Brown

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    Meet author Pamela Jones. She's my guest on The Author Chat Show on Sat. Dec. 6th. We'll be chatting about her new book, Tomorrow Never Comes.

    About the book:

    Bernice Albright is a bestselling romance novelist. Her renowned fame and fortune affords her an affluent life, such as a mansion, an ocean view condo, and a luxury car. She knows influential people around the globe.She lives a good life, but it’s minimal compared to her love for her family. Her love is associated with a promise she made to her dying mother 20 years ago: to raise her siblings, Marlena and Rico Brown.Marlena and Rico are now adults. Despite having a good upbringing, they made choices that resulted in their lives being “hell on earth.” As the presumed matriarch, Bernice is preparing to help her siblings rebuild their lives. This gives her strong belief in her late mother’s motto: tomorrow will be a better day.However, a turn of events occurs, and it changes her family forever. At the end of it all, Bernice has a new reality about her family, her mother’s belief, and herself.

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    Day of Days Interviews: Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn

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    Diva of Days of our Lives correspondents Cheri Henry and Carrie Garfield interviewed Days icon actors Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn at the Day of Days fan event.

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    Culinary Artist/Author Marlena Attinasi Exclusive

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    This beautiful biracial mother is a culinary artist in her own right. With A passion for food, family and entertaining, Marlena Attinasi is at peace in her world and will inspire our listeners across the globe!
    Tune in to Mz DeeVa's exclusive interview with the author on March 13, 2014.

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    Parenting Aces with guest Marlena Hall

    in Sports

    Join host Lisa Stone and guest to discuss various aspects of parenting a junior tennis player from the 10-and-unders through college

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    Divas 187th Days Blogtalkradio Show

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    Join the Diva of Days of our Lives and friends for our 187th Blogtalkradio Show.  Topics this week include:  Daniel brings Kristen back to Salem, Kristen is arrested, EJ refuses to be Kristen's attorney, Marlena tries to talk Brady out of seeing Kristen, Eric tells everyone his news of not returning to the priesthood because he can't let go of his anger towards Nicole, Theresa tries to talk Anne into going after Dan, and Will writes an article about Sami that infuriates her,

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    The C Words

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    This week, we’re talking about controversies, confrontations and cheap (looking) stunts. DAYS OF OUR LIVES gave us the long-awaited, awesome-as-hoped-for scenes in which Sami finally confronted Abby and EJ, and Alison Sweeney did some of the best work of her career as a result. But DAYS also gave us the long-awaited, much-discussed and, ultimately, kinda sad charity event which boiled down to Marlena cracking jokes on TV while Aiden and Hope danced in a storage closet. Over on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, we got our first glimpse of new-girl-in-town Ivy... and saw Quinn go right over the edge! Did Quinn go too far... or is there hope for our favorite mad mama yet? THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS continued to give fan-fave Melody Thomas Scott awesome material as Nikki went up against Ian... but they also gave us the awful Austin/Summer story. And GENERAL HOSPITAL continued to push Sam further away from Silas... and closer to Patrick, leaving us to wonder how Robin's return (not to mention the possibility of Jason coming with her) will impact the canvas. And your host, Richard M. Simms -- executive editor of Soaps in Depth -- found himself smack-dab in the middle of a little controversy thanks to the Golden Girls! All that and more tonight on Tune In Tomorrow!

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