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    RRBC RAVE WAVES BlogTalkRadio "BUY THE BOOK" with Robin Chambers

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    Welcome to Rave Reviews Book Club's BlogTalkRadio production of RAVE WAVES "BUY THE BOOK", where host, Marlena Hand, is joined by Author Robin Chambers! We are discussing his novel, A WIZARD OF DREAMS. Join us as we explore this novel and become better acquainted with Author Robin Chambers.

    This segment of BUY THE BOOK is sponsored by Marc Estes, the very talented author of FOUR PIECES OF POWER.

    If you'd like to know how you can get your own commercial recorded or read live on one of our shows, please visit RaveReviewsByNonnieJules.wordpress.com.

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    Chopped Junior Champion Daniel Kligmann

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    Daniel is the 10th of 12 children. He is homeschooled and in 9th grade.

    He is a Master Sergeant in Civil Air Patrol, where he is first sergeant of his squadron and was just chosen last week to represent his squadron with 2 others in a joint American and Canadian exercise which happened this last weekend.

    He owns Salt Lake Catering Company with his brother and has a growing business there. He also cooks and serves with the homeless ministry at his church on a regular basis.

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    Annie Mahon: Mindful Eating

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    In THINGS I DID WHEN I WAS HANGRY: Navigating a Peaceful Relationship with Food, Annie Mahon shares her journey toward a healthy and mindful relationship with food. After years of struggling with negative body image, eating disorders, and food-related anxiety, Annie tells a story we all know of growing up in a culture that constantly pressures us to be thinner while simultaneously encouraging us to eat more.

    Today we’re going to talk about how to apply mindfulness practices to change the way you eat, cooks, and think about food for the better. Annie’s story serves as a guide for anyone who is searching for a healthier and more mindful relationship with eating. Her website is www.rawindfulness.com.

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    Soul Food – a conversation about soul food and why most dislike food?

    in Pop Culture

    According to some sources, the term may have first been used in 1962 by civil rights activist and poet Amiri Baraka. 1962 was the same year that Sylvia Woods opened her now-famous Harlem restaurant Sylvia’s; today, Sylvia is known by many as “the Queen of Soul Food.” Soul food restaurants and cookbooks continued to be popular through the ’70s.

    The Food

    Soul food is basic, down-home cooking with its roots in the rural South. The principle staples of soul food cooking are beans, greens, cornmeal (used in cornbread, hush puppies, johnnycakes, and as a coating for fried fish), and pork. Pork has an almost limitless number of uses in soul food. Many parts of the pig are used, like pigs’ feet, ham hocks, pig ears, hog jowl, and chitlins. Pork fat is used for frying and as an ingredient in slowly-cooked greens. Sweet, cold drinks are always a favorite.

    “Soul” or “Southern?”

    To a lot of people, all that just sounds like a description of Southern food. The distinctions between soul and Southern are hard to make. In his 1969 Soul Food Cookbook, Bob Jeffries summed it up thusly: “While all soul food is southern food, not all southern food is ‘soul.’ Soul food cooking is an example of how really good southern Negro cooks cooked with what they had available to them.”

    Soul food has its roots in slavery, when African Americans had to make do with whatever food was available to them. For the next hundred years after the abolition of slavery, most African Americans lived in poverty, so recipes continued to make use of cheaper ingredients. Of course, this isn’t entirely a black/white issue.


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    Author Isiko Cooks aka Peter Mack talks #Filthy on #ConversationsLIVE

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    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes author Isiko Cooks aka Peter Mack to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss his journey to writing, what it's been like to see the way his words have affected others and the response to his newest book FILTHY.

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    Johnny Manziel, alcoholic unicorn

    in Sports

    Mind of Mansion Radio Episode 187: Matt Kelley @fantasy_mansion believes Johnny Manziel enthusiasts are clinging to a myth.

    The New York Attorney General seeking notoriety by attacking an embattled industry is the least surprising event in the history of government. 

    Given the political risks, are DFS blitzkrieg marketing tactics clever, arrogant, or ignorant? 

    Willie Snead is more Antonio Brown while Brandin Cooks is more Emmanuel Sanders. 

    2015 Jay Cutler is the best version of Jay Cutler yet. 

    Ben Watson and Gary Barnidge are top-10 old tight ends in the Year of the Old Man with some hidden dynasty value. 

    Darren McFadden exemplifies Wolff's Law in the NFL.

    Advanced metrics, prospect evaluations, and fantasy football information were provided by PlayerProfiler.com

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    Computer America - News; Kitchology

    in Technology

    Computer America

    Hour one: News, brought to you by Slimware Utilities!

    Craig and Ben do Computer and Technology News, brought to you by Slimware Utilities, the Official Optimization Software of Computer America, and answer your computer questions!


    Hour two: Kitchology.  Iris Sherman, Co-Founder and President of Kitchology

    Kitchology is about overcoming food allergies through the power of technology and community. Their thesis is that 1) when food is the problem, the cook is the solution and 2) as there is power in numbers, ten cooks are stronger than just one cook. Kitchology puts cooks at the center of their design to make cooking social as a means to deal with special dietary needs. Using powerful tools, cooks plan and build recipe collections that account for food allergies/intolerances, diets, preparation time, and ingredients they love. Based on their profile, Kitchology automatically provides ingredient substitutions, integrating flavor management and nutritional content. Kitchology encourages cooks to share their insight, discover and follow other cooks “foodprints".

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    The Sunday Morning Brunch

    in Sports

    The kitchen is open with the cornerstone show of Sport City that started everything!  Welcome to the Sunday Morning Brunch everyone!  The Sports weekend starts off with a lot of fireworks and unbeatens in the College Football world falling as well as the boxing world watches one of the more notable names hang em' up after his defeat as well.  Is it Ezekiel Elliott as the favorite for the Heisman now after Leonard Fournette and Travone Boykin both fall with bad performances by the two of them?  Come on down the the Kitchen we got everything your Sport heart desires.  Join Rhodri Jones aka The Welsh Dragon, Chandler Knight aka Nostradamus, Ignacio Silva aka Nacho and TP Tymeless bka Tyrone Powell as we get the best sports talk around the World Wide Web brought to you directly from the COOKS!  Tell a friend to tell a friend that its the Sport City Chefs AGAIN!!!  If they don't know....................... NOW THEY KNOW!!!!!!!!!!! 

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    Our Cleansing Journey

    in Youth

    Renae and Marlena discuss their journey with deep tissue cleansing through juice fasting, plant based diet & colonics, and how astrology, meditation and spirituality comes into play with this amazing process!!

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    RRBC RAVE WAVES Blog Talk Radio: AUTHOR SCOOP with Host John Howell

    in Books

    Sit down and have a cozy chat with host, John Howell, and co-hosts: Marlena Hand, Beem Weeks, Marc Estes, and John Fioravanti. Each of your fabulous hosts today have some juicy Author Scoops for you to soak up, so relax and enjoy. This is yet another way that Rave Reviews Book Club Profiles, Promotes, and Propels the careers of our members! To ask questions or leave comments during the show, please use the hashtags: #RRBC #RRBCAuthorScoop.

    Today's show is being sponsored by John Fioravanti, the talented author of "PASSION & STRUGGLE."  

    If you have some news that you'd like to share, with the possibility of it being mentioned here on AUTHOR SCOOP, please email us at RRBCInfo@gmail.com with "Scoop" in the Subject line.

    If you'd like to know how you can get your own commercial recorded or read on one of our shows, please visit RaveReviewsByNonnieJules.wordpress.com.

    RRBC RAVE WAVES BlogTalkRadio "AUTHOR SCOOP." Get the scoop here!

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    Third & Short: Wanda's Fantasy Football Week 7

    in Sports

    Host Wanda Wiedman talks about Week 7 Fantasy Football Starts and Sits.

    Start quarterback Cam Newton of the Panthers against a questionable Philidelphia Eagle defense. Sit Joe Flacco of the Ravens against a strong Arizona defense. Sleeper choice is Blake Bortles of the Jaguars who play the Bills in London. 

    Start running back Todd Gurley of the Rams. Wanda's value pick while injured, Gurley returned in a big way. Will do well against Browns who lead the league with 887 rushing yards allowed. Sit Dion Lewis of the Patriots. Against the Jets, the run game may come to a full stop. Sleeper will be Brandon Oliver of the Chargers. Melvin Gordon has not produced well, but Oliver is making a case for himself.

    Steelers wideout Martavis Bryant will score high against the Chiefs defense who have allowed more fantasy points to wide receivers. Sit Amari Cooper of the Raiders. Even though he produces high fantasy points he may be shut down by the Chargers defense. Sleeper is Willie Snead of the Saints. He has fared better than Brandin Cooks and Drew Brees loves throwing to his slot guy.

    Tight end Jason Witten of the Cowboys will be interim quarterback Matt Cassel's target in the end zone. Sit Zach Ertz of the Eagles who has not seen a lot of touches and against the Panthers, that will not change.

    Start Rams in defense but sit Eagles.