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    Over the Top Radio - Silver State 508 with Marko Baloh

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    Marko Baloh is currently working on his altitude training riding all the high Colorado passes in preparation for the upcoming Silver State 508.  He takes time out from his training regime to speak with us on a rainy Monday.  The Slovenian is one of the best in our sport and is nearly untouchable in distances up to 1,000 miles.  Along with his multiple world records in the ultra distances Marko is still highly competitive in traditional bicycle racing.  He is a past winner of the Furnace Creek 508 and would like nothing better than to add a victory at the Silver State 508 to his resume.

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    Over the Top Radio - Silver State 508 with Marko Baloh

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    After his performance at the 2014 Race Across the West Marko Baloh of Slovenia is a heavy favorite at the Silver State 508.  However, previous guests David Haase and Adam Bickett look to give him some strong competition.  We visit with Marko this evening to discuss his views of the upcoming race, strengths, weaknesses and, hopefully, a bit of race insight for one of the best in the sport.  Just a few of Marko's achievements:

    Results from 2012

    2. place DOS/RAS EXTREME Race around Slovenia, time 1 day 18h 33min,
    World Record for 100 milj Time Trial (160,9km) 3h 48min 41sec, average speed42,2km/h,
    1. place Race across Oregon (RAO), july 2012, time 29h 26min (route record bettered for 4 hours),
    1. place No Country for Old Men (Texas) 384 miles in time 19h 14 min,
    1. place World Championships 24h Time Trial, Coachella Valley, CA with 495,7 miles in 24 hours.


    Results from 2011

    1. place Texas Hill Country 600KM, march 2011, time 19h 14 min;
    1. place DOS/RAS EXTREME Race around Slovenia, may 2011, 1138km in 1d 16h 21min;
    3. place RAAM 2011 (solo), junij 2011, time 9d 2h 59min;
    4. place RAP-Race across Pohorje, 9.julij 2011, 350km in 13h 50min,
    4. place Tortour, august 2011, 1000km in time 37h 04min.

    Results from 2010

    World records on indoor track (8.-9. oktober 2010): 

    200 miles - 8h 01min 25,92sec (average speed 40,11km/h);
    12 hours  - 475,263km (average speed 39,60km/h);
    24 hours (the most km done in 24h absolutly in ultra-cycling history!) - 903,765km (average speed 37,66km/h);
    1.000km - 27h 31min 09sec (average speed 36,34km/h);

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    Race Across Oregon Finish Line live with Marko Baloh

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    Tune in to hear from 2012 record setting race winner Marko Baloh!

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    Over The Top Radio - RAO 2012 Champion Marko Baloh

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    Join us tomorrow 10AM Pacific Time/7PM Slovenia Time for an in depth interview with 2012 Race Across Oregon Champion Marko Baloh.  Please send questions for Marko to the Race Across Oregon Facebook Page or email ottpradio@gmail.com

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    The Word Beyond Belief welcomes back Ole Dammegard

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    Ole has just returned from his whirlwind tour of Northern Europe where he lectured and continued to investigate some of the biggest hoaxes of recent history. He synopsizes his travel and explains some of his unusual encounters. Ole demonstrates through his actions and interactions some ways in which he tries to lighten the world through his presence. He also delves deeply into the mysteries surrounding the Copenhagen shooting and ties it into the patterns he has seen in false flags and other observations that he has made throughout the world during his many investigations. This is an in-depth interview but one that will hold your interest because of unique insights and helpful observations. Please visit Ole's site to help support his on going research at www.lightonconspiracies.com And for more information visit our blog: http://pineconeutopia.yolasite.com and our BlogTalk radio archives for more interviews and episodes of The World Beyond Belief. The World Beyond Belief is hosted by Paul W Marko, Ph.D. author of Belief Magic: Decoding the Belief Matrix and The Postconventional Personality (Assessing, Researching and Theorizing Higher Development)

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    WorldBeyondBelief136Medical Terrorism Hides Cures for Heart Disease and Cancer

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    The 4 leading causes of death in the United States are heart disease, cancer, medical doctors and pharmaceutical drugs (in that order). If all 4 could be eliminated it would save 22 ½ million lives in the US alone (looks like about 6% of the population each year). But how could this be done since heart disease and cancer are endemic in our culture? And don’t we need medical doctors, the medical community and big pharmaceutical companies to keep the disease monsters at bay. This mythology is explored and exposed as a fraud during this pod cast. In the second hour we present an amazing cure for all that ails you including heart disease and cancer. What is this magic cure? You will be surprised to find out that it is water. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbQOQIdri4Q

    The World Beyond Belief is hosted by Paul W Marko, Ph.D. author of Belief Magic : Decoding the Belief Matrix For more please visit our blog and our YouTube channel



  • Sports Betting Weekly w/2nd Half Chas & Inner Circle Cover This Weekend's Action

    in Football

    Listen in as SportsBettingWeekly begins airing in their new time slot

    Here they are back after their exclusive three week tour of Europe, Scandinavia and the sub continent

    Sloppy, Mo, Johnny D, Tommy, Marko, Billy V and a host of special guests and great interviews

    Will hit the weekend running starting at 11am est (8am out here in San Diego)

    The main focus will be on whatever action is on the board at the Westgate Las Vegas and Caliente Sports Books

    NCAA Hoops and the upcoming tourneys

    Golf, MLB, UCF, NBA and as always a few futures on Football

    With an amazing array of opinions on any sport you can bet legally in Vegas or Mexico

    As well as discussions on the political side of the legalized sports betting debate

    Like most shows it'll be more opions on more games than one hour can handle

    Sports Betting Weekly is the only place where you get the winners before the games are played

    This is must listen to radio if you're placing even one wager this weekend.

    Especialy if you want to...

    Always Be Cashing

    www.SportsBettingWeekly.com    www.2ndHalfChas.com   www.SixBetsAGame.com

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    WorldBeyondBelief135 : Diving Deeply into the Hampstead Child Sex Rabbit Hole

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    Speculation as to why the neighborhood parents weren’t taking action leads to looking more deeply into particulars of the case, the characteristics of the neighborhood and certain participants’ involvement with Tavistock (the culture creating mechanism for the New World Order). The function of Tavistock is examined and their possible motivations involving this case are discussed. A person who had lived in the area sheds light on the people and the situation in Hampstead and links to the areas dark past. Parallels to Sandy Hook, Connecticut are explored. As a bonus Neurolinguistic programming is explained as a tool for finding truth. 

    For more, visit our blog pineconeutopia, our archives and our YouTube channel

    The World Beyond Belief is hosted by Paul Marko, Ph.D. author of Belief Magic: Decoding the Belief Matrix and The Postconventional Personality


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    The World Beyond Belief welcomes back Ole Dammegard

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    Today we welcome back to the World Beyond Belief Ole Dammegard, a person that we always find informative, enlightening and inspirational. On this broadcast, Ole shares some of his vast expertise in media and investigating public assassinations and false flags and sheds light on some of the more recent cabal productions including the Charlie Hebdo case, (which he breaks down in some depth) The Ottawa shooting, the case of the Sidney sheik, Sandy Hook hoax and many others. He sees all of these cases as being staged using a general template for creating false flags and psy-ops used around the world to produce mayhem and allow the controllers to enact restrictive legislation and bring in the police state. As usual Ole emphasizes that we must always remain in Love and stay out of the fear reaction that these staged events are designed to engender.   The World Beyond Belief is hosted by Paul Marko, Ph.D., and Mindy Urken. Please visit us at http://pineconeutopia.yolasite.com For more of Ole Dammegard's work please visit: www.lightonconspiracies.com We encourage you to support Ole's continued research on behalf of all humanity by buying his books or making a donation.



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    World Beyond Belief 131 Conversation with Spirit

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    Whenever you meet a fellow traveler on the path to awakening it is a celebration, a liberating feeling and a reassurance that the grand expansion of consciousness is indeed underway. Today The World Beyond Belief welcomes fellow traveler, Spirit who adds his words of wisdom to the Pod Cast. We discuss dealing with our children still trapped in the Matrix and how to best be there for them when they finally begin to see the grand deception. We talk about the curse of transhumanism and what real consciousness evolution might look like. It is an uplifting discussion that you won’t want to miss.

    The World Beyond Belief is hosted by Dr Paul Marko, author of The Post Conventional Personality and Belief Magic, available from Amazon.com and from our blog: http://pineconeutopia.yolasite.com, the home of UnUniversity where you can find the work of many other researchers as well as more videos from pine cone utopia presents....Please visit us there and at our YouTube channel

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    Go Time Interview 2015

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    We will talk to Scott, Steve, Marko and Paul from the Chicago band ''Go Time'' about their newest  release ''Ratsel '' . 

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