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    Robert Newman, Candidate for Governor (CA) on Issues

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    Join us tonite as it is (Primary) election day in some states.  We will have all the results, and we will be joined by Candidate for Governor, Robert Newman (CA).  He will be sharing with us some strategy on how we can bring down the deficit, reign in some of the spending, Healthcare issues, Economy, Immigration, and several other hot button issues of the day.  To find out more about him go here:  http://www.newman4governor.org/

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    Candidate For US Congress Kathy Weppner(R) (NY d-26) Discusses Current Issues

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    Kathy Weppner is a lifelong resident of Western New York. She and her husband Dennis raised five children in Williamsville, NY.  She attended St. Bonaventure University and the University of Buffalo studying Mass Communication. She was a researcher and producer and subsequently became Assignment Editor and writer for the six and eleven o’clock news at Channel Seven Eyewitness News. She made a decision to put her career on hold to raise thier five children.  It was at this time she became an advocate for children with disabilities. She also  began her broadcasting career on WBEN’s Straight Talk with Kathy Weppner in 2005 focusing on citizen advocacy and engagement in the political process. Later, she became a community advocate in which she worked on John Walkers case.  Tonite we will find out where she stands on Immigration, Education ( Common Core), Healthcare, and the Economy.  To find out more about her go here:  http://www.weppnerforcongress.com/home.html

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    Thy "Friend", Thy "Big Brother"

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    "Your ability to be human does not apply the minute you step outside your doorstep." (Finkle) We all remember the story of 1984 wrtten by "Big Brother?" Just how close are we living in 1984 "themes" today. Consider this.One day you are at a barbecue and enjoying yourself. The neighbor next door is filiming a video about gardening. The conversation at your barbecue involves the slave trade. During this conversation, you wind up talking about diversity. You say something to the effect that each culture should have their own country. The blacks should have theirs and the whites their own. The neighbor edits his video about gardening and your converstion.The only part about your conversation that goes up on the video is the part inwhich you said ,"Whites should have their own country. " His video goes up on facebook, twitter, and many other social media sites. Because it is popular, it gets 10,000 hits. One person listening to it is another neighbor and friend. He interprets it as racist and stops talking to you.He tells people he knows and who you also know.  People in general stop talking to you. Word gets around to someone in your work place. It then makes its way to the HR person. Several weeks later, you are fired without a general cause. Now you have a family to look after.The ability to be human has been lost since the minute you step out your door, you can be filmed. Years ago,if you made a mistake and said something that wasn't right, you were forgiven and it was forgotten about. With the technological digital age, that is no longer so.  This show sponsored by ladylibertyinstitute log onto our forum here: Youthforindependence 

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    How the Government, Media, and Education (System) Deceives Us

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    Learn how these systems deceive you.  What are false flag attacks and why do these instutions do them.  Understand how the government uses these tactics to promote change.  These tactics have long been in pace before you and I were born.  In this episode we discuss "Operation Fortitude & Pastorious" and The Glewitz Incident as well as many others.  Understand that if you control your borders and have smaller government you can control this.

    Former INS Special Agent Michael Cutler to join us .  To find out more about him go here: http://michaelcutler.net/

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    "Off The Cuff" Session

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    Have something to say?  We would like to hear from you.  Share your thoughts on the world today.  Join us for one hour of live entertaining political thought.


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    Who are "Women of Another View?"

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    Women of "Another View is a syndicate show on Libert ActionNetwork TV.  It consists of four women who share various and opposite view of what is being expressed by the media.  Listen tonite as the gals talk about current issues of the day and common core. 


    Watch Women of Another View here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQvH14N1rjc&list=TLQEOSXwf3B90Hw21rHgTNgHGs0HH1lZD3

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    Brenda Lenard on Issues, Economy, Education, and Immigration

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    Brenda Lenard is a teaparty  candidate for US Senate running against incumbent Senator  Bob Corker in the Tennessee Republican primary.  Lenard is

    "A passionate and exceptional leader whose experience has brought her to the pinnacle of both the academia and political worlds. 

    No matter what the challenge's are, she has made a habit of facing them head-on—and succeeding no matter what the arena. As a child she once called a condemned building "home". Lenard graduated cum laude, from Beulah Heights University with a Bachelors of Arts in biblical education and a minor in leadership. She then matriculated to Kennesaw State University earning a Master's Degree in public administration. Lenard is currently completing the dissertation phase of doctoral studies in political science at the University of Tennessee -Knoxville ."  To see where she stands on the issues of Immigration, Education, Economy, Healthcare, and the SecondAmendment, tune in tonite 9pm Eastern time here.  To learn more about her click here:  http://www.brendalenard.com/

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    Was Education Designed to Fail from the Start?

    in Politics

    There are many theories about education, the best way to educate a child, and what to teach them.  But suppose it was set up for failure by the elites on purpose?  What if the elites only taught  you what they wanted you to know and not anything else?  Our guest tonite, Chuck Smith" has done research in this area and will tell you via examples that education was "doomed " from the start.

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    Michigan State Supreme Court Says Affirmative Ban is OK,

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    A state's voters are free to outlaw the use of race as a factor in college admissions, the Supreme Court ruled Tuesday in a blow to affirmative action that also laid bare tensions among the justices about a continuing need for programs that address racial inequality in America.

    The 6-2 decision upheld a voter-approved change to the Michigan Constitution that forbids the state's public colleges to take race into account. That change was indeed up to the voters, the ruling said, over one justice's impassioned dissent that accused the court of simply wanting to wish away inequality.

    Justice Anthony Kennedy said voters in Michigan chose to eliminate racial preferences, presumably because such a system could give rise to race-based resentment. Kennedy said nothing in the Constitution or the court's prior cases gives judges the authority to undermine the election results.

    "This case is not about how the debate about racial preferences should be resolved. It is about who may resolve it," Kennedy said.

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    Famous Women in The Second Amendment with Michelle Prescott

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    Who is Michelle Prescott?  Well, she is  a homeschool mom and the founder and President of American Gun Rights. (www.AmericanGunRights.us) They  have 50 state chapters that work hard to help educate and inform about our rights, as well as educate our youth on the importance of the proper handling, storage and use of firearms.  Michelle has 5 kids and all of them shoot. They are all well educated in the proper use and safe handling and storage of firearms and I firmly believe that is more children had this knowledge, many tragedies would be averted.  They were all taught to love their country, their flag and military. They were raised to have minds of their own and educated with the ideals of our founding fathers.  She writes, " It pains me to no end to see what is happening in our country. Kids left to run amok, parents more worried about keeping up with the Jones's than raising their kids. " 

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    African Americans in the Teaparty

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    It is unrealistic to say  that any African American will join the teaparty?  Not so, according to leading African scholars like LLoyd Marcus or Barbara from Harlem.  Many leading African activists are attributing some of their communities problems, their  extended family and the black community in general to a "cradle-to-grave government dependency" and in some cases cousins enable them a  life of crime and drug abuse. Tonite we will hear from some of these people. 

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