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    Liberty Rising: Mark Willis to Restore GOP

    in Elections

    The RNC Winter meeting has begun.  Nominations for RNC Chair are on Thursday, Jan 24 at noon and the vote is on Friday, Jan 25.  Reince Priebus, who oversaw crushing defeats in 2012 and the implementation of rules that silence ALL grassroots - Not only Ron Paul Republicans, but Tea Party, Pro-lifers, Christians and all others not connected to the elite RINO establishment.Mark Willis, Maine National Committeeman is challenging Priebus and intends to restore sanity to the GOP.  If Priebus is re-elected, the GOP will be a top-down, expensive consultant-driven husk of a party with nothhing more than conservative rhetoric.  The party will be visited by crushing defeat after crushing defeat and conservatism with respect for the Constitution will be no more in the GOP.Mr. Willis needs 2 courageous committee members from one state, other than the two which have declared for him, Nevada and Maine, to secure the nomination and 85 votes to win.  CALL ALL 168 COMMITTEE MEMBERS and tell them the party's grassroots activists demand Mark Willis for RNC Chair: www.stepdownnow.comhttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Mark-Willis-for-RNC-Chair/408904252521639https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=141089579382747&set=a.113770218781350.22049.113382458820126&type=1&ref=notif&notif_t=like

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    When Black Men Talk featuring Mark Elliott

    in Culture

    When Black Men Talk, you may be surprised what comes out of these conversations. Join your host, Mark Elliott on this provocative call in talk show that will explore the male perspective on life, love, and relationships. When Men Talk on Sunday evenings at 8 pm est on WYDL Radio - Blogtalkradio

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    The Mark of The Beast

    in Spirituality

    “If anyone worships the beast and his image and receives his mark on the forehead or on the hand, he, too, will drink of the wine of God's fury, which has been poured full strength into the cup of his wrath.” Revelation 14:9,10

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    Money Mark Radio

    in Wrestling

    J.P. Jones and Chandler anderis discuss Money mark productions huge up coming events

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    411 Ground and Pound Radio Show: UFC Fight Night 79 Review

    in MMA

    The 411 Ground and Pound expert panel is back to look at UFC Fight Night 79.  How did the UFC's debut in South Korea go as a whole, what might the future hold for former lightweight champion Benson Henderson, and a look at how the month of November played out for the UFC.

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    in Entertainment


    The end of the first half of the season si tonight.  Glenn is alive, Maggie's pregnant and the walls are a-coming down.

    Walkers in the house.

    Join ustonight as we recap the last two episodes and relish in tonight's gut-wrenching mid-season finale.

    What now Rick?!

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    Weigh In Sports Talk

    in Football

    Let's discuss rivalry week and review all of the great action this week and weekend. We will be previewing the conference championship games as well as the upcoming coaching changes

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    Ancient Aliens / Close Encounters / Its our 40th show!! / E40

    in Science

    Hello and Welcome,,I am your host Clarence Mitchell also an Admin for the Facebook group "Ancient Aliens",, Tonight will mark our 40th show,and I want to Thank everyone for your support and dedication that makes this show one of the best outlets for information,,From Ancient Aliens,Crop Circles,Abductions,Sightings all the way to New Discoveries,,It just could not happen without you and all of your insight,,Please join us tonight by calling in at (347) 989-1008,and lets coutinue The Quest..Dont forget to hit the follow button to hear this and all past shows,,Thank You All...

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    PhillyPhanatics.com's Philly Sports Talk

    in Sports

    We'll be discussing Chip Kelly's future, the ramifications of the Thanksgiving Day Massacre against the Lions, the Sixers' record-breaking losing streak, Jahlil Okafor's fight outside a Boston nightclub and Shayne Gostisbehere's pair of overtime goals Sunday (6:30-7 p.m.) during PhillyPhanatics.com's Philly Sports Talk. To join the discussion with Gordon Glantz, Ron Opher, Josh Landsburg and host Eric Fisher, or to ask a question, please call 1-805-727-7014.

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    The mysteries of God (revealed) Sunday Morning Kingdom

    in Spirituality

    Kingdom Life Ministries International’s (KLMi) mission is to equip the Church.  This is done through and by the Spirit of Truth.  By allowing God’s Holy Spirit to lead the body, the Church will understand that by submitting to the kingdom of God we become partakers of his divine everlasting promises.  We also know that Jesus Christ is our lord and savior and it is only through him that we can ever obtain abundant life.  We have service for the Church live on Sundays at 12 noon EST called Sunday Morning Kingdom and bible study live on Thursdays at 6:30pm EST called Kingdom Awareness.  You can join us right where you are by simply calling (310)982-4267 right from your phone or you can listen in by clicking the links provided at service times.  For prayer, questions, speaking engagements, or any ministry purpose call (803) 940-8928.  You are Blessed.  Pastor Mark Fields  

  • Welcome Lillie McCloud To The NTUNED Mix-Up

    in Entertainment

    Lillie McCloud, commonly known by her former stage name Nicole McCloud, or Nicole J McCloud, is a Dance/Pop, R&B and Gospel Soul artist. McCloud first appeared on the Billboard US R&B charts as “Nicole” in 1985 with “Always and Forever”. Her single “Don’t You Want My Love” in 1986 reached Top 10 on the US Dance charts at #3, also charting in Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Brazil. Ten of McCloud’s singles landed the US Billboard specialized R&B and dance charts. Some of her biggest hits has been the 1994 single “Runnin’ Away” and "Don't you want my love", which both peaked at No. 3 on US Dance charts. In 2002 Nicole J. McCloud, returned to the Top 10 with” Search’n”, peaking at No. 5 on the US Billboard Dance charts. That same year she received a nomination for the International Dance Music Awards, along Craig David and Shakira. McCloud has recorded hits Written by Diane Warren, Ital Shur, D Roberts, Mark Roofe, Timmy Thomas, and has performed duets with Donna Allen , Tito Jackson, Timmy Thomas, U.S.U.R.A. and The Source. She has performed with Stevie Wonder, Kool & The Gang, Bruce Springsteen, Mick Jagger, Sly from The Family Stones, Isaac Hayes, to name a few and has performed for Ambassadors and presidents. The World got reintroduced with Lillie McCloud on season 3 of the hit American competition TV show The X Factor. Lillie’s performances from the television show has reached over 15 Million and counting YouTube views on her performance of Alabaster box alone.