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    Episode 216: Maritime Strategy and Control of the Seas with Seth Cropsey

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    What direction do we need to go for our next maritime strategy? Using he recent article, Control of the Seas, as our starting point, our guest for the full hour will be Seth Cropsey, Senior Fellow and director of Hudson Institute's Center for American Seapower.  

    He served in government at the Defense Department as Assistant to the SECDEF Caspar Weinberger and then as Deputy Undersecretary of the Navy in the Reagan & Bush administrations, where he was responsible for the Navy’s position on efforts to reorganize DoD, development of the maritime strategy, the Navy’s academic institutions, naval special operations, and burden-sharing with NATO allies. In the Bush administration, Cropsey moved to OSD to become acting assistant secretary, and then principal deputy assistant SECDEF for Special Operations and Low-Intensity Conflict.

    During the period that preceded the collapse of the USSR—from 1982 to 1984—Cropsey directed the editorial policy of the Voice of America on the Solidarity movement in Poland, Soviet treatment of dissidents, and other issues. Returning to public diplomacy in 2002 as director of the US government’s International Broadcasting Bureau, Cropsey supervised the agency as successful efforts were undertaken to increase radio and television broadcasting to the Muslim world.

    Cropsey’s work in the private sector includes reporting for Fortune magazine & as a visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, and as director of the Heritage Foundation’s Asia Studies Center from 1991-94.

    His articles have been published in the Wall Street Journal, The Weekly Standard, Foreign Affairs, Commentary magazine, RealClear World, & others.

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    Winston Shrout: What You Should Know About Commerce And Admiralty/Maritime Law

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    On the June 11, 2014 edition of "Nature of Reality Radio" I welcome Winston Shrout who is widely viewed as one of the world's foremost experts on commerce and admiralty/maritime law to discuss the who, what, when, where, why, and how of commerce and especially how it's related to the law. Commerce affects us in so many ways (even at a spiritual level) and Winston can help provide solutions on how to deal with it from a down to earth and spiritual perspective. We will also take calls.

    Winston's site: http://www.wssic.com

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    Pet Radio- Stray Cat Alliance and Mr Puss

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    Join as we talk to Christi Metropole, Executive Director of the Stray Cat Alliance of Los Angeles who is doing great work in the LA area saving kitties and caring for feral cats.  Also joining us is Shauna and her cat Mr. Puss, and Patricia Sullivan of  the Museum of Maritime Pets. Just added: Pamela Merritt will discuss how your cat communicates with you and cat emotions.

    You may call in to speak to any of our guests to make this a purfect show! This show os all about the kitty!

    Please follow our blog and Facebook page



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    Award Winning Musician, J.P. Cormier and the Hometown Battlefield

    in War

    Award winning musician J.P. Cormier captures in one 4 minute song the devastation and reality of Post Traumatic Combat Disorder. This remarkable man delivers the profound message that so many of our veterans of war are coming home permanently scarred. It is not an American issue, or Canadian, it is a global issue. 

    Lyrics to Hometown Battlefield, He got home from service as the spring began its turn, 12 long months away, He folded up his uniform with the medals tucked inside, Started living for today, But the present could not find him, nor could his wife and kids, He was there but he was gone, Soon his only comfort was a bottle and his gun, Something right that went so wrong. 

    Some of J.P.'s accomplishments:

    • 13 solo albums released since 1995
    • 12 East Coast Music Awards since 1991
    • 5 Music Industry Association Nova Scotia
    • Canadian Folk Music Award, 2005 Instrumental Album Of The Year – X8: A Mandolin Collection
    • Juno Nomination, 1998 Roots/Trad Recording of the Year for Another Morning
    • 30+ awards over 20 years for competitions in fiddle, guitar, banjo, and song writing
    • Maritime Fiddling Festival, Best Reel – 1989, 1995
    • Performed over 20 times at the Grand Old Opry
    • Two #1 hits on European country radio
    • Dozens of TV and Radio appearances


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    Russia Threatening the U.S. - What You Need To Know

    in News

    Join me as we bring Russia to the forefront this evening and what you need to know concerning:
    - Russia flexing air muscle
    - Russia flexing maritime muscle
    - Russia reminding us of Nuke muscle
    - How close Russia has come to U.S. & NATO borders and what it means
    - What Russia seems to be planning
    - Is America prepared for war?
    - What Nuclear war would look like in America 
    and much, much, more...

    See us LIVE now! http://www.emoaf.org/Evangelist-Anita-Fuentes-Live-On-Air-Radio-TV-Broadcast.html Your life is worth something http://www.emoaf.org/Is-Your-Name-Written-in-the-Lambs-Book-of-Life-.html Did this broadcast bless you? Then donate online: http://www.emoaf.org/Donate.html Join me on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/openyoureyespeople.emoaf

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    The Law of the Seven Seas

    in Legal

    This Sunday evening, we will discuss the "Law of the Seven Seas," (Admiralty Maritime Law) and what it has to do with our Court structure and so-called judicial system of today.

    Tonight's guest, "Debra Jones," is a disciplined martial artist, a former Police Officer and former Real Estate Attorney. Her years of experience in her exposure in how politics and governance worked led to a clear understanding that knowledge is indeed power. Without knowledge, you simply are NONE THE WISER.

    One can not make use of the law if its true nature and mechanics are not known to the user. We take the journey to uncovering historical facts, decades of references and obvious un-obvious how to's to empower participants.

    Debra Jones shows you the way, the door and even open it for you. Whether you walk through the portal is entirely your decision.

    Below is an outline of what she has talked about in some of her interviews.
    What mixing flesh and paper means

    What it means to stop signing documents

    pushing the system's paperwork
    She talks about Trusts as being its own jurisdiction

    the power of Notary Public and what it can do for you

    Creating your own paperwork that the system understands.


    To Learn more about Debra Jones and her work, go to www.protrustacademy.com 


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    Part IV: Tri-Service Panel on Maritime Strategy (1:30 - 2:40 p.m. ET)

    in Military

    This afternoon’s segment continues with flag and general officers from all three U.S. sea services discussing their services current and future roles before participating in an open question and answer session with participants. Service representatives include: Navy Vice Adm. William Crowder, Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information, Plans and Strategy; Marine Maj. Gen. James Williams, Commanding General, 4th Marine Division; and Coast Guard Rear Adm. Joseph Castillo, Director of Response Policy. The appearance of advertising on this Web site, does not constitute endorsement by the DOD, of the products or services advertised on this site.

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    The Building Your Xtra-Ordinary Business Radio Program!

    in Business

              The Building Your Xtra-Ordinary Business Radio Program!

           “Empowering Defense Through Education, Technology, Science

         And Intelligence”

    My guest this Wednesday is Dr. Jeffrey Cantor author of The Black OPS Business Edge, Global Business Success Through Dynamic Execution. Here’s more about Dr. Cantor:

    As a noted author, speaker and CEO of Black Ops Leadership Training (BOLT), Dr. Cantor employs lessons hard earned and real life experiences to address the nature of today’s business environment and to prepare modern global economic warriors-business leaders, to engage all people with an arsenal of sharp wit, high performance team building, direct action debriefing, executive communication, fitness and wellness and leadership skills.  Through his real life experiences of recruiting, building and leading teams of men into very dangerous hostile environments, Dr. Cantor uses his amazing storytelling ability, real world knowledge and the power of metaphor to address performance and extreme team building, leadership training and coaching, dynamic execution, direct action debriefing and executive communication.

    Dr. Cantor is also a kidnap & ransom consultant, International security expert and tactical instructor. Because of his unique skills and real world experience, he has worked for governments, corporations and private parties around the world assisting in a myriad of security objectives including hostage rescue, counter terrorism, private security details, maritime anti-piracy and executive protection. He is a subject matter expert (SME) advisor to governments, agencies, authors/ writers, companies and people.

    Log onto www.blogtalkradio.com/Jim-Nemley on Tuesday, October 21, 2014 at 7:00 pm EST. Come and get The Edge!

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    Episode 203: Bob Work and Global Maritime Power

    in Military

    When one hangs up the uniform after decades of service, but still wants to contribute to their nations national security needs, what paths can that take? How does one find a path forward, and what are the keys to success?

    In a budgetary challenge not seen by the US military in two decades, what are the important "must haves" that need to be kept at full strength, and what "nice to haves" may have to be put in to the side?

    What are the legacy ideas, concepts, and capabilities that the Navy and Marine Corps need to make sure they maintain mastery of, and what new things are either here or are soon on the way that we need to set conditions for success now?

    Our guest for the full hour to discuss this and more will be Robert O. Work, Col. USMC (Ret), presently CEO of the Center for a New American Security (CNAS), and former Undersecretary of the Navy from 2009-2013.

    After 27-years of active duty service in the Marine Corps, Work joined the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments (CSBA), where he focused on defense strategy and programs, revolutions in war, Department of Defense transformation, and maritime affairs. He also contributed to Department of Defense studies on global basing and emerging military missions; and provided support for the 2006 Quadrennial Defense Review. 

    During this time, Work was also an adjunct professor at George Washington University, where he taught defense analysis and roles and missions of the armed forces. 

    In late 2008, Work served on President Barack Obama’s Department of Defense Transition Team.  

    He earned his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Illinois; and has Masters Degrees from the University of Southern California, the Naval Postgraduate School; and Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. 

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    Blue Vino teams up w/ Anticrisis73 & AnCapDalek

    Exclusive Call in Number for tonight's show is: (646) 929-1480

    Main Topic:  The New World Order (conspiracy fact or fiction?)

    Side Topics:  Maritime Law & the US Court system have big secrets they hope you never know about.  ISIS promotes use of porous US/Mexico border for future terrorist activities.  Burger King heads North & takes over Tim Hortons... CANADIANS, are you gonna just take this act of war??  US hikes fee to expatriate.  Scottish Independence votes were being sold on eBay.  First robot astronaut 'lonely' in space.  Joan Rivers is in a medically induced coma.  Gov't publishes detailed marshmallow roasting instructions.  40hr work week grows to 47-60hrs.  More Police insanity.

    All This in about 2 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!

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    FBGP's College Football Now - Episode 14

    in Sports

    Tuesday Nights mean it's time for Football Gameplan's College Football Now Podcast featuring Gene Clemons & Emory Hunt. Here's what's on tap for you guys this episode:

    Players of the Week: Offense, Defense, Special Teams & Coaching.
    Teams of the Week as well as Goats of the Week
    We'll take a look at early Contenders & Pretenders in College Football
    Game Previews of the following games

    Mississippi St. vs LSU
    Florida vs Alabama
    Princeton vs San Diego
    North Dakota St. vs Montana
    Tuskegee vs Winston-Salem St
    Findlay vs Tiffin
    Linfield vs Redlands
    Maine Maritime vs Mass Maritime
    Carroll vs Rocky Mountain College
    Grandview vs Marian
    Nassau CC vs Erie CC
    East Mississippi CC vs Coahoma CC

    Pro Prospects to Watch out for this Week
    What Gene & Emory are Looking Forward to Watching This Week
    Upset Specials

    And always, we'll take your calls and answer questions from YOU the fans throughout the show!

    Follow Us on Twitter: @geneclemons @FBallgameplan 

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