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    4 Unexpected Ways a Recruiter Can Help You Build Your Business

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    Welcome to Business Black Belt Radio!

    Each week I interview an investor, an expert in business development, financing, marketing or management, or an entrepreneur who offers some keen insights into building your business...

    Marissa Marsala is a recruiter, career coach and frequent motivational speaker at networking events on career related topics. She is the founder of Employer & Candidate Connection.

    Marissa is an expert marketer of 15+ years and a former HR management professional of 12+ years who blends both areas of expertise to assist clients. 

    Marissa is well-networked and uniquely qualified to help today’s start-ups and growing companies cut through the clutter and invest their energies in productive activities that help them to staff their companies. 

    How to recruit when so many want to start their own company?
    How a recruiter can be worth the investment
    Using Linked-in to find people
    The job offer - who goes first on comp?

    More about Marissa Marsala
    More about JIAN business apps and templates

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    Author Marissa Monteilh discusses THE MIND OF A WOMAN on #ConversationsLIVE

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    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes back author Marissa Monteilh to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss her success with fiction and her new non-fiction work exploring relationships called THE MIND OF A WOMAN.

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    "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation"

    in Politics Progressive

    Tonight Wed. November 26, 2014 on "NU Day". Tonight's Special Edition will focus on the continued "misgivings" that the US has shown towards African in America since the time of its formation

    Topics: Freedom "Fighting in Ferguson": What Next?                        
    The murder of a 12 year old by cops for having a non-lethal gun
    Marissa Alexander's plea bargain
    Another pregnant Black woman murdered in the street (NY)

    On the "LIVE LINE": Sis. Azima Kennedy, Community Activist and Educator

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    Marissa Alexander and the Quest for Justice

    in Family

    Join hosts Alice Lynch and Sumayya Coleman and show commentator Shasme Jackson as they talk to Pastor Annie T. Montgomery and Ayanna Harris about the quest for justice for Marissa Alexander and The Free Marissa Now campaign. A campaign that is engaging people in the US and all around the world with social justice action that help support the call to free Marissa Alexander. The show will also take a closer look at how domestic and sexual violence can have deadly consequences for victims, and the racist sexist stereotypes society paints of women, especially African American women who defend their lives against these attacks. 

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    "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation"

    in Politics Progressive

    TONIGHT: Tues. November 25, 2014 on "NU Day"  The EVOLUTION is HERE..                                                            

    Tonight's Topics will include:

    FREEDOM FIGHTING in FERGUSON: "What Now" ?   Live report from Ground Zero  and serious dialog on what this all  really means  AND: Marissa Alexander's plea bargain      ALSO: A Political Prisoner is home after 33 years "SEKOU ODINGA"

    On the "LIVE LINE"  Dr. Randy Short and Bro. Mike Greys

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    Sports Palooza Radio: Three Pro Women Athletes Rule the Show!

    in Sports

    Lisa Leslie, recent inductee into the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame! a four-time Olympic gold medalist and three-time WNBA MVP! She is a panelist on the new all-female sports talk show We Need to Talk, an author, and she also has some great tips on how to spend less time in the kitchen during the holidays and more time watching sports! http://lisaleslie9.com/

    Christie Rampone, captain of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team, stops by! As an elite athlete, wife and mother, Christie lives a busy, unique and challenging life. She stops by to talk about balancing motherhood with athletics; her tips for a healthy immune system; and the prospects of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team. https://www.facebook.com/ChristieRampone

    Marissa Irvin Gould is a mother of 3, an elementary school teacher, and a former professional tennis player on the WTA tour. During her tennis career, she competed in 22 Grand Slam events and notched wins over players who reached number one in the world.Today, she's the author of  A Magical Racquet Ride: Journey to the Four Grand Slam Tournaments of Tennis will make any reader, both young and old, fall in love with tennis for the first time, or all over again! http://www.amagicalracquetride.com/

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    Reflections From the Water's Edge With, AD-Craig Shaman and Camille Isis Germain

    in Current Events

    Joining Mary E., this week on Reflections From the Water's Edge will be MCAS Athletic Director Craig Shaman to update us on the newest things going on with "City" Winter Sports. 

    Also joining Mary E., will be Camille  Isis Germain to promote an upcoming Art Show to be held at Ryan's Irish Pub, this Saturday  night November 22nd 8p to 1p. Featured artists include poets, musicians and graphic artists. Come out to Ryan's Irish Pub to celebrate the arts with poetry readings, art, and musical performances! 
    Alfonso Cardenas
    Sarah E. White
    August Garritano 
    Camille Germain 
    Michael Paniccia
    Mary E.
    Brett Manning 
    Marissa Bowen 
    Hannah Walker 
    Camille Germain 
    Danielle Hope
    Brett Maniscalco 
    Gia DeMartinis
    Mary E.
    Musical Performances:
    Kelsey Bolka 
    Steve and Mary E.
    Travis Forker

    Tonight's music has come to you by way of Steve Champagne and Johnny V. Thanks guys! 

    Hey Michigan City, What's Cookin'! We will explore the food of The City By the Lake! 

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    Targeting Your Consumer: How To Make A Difference

    in Entrepreneur

    This week on Franchise Today, host Marissa Ruderman is joined by Janet Diaz of Brain Balance Achievement Centers. Marissa and Janet will discuss how to target consumers through various mediums in a specific niche market. They will also discuss how to tailor marketing messages around a unique demographic on local and national levels, national advertising and branding campaigns, how specific studies and research can enchance education around your product and how the profiles and demographics of consumers and franchisors can relate to one another. About Our Guest Janet Diaz is the Vice President of franchise development at Brain Balance Achievement Centers. She received her BA from Dowling College in Elementary Education in 1991. After several years as a classroom teacher she met Dr. Robert Melillo, the founder of the Brain Balance Program, and found her passion. She joined the Brain Balance team and began her journey awarding Brain Balance centers to incredibly passionate owners. Janet currently resides in Long Island, NY with her husband Joe and their 6-year old son Jake. She can be contacted at jdiaz@brainbalancecenters.com or Twitter: @JanetJdiaz

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    Leveraging Network Events in your Franchise

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    This week on Franchise Today, host Marissa Ruderman is joined by special guest Rich Delgiorno, Business Development and Show Manager for MFV Expositions. Rich will be talking about the history of the IFE (International Franchise Expo), what's involved in participating in networking events, and how franchisors can use them to benefit their brands. We'll also talk about some of the benefits associated with networking events, and how technology and social media are being utilized in this space. About Our Guest Rich Delgiorno, Business Development and Show Manager for MFV Expositions, has more than 35 years of service, sales and management experience. He has been with MFV Expositions for over 30 years, and his main responsibility is to promote and grow the International Franchise Expo which is in its 23rd year and is held in June in New York City. Prior to MFV Rich has been in sales and service for three large hotels in NYC and Miami and was the National Sales Manager for the New York Convention and Visitors Bureau.

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    A Bird's Eye Perspective on Franchising

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    This week on Franchise Today host Marissa Ruderman is joined by Paul Pickett, VP of Franchise Development at Wild Birds Unlimited, Inc.. Marissa and Paul will be taking a bird's eye perspective on the world of franchising. They will be discussing one of the things that separates the Wild Birds Unlimited, Inc. franchise from others: the personal passion needed to be successful. Each franchise has a strong personal passion for the bird watching hobby and business enterprise. In addition, Paul will be diving into their unique business model, which operates as an operator model rather than an executve model. Wild Birds Unlimited, Inc. is aiming to spread their mission AND build a business enterprise, which has led them to undergo a cultural shirt from a buffet line model of providing lots of choices over the past five years. Lastly, Paul will shed some light on thier out of the box resources and suppliers. About Our Guest Paul Pickett's career with Wild Birds Unlimited (WBU) has perfectly combined his love of birds, nature, and people. He joined the WBU team as the first full-time employee in 1989 shortly after graduating with a master's degree in biology and ornithology from the University of North Dakota. He has more than two decades of experience in working with potential franchisees as they decide to join the WBU team. He also has managed all site selection and lease negotiation assistance for the brand. Paul Pickett has over 24 years of experience of 'Bringing People and Nature Together" as the VP of Franchise Development for Wild Birds Unlimited, leading the Franchise Development team to grow their franchise system to over 280 stores. Additionally, he manages all of the legal and real estate responsibilities for Wild Birds Unlimited, Inc.

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    Exploring the Home Repair Industry

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    This week on Franchise Today, host Marissa Ruderman is joined by Andy Bell - CEO & Founder of Handyman Matters Franchise Corporation. Andy will be our guide as we explore the home repair industry, and learn some of his secrets for success. They'll be discussing the $60 billion a year industry in depth, and also exploring some topics like business communication and technology as they have been used to create this highly successful franchise system! About Our Guest Andy Bell is the founder of the Handyman Matters System. He currently serves as CEO and President, positions he has held since April 2014, and positions he previously held from August 1998 (President) and September 2008 (CEO) to July 2013. He is also a member of our Board of Directors, a position he has held since inception in 2000. Mr. Bell also serves as the President and Chairman of the Board for the Handyman Matters parent company, HMI, since its inception and was the founder and board member for HMOC, HE and HE-Boulder since their inception in 1998. He served as the President of HMOC, HE and HE-Boulder from their inception until June 2013. He also serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Book By Owner Franchising, LLC (?BBOF?), a franchisor of resort property management businesses located in Lakewood, Colorado, a position he has held since its inception in January 2014. Mr. Bell also serves on the Board of Directors or on the Management Committee of the several other entities all located in Lakewood, Colorado.

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