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    Saxophonist Marion Meadows makes his label debut on Shanachie Entertainment with his 13th release, Whisper.
    Ronald Jackson of The Smooth Jazz Ride said about Whisper:
    "The material here is full of the Meadows musical diary of influences and style. Powerful, melodious, sensuous, and full of creative passion all at once. Here is, quite simply, another masterful effort from Meadows who has, throughout the years since and including his 1990 debut, continually worked his musical benevolence on jazz and R&B fans everywhere."

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    InvictaFc's Marion Reneau

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    Marion Reneau was set to face Irene Aldana at InvictaFC 10 but Aldana had to pull out due to bronchitis. Their loss is our gain.

    The 4-1 fighter will be on our show to talk about her career, signing to Invicta, and will help us with a post event recap.

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    Up Close and Personal with Ms. Keiko Matsui & Marion Meadows

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    Ms. Keiko is stopping by for a another chat with me, bringing great updates since her release of Soul Quest!!! :) A true humanitarian, Keiko has lent her voice to raise awareness for such causes as The Daniel Pearl Foundation, The United Nations World Food Programme, Be The Match Marrow Registry and The National Donor Program and Marrow Foundation. She has also lent her efforts to the continued revitalization and healing of Japan in the wake of the recent Tsunami and Fukushima disasters.   musician to top the Billboard Contemporary Jazz Charts. “But when I think about the people who did survive, I think that they may be the strongest souls there are. Out of this pain, I have found the greatest strength from these individuals.” Keiko Matsui’s new recording Soul Quest, is a riveting new collection of songs that unfold like an epic journey. With an all-star cast that includes such heavyweights as producer and drummer Narada Michael Walden, guitarist Chuck Loeb, saxophonist Kirk Whalum and bassist Marcus Miller, among others, Keiko explores themes of love, loss, spirituality and environmental consciousness                                    Marion Meadows The one and only Sexy & Saxy Marion Meadows will be stopping by Up Close and Personal for a chat and update about all of the great things that have occurred in his life since our last conversation earlier this year, as he was about to release his latest project Whisper, his tour and much more!!

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    A Cool Jazz Conversation with Marion Meadows and Aaron Diehl

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    Marion Meadows returns after a four year break with "Whisper" a breathtaking project produced by Carlos Pennisi, Bob Baldwin, Rahni Song and long-time collaborator Michael Broening.
    Pianist Aaron Diehl extrapolates this notion to matters of musical invention on The Bespoke Man’s Narrative his Mack Avenue Records debut.
    We look forward to speaking with Marion Meadows at 6PM  Eastern and Aaron Diehl at 7PM Eastern.  Join us.

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    Remembering Marion Berry Mayor for Life

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    The "Mayor for Life," Marion Barry, was remembered Saturday in a huge community memorial service."He said, in his own words, 'I identify with the fallen, whoever they may be. Everybody, at some point in life, is going to get knocked down. I don't care who you are. How rich you are. How poor you are. If you fall down, fall down on your back and look up. And if you can look up, you can get up. And if you can get up, you can go up.'" Rev Willie Wilson
    Minister Louis Farrakhan roused the crowd with a story about a visit he made to Washington years ago and a reporter asking him about Barry's legal transgressions.As the reporter built up Farrakhan as a moral pillar, he said, "'What do you think,' she said, 'of a man who broke his marital vows and used drugs?' I said, 'Who are you talking about? John Fitzgerald Kennedy?'"NBC4

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    Sexual Adiction with Women and Treatment at The Meadows with Carol the Coach

    in Self Help

    Tonight I will be interviewing Jean Collins-Stuckert who will be talking about a workshop that she is facilitating at the Meadows for women with sexual disorders.She will be talking about the differences in treatment between male and female patients and she will be addressing how they treat women who experience so much sexual shame. She will be addressing why it is so hard for women to seek help for sexual disorders.

    For over 35 years The Meadows In Wickenburg, AZ  has been a world renowned dual diagnosis treatment program and licensed psychiatric hospital. The Meadows specializes in  providing treatment for trauma and addiction. We also have two specialty programs, one for young adults (ages 18-26) and one for male sex addiction. Our treatment  is guided by the leadership of Senior Fellows and pioneers Patrick Carnes, Claudia Black, Pia Mellody, Peter Levine, and Alex Katahakis. The length of stay is 45 days for all programs.


    The Meadows offers a variety of unique, five-day workshops available to all interested individuals.  These workshops specifically address the needs of those who have just begun a recovery process or who have been on a recovery path and may be stuck or want to deepen/heighten their experience. It can also be a source of renewal for anyone who has undergone treatment. Participants work on sensitive issues in a concentrated format, allowing them to enhance their personal journey by gaining insight into dysfunctional, embroiled patterns, and practicing new relational skills within a safe environment.

    Sexual Addiction is a disorder that requires strategies to assist you in maintaining recovery. Carol the Coach is a Certified Sexual Addictions Therapist who is ready to take you on the journey and expose you to the experts who will guide you through the steps.

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    Linda Wood Rondeau and Sally Meadows!

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    Linda Wood Rondeau has just released another Christmas story "Snow On Eagle Mountain".

    Colin O’Donnell becomes restless at Dinsmore Street, not realizing that God has another life lesson for him to learn. When Ginny announces her pregnancy, he takes a job as caretaker to the Riggs estate, El Corizón, stretching the massive face of Eagle Mountain, in the heart of the Adirondacks. Soon both Ginny and Colin become attached to the land and its reclusive, elderly owner, Jennifer Riggs Sullivan, the widow of a famous educator and politician. Mystery shrouds the estate as both Colin and Ginny wonder about the three photographs displayed on the fireplace mantel, one of a distinguished middle aged man, another of a World War II soldier, and the third of an impish child. As the family befriends their generous employer, El Corizón beats with new energy until a Christmas blizzard and an early delivery brings Colin to his knees once again.

    Sally Meadows is a two-time national award-nominated singer/songwriter from Saskatchewan, Canada, and contributor to the #1 bestselling book “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Christmas in Canada”, released in October 2014. Sally has three professional degrees and a long career in scientific & technical editing and education. She has been singing and leading worship in church since the mid 1990s, and has been writing freelance articles since 2006. In 2011, she entered a recording studio for the first time with a single song, “You Can Reach Mountains”, written for the northern Saskatchewan students with whom she had been working.  She walked out with a full album entitled “Turn the Page”, the title track of which was shortlisted in 2013 for a “Word Award”, Canada’s largest and most prestigious awards for those writing from a Christian perspective.


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    My thoughts on Marion Barry

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    Paying my respects for MAYOR FOR LIFE and my thoughts on him.

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    Mayor Marion Barry, Bill Cosby, Ferguson, & Birth of a Nation

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    This program will cover the great career of Mayor Marion Barry who descended to the land of the ancestors this week and the Bill Cosby fiasco.  Ever since darren wilson murdered our young Brother Mike Brown on August 9, 2014, whites have used their media to assassinate the character of Black men in this country.  From Adrian Peterson to Ray Rice to Mike Brown to Bill Cosby, the Black male image is under complete seige.

    Not since the time of "Birth of a Nation", when Black men were painted as sadistic rapists of white females, has the white hatred of Black men been this intense.  While the white media is encouraging white anglosaxons to view Black men as savages who should be slaughtered wholesale and white militias are preparing for Racial conflict, Black people are still locked into loving the Obama administration - the single most destructive political administration to Afrikan people in the history of this country.

    Let's talk tonight!



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    Marion Barry Jr. "Most People Don't Really Know Me!"

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    "Most People Don't Really Know Me!" - Marion Barry Jr. Those are the first words written in his book.  3RD EYE OPEN celebrates Marion Barry Jr. as an American Icon. Young Marion became an Eagle Scout and earned a degree in chemistry from LeMoyne College in Memphis in 1958. As a sophomore, Mr. Barry joined the LeMoyne chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and became chapter president his senior year.While studying for his master’s degree at Fisk University in Nashville, he organized a campus N.A.A.C.P. chapter. Early in 1960, he helped organize the first lunch counter sit-ins in Nashville. That April, he and other student leaders met with the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to establish the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. Mr. Barry became its first national chairman. After a year as a teaching assistant at the University of Tennessee. In June 1965 he moved to Washington, where reporters occasionally referred to him as a “dashiki-clad militant.” A powerful speaker and street campaigner, he began pressing for home rule for the District of Columbia, a battle eventually won. He had found fertile political soil, since residents had only recently won the right to vote in presidential elections and had virtually no say in governing themselves.  In 1967, Mr. Barry started a jobs program for poor blacks, winning federal grants worth several million dollars. He won his first election in February 1970, to a citizens’ board created to smooth relations between police officers and black residents. In 1978 he ran for mayor and defeated the incumbent, Walter E. Washington

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    Being Black vs Being Afrikan: A Tribute to Marion Barry

    in Spirituality

    Ancestral Remembrance Time is Upon Us!  Join Iya Omitayo, Founder of Omiyori, Inc. as she presents

    Being Black vs Being Afrikan: A Tribute to the late Marion Barry, former Washington D.C. Mayor. 

    Guest Host:  Mama Rasheeda Forman-Bey, Co-Founder of Wombwork Productions & Reiki Master

    When: Sunday, Nov. 23rd  from 8-9pm e.s.t.

    Blogtalk Radio: www.blogtalkradio.com/oluwo

    646-668-8961 (Call-In Number)


    This is an Excellent Time to Consult with your Destiny and Re-inspire Yourself towards Greatness

    Affordable Consultations for Individuals & Families.  To Schedule Your Consultation, Call 240-505-8374.

    Public service announcement: This show is not for those who are new to critical thought and analysis. This show is not for too deep curiosity seekers. All others are most welcome to listen, call in and share.


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