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    Clearing Patterns of Disfunction Within the Family Dynamics with Raquel Spencer

    in Spirituality

    Join Marilyn, Joeaux and Raquel Spencer as they explore the family dynamics and how to clear the disfunction with gratitude for your family members

    About Raquel Spencer. Raquel Spencer is an internationally acclaimed Multi-Dimensional Energy and Cellular Light Specialist, Facilitator and Intuitive. Raquel has been described as a Multi-Dimensional Computer, Energetic Electrician and Master Healer of Cellular Light. Working within the Quantum Fields and Pure Potential of Light and Sound, she specializes in activating the dormant mind/body Light pathways and multi-dimensional cellular codes of Light that assist with remembering your Divine Essence.   

    Considered one of the “Next Generation’s Transformational Visionaries and Leaders’, Raquel’s mission is to assist humanity to expand our perceptions, embody our own unique soul essence and awaken to the truth that we are ALL Multi-Dimensional Masters of Light.

     Learn more about Marilyn and Adironnda, and Joeaux at Adironnda.com and their annual Visionaries in Light Convergence, next year in Denver, Colorado.

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    What's going on world?

    in Friends

    Hello and Welcome to day two for What’s going on? I am your host Mayra Rivera and I am so thrill how yesterday was pretty good.. Well after the radio hour, I post some things on live video… it was about the yesterday I was trying to help a friend of “Lets talk and pray” once again please help sister Marilyn out her webpage is www.letstalkandpray.com in the future she will do a blog talk radio pretty soon… Yes I will help her out… 
    I had a guess and this guess is a good person even though we went up and down. BUT! We will always be together no matter what. I will like to introduce my friend TINA NESBIT 

    So Tina tell me about yourself?
    What will you do if you have your own Blog talk radio what will you name your radio show? 
    I see you have a dog boy she is so cute so tell me about having a service dogs/animal?
    You made a page on face book call love don’t cost a thing? 

    So tell me what made you start the page?

    My statement
    My sister no matter what happen between you and me we will always be together.. Even though there are people who need the space to be heal or they need to take time with themselves… so my friends who are listening out there I am here to support everybody and I need that too but sometimes is the time we need…

    Is like PBS you know PBS is supporting the viewers and they donate the they can keep the program on well this is like keeping the friends to be together no matter what… 
    I am doing this for my self esteem I want to be happy in life and I want to show my two sons I got to see what I can do for a living not to be box in like what happen in the past.. Yes the past can hunt you down no matter what but you don’t want that to follow you… People out there you don’t want to live in a cycle of life. “Please take care of yourself and each other.”

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    Paradigm Shifters - Principles for Life and Success

    in Lifestyle

    Paradigm Shifters - Principles for Life and Success is hosted by Stephen Duncanson and Marilyn Ocasion.  These two seasoned professionals present the necessary tools for success in any arena easily and effortlessly.  If you know what's blocking you, or think you've got it all together, join them to learn how remove the blocks and keep it all togegher.

    (347) 637-2319 and press 1 if you have questions or comments.

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    The Parent's Guide to Academic & College Preparation

    in Motivation

    Marilyn is a former high school academic and college guidance counselor.  She will be sharing her insights on the process of high school preparation and the college admissions process.  Don't forget to tell your teenager(s) to listen in, call your friends, and grab your cup!  Join us today as we talk about our most valuable resource(s), our children.

    You can call us at (866)555-3301, email us at wisewomenofpower@gmail.com, "like" us on FB @ Women Inspired Sisters Empowerd, "follow" us on Twitter @WISE91605952 and don't forget to "FOLLOW" us here on Blogtalkradio.com...

    Sometimes it's Funny, Sometimes it's Harsh, BUT it's Always, Always 100% REAL...

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    Totally Driven Radio #146

    in Entertainment

    This week on Show #146...........


    Actress, Author, Mathematician, and Education Advocate, you might know her from "The Wonder Years", "Dancing with the Stars" , ............ Danica McKellar, who is promoting her upcoming Holiday movie on the Hallmark Channel ... "Crown for Christmas"


    Guitarist Extradanoaire........who has played with David Lee Roth, Marilyn Manson and currently Rob Zombie as well as being a solo artist................ John 5!!

    Plus Bay & Nick, will be talking all the happenings of the week, in Entertainment, & their own lives


    The phone lines are open, 718-508-9883


    Call in with a topic & win a prize

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    in Motivation

    Rexford Sam is the CEO af Rainbow Global, a United Kingdom (UK) based mangement and business systems consulting and training organization. He  has been involved in projects and activities in the UK, the Middle East, the Caribbean and Africa.  He is also a visiting instructor for the University of California Riverside Extensior Center's Post-graduate program in Management, sharing insights on the Digital Economy, among others.  He also supports a number of post-graduate programs in the United Kingdom on a freelance basis.  He is also sought after for his social media and branding insights.

    Rexford is a value managemet expert, conference speaker, leadership coach, personal development advocate, motivational speaker, and the author of "Creating Your Future: Keys to Recognizing, Preparing and Going for Opportunities.  He currently sits on the board of a large non-profit organization in the UK.


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    America's Disabled Veterans In Action Inc (ADVIA.media)Wednesday 18November2015

    in POTUS

    Today is Wednesday 18 November 2015 and we are stillunder seige with phone problems as Samsung nor Tmobile have responded to our pleas to improve the equiptment that is currently holdig the Producers of the Equiptment hostage so we havenot been able to cover one of the most presteigious Auto Shows in the Nation. 

    In the mean time our Broadcast will be on Benfits for veterans and their families with out Founder and Cheif Benefits Officer Marilyn Wyche who will answer questions on benfits live this afternoon. We also never know what new information our CBo will bring to the program.Marilyn has over 2 dacdes of assisting veterans in obtaining VA benfits and she has many veterans who will tell you that her work has lead them to their claims being paid.

    We are opening our Brooklyn Navy Yard lines 347-884-8078 at 2300 Zulu time! That would be as follows in US times (for our new civilian family and friends) Atlantic/ Eastern is 7PM,Central 6PM, Alaska/Mountain is 5pm,Pacific is 4PM, Hawaii is 1PM, Guam is 0900 AM

    We want to hear from you! 

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    Movie Tunes All-Star Nostalgia Mix

    in Movies

    Movie Addict Headquarters invites you to sit back, relax and listen to favorite film songs from the past performed by an all-star cast including Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Judy Garland, Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, Alice Faye, Mickey Rooney, Lily James, Julie Andrews and more. These wonderful movie tunes were featured in such popular motion pictures as Mary Poppins, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Singin in the Rain, Viva Las Vegas, Tammy, The Wizard of Oz and Words and Music. Listeners are encouraged to sing along with the stars! 

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    Your Pet's World, part 3: Creating Love, Peace & Harmony w/Master Marilyn Smith

    in Spirituality

    Today, Master Marilyn will lead everyone in a powerful live radio show on the benefits of bringing Love Peace and Harmony in to our pet's world

    Our unconditionally loving pets can benefit greatly when their world is filled with Love Peace and Harmony. They are often affected by our own emotions. We can offer our love to them by bringing Love Peace and Harmony into our hearts and homes.

    The "Love Peace Harmony" movement is profoundly powerful in its beauty and simplicity.  To learn more, please visit https://lovepeaceharmonymovement.drsha.com

    To DOWNLOAD the Love Peace Harmony Song, please go to: https://lovepeaceharmonymovement.drsha.comResources

    ?When Chanted, Love, Peace and Harmony carries divine frequency and vibration. It carries

    Divine Love
    Divine Forgiveness
    Divine Compassion
    Divine Light
    It also transforms the frequency and vibration of humanity and Mother Earth

    Divine Love melts all blockages and transforms all life Divine
    Forgiveness brings inner joy and inner peace
    Divine Compassion boosts energy, stamina, vitality and immunity
    Divine Light heals, rejuvenates and transforms relationships, finances and every aspect of life.
    To learn more about Master Marilyn, and to contact her directly, please visit her blog at: http://soulhealingforlph.blogspot.com/p/about-master-marilyn.html

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    On the Air with Marilyn Rodgriguez

    in Entrepreneur

    Marilyn Rodriguez is a highly sought after coach and mentor known as the Soul Coach, specializing in guiding thought leaders and visionaries (artists, entrepreneurs, celebrities, coaches, speakers and authors) to come into alignment with their TRUE purpose. She is the founder of the Pink Heels Revolution, a #1 Best Selling Author, host of Show Up Ready Radio, an inspirational speaker and has shared the stage with Marianne Williamson, Lisa Nichols and Marci Shimoff as well as other spiritual leaders. A third generation healer, Marilyn discovered her healing and intuitive gifts at an early age and continues to transform lives with her gifts. She is the Visionary and Compiler to the book Beyond The Woman written by 50 visionary women which is set to release as a Best Seller in the Spring of 2016. To connect with Marilyn go to www.themarilynrodriguez.com."

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    Sister Speak Saurday - Parenting in the 21st Century

    in Motivation

    In times past the phrase "single parent" always conjured up the image of a woman with children, but in todays society that title is associated with the new construct of the family with its many pictures.  The single parent of today faces many challenges, some we are well acquaited with and others we don't even think about.  On today's broadcast Marilyn and Sonja talk with a few of their Sister/Friends about the trials and triumphs of single parenting.  

    Join the ladies and a few of their girls for a WISE inspired conversation about single parenthood today.  Ladies, this is a good one to invite all your guy friends to listen in on too! Why don't you invite some of your girls and guys over for a cup of cappachino, PUMP UP the volume and BE  A PART of the CONVO! Dial in at (347)855-8966 tomorrow, Saturday, November 14th @9:30am(PDT)/12:30pm(EDT).  Don't forget to FOLLOW us here at www.blogtalkradio.com/wisewomeninspired, "LIKE" our FB page at www.facebook.com/womeninspiredsistersempowered, follow us on TWITTER @WISE91605952 and visit our website @www.wisewomenofpower.org.  You can also send us an email at wisewomenofpower@gmail.com

    DON'T forget your CUP and remember: Sometimes its Funny, sometimes its Harsh, but it's Always, Always, 100% REAL

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