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    Fifty Shades of Red: Spirit Box Session w/Marilyn Monroe and JFK

    in Paranormal

    Friday the 13th

    10pm ET / 9pm CT / 7pm PT

    Globally: England - 3am; Germany - 4am; Australia - 2pm (Saturday); Japan - 12pm (Saturday); Ireland - 3am; Brazil - 1am

    Our Pre-Valentines Day show lands on Friday the 13th and so what better way to celebrate both "holidays" than to have a spirit box session with the most controversial and highly debated couple in history - Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy. Both had ties to each other and both were cut short in the prime of their lives all under suspicion and covered in mystery. The conspiracy theories have run the mile on both "lovers" and Luci and Anthony want to find out some answers AND from the people themselves.

    Friday the 13th, we will try and reach out beyond the veil to Marilyn Monroe and JFK and find out what really went on with their love affair and who killed them. So many questions and only a 2 hour show. If our last spirit box session is any sign, this show will be a "bomb"shell !

    Call in and help participate in the spirit box session and evp sessions: (661) 244-9831

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    Marilyn Monroe, Foster Youth

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    In the history of world cinema and more particularly in Hollywood cinema, Marilyn Monroe is one such distinguished and phenomenal personality whose iconic image will exist as long as movies are made in this world. Although this Hollywood’s most adored actress is known by many pseudonyms, she will always be remembered as Marilyn Monroe by many of her admirers all over the world.

    5th August,2012 was the fiftieth death anniversary of Marilyn Monroe and on that day millions of her fans from all over the world paid homage to the departed soul.
    A unique gay icon. Who was Marilyn Monroe and why does she remain so important to the lgbt community.

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    THIS IS THE APOCALYPSE. I've been discussing the Apocalypse--the era we live in,and some things about 2012.
    I've unmasked several faous people who are Reincarnations of ANcient Kings,Queens,Angels and Saints. Visit my Facebook pp,Facebook.com/aureliadruid to view some other luminaries I've unmasked.Today's show is going to focus on Marilyn Monroe because August 5, 2012 is the 50th Anniversary of her death in 1962. APOCALYPSE--THE ERA WE LIVE IN.

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    Marilyn Monroe Secrets Revealed!

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    Today on Heal Yourself Talk Radio, K.R. Hughes and T.L. Burns is back authors of "What She Knew". We will be talking about secrets that Marilyn Monroe had and why she had those secrets. 
    Here is just one tidbit that they will reveal all the juicy details about on HYTR:
    Marilyn was all about equal rights - a woman well before her time. In 1953, she asked the owner of the Mocambo (club) to allow Ella Fitzgerald to sing and that she would be there every night in the front row.  At this time, Marilyn was coming into her own as a famous star and carried a good bit of clout.  However, he still was hesitent.  So, she slept with him and convinced him to do it.  He did and she was in the front row every night and this is what made Ella's career.
    So join us today, as we dig deeper into the life of Marilyn Monroe.

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    Holly Stephey & Dr. Alma H. Bond , Marilyn Monroe ON THE COUCH

    in Pop Culture

    Dr. Alma H. Bond is the author of twenty-one published books, including, most recently, Marilyn Monroe: On the Couch, Jackie: On the Couch,  Lady Macbeth: On the Couch; Michelle Obama: A Biography; The Autobiography of Maria Callas; Margaret Mahler: A Biography of the Psychoanalyst; Camille Claude: A Novel; America’s First Woman Warrior: The Story of Deborah Sampson; and Who Killed Virginia Woolf? A Psychobiography.Dr. Bond received her Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology from Columbia University, graduated from the post-doctoral program in psychoanalysis at the Freudian Society, and was a psychoanalyst in private practice for 37 years in New York City. She “retired” to become a full-time writer, but now maintains a small practice in addition to writing.Dr. Bond is a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors, the Dramatists Guild, and the Authors Guild, as well as a fellow and faculty member of the Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research, the International Psychoanalytic Association, and the American Psychological Association. She was one of the first non-medical analysts to be elected to the International Psychoanalytic Association.Experienced psychoanalyst and biographer Alma Bond creates an intimate reader experience in Marilyn Monroe: On the Couch, a unique twist on psychological biography that allows the luminous but troubled sexual and dramatic icon to tell her own story, reflecting to her analyst about her past from a 1959-1962 present in a vibrant collection of reminiscences that are sometimes humorous, often raw, and altogether tremendously powerful.

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    Marilyn Monroe Biographer Jenna Glatzer on Celine Dion

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    This Week: Author, biographer and ghost writer Jenna Glatzer was a recovering agoraphobic still unwilling to be enclosed in an airplane when she was asked to write Céline Dion's authorized biography. Two weeks later, she was in the air, enroute to Las Vegas and to an adventure that would change her life and launch a career that has resulted in more than 20 books, including an authorized biography of Marilyn Monroe. She tells that story in the newest Chicken Soup for the Writer's Soul book, and she'll share that inspiring experience and many others on today's show.
    .For more great shows from the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network, visit http://www.authorsontheair.com
    This is a copyrighted podcast owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC and produced by Pam Stack.

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    Marilyn Monroe Sculpture Captures Global Spotlight

    in Travel

    Veteran Entertainment Reporter and Actor Nicholas Snow speaks with Steve Pougnet, openly-gay mayor of Palm Springs, about the succcess of the Palm Springs International Film Festival, Palm Springs as a globally-celebrated destination, and the wildly-popular 26 feet tall "Forever Marilyn" sculpture.

    This episode of SnowbizNow is presented by POWER UP in support of their latest feature film written by Angela Robinson (True Blood Co-Executive Producer), GIRL TRASH: All Night Long, based upon the very popular web series from Showtime.

    Follow Nicholas Snow on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and at SnowbizNow.com, and discover his riveting new living-powerfully-with-HIV memoir, Life Positive: A Journey to the Center of My Heart, at LifePostiveBook.com.

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    What She Knew-Marilyn Monroe

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    On this episode of Heal Yourself Talk Radio Rebbekah White will be interviewing authors T.L. Burns and K.R. Hughes, they wrote "What She Knew"; a fast paced, on the seat of your chair book that explores the question, "What if Marilyn Monroe had lived and shared the secrets she knew". Could that have changed the course of history and saved the life of John F. Kennedy?


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    What was Marilyn Monroe really saying in 1956?

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    By 1956, Marilyn Monroe had earned a national reputation for being a “star,” a “celebrity,” a “sex symbol,” and… a “dumb blonde.” But, Jeff Nilsson, Historian for The Saturday Evening Post, points out that Marilyn was anything but a “dumb blonde.” Find out more about Marilyn in the Conversation Crossroad radio program interview with Jeff, author of “Just What Was Marilyn Monroe Saying?” in the Saturday Evening Post article on the 50th anniversary of the Hollywood legends death.

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    What if Marilyn Monroe had Lived?

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    What secret was Marilyn Monroe hiding?  What if that secret could have saved the president and the nation?  How would lives have been altered?  Join us with authors Tamy Burns and Kimberly Dickerson as we discuss their upcoming new release "What She Knew", Marilyn Monroe's other story.

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    Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe with Mary Jane Popp

    in Business

    Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe with Mary Jane Popp is our guest on The Core Business Show. On the 50th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe's death Mary Jane Popp takes you on the inside.

    In the late 40s early 50s two of the most prolific icons of our time, sports great and Yankee clipper Joe DiMaggio courted starlet Marilyn Monroe on a romance that was the talk of the town. The problem was, DiMaggio never gave interviews so the people of the world couldn't get the scoop.
    In the book "Marilyn, Joe and Me" written by Mary Jane Popp, she talks with the niece of Joe DiMaggio, June DiMaggio, on the courtship from behind the closed doors. It talks about the romance from start to finish, including the death of Monroe and how DiMaggio handled it. DiMaggio has ever revealed these stories since Joe never granted interviews. The book also talks about other celebrities that June DiMaggio worked with like: Carol Channing and Jeanette MacDonald and Hugh O'Brien and many more, plus it has over 80 photos in the book!traditional sovereign responsibilities and functions of the separate States of the Union