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    Legalize Marijuana in Virginia

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    We the people, have a clear understanding that we must obey the law. No doubt about it. We do not advocate breaking the law. However, we do insist on the opportunity to change the laws if they do not fit our public opinion as a majority. Thank goodness that we are in a country where our fore fathers have provided us with the necessary tools to do so. We live in a land where young men and women in uniform, defend our pursuit of happiness by laying their lives on the line over seas and domestically.  Where a tribune of law is supposed to be fair and just to all of its citizens.

    This radio station is dedicated to actively engage listeners and help raise awareness about the unjust laws in Virginia surrounding Marijuana. 

    We are the people. We are for the people and we are aware that if we can unite, we can make a difference. 



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    Legalize Marijuana in Virginia

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    A solution for a BROKEN ECONOMY. A STAND FOR THE RIGHTS of the American people. A voice for those oppressed by those who wear badges. This station is fueled by ENLIGHTED conciousness and PROTECTED by the 1st Amendment.

    We are determined to spread the word and unite with those who already know it. The negative stigma that has been placed on Marijuana far surpasses Politics and is an infringement on the basic rights of human beings. 

    Are roses illegal? No that's silly, right? It's a plant. Why would it be illegal?

    I know that if we unite, we are many. Many more than them. 

    We will lead the way, with peace and non judgement. Something that our law enforcement counter parts have neglected us for ages.



    those who STAND FOR NOTHING, are sure to FALL FOR ANYTHING.



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    NAACP Favors Marijuana Legalization

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    The NAACP's California Branch allegedly has come out in favor of legalizing marijuana although this has not been interdependently verified by Black Talk Radio.

    If true, it is not a far leap for the California branch to advocate for marijuana legalization considering the state has already legalized medicinal marijuana.

    Considering how the drug war targets African American communities, this is a conversation long over due and one that the NAA

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    POP2POLITICS: Marijuana Legalization

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    David Loftus will discuss Measure 80, the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act, which will allow broader personal use of marijuana and provide for its taxation by the state. Small amounts of pot are legal in 13 states and many other counties and towns across the U.S., but possession is still a federal offense. Is it time to change marijuana laws?

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    Meet the Women Organizing Marijuana Law Reform & Drug Law Reform Symposiums

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    Marijuana legalization measures have been a mixed bag of good and bad for medical marijuana patients. With California most likely to have a legalization initiative on the ballot in 2016, legalization proponents want to work with medical marijuana patients to ensure that their rights are protected under any marijuana legalization initiatives that are on the ballot.


    Dale Sky Jones is Director of the Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform, a California based nonpartisan organization dedicated to ending marijuana prohibition through ballot initiatives, legislative collaboration and public education campaigns. As the shows first guest, Ms. Jones will provide information on the series of roundtable discussions being held in Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego and Santa Ana on Jan. 30 and 31. Information on prospects for the 2016 initiatives and how patients can work together to make sure they do not have a negative impact is at the center of these community forums.


    Students for Sensible Drug Policy at the University of California at Irvine are sponsoring a symposium on Saturday, Feb. 21 that will bring together experts from the legal, political, and judicial arenas, as well as civil rights activists, harm reduction workers, entrepreneurs, and full-time reform workers for an in-depth look at how U.S. drug policies have affected society, and what lies ahead on the horizon.


    The show’s second guest is Lauren Ayn Mendelsohn, coordinator for SSDP at UCI who is also a J.D. Candidate, 2016. She will explain the ins and outs of this important symposium and reveal the names of the invited speakers and participants. Marijuana law reform is a key component of the reform process and Ms. Mendelsohn will provide information on how this is incorporated into the symposium’s presentations.

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    Vybz Kartel Guilty what next? Marijuana Legalization on 15 ballots

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    Jamaican Dancehall Superstar Vybz Kartel Guilty of Murder whats next?  Marijuana legalization on 15 ballots. Mcdonalds 28 billion in revenue couldn't they pay $15ph? Can a woman be in love with 2 men at the same time? Plus Floyd Mayweather, Marvin Sapp and more Join us from 6pm to 8pm eastern time on "Its Realtalk Live" on Blogtalk Radio. Join us for the best variety talk show on Radio. Call in at 347-826-9457 to listen and press #1 if you want to speak to the Host. Plus business opportunities and every day life topics in general...You can Join us at blogtalkradio.com/itsrealtalklive or Call (347) 826-9457 So come join us today at 6pm.

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    City Council Overules Stupid Voters & Open-Source Initiative

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    With over 75% approval, voters in the Vallejo California, population around 120,000, enacted Measure C in 2011 which established a tax of 10% on medical marijuana products. Although it would seem obvious that voters would not approve a tax for businesses that they thought shouldn’t be allowed to operate, the Vallejo City Council thought the voters were too stupid to understand the issue and enacted a moratorium on medical marijuana businesses in 2013.


    In February, several of the operating medical marijuana dispensaries attempted to pay almost $50,000 in taxes but were turned away with a city employee telling them that “As of January 13, 2015, the City of Vallejo City Council directed city staff to no longer accept medical marijuana monthly tax returns or any tax payments related to medical marijuana.”


    Attorney James Anthony represents the 11 medical marijuana dispensaries that were operating before enactment of the 2013 moratorium. As the show’s first guest, Mr. Anthony will explain how it came to pass that the city is refusing to collect an estimated $5 million in annual taxes and what the collectives will do to force them to take their money.


    Combining content and lessons learned from previous attempts to place a marijuana legalization initiative on the California ballot, the Marijuana Control, Legalization and Revenue Act (MCLR) was started by Americans for Policy Reform as an open-source, grassroots project. The goal was to bring everyone together on the "same page" for the next legalization initiative.


    John Lee is one of the chief organizers of MCLR and as the show’s second guest will explain the new initiative and how they are committed to drafting and passing an initiative that reflects the will of people.

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    ASA and Lobbying Congress for CARERS Act

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    Steph Sherer and Don Duncan from Americans for Safe Access (ASA) discuss the National Unity Conference, the CARERS Act, Lobbying Congress and the future of medical marijuana.

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    The War on Drugs in Latin America & Fixing CA Medical Marijuana Policies

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    The Americas Program of the Center for International Policy is a leading source of information for activists, academics and citizens concerned about US foreign policy toward Latin America and movements for social justice within the hemisphere. The show’s first guest, Laura Carlsen, Director of CIP Americas, will provide information on this relatively unknown but important organization and explain their programs including those dealing with our country’s War on Drugs in Latin America. For more information on CIP Americas, CLICK HERE.


    From San Diego County to Sonoma County, Step Sherer, Exectuive Director of Americans for Safe Access, is making a whirlwind tour of California providing information and seeking input from patients on what needs to be accomplished on the state and local level regarding legislation on bans, patient rights and commercial regulation. Why the tour is happening and what is hoped to be accomplished will be explained along with tour dates, times and locations.

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    Music Legend Greg Anton: Face The Music

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    San Franciso Bay music legend Greg Anton joins Jeff Bogart for a full hour.  Greg has performed as a drummer at hundreds of concerts with well-known artists world-wide, recorded on over 40 albums, and published over 50 original songs. Joel Selvin of the San Francisco Chronicle describes Greg as "a musical drummer with powerful dynamics that puts down a beat that is the heart and soul of the band.” 

    Today, he talks about his first novel Face the Music:  a story of love, self-discovery, and the spiritual power of music. Barry "The Fish" Melton of  Country Joe and the Fish says, "This book flows like a moody, mystical, musical composition."

    In addition to co-founding the prolific Jam Band Zero, Greg is a lawyer and advocate for marijuana legalization.


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    Stilettos and Convos with Miss Lee: Mary Jane

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    March 9th. Miss Lee discusses the legalization of Marijuana. Laws are changing across the country in regards to this drug. What are your thoughts on this drug? Tune in to a great conversation live tonight!

    Its the home of the conversation! Stilettos and Convos w/Miss Lee is a show that will give you music, information, interviews with guests from Faith Evans to Nicci Gilbert to Donell Jones, and HOT Convo about topics that matter to your life. Miss Lee and her Co-Hosts know how to motivate conversation.


    TUNE in for Hot Convos Every Thursday Night's at 8pm!

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