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    Margaritas Mexican Restarant on Franchise Interviews

    in Business

    We are meeting with John Pelletier, Founder and CEO of Margaritas Mexican Restaurant.
    Margaritas Mexican Restaurant has become an experience warmly embraced by people looking for a place to visit as well as a place to enjoy delicious Mexican food.
    Every visit to Margaritas is an individual journey, constantly evolving, always surprising and open for interpretation and discovery. Much like the subtle nuances that differentiate each hand-painted ceramic sculpture in our restaurants, no two Margaritas are identical and no two experiences are exactly the same. But every visit is undeniably Margaritas. Festive and fun.

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    A Kick In The Teeth

    in Self Help

    "All the adversity I’ve had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles, have strengthened me... You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you." –Walt Disney  

    Whether it's a wake-up call to make an important change or an opportunity to put the wisdom and skills you've gained up until now into practice, adversity can be useful if you know how to take advantage of it when it happens.  In this episode, we’ll talk about lessons learned from adversity, but get ready to go a little deeper because this episode is about more than just turning lemons into lemonade (or limes into margaritas!).

    The 3 Rs: http://beradiantsquared.com/a-mind-mastery-tool

    Show Music by Doom Dance: http://www.doom-dance.com
    Break Music by Kevin MacLeod: http://incompetech.com

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    The Author Chat Show Taking Control of Your Destiny

    in Entrepreneur

    Friday, July 18th I will be 'chatting' with St. Louis entrepreneur P. Katrena Bragg about her home based business, My It Works Body Wraps. If you're looking to lose that extra weight , this is a show you want to listen to! The phone lines will be open from 10:30-11PM CST @ 424-675-8262 so you can ask questions or make a comment!

    About the product:

    I recently had the chance to review the It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator. After all the buzz I have heard, I was interested to see if it was all hype. Now if you are hoping for some before and afters, I am sorry you are out of luck. After 3 kids the only way I am getting half naked in front of a camera is if you have a margarita water fountain. But I will share with you my personal thoughts. And if you want to see the reults, well bring me a few margaritas.

    I received the Ultimate Body Applicator pack with 4 one time use wraps. The wrap is set up for you to choose from multiple areas to firm and tighten. It comes in a sealed pouch and when you open it one side is covered with the special formula. The product itself has a nice herbal smell to it, I found it very refreshing. I chose to work on my stomach and I applied it threw my shirt on and went back to work. Once I applied the wrap I found the product kept it in place pretty well. Granted I work from a home office, so if you are a gymnastics coach maybe you do it in the evening.

    After 45 minutes I removed the wrap and rubbed the remaining product into my skin. My skin felt good but I didn’t see any huge changes. I followed with another wrap every 72 hours per the instructions and by wrap three I could definitely see a difference. My skin of my stomach felt much firmer and smoother and it really started to diminish the appearance of my stretch marks. By the time the fourth and final wrap was done I was really happy with the results. My skin on my stomach felt much tighter, no more Santa laugh belly here.

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    in Comedy

    The boob sweat. The frozen margaritas. That daunting need to fuck. It's Summer, folks! While Krystyna is even happier than usual from a toe-tingling sexual experience pre-podcast, Corinne finds herself being inundated on the internets with mens who may have possibly probably kinda sorta definitely realized from the podcast that she's totally DTF. This week, the gals of Sorry About Last Night break GWF ground by inviting on Krystyna's current boyfriend, Stephen, and HIS ex-girlfriend, Lindsey for a decompression chat. This episode proves to be a day at the spa for Corinne and Krystyna as Lindsey and Stephen seem to have some unresolved issues to talk out and a long walk down memory lane to, well, walk. The ex-couple, current couple and Corinne talk vanilla sex, hearing your ex make whoopie, intern-boss relations, and, of course, that pesky porn star who Stephen used to date...


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    SPARC After Dark

    in Paranormal

    SPARC After Dark is a new, gritty, down-to-earth ADULT oriented show tackling the topics our audience chooses regarding paranormal field debates and touchy subjects with a total gloves off approach. We're not afraid to say "WTF is para-unity anyway?!" and ask the questions that so many in our field hesitate to ask. We delve deep into the tech, the scientific, the edgy and mix it all up with water cooler banter (if the cooler had margaritas in it) and try to be the same raw, honest people that we are as teams behind closed doors. So come join us, laugh out loud, wince, get pissed... we don't care! This is about taking off the lab coats, leaving the rug rats with a babysitter and meeting down at the sports bar... this is SPARC After Dark.

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    Margaritas Mexican Restaurant Meets Franchise Interviews

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    Home of the World’s Best Margarita Announces Franchise Offering
    New England’s Beloved Margaritas Mexican Restaurant to Franchise across Atlantic Seaboard.

    About Margaritas Mexican Restaurants
    Founded in 1986 by John Pelletier, Margaritas Mexican Restaurants has 19 locations throughout Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshireand Connecticut. From colorful authentic décor to a commitment to community relations through field trips and visiting artist demonstrations, Margaritas provides an atmosphere rich with the culture and flavors of Mexico, offering guests a fun dining adventure in a festive gallery of Mexican art. Margaritas Mexican Restaurants have earned numerous awards and honors, including being named the best Mexican restaurant in both New Hampshire and Connecticut. Margaritas is franchising for the first time
    The first company-owned restaurant in the plan is set to open in the first quarter of 2010 in Lexington, MA. Most Margaritas Mexican Restaurants range in size from 5,200-7,500 square feet, due to the company’s specialty in doing conversions of existing restaurants which fits their concept.

    Margaritas has outpaced competitors in the casual dining segment, demonstrating solid unit-level economics fueled by a $2.3 million average unit sales volume, a beverage-to-food sales ratio of 45 percent and a 21.6 percent EBITDAR, which falls into the top tier of its peers. A strategic site-location process, which includes extensive research conducted by Buxton, an industry leader in customer analytics, also contributes to Margaritas’ success.

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    TD&KS Episode 114: Cinco de Mayo! With guest Mike Celona

    in Comedy

    Its party time! Cinco de Mayo! We will be serving up margaritas and a lot of laughs!
    Favorite guests return in studio to join us, Sara and James!
    New York based comic Mike Celona will be calling in! Mike is known to have a following with his "stupid funny" comedy. Hard working, creative, and at times whimsical, Mike has worked on a wide range of projects in radio, TV, and on the web. As a frequent stand up performer Mike’s ability to be witty and sarcastic while charming and lovable makes him unique. His comedic timing and out of nowhere one-liners are only matched by his spastic characters and voices, all of which will keep you on the edge of your seat.
    There will be the Weird New of the week, plus much much more!

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    Stew Talk :With Dj Big Stew: The McStay Family

    in Entertainment

    On February 4, 2010, the McStay family of four mysteriously vanished from their Southern California home. In the past three years, the FBI, Homeland Security, Interpol, the Mexican Federales, as well as numerous National Missing Persons agencies have all investigated this disappearance to no avail. Unconfirmed sightings of the family have been reported along the East Coast of the U.S. from New Jersey to Florida, as well as Mexico, Costa Rica and Haiti. Yet, the $25,000 cash reward for finding the family remains unclaimed. What happened to Joseph, Summer, Gianni, and Joseph Mateo McStay? Did one or all of them meet with foul play by a family member, as some believe, or did they decide to start a new life somewhere else? Are there four bodies buried in a shallow Southern California grave, or are Joseph and Summer watching all this commotion from afar, smiling as they sip their margaritas? Rick Baker is one of the foremost authorities on the McStay case, having spent countless hours in the past three years investigating and researching this mystery. He has followed an extensive paper trail, interviewed friends and family, and traveled to locations where sightings have been reported. This is his account of what may have transpired leading up to and following

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    Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with the Divas!

    in Entertainment

    In celebration of Cinco de Mayo, the Divas are pulling out the blender and cocktail shaker are will be serving up margaritas both frozen and on the rocks while chatting with some great guest.  Stopping by the studio is Chef Amadeus to fill us on what he's been whipping up in the kitchen.  Also our Hollywood goto BFF Kristyn Burtt will be stopping by to give us the 411 on what's been going on in the H'Wood.  They'll wrap up the show with a cocktail and a good convo with author Tiffany Current as she talks about her new book How to Move in with Your Boyfriend (and Not Break Up with Him).  This is going to be one good show. 
    So grab your sombrero, your favorite margarita and tune in to another dose of good conversations and LOTD of fun with Erika and Robin.

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    Tequila - Agave content and Organic, better?

    in Food

    Americans are learning what Mexicans have known for years - that a bottle that calls itself "tequila" may contain up to 49% non-agave spirits.  What difference does that make in flavors and in mixing the tequila into cocktails?
    What does the introduction of organic tequila mean: to drinking, cocktails and the environment.  Is it really worth the extra bucks?

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    Texas Golf - San Antonio Style - Part 2

    in Golf

    You know about the great mexican food and huge margaritas.  But do you know about the high-end resorts, the best muni in the south of the hidden gems of golf courses around San Antonio.
    We will put all that to rest with a fun and informative golf show.  Come join us; Lets Tee it up in San Antonio Texas.
    Where else can you say "Aim your drive right at the roller coaster".  Nowhere but Texas, San Antonio Texas.
    Contact us:  @SilverStarGolf  on twitter
                 or SilverStarSeo@gmail.com  for email