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    The Tax Collector and the Traitor

    in Christianity

    Matthew and Judas, Matthew was collecting taxes and cheating at the same time. Judas was on every scene with Jesus and even ate with him but Judas be trayed him. I am looking to see the difference between the two of them. Which act was worst than the other. Stealing or being a snake to cause someones death. This is they way others look at things so see which is the worst.Anything people feel is bad most times they single it out and put a ugly brand on it.

  • 01:12

    Talking Paintball with David REAPER Justin

    in Sports

    Another great show today. We have the Writer Alex Di Marco and Producer Marty Soole of a new Paintball movie called: Speedball the movie. You can call in with your questions. Also, we have our first in studio guest co-host Vincent Conte. Boom Like that. ShootUsoon REAPER 

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    1st HOUR: Law and Disorder Radio is a weekly, independent radio program airing on several stations across the United States and broadcasting on the web. Law and Disorder gives listeners access to rare legal perspectives on issues concerning civil liberties, privacy, right to dissent and the horrendous practices of torture exercised by the US government. This program examines the political forces and legislation that are moving the United States into a police state.

    2nd Hour: A rare archival recording from Bristol (U.K.) Broadband Cooperative. David Barsamian of Alternative Radio originally produced this prescient hit lecture. About the lecturer: Philip Agee was a former Central Intelligence Agency officer who served in Latin America. After resigning from the CIA he lectured and wrote on the Agency's clandestine operations. His activities were not unnoticed. Ex CIA Director and later President Bush the first called Agee "a traitor to our country." He is the author of "Inside the Company: CIA Diary" and "On the Run." He died in Cuba in January 2008.

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    QARLive: Battle4Freedom W/@StPrunier: Cult of Personality: Candidates/Characters

    in Politics Conservative

    Please join host, Watson Prunier @StPrunier every Tuesday night at 9:00pm EST here on Quagmire America Radio. The best three hours of LIVE hard hitting, honest Conservative radio on the Net.

    Cult of Personality: Candidates or Characters?

    Dealing with the problem of pushing a figurehead instead of a focus. GOP failures because of a lack of substance to win American confidence. Popularity should never be the reason behind a candidate!

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    Andrea Lara, Marco Arteaga and Israel Gonzales, Running Marathons Series

    in Business

    Andrea Lara has participated in two marathons.  She states that "the experience was life changing and believes that it helped shape the person she is today."

    Marco Arteaga is 50-years old and an avid runner who has ran over 24 Marathons and 5 fifty milers in the last 14 years.  His fastest marathon time is 2:42 minutes.  Marco shares "running comes natural to me and it brings a great feeling of accomplishment."

    Israel Gonzales Will be in his 16th LA Marathon. His first Marathon was when he was 12 years old.  His fastest Marathon was 2 hours 46 minutes.  The marathon is a family activity that they do annually.  Last year they had about 13 family and friends running the LA Marathon.  It is also a physical and mental challenge for him that, as he states, "makes me stronger and reminds me to never give up."

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    Live in the Cage: Smallman, Fryia, Guthrie

    in MMA

    This evening we catch up with three victorious mixed martial artists from this past weekend. First the NEWWW TXC welterweight amateur champion, Marco Smallman joins us to talk about his hard-fought decision win over last week's guest and veteran competitor Chad Rouse. Next up is professional competitor Mitch Fryia, who executed a phenomenal gameplan quickly and sealed his win over Cody Camp in the main event at Big John's MMA on Saturday. After that we catch up with Josh "The Saint" Guthrie, coming off a victory this past Friday at The Fight Zone in Southgate, as he discusses his decision to take the next step and turn pro. More guests will be added, and you can join us by calling (347) 857-1024. 

  • 01:51

    jihadi-In-Chief Claims America & Europe Are Responsible For ISIS Terror

    in Politics

    You can't make this stuff up!  Obama said it . . . And he believes it.  

    Don't warm up your car in Ohio . . . you will be a criminal.

    James OKeefe is in fear of his life with his latest bombshell.

    Army will now pay for traitor Bradly Manning's sex change . . . Or should I say, you will pay for traitor Bradly Manning's sex change.

    Out of control family court judge.   

    Tune in every weeknight at 8:00pm to 10:00pm to hear The Captain unlock his treasure chest of opinions and ideas, facing all matters of Constitutional Freedom.

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    The Helios Biblios Hour (the Sun book) Is Anybody Listening

    in Current Events

    Chad's Giants
    1 These giants, according to the natives, were called the Saos.

    Scholars who traced their history say they came from Kheiber, located north of Mecca, to Bilma, which is situated about three hundred miles north of Lake Chad. A people with a "well-developed religion and culture," they grew in numbers and founded communities at Fort Lamy, Mahaya, Midigue, and Goulfeil. They lived in peace in their new land until the close of the ninth century when the Moslems made wars against them, intending to force their accep-tance of the Islamic faith. The Saos giants who converted to the faith lived to become servants of the Arabs. But those who steadfastly refused to convert were eventually wiped out. By the end of the sixteenth century not many Saos remained. (See Jericho's Giants; also see Curigueres; Ifrikish ibn Kais; Sudan's Giants; Watusi Giants; Zanzibar's Giants)

    Moroccan Find
    "discovered a complete arsenal of hunting weapons including five hundred double-edged axes weighing seventeen and a half pounds, i.e. twenty times as heavy as would be convenient for modern man. Apart from the question of weight, to handle the axe at all one would need to have hands of a size appropriate to a giant with a stature of at least 13 feet.

    Zanzibar's Giants
    In recounting his travels, Marco Polo tells of running into a gigantic people in Zanzibar. Concerning them, he wrote:

    "Zanzibar is situated off the coast of Tanganyika. Nearly 53 miles long and 24 miles wide, it is the largest coral island on the African coast.... Numerous bays, reefs, and islets are found along the western coast, while the eastern side is much more regular.

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    Stupid Is, As Stupid Does - State Dept. Spokesperson Marie Harf Sinks To New Low

    in Politics

    Yes, we all know we can't win this war by just killing the radical muslim.  We need the Muslim community to teach their children that jihad and radical acts of violence is not acceptable.  However, giving these terroists a job will keep them from cutting heads off is just ridiculous!  Most of these terrorists already had jobs,.  They left to kill the infidel.  Besides, this administration cant seem to find one job for the 92.5 million people still out of wrok a job, and this administration thinks they can now find ISIS a job?  

    Amanda Jo Jacobs and her daughter Graclyn Go Fund Me Acct:  -  http://www.gofundme.com/iddci0

    Tara Montague Go Fund Me Acct: - http://www.gofundme.com/je1ve4

    Lakisha Tanna - Her grandson is Malik  FB Acct:   For the love of Malik


    Visit her GoFundMe Account TODAY! http://www.gofundme.com/iquqqw

    Families That Have Been Wronged By The System.





    Obama Admin memo tells border patrol hey can release drunk drivers . . . Wait! WHAT? 

    Bradly Manning, the cross-dressing traitor will begin sex transformation at tax-payers expense . . . Wait!  WHAT?  

    Anonymous "Hactivist" Group Targets Child Protective Services.  Best damn news Ive heard in a long time!


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    Live in the Cage: Medeiros, Schenavar, R. Magdaleno, Bariac, Bagnasco, Battaglia

    in MMA

    Dave "The Butcher" Clifford is back for Tuesday night, with Eric "E-z-E" Ivey for ACSLIVE.TV's Live in the Cage. We have another stacked lineup tonight, starting out with WMMA "Knockout of the year" winner (for her 2012 7 sec. KO of Stephanie Eggink) Kaline Medeiros, who steps into Big John's MMA steel this Saturday night at the Kewadin Casino in Sault Ste. Marie, MI vs. Chel-c Bailey. Next up is The Fight Zone's Bantamweight amateur Champion Mike Schenavar, who is seeking to avenge his only loss as he defends his title against Jeremiah Powers at the Grecian Center this Friday night in Southgate, MI. After that, Racquel "Rocky" Magdaleno of Team Roufusport joins up with us on the Every Victory Earned hotlines as she prepares to also compete this Saturday in Sault Ste. Marie vs. Holly Cline. Then Ruben "The Romanian Warrior" Bariac joins us to talk about his professional contest, also this Saturday at TXC Legends V, and then to cap off the night, another TXC pro competitor and Bellator veteran Tommy Bagnasco will join us to also talk about his matchup for this Saturday night. Call in with any questions or comments or just listen in at (347) 857-1024, appearing at the last minute we welcomed Marco Smallman, competing for the TXC amateur welterweight belt against last night's guest Chad Rouse, and TXC promoter Joe Battaglia joined us. 

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    Pushing Buttons Saturday NBA All-Star Edition

    in Sports

    The host of Hard Hits Network, Derek Felix returns with the same crazy characters for a special Saturday NBA All-Star Edition wrap up. Who will win the dunk contest and will it actually be exciting unlike the last decade. Which sharpshooter will take the 3-point contest? Join Derek, Nate Sousa, John "JPG" Giagnorio, Rob "Kraze" Davis, Brian Sanborn and Justin "JNF" Felix for another button push. 

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