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    The Marching Podcast Awards: Best of 2012

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    Today we recap all of the battles of 2012 and decide on what was the best in the 2012 marching season. These decisions will be called The Marching Podcast Awards and this episode will be about giving out those awards. We would also like to hear from you to see what you thought was the best of 2012. So please call in (718) 664-6025. You can email the show at marchingpodcast@gmail.com or tweet us @marchingpodcast. The Marching Podcast Awards are:
    Best 5th Quarter
    Best Songs
    Sleeper Battles
    Sleeper Bands
    Best Halftime Show
    Best in the Stands
    Best Book (Repertoire)
    Best Drill
    Best Overall Band
    Best Conference

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    Marching Back To The Plantation

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    Today on "It's My House" we shall discuss an very important issue or (concept) that was put on the table by Mr. Warren Houston of "Know Thyself Radio" and "The Peoples Law Study Group".  That issue is:

    Marching Back To The Plantation.

    Warren shall give us a factual history lesson and then connect the dots to see where  many people have fallen backwards, by being mis-educated and never learning certain parts of history. By knowing what really happened (historically) we can then take corrective action and prosper.

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    Why is hazing a part of the marching band experience?

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    At this time there is national attention on black colleges specifically the marching band because of the tragic death of Robert Champion. Unfortunately this has happened before in bands and in greek orgainizations across the country but most people did not know that the marching band participated in this type of behaivor. Why does this type of hazing happen in marching bands or is there a bigger issue involved? We discuss an article identifying a mob, pros and cons of hazing, and previews for Choppin it up and the introduction of the new show produced by the Marching Podcast and more. Please weigh in and give us a call at (718) 664-6025 and/or when logged into the show you can chat with the host. Send your feedback to marchingpodcast@gmail.com like us on facebook at themarchingpodcast  or tweet us @marchingpodcast.   

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    98 Years Of Marching - Math Lessons

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    The Honorable Marcus Garvey Marched.  He had 2,000,000 followers.  Martin Luther King had a "March On Washington". He had 250,000 that marched with him  There were 1,000,000 men at the Million Man March.

    Today on "It's My House" we shall take a look at the "carbon footprint" of these events and see what we can do to tweak them for future events as we strive for social change in government and in daily living.  All of these events provide us with the data that we need to create the realities that we want.

    words of the day:

    Think Tank
    Law Enforcement PAC's

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    The 2014 90 Degree Show Week 14

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    Welcome to the 2014 90 Degree Show Week 14! This week we talk about the great Bayou Classic between Southern University and Grambling St. There was a BOTB the night before the game and then the usual halftime show. We will announce the winner of the People Choice Awards battle from last week and our 'Word on the Street'. where we discuss potentially a 20 for 20 series about show style marching bands. Please call in and tell us what battle you saw this week at (718) 664-6025, You can email the show at marchingpodcast@gmail.com, tweet us @marchingpodcast or follow our blog at blog4.themarchingpodcast.com

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    Implementing a Win Lost System for Marching Bands

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    Greetings band folk!! Today we talk about news and upcoming events from marchingsport.com including giving props to someone that gave $500,000 dollars to their band program. Added connections to the marching podcast rollodex. We discuss the competition formula from the last episode. Why can't we give wins and losses to some of these battles? Finally we want to give some time to take your calls. Call into the show at (718) 664-6025. Email us at marchingpodcast@gmail.com  or tweet us at @marchingpodcast

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    Stop Marching & Start Packing (2 Rio) - Charles Tyler

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    Today on "Living Off The Grid" we are back for our 3rd installment with Mr. Charles Tyler. We shall be discussing why black American men should "Stop Marching and Start Packing".  This discussion shall touch on social issues and relationship issues that are not issues once a man travels to locations around the globe where his is "respected" as a man and as a human being.

    We are now in the month of November 2014, so Mr. Tyler shall be discussing the upcoming beach party in Rio later this month.

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    The 90 Degree Directors Series 2014 Part III

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    Welcome to the third installment of the 2014 90 Degree Directors Series hosted by Dr. Kevin O. Davenport Ed.S. & Ed.D and The Marching Podcast. For our third installment of the series we will be discussing Recruiting. We will allow Dr. Davenport to form the conversation with his expertise and continue the dialog with our host and listeners. Please call in at 718 664 6025, you can join our chat room live on the page of the broadcast. You can email the show at marchingpodcast@gmail.com, tweet us @marchingpodcast or follow our blog at blog4.themarchingpodcast.com

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    SDG 157 Marching Order for Wives From God

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    1 Peter 3:1-7 and 1 Peter 2:11-13

    In our focus scripture, Peter spends six verses giving wives their marching orders from God.

    Now remember in SDG 155 Husbands got theirs.  Then in SDG 156 we looked at how to pray like Elijah, fervently and effectively.

    So you may be wondering why these three messages are grouped together; well Peter tells us why in verse 7!

    … that your prayers be not hindered.

    Now I’ve seen more ineffectual prayers in the lives of true believers including my own prayers.

    And when I asked the LORD why He told me husbands and wives got to “Get Right with one another, then and only then will their prayers not be hindered!”

    So if you want to pray like Elijah, stay tuned!

    Now Peter's talking to women on how to behave in tough times and these women were having hard times with tough unbelieving husbands! And wives here’s what Peter says: Don’t leave them, don’t lecture them, don’t lord over them but rather love them!

    So how are you to do that?  Well Peters tells you.   He says: with an adornment of serenity, acts of service and with… the RIGHT attitude of Godly submission; now the word submission is not very popular in our culture today.

    So we’ll conclude with a look at what the Bible has to say about the principle, place, problem and price of Godly submission.

    Now wives AND husbands PAY ATTENTION because when you BOTH get the right attitude towards Godly submission look out; after God sees that your hearts are right about being under authority, then and only then He will grant you His Kingdom Authority.

    And once you have His Kingdom authority operating in your livesthen you’ll be able to pray fervently and effectively and that’s when miracles start happening!!!

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    SDG 155 Marching Orders for Husbands from God

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    Ephesians 5:21–23

    It's been said that the difference between courtship and marriage is the difference between what you see in the seed catalog and what comes up in the garden and I think that's caused by a failure to cultivate the garden.

    This message deals with God’s Marching orders for husbands and their responsibilities to their wives in the light of a Biblical marriage.

    Now the reason we have so many failed marriages today is that we have ignored the original plan that God gave for successful marriages.

    And since marriage was ordained in heaven as a union between ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN, we ought to understand what God has to say about marriage.

    Now remember we’re looking at the marriage covenant, not the marriage contract, because if you look at marriage as a contract, you’re going to be standing up for your rights, but if you look at marriage as a covenant, you’re going to be accepting your responsibilities.

    So if you look at marriage as a contract, you'll be looking for loopholes in the contract, but if you look at marriage as a divine covenant, you won't do that.

    According to this passage from Ephesians, man as the husband and the father, has three major responsibilities according to the word of God. 

    So provided the LORD’s willing this message will clearly explain those three Biblical responsibilities of a husband and father. And they are servant leadership, sacrificial love, and steadfast loyalty.

    And this is CRUCIAL to understand before you will ever be able to use the weapons of our warfare in the army of God in these end times!

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    Negros And Marching With Chef Robb and Mr. Holipsism

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