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    Ana Brett; Ravi Singh and Kundalini Yoga on Dr. Mara Karpel & Your Golden Years

    in Self Help

    Super Psychologist Dr. Mara Karpel discusses many of today's questions of our ever growing Silver Tsunami with special guests like author don Miguel Ruiz, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Kimberley Blanton and Chef Chad Sarno along with artists like sculptor Giancarlo Cantanzaro, Ray Benson, Janis Ian, Mick Fleetwood, Kinky Friedman and more.  So take some time out and remember Sixty is the new Fifty, Fifty the new Forty and Youth No Age!

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    Mara Hoover - Breakthrough to Financial Power

    in Self Help

    Mara Hoover is changing the money conversation for good! She is on a mission to empower women and entrepreneurs to gain financial literacy, confront their fears, eliminate the guilt and move forward in life with a plan that works. Resonating with the message of Five Rings Financial she joined the team and in two short years she became the youngest Executive Vice President. As founder of FemmePowerU & FinancialPowerU, Mara is passionate about empowering women and entrepreneurs to find fulfillment and financial freedom on their terms. Hang on to your hat, not hers, as Mara shares how you can tune in and tune up your money soundtrack to propel you toward the wealth and lifestyle you deserve.  


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    Two young stars stepping in stardom Yasmine Bolden and Mara Suggs

    in Christianity

    Greetings to all God's people thank you for tuning in to another broadcast under the leadership of Niacom Television Production.Thank you for your prayers and support throughout the ministry. Tonight's broadcast is going to be a little different I have the honor to interview two amazing young ladies Yasmine Bolden and Mara Suggs there voices will amaze you as they stand on the platform this evening.

    Mara Suggs is a native of Hampton, VA. She is thirteen years old and is in the 8th grade. Her gift for singing was marked when she was 8 years old in third grade. She entered her school’s talent show and won second place with her vocals to “Hero” by Mariah Carey. She then began to pursue voice lessons with Hampton Academy of Music, Dance, and Drama. She entered the talent show in 2011 singing, “I’ll Always Love You” by Whitney Houston and won first place. In addition, Mara wrote her own song entitled, “You Be You,” 

    God anointed Yasmine at such an early age.  She has been singing since the age of six and has performed at many churches, school events, outside events, funerals, and weddings throughout her life. After auditioning for Apollo, she made it to the 2nd round.  In 2010, Yasmine was chosen to represent Model Productions, Inc. as a New Face Model.  Being led by God, Yasmine is in a season of change. She sings in the Youth Choir and is a member of the Youth Ministry.Yasmine plays volleyball and cheers for her school. While attending the Sounds of Joy Music School, she opened for renowned national recording artist Lee Williams with the First Euhaw Baptist Church Youth Choir.  Yasmine debut two of her singles in June 2013 from here album entitled  “A New Me”. She released her album  “ A New Me” on May 17, 2014.

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    Guest: Author Mara Purl

    in Books

    DJ and Sherry chat with Mara Purl, best-selling, award-winning author of the popular and critically acclaimed Milford-Haven Novels and Milford-Haven Stories.

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    Mara Kaplan on Creating Places for Play for People of All Abilities

    in Education

    We'll explore what it means to plan, design and implement accessible and inclusive playspaces for children with and without disabilities, as well as how different types of organizations -- from manufacturers and retail stores to parks districts and community groups -- can ensure that all children have the best play opportunities possible. Our guest is nationally recognized play and playspaces expert Mara Kaplan, founder of Let Kids Play!


    Accessible Playgrounds

    Playworld Systems: Playground 101

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    Fifth Dimensional Living host Diane Buchberger with Speical Guest Mara Baldomino

    in Spirituality

    The Magdalena Feminine Energy Emerged: Lessons of a Feminine Warrior

    Join host Diane Buchberger with speical guest Mara Baldomino in bringing forth the most recent downloads, upgrades, experiences and lessons of the Magdalena. Mara offerings include gifts from her spiritual lineages. She has walked the illuminated pathway in this lifetime for over twenty years in service to others. Her ancient lineages have gifted her with many insights that flow from subtle, mysterious and at times unexpected journeys into the highest of attainable frequencies in each timeline in existence. This show further fulfills her legacy and promise to Source, music and meditations part of her offerings. Mara Baldomino: Spirit Name: Lasoli Saotia is a REIKI Master-~Quantum Healing touch facilitator ~Ayurveda Healer ~ Holistic Companion Animal healer~Yerbera (Herbolgist).Her  journey led her into education completing a diploma as a Holistic Wellness Practitioner—At Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. Mara"s journey in the illuminated pathway has taken her into various modalities that began from childhood.  Mara's mission is with Divine Mind and open heart is to gift to others truth based, empowering, renewing     of her gift of "LOVE"

    Diane Buchberger host of Fifth Dimensional Living is here to share with you what it is like living in the 5th dimensional world and behind. She is  here to take your calls to help you see the light within the darkness of your life. Diane will share her  life experiences and wisdom of the 5th dimensional world. Her guidance will give you a great understand of what  the Fifth Dimension world is truly about. She a messenger between all worlds to bring messages and higher vibrational energy to balance the physical world.  For more information on Diane please visit http://www.facebook.com/dbuchberger1. The call in number is 646-200-4169

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    Venezuelan born singer/songwriter Janis Mara is no rookie to the entertainment industry. Starting her career as an actress and celebrity makeup artist, Janis' passion for music was always strong. She has such a unique voice; her sound ranging from pop to dance music with a sultry and upbeat feel.  She stops by on 9/25 @8pm EST to talk about her debut release "Feel So Right (feat. Fayden) which has scored great reviews and radio play. Her newest single “Will This Be Love” was just released to iTunes 9/1/12 and is gaining momentum. Join us as we chat with Janis about her career and music. 

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    Sunday Night Dead: Mara Ciervo, Pennhurst, Ghosts and Other Things

    in Paranormal

    This week on Sunday Night Dead we welcome Mara Ciervo from Pennhurst. Join us as we discuss her experiences both inside and outside of that location as well as get her thoughts on all things paranormal. join us 8 eastern on Sunday Night Dead.

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    Choppin It Up with Mara Hall

    in Entertainment

    Introducing Mara Hall. Mara is a proud graduate of Jackson State University and marched in the Sonic Boom with the host. Mara currently works as an actress in Hollywood! Find out how where Mara is from and her road to Southern California. If you do not catch this episode live, you can always click on the link to listen to the show. This is a podcast and will not accept any phone calls, but you can email the show at marchingpodcast@gmail.com, tweet us @marchingpodcast or follow our blog at blog4.themarchingpodcast.com  

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    Stacey Chillemi on Herbal Guide, Laura in P.V, & Grant Maloy Smith talks music

    in Self Help

    We will be joined by:  author, speaker, and health coach, Stacey Chillemi, who has written several books about natural health and wellness, including her newest book, The Complete Herbal Guide: A Natural Approach to Healing the Body.  Having Epilepsy, herself, she has also written several books about epilepsy, including, Live, Learn and Be Happy with Epilepsy.

    We will also be joined by Laura Gelezunas when she calls in from the beautiful retirement mecca of Puerto Vallarta to let us know all of the things that are happening with all the vacationers and x-patriots who live there.

    Also, Grant Maloy Smith will be are guest artist and listen to some of his music and see what he is up to... All liv ein Austin Texas on BlogTalkRadio.com/Yourgoldenyears 

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    Gerald Yearwood, Dr. Scott on diversity, Laura In PV and Sara Hickman on Music

    in Self Help

    Gerald Yearwood is Senior Director Office of Diversity Affairs at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.  Dr. Ronald Scott is Associate Vice President for Institutional Diversity at Miami University.  He has presented at national conventions and published articles on many topics related to diversity, including the forward to Unlikely Allies in the Academy: Women of Color and White Women in Conversation.  Gerald Yearwood and Dr. Scott will join us to discuss the important topic of Diversity and Aging.  


    Musician, Sara Hickman, will join us to talk about her musical projects and we'll be playing some of her original music.


    Laura Gelezunas checks in from the retirement paradise south of the border, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  


    And Dr. Karpel will talk about her recent visit to Vallarta and the interviews she did there for YouTube.

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